Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
June 2012

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July 2012

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Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“In the midst of a complex system of wars of all kinds, imperialism and world reaction will fall and socialism will arise; in consequence, revolution and counterrevolution are aware of the fact that the political changes will defined only through war. Since war has class character, there are imperialist wars like World War I and World War II, which are wars of plunder to divide the world, or wars of imperialist aggression against an oppressed nation, like England against the Malvines, Yankee imperialism against Vietnam, Social imperialism against Afghanistan, and wars of national liberation like those that take place in Asia, Africa and Latin America. And since the people’s war in Peru is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought war, that because of its just character and correct leadership, without submitting to the imperialist superpowers nor powers, it is the vanguard; this is a reality that shows us that the communists must emphasize the main aspect, which is to develop the people’s war as the principal form of struggle in the world to serve the revolution.”

 “In the present situation and in perspective, we have entered the strategic offensive of the world revolution within the “50 to 100 years” during which imperialism and world reaction will fall and we will enter the period when the proletariat definitely settles at the power and establishes its dictatorship. From there on the contradiction will be between socialism and capitalism on the march towards Communism. The fact that the restorations took place in the USSR and China does not negate the powerful development process of the international proletariat, but shows how the struggle between restoration and counterrestoration takes place, from which the communists take lesson in order to prevent the restoration and definitely establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

PCP – International Line

Peruvian people, we start by expressing our inconditional subjection to our Great leadership Chairman Gonzalo, to our glorious Communist Party of Peru, to the Central Committee and the whole system of Party leadership, reaffirming ourselves in the 1st Party Congress, to our unfading communist ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought. We close ranks in defense of the life of our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, developing people’s war.

Peruvian people, the Communist Party of Peru, vanguard of the class, assuming its condition as heroic combatant, leads our revolution in Peru, preparing and developing the days of struggle with the proletariat, the peasants and the students all over the country. A struggle that takes place with advances and retreats, and we assume it as must be done, crushing revisionist lines within and outside our ranks. The Party is advancing in solving the inflexion in our powerful and ardent people’s war by grasping Gonzalo thought to solve new problems with the highest optimism and inexhaustible confidence in the masses.

To understand the conditions in which our people struggles on its march towards the conquest of power, serving the Peruvian revolution and the world revolution, let us look at the following.


International Situation

The struggle between Yankee imperialism and the imperialist powers is sharpening; the imperialist powers of China and Russia struggle against the hegemony of Yankee imperialism and form the group called BRICS (China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa). In this struggle between Yankee imperialism and the imperialist powers they use other countries for their geopolitical positioning (see Syria, Iran, Libya, Israel, Kaliningrad, Poland, Georgia, etc.) and as the arena of struggle.

The explosion in 2000 of the “great Nasdaq speculative bubble” made imperialism’s technological and productive leadership stagger. After twenty years of leading the worldwide wave of growth, today Yankee imperialism, along with Canada and the European powers, generate less than 50% of the world GNP. The financial crisis allowed some banks to consolidate and appropriate others at bargain prices. We see how JP Morgan Chase acquired Bear Stearns, how Citigroup in complicity with the U.S. government acquired Bank Wachowia (property of Wells Fargo, the fourth most important financial institution), Barclays Bank PLC bought the business of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, declared bankrupt. The crisis of the so-called globalization in 1997 and in 2008 (which was worse than the crisis of the 30’s), lead to the concentration of more wealth in fewer hands, hitting hard against the oppressed nations, creating billions of poor, more hunger and misery, through bloody repressions, thus expressing imperialism’s monopolist, parasitic and dying character. The failure of its policy of preventive warfare, imposed by the “new conservatives”, the economic weakening of their allies, the military defeat in Afghanistan and Irak and the economic and military rise of the imperialist powers China and Russia: all this is leading to Yankee imperialism showing itself incapable of unilaterally imposing its own goals upon the world. The loss of its role as sole gendarme leads to a new division of the world in which the collusion and struggle between the imperialist powers is developed with an unprecedented militarization, preparing for the division of the world. The imperialist aggression sharpens the main contradiction in the world, between oppressed nations and imperialism, generating more resistance, more uprising, more revolution.

The politician John Gray, who works at the London School of Economics, wrote in the London newspaper The Observer: “Here is a historic geopolitical shift, in which the balance of power in the world is being altered irrevocably. The era of American global leadership, reaching back to the Second World War, is over. (…) the American free-market creed has self-destructed while countries that retained overall control of markets have been vindicated”.

The Director of the British investigative centre Chatham House, Robin Niblett, says: “The US is seen as declining relatively and there has been an enormous acceleration in this perfect storm of perception in the waning days of the Bush administration. The rise of new powers, the increase in oil wealth among some countries and the spread of economic power around the world adds to this.”

