Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
May 2011

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May 2011

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


 If there is to be revolution, there must be a revolutionary party. Without a revolutionary party, without a party built on the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory and in the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary style, it is impossible to lead the working class and the broad masses of the people to defeat imperialism and its running dogs. In the more than one hundred years since the birth of Marxism, it was only through the example of the Russian Bolsheviks in leading the October Revolution, in leading socialist construction and in defeating fascist aggression that revolutionary parties of a new type were formed and developed in the world. With the birth of revolutionary parties of this type, the face of the world revolution has changed. The change has been so great that transformations utterly inconceivable to people of the older generation have come into being amid fire and thunder…With the birth of the Communist Party of China, the face of the Chinese revolution took on an altogether new aspect. Is this fact not clear enough?

Chairman Mao Tsetung


The PCP reaffirms itself, on this 31st anniversary of our glorious people’s war, in our unconditional subjection to the Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, the Central Committee and the whole system of Party leadership, to our basis of Party unity. The Central Committee, applying Gonzalo thought with firmness in the principles, maintains the course of the revolution. We salute the Peruvian people, principally the poor peasants, who are defending the new power with heroism and with the seal and temper with which Chairman Gonzalo forges us.
We denounce and hold the APRA government responsible for Chairman Gonzalo’s health; they will pay with interest for the isolation and tortures that he is subjected to, the miserable one knows that every communist has the duty to execute what has been sanctioned; Perpetrator of genocide! Sooner or later we will make you feel our deep class hatred.


International situation

The director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, warned that the economic crisis may destabilize some countries in Latin America and Europe (25/02/2009). And the purpose, he says, “is to ensure ourselves that we will not be surprised by the consequences of the global economic crisis and how it affects the countries of the world”. He wants to be on the safe side; so what the peoples of the world must do is initiate and develop more people’s war, and the enemy is panicking in the face of its black future and that of its revisionist accomplices. May the Communist Parties assume the leadership of the people’s war, the people is ready, with our undying ideology MLM, mainly Maoism, develop the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution.

The current international economic crisis has generated the third most important recession of the 20th and 21st centuries, after what happened in the thirties and the end of World War II. The yankee economy is a broken economy. Imperialism continues trying, and have been trying for quite some time, to refloat their crisis-ridden economy, without success; the only thing they have done is to increase their ability to become more indebted; and which is logical: they only become more indebted or sink deeper, with the story of globalization they transfer their  “financial costs” to the rest of the world, mainly the oppressed nations, tying the European Community to this economic model, see Greece, Portugal, Spain and who else is on the list? They go from defeat to defeat.

Let us see what the genocidal Obama says: “If investors around the world thought that the full faith and credit of the United States was not being backed up, if they thought that we might renege on our IOUs, it could unravel the entire financial system”, and he added: “We could have a worse recession than we already had, a worse financial crisis than we already had”.
They round off with Michel Camdessus who says that the financial deregulation that prevailed in the world since the 80s were the cause of the “worst crisis that the global village has experienced in the last 80 years”.

The wave of protests in the Middle East, the war in Libya, Syria, have caused the price of crude oil to shoot up to its highest levels since August 2008, before the financial crisis broke loose. Here is a hegemonic plan for positioning.

The international structure that is unfolding in a complex and contradictory way: Yankee imperialism decided to orchestrate an integral reorganization of the world system, a reorganization that has had and still has its first and principal stages of manifestation in Central Asia and the Middle East. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Middle East have given it a unique geopolitical projection in a part of the world where it had influence but could never be territorially stable. The installation of military bases from the heart of Central Asia to the Horn of Africa and the search for control of the main energy sources grants it the role of an Asian power. In the beginning of the 20th century, they became a hemispheric power, after World War II they turned into an “Atlantic power”; with the cold war it forged itself as a “Pacific power”; in the post-cold war period their impact in Africa grew, and now it is expanding in Asia.

The U.S. tries ruthlessly to control the Middle East for its oil. This was the basis of the Truman Doctrine, the Eisenhower Doctrine and the Carter Doctrine. This is why the U.S. backed the apartheid regime in South Africa and its interests in controlling the Pacific basin. When World War II was over in 1945, with Franklin D. Roosevelt they tried to control Eurasia from the borders. The formation of NATO, the Marshall Plan and the military alliances with Japan and Taiwan had this goal, to be sole gendarme. After World War II, the focus was in the Far East and west Eurasia, Japan and the Far East.
The basis of the project New American Century or the Wolfowitz Doctrine, manifested in the strategy of preventive war: Imperialism puts forward U.S. proactive military intervention in any place, facing the enemy they say “terrorism” or “drug traffic”. Pakistan, Bin Laden, is the last application of this.

