Proletarians of all countries, unite!



Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
August 2011

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August 2011

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


A Party of new type that has generated the Great Leader of the Peruvian revolution, Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, who leads the Party, is the guarantee of triumph of the revolution and who will bring us to Communism.”

The leadership. We are fully aware of the fact that no class in history has been able to establish their control if it has not promoted its political great leaders, its vanguard representatives, capable of organizing and leading the movement; and the Peruvian proletariat, in the midst of the class struggle, has generated the leadership of the revolution and its highest expression: Chairman Gonzalo’s Great Leadership, who manages the revolutionary theory, who has knowledge of history and a profound understanding of the practical movement; who in hard two-line struggle has defeated revisionism, right- and left liquidationism, the right opportunist line and rightism; who has reconstituted the Party, leads it in the people’s war and has become the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, a great political and military strategist, philosopher, teacher of communists, center of Party unity. The reaction has two principles to destroy the revolution: annihilate leadership and isolate the guerrilla from the masses – but in synthesis its problem is to annihilate leadership, since it is what makes it possible to maintain the course and materialize it. Our Party has defined that the leadership is the key and it is the obligation of all Party members to constantly strive to defend and preserve the Party leadership and very much in particular Chairman Gonzalo’s leadership, our Great Leadership, against any attack from within our outside the Party, and subject ourselves to his leadership and personal command, upholding the slogans “Learn from Chairman Gonzalo” and “Embody Gonzalo Thought”.



We express our unconditional subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, to our glorious Communist Party of Peru, to the Central Committee and the whole system of Party leadership, reaffirming ourselves in the I Congress of the Party, to our unfading communist ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought. We close ranks to defend the life of our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, developing people’s war that stays inalterably on the course laid down.

The Communist Party of Peru, vanguard of the Peruvian proletariat, assuming its condition as heroic combatant, leads the Peruvian revolution, combating and crushing opposing revisionist lines since its foundation led by Mariátegui. In the reconstitution of the Party led by our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo combated and crushed those who opposed the reconstitution and the ILA, and in 1980 in full development of the people’s war he combated the revisionist positions expressed in the Strategic Equilibrium. And now, in the bend that was put forward by Chairman Gonzalo in the Speech, the Party resolutely and firmly assumes the task of continuing the revolution, to keep the banners of the revolution held high. It also reaffirmed itself in combating revisionism as the main danger; conscious and equipped with the experience of the Party and of the international proletariat, the Party put forward that the world reaction, headed by yankee imperialism through the CIA, would try to capitalize on the capture of Chairman Gonzalo using capitulators, infiltrators, all kinds of renegades inside and outside the country. On one hand to restrain the people’s war in Peru, and on the international level  to divide the RIM arguing with sophisms, that there are no conditions (afterwards the ROL put forward: “we are in the retreat of the world revolution”) and for that they need to promote opposing lines that would be for capitulation, lines that would revise Gonzalo thought, which is the basis of our Great Leadership, basis of our revolution, of our communist ideology; not before long, what the Central Committee had pointed out was concretized.

In the 90’s a right opportunist line was structured, that proclaims a peace accord and tries to sell the revolution: the ROL, promoted from the prisons through certain leaders with a certain influence, recruited by the SIN (National Intelligence Agency), who were presented to “self-criticize” before Montesinos (CIA agent) in the television channels 2 and 5. There are the videos of Nancy and Roldan among others.   Afterwards they issued monstrosities that sought to argue for the peace accord; after failing they came up with the “solution to the problems derived from internal war” and today they are participating in elections yelling about “amnesty for all”. The ROL, in these last elections, served to legitimize this government that intends to reform the state and boost bureaucrat capitalism in complicity with the yankee and Chinese capitals (mining, oil, hydroelectrics, etc.) to grow economically, this time with inclusion, not trickle down – a play of words.  For this they needed for Chairman Gonzalo not to be presented or express himself publicly; the lawyers of the “mega-trial” make a vain effort to argue that it is his right to keep quiet – a clumsy hoax. As a communist Chairman Gonzalo needs to address his Party, the Central Committee to demand more people’s war, like he did in the speech; it is therefore that the reaction and the revisionists will make efforts to silence the Chairman’s voice. It is up to the communists to struggle for the Chairman to express himself publicly and take advantage of every legal loophole to do so. Thus we see that this line was structured, turned away from the Party, and it is more and more clear whom they serve and whom they legitimize, who their masters are, what class they serve, which faction of the bourgeoisie they get in line behind every 5 years. They do not even keep up appearances; if they were to be in some city halls, town councils or regions, they would start to repress the people and their protests. Have they perhaps led the people’s struggles until now? Against the mining companies? Never, they never will! Have they been with the teachers? No! With the university students’ struggles? Did they lead the struggle of the peasants for their land and over the water question? What they have always done is to come out spreading their monstrosities, fabricating books, self-criticisms. They have gone even further and put forward that “Chairman Gonzalo has already fulfilled his role”, in the words of the miserable Miriam. In synthesis, they revised gonzalo thought in order to adjust to the old state and defend it. The Party unmasked and crushed this revisionist line of capitulators and infiltrators, who unsuccessfully intend to be a party in name only, an electoral one; this is its road, they abandoned the people’s war a long time ago, and not only that, but they attacked the revolution, initially demanding that the Party’s weapons be handed over and centralized, deactivating the People’s Committees just like in Nepal – but the Party, assuming its condition, defeated this opposing line and the Regional Committees closed ranks in the countryside and the city, carrying out the regrouping in the bend, to confront the inflexion, firmly subjecting to the principles: that the revolution is not led from the prisons, subject ourselves to the CC and the whole system of leadership.