For the Communist Parties, the point is not to focus our attention on the imperialist world war, but on the people’s war, since only from that comes the power led by the proletariat. We consider that as long as there is imperialism there will be the possibility of imperialist world wars taking place, and what Chairman Mao said is correct: either the revolution prevents the war or the world war will fan the revolution. It is necessary to form a great anti-imperialist movement, firmly striving for it to be guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, and for the Communist Parties to assume their leadership, developing people’s war in order to march towards a world people’s war. This is the task of the Communists, it is a demand of the World Proletarian Revolution.

The struggle of the communists to unite internationally is hard and complex, which demands firmly grasping this task: Struggle against revisionism! It is appropriate to state again, that the PCP is struggling to reunite the RIM and the revolutionary organizations, realizing international public events through the MPP – the Magazine Red Sun, serving for Maoism to take command of the New Great Wave of the World Revolution! Particularly seeing the fundamental point in Maoism that is the power, we consider that on this point is where some Communist Parties have problems when it comes to continuing the development of the people’s war in their countries.  The current international situation allows for a bold advance of the Communists.


National Situation

The concentration of land called “landgrab” has increased in the last few years in Peru and in the oppressed nations of the world, deepening the hunger and the misery. A concentration of land supposedly to increase the agricultural borders and the production, the purpose being more exploitation, more profits by any means, more plundering of land. The FTA’s implemented in the oppressed nations only generate more profits for yankee imperialism and the imperialist powers, as well as greater exploitation with miserable salaries.

In the oppressed nations, the country-selling governments have handed over, in fraudulent concessions or rental agreements, more than 226 millions of hectares since 2001 to foreign companies, mainly of yankee capital. In Peru, 70% of the Amazon Forest has been handed over in concessions in order to develop hydrocarbon projects (oil and gas). The genocidal García failed to implement his policy “del perro del hortelano”, with the powerful struggle of the amazon people that blew up in his face in Bagua, showing their just and correct struggle in defense of their land.

The agrarian sector investment policy of this even more exploiting and genocidal pro-yankee imperialist Humala government focuses on the big irrigation projects, to which they dedicate more than half of the sector’s budget. The budget destined for the areas where the immense majority of the peasant population lives, is very small and does not do anything at all about the recuperation of land where the poor peasants live.

The new land incorporated into the cultivation with the irrigation mega-projects, are destined for “investors” who come from other sectors of the economy. The irrigations have been done with the resources of the state, i.e. with the taxes taken from the people. What does their constitution say? It says: “the uncultivated land that is to be taken into production is land that belongs to the nation”. However, this state implements rules of the game so that this land and water that they water will only be accessible to big corporations and big capital, domestic and foreign. They also ignore the norm that authorizes 30% of new land to be distributed for the development of an agriculture for the families.

The politics of this exploiting and genocidal pro-imperialist government is the continuation of the Chavimochic model, where a bunch of proprietors are the owners of 40 thousand hectares taken from the desert.

All the new irrigation projects have one single purpose: the formation of new latifundios for agricultural export. Rafael Quevedo, ex-minister of agriculture, said: “2.800 million dollars will be invested in the coastal irrigation projects, with which more than 185 thousand hectares would be gained.” New latifundios? Yes, since they serve to form about fifty “companies” with an average of about 3.600 hectares each. Today there are several latifundios that exceed this size.

Here in Peru, the companies that have the greatest concentration of land are the groups Gloria, Wong, Los Romero, Maple, Camposol, Damper, Agrokasa, Oviedo; economical groups of the national bourgeoisie that develop linked to yankee imperialism. This government is serving the great imperialist capital and align themselves with the plundering of land that is going on in the world. It has the same line and purpose. To this purpose, as a foreman of imperialism, it tries to prepare ground for it, restraining the struggles of the people, criminalizing them, murdering and arresting peasants, miners and students, declaring emergency zones, while on the other hand implementing so-called inclusion laws, prior consultation laws, labeling any populist politics as “inclusive”, a wordplay that hides the reactionary essence of the old state; the revisionists being those who gloat over “inclusion”, they feel self-realized. These politics have the purpose of guaranteeing the development of bureaucrat capitalism developed by imperialism, plundering land by the coast for the so-called agrarian export, in the highlands for the imperialist mining companies (Newmont-yanacocha, Southern Peru, Minera Antamina, Cerro Verde, Consorcio Cormin, etc.), in the jungle for the oil and gas companies, not to mention the sea.

These concentrations of land generate a shortage of land for the cultivation of cotton in the north of Peru, prioritizing the sowing of more expansion for rice, because of the decision of the United States to replace cotton with other crops related to biofuel, like the restrictions in India concerning the export of cotton or fiber to instead send finished clothing. The FTA, a perfect deal.