Imperialism looks for a dominant position in the Persian Gulf region and to serve as a spearhead for future conquests and to affirm their power in the region. They aim against China and Russia as well as against Syria and Iran. They started in Iraq and got bogged down; it cost them 10 billion dollars a month and more casualties. They keep failing. In their eagerness to maintain their hegemony they spread out in different parts of the world; and the best thing for us is to hit them there, may they come with their best gear, we will take it; welcome.

In Latin America imperialism upholds: “… the Defense and Security doctrine must strengthen and reposition in those strategic spaces where there exists a situation of “insecurity”, in the “Failed States”, that are breeding grounds for “terrorism” like Amazonia, the Three Borders, Patagonia or the Andean zone and Venezuela…” where there are riches in biodiversity and natural riches.  This region in Latin America has a strategic potential in terms of riches such as gas, water, oil and foods, almost without comparison in the world.


Development of the contradictions of imperialism and the imperialist powers

Oil stands for about 45% of the energy consumption globally; it is a limited resource concentrated to a few producers: Central Asia, Middle East, and in Latin America Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador.
The increase in the demand for oil is exponential, in China it is estimated that “the demand will grow with 60% in the next 25 years” and in India their energy model foresees a “50% increase in the next 8 years…”.

The increase in China supposedly aims for a “strategic equality”, it forces yankee imperialism and some countries in the European Union to take “positions” and geostrategic initiatives directed towards achieving positioning of the oil supplies in the world; or establishing “relations” with axis countries that secure their needs. There are the multi-million investments of Chevron-Texaco in Kazakhstan, Shell in Nigeria, the dispute between Peking and Tokyo over the construction of pipeline from Siberia to the Japanese Sea. And Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, Brasil, Venezuela, among others, are strategic positions that serve as a “platform for growth” to the imperialist powers of the EU, China, Japan. These inject capital and establish a fictional “level of economic development” in such a way that they cannot be easily taken over as strategic positions by other imperialist powers. We see that China will invest 10 billion dollars in North Korea, which approved granting the big Chinese companies the use of two islands for 50 years, for them to transfer part of their manufacturing production there. The scenario between China and the U.S. is that they will be in open conflict in the strategic positioning of gas and oil supplies, through wars of plunder.

What the Communist Parties must do is to unmask and combat, developing more people’s war. It is necessary to strengthen the proletarian internationalism, and in this the MPP is carrying forward the international campaign: Apply Maoism and crush revisionism - conceived as a part of the task to serve to impose Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world proletarian revolution, developing the international debate to embody Maoism, crushing new revisionism, and serve the advance of the RIM. This was carried out with successful actions of struggle and conferences realized in 2010 and concluded in Germany. This year the MPP must continue to crush petty black groups of capitulators and degenerates that are swarming abroad and want to traffic with the people’s war, reissuing “new interview” like the mercenary Borja.

It should be specified that the PCP has served the development of the RIM by developing people’s war, crushing the hegemonist positions of the RCP-USA; Chairman Gonzalo’s masterful handling of the two-line struggle led the RIM to advance to the point of taking up Maoism as new, third and higher stage of our ideology.

Facing the arrest of our Great Leadership, the hegemonist tendencies in the CoRIM raised their heads. The CoRIM, the RCP and some other Parties within the RIM, instead of taking firm position and combating the hoax of the “letters”, “Peace Accords”, they did not spread the position of the CC of the PCP, but said they “had to investigate”; then, in 1995, they said: “… that Gonzalo could be behind the letters” and after that they abandoned the campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo’s life.

The position of CPN, member of the RIM, for the “peace accord” in Nepal and for integrating into the old state under c. Prachanda’s leadership, this capitulation only serves the plan of the reaction to restrain the people’s war, disarm and demobilize the revolutionary army and integrate it into the old state. The PCP called the left in Nepal to reject this path and continue the people’s war, and those leading the CoRIM once again conciliated and capitulated before their responsibility, sustaining it with ambiguities.

Afterwards, in the heart of the RIM, “Avakian’s synthesis” and “c. Prachanda Path” were put forward, disorienting the struggle to impose Maoism in the world, thus concretely when they have to put forward a firm and clear position they come with  “we must analyze the new conditions”.

The PCP defined Give more impulse to the people’s war to serve the development of the RIM and the world revolution and carry out the international debate!, about the application of the fundamental point in Maoism, the power, to develop the two-line struggle against the capitulation in the heart of the RIM, as well as how to combat the miserable revisionist and capitulationist rol that with their actions converge with the plans of the CIA. As the facts show the world, Merino Bartet wrote the letters in complicity with Montesinos, and the so-called self-criticisms and presentations (the miserable Nancy, la Pantoja, Morote, and the whole bunch of capitulators) have been done with a script and Montesinos standing next to them, broadcast on the TV channels that he controlled, the evidence is clear.

We call the proletariat to firmly unite ourselves to Apply Maoism and implacably combat revisionism!, for the RIM to assume their responsibility with firmness – we think that it has the experience and the support of all its members – to call an expanded meeting, to strengthen proletarian internationalism. The central point is to support the people’s wars that are developing and initiating.