In this current decade, a “left” opportunist line is structured, and as is to be expected, they focus on attacking our ideology, on openly disowning gonzalo thought, reaching the point of emulating the revisionist Teng Hsiao Ping in directly attacking the Great Leadership of the Party; miserable infiltrators whose goal is to annihilate the Party. This LOI puts forward: a party without gonzalo thought, without Great Leadership, accusing him of being a terrorist, a traitor, copying what yankee imperialism says. They deny the creative application of the universal truth to our concrete reality; they deny the particularity of the Peruvian revolution, its laws, the particularity of our people’s war and the conception of it as part of the world revolution. Concerning the people’s war they put forward not realizing sabotage; of course, they do not want to strike against bureaucrat capitalism but get in line behind the faction of the moment; they deny the fundamental point of Maoism, the power. The New Power revolts and develops itself in struggle, demolishing the old state and building the New Power through the People’s Committees, where the joint dictatorship is exercised. The main thing is the building; without demolishing, how can the new be built? Therefore they develop erratic armed actions, they do not build; it is obvious that they will not, and there are similarities with Nepal and Colombia; revolutions that do not build are condemned to sell themselves to the highest bidder, armed actions without application of Maoism to a concrete reality – these are positions with which some members of the RIM converge.

This government that obstinately tries to find out how to best serve yankee imperialism, and as they say, look for “social stability”, “macroeconomic stability”. Through their law of consultation that they want to implement: what do they want with this law? As the lackeys they are they want to guarantee the “investment of big capital”. So far they have more than 200 investment projects amounting to a range of around 70 billion dollars, of which 40% are from the mining companies. This government has the order to guarantee the FTAs, the investments of foreign capital, the hydroelectrical investments, those of the mining companies, etc., and neutralize the struggles of the people that mobilized against these because they were directly affected by them. To drown their struggles, imperialism and the reactionaries need revisionists who lead their protests astray, so that they do not come out in defense of their interests; they want to tie the masses to reactionary “democratic” laws (the law of consultation). They need a LOI that does not strike against bureaucrat capitalism, that does not demolish the old state and build a new state, that develops erratic actions; thus these miserable ones are fulfilling a sinister counterrevolutionary role; their actions and clumsy hoaxes and malicious stories show their revisionist character, before which the Party unmasks and crushes this opposing, capitulationist and collaborationist line, a line composed of infiltrators. We see that one of their heads, the miserable Raul, handed over Feliciano, Party leaders and cadres, and worked hand in hand with the general Fournier (see the pictures in the magazine IDL reporteros and the magazine Caretas). This miserable informer is the one that yells slander against Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, a traitor who fulfills his role as “leader” imposed by the SIN; he is used to divulge his revisionist belches with the CIA agent Lucena and the zionist Gorriti.

This new LOI, just like the miserable Julio from the Regional Committee of Huallaga, is handing over Party members and combatants into the hands of the reaction.

The Communist Party of Peru calls the whole Peruvian people to combat this new “left” opportunist line, renegades of Maoism, of gonzalo thought, composed of infiltrators from the SIN; to show the world their complicity with the reaction, especially with the army of the reactionary Armed Forces. Likewise, to continue mobilizing for the struggles of the people, just and correct struggles, with the leadership of the Party, to develop new forms of organization grasping the Party’s experience of mass work.

Peruvian people, let us continue to mobilize ourselves, unmask this new government that aims at amnesty for all the perpetrators of genocide – countrysellers who murdered the best sons and daughters of the people, who want to go on guaranteeing the “investment” of yankee imperialism.

We reaffirm ourselves once more, with class optimism, in the infinite confidence in the masses, because the revolution, the people’s war is the road of the people. The Party, with sagacity and firmness, is crushing revisionist lines that attack the revolution, the Great Leadership, our Basis of Party Unity.



September 2011

PCP-Central Committee



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