Bureaucrat capitalism allows for the development and advance of the revolutionary process

As our founder put forward and our Party today applies, capitalism has not liquidated feudality, because our incipient and mediocre bourgeoisie shows itself incapable of realizing it.
This bureaucrat capitalism, for the above mentioned  reasons, shows its nature, which does not and will not allow the national economy to develop, since its purpose and its mission in the country is to block the step from mercantile circulation to the phase of industrial production. Therefore, this bureaucrat capitalism is the foreman of the big monopolists in the backward countries, and as such it goes out of its way to defend its interests and the interests of the foreigners. Imperialism has reduced Peru and other backward countries to impotence when it comes to developing capitalism, being constricted as mere warehouses (suppliers) of raw materials for the benefit of the imperialist market. The bureaucrat or comprador bourgeoisie limit themselves to being mere intermediaries of the imperialist corporations.

Only the democratic revolution led by the worker-peasant alliance under proletarian leadership concretized in the Party with people’s war will be able to fulfill the liquidation of the semifeudality and install a Socialist Republic.

Any other road only leads to guarantee more exploitation, more blood, more genocide for the purpose of more enrichment. Thus it stands clear that the road of the ROL, spreading parliamentary cretinism, selling themselves for a plate of beans (amnesty), and that of the LOL, who does not want to demolish nor destroy the old economy, dreaming of a people’s war in coexistence with big capital, show their revisionist and pro-imperialist character. For this, they invoke new conditions, but the concrete fact is that they are separated from reality; they revise Marxism, renounce Gonzalo thought and do not follow the democratic road of the people’s war, which is the only one that will allow defending the interests of the people and conquer the power.
Today, our people is plunged into more hunger and genocide. Every 4 hours a Peruvian is contaminated with Tuberculosis and 3 die every day. In the highlands (Huancavelica, Cajamarca, Huanuco, Pasco and Apurimac), the highest percentage of chronic malnutrition is found, at 27.6%; with the jungle in second place at 21.7%  and the rest by the coast at slightly more than 8%. We have the highest rates of maternal mortality in Latin America after Bolivia.

Our people combats this government all over the country with boldness, bursting with energy for their just and correct struggles. The people of Cajamarca and Espinar are struggling against the plundering of land and water imposed by the government and the imperialist mining companies (Newmont, Yanacocha, Xstrata Tintaya). But look carefully – it is not only the struggle for water. On the 13th, the teachers launched their days of struggle with a powerful strike, showing a greater level of organization and struggle against the revisionism in their ranks. The doctors, nurses and workers of the health sector mobilized in a powerful way, which demands more struggle against the revisionist scabs that promote union parallelism and negotiation. The university students are struggling today against reactionary regulations that the government tries to impose on them, and struggle for a scientific people’s university in the service of the people, sweeping away mediocrity and the formation of professional technocrats of fujimorism (professionals without politics, servants of imperialism).

Reaffirming ourselves in that we develop the struggle for demands serving the struggle for the power, we call our people to continue our mobilizations:

  1. Denounce before the world the repression and the murders of leaders among the people of Cajamarca and Espinar: Down with the plundering of land and water.
  2. Struggle against the more exploiting, genocidal and pro-yankee imperialist Humala government.
  3. Enough murdering and arresting peasant, miner and student leaders.
  4. For a real increase of wages and salaries. Appointment of the CAS workers (Contrato Administrativo de Servicios).

To the generated organisms; mobilize applying the directives of the Party: gray organizations, clandestinity, struggle unseparably with the masses, democratic centralism.

Finally, we affirm that the aggressions of yankee imperialism against the oppressed nations, the inter-imperialist contradictions and the crisis of bureaucrat capitalism in our country, generate more resistance, more rebellion. Our people struggles with heroism giving their best sons and daughters, defending their land and water, struggling for the increase of wages and salaries, linking the struggle for demands to the conquest of power with much more experience than in the decades 80-90, with greater democratic centralism and clandestinity. The reactionaries and the revisionists (ROL and LOL) thought this decade would see a decrease in struggles, the so-called “retreat”. As always they were wrong: dark dreams! Then they wake up and see that the Peruvian people struggles every day, that there are no laws and no repression that can stop the masses; they are with the Party, with the Maoists, sharing tasks. The class and the people, in their days of struggle, demand that the PLA confront the genocidal police and armed forces.

The Party reaffirms itself in maintaining the course of the people’s war until Communism, calling the Peruvian people to combat this more exploiting, genocidal and pro-imperialist government, as well as the revisionists hawking amnesty for perpetrators of genocide and capitulators.


June 2012
PCP-Central Committee



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