Peruvian society. Bureaucrat capitalism.

During the first years of the genocidal and countryselling Fujimori’s government – to develop bureaucrat capitalism, with the comprador bourgeois faction, and annihilate the people’s war in strategic equilibrium, before the inefficient and corrupt state administration, as well as for the “trade-union” pressure from the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, who while they praised the changes announced by the government, demanded more “protectionist” economic measures – the fascist decided to make the self-coup for so-called national reconstruction, with the backing of yankee imperialism and the coordination of the CIA with the Armed Forces.

The arrest of Chairman Gonzalo led the comprador bourgeoisie to take advantage of it and try to legitimize themselves by calling the Democratic Constituent Congress, reelected after that in 1995. In the midst of this, yankee imperialism with their financial and bourgeois system showed their total complacency because they thought they secured the continuity and deepening of bureaucrat capitalism, with greater reactionarization of the state, choosing the fascist regime. Aiming for the “insertion into the international system” which means nothing else than handing oneself over on a plate to the highest bidder; abandoning the path of the FTA, putting us in the condition of exporter of raw materials: minerals, gas, gold and everything that can be sold from the cost, mountains and jungle. Today the clown Garcia supposedly makes a political argument with the “Perro del Hortelano”, which is just a cutting remark typical of his egocentrism, a grotesque exhausted effort to present himself as an imperialist lackey.
This politics led the bureaucrat and the comprador bourgeoisie to try to adapt to the adjustment of prices and the opening of the markets, to the selling of public companies, and the payment of tax liabilities, strengthening the SUNAT as an organization for police-like blackmail.

The reduction of the inflation conditioned the comprador bourgeoisie to focus on dividing the market and implementing measures to consolidate, looking for capital to survive, consolidating in the opening and deregulation of markets, as well as privatizations; unsuccessfully looking for international financing to fusion themselves as a “joint venture” with companies of the imperialist powers and to be in the condition to be a “market” in the so-called world globalization.

This led to redefining the role of the old state as promoter of economic rules, of social politics to include the extremely poor population in the mountains and the jungle (see Hernando de Soto’s proposal for Obtain Your Title Deed (COFOPRI) and ask for your credit and then I will keep your gas, gold, copper etc., today they want to repeat it). They promoted the raised taxes for public services privatized by foreign capital that have monopolies. The bureaucrat bourgeoisie yearns for the old regime of state protection that does not have the autonomy of the “multilateral credit organizations”. Currently, in these elections the comprador bourgeoisie presents the daughter of the perpetrator of genocide as a figurehead, competing with the bureaucrat bourgeoisie (Humala). Both are for whom serve the big capital better, they are ready to sign any commitment presented to them in order to then go on exploiting and oppressing the people.

Thus, the people only has one road, the democratic road, the people’s war, to demolish the old state. Not get into the line behind any faction like the revisionists do shamelessly, the revisionist and capitulationist rol with their proposal for capitulation with Peace Accords. They have achieved nothing but more hunger, more unemployment, more malnutrition, more repression from the old state with their policy of criminalizing the struggles, to fight every protest ruthlessly. Bureaucrat capitalism matures the conditions for the revolution and the triumph.


People’s war and the struggles of the Peruvian people

We reaffirm ourselves in that “the Party must reorganize itself on democratic centralism, with a single set of statutes and a discipline that is the same for everyone and ‘with one single organ of leadership at the head, i.e.: the Party Congress and, in the intervals between one Congress and the next, the Central Committee, with the submission of the minority to the majority, the different organizations to the central organs, and the lower organs to the higher ones”.

Spread a clear understanding of the people’s war in the 31st anniversary, our course, the current situation and the perspective, so that the class, the peasants and the people in general understand this. That by applying our general laws we will reach our goal communism. The revolution is supported here, and the support from abroad is necessary; we continue to fight and we prepare ourselves for any eventuality. The successful actions of the PLA that shake the length and breadth of the country are carried out along with the masses’ struggles for demands, under the leadership of the Party.

The class, the people and the masses participate in the people’s war expressing its character as a war of the masses, expressing a leap in linking its struggle for demands to political struggle; see what is the role of the reactionary state, the state that must be fought with a higher level of organization, with plans, and in all eventualities, the Party has always been with the miners, teachers, with the jungle communities, universities; they are more ready to give their lives to defend the waters of their peoples, their land, their working day, their work stability, struggling against the SERVIS. The congresswoman Gloria Ramos says: “the main cause of the conflicts in our country is the government. ‘With the promotion of the package of legal decrees (DL) within the frame of implementing the FTA tries to damage the territories of the peasants and native peoples and make it easier for big capital to enter without the consent nor the permission of the communities’, the 99 legal decrees need to be revised, the DLs harm the territories of the indigenous peoples; create the mechanisms and strategies necessary to fulfill Agreement 169 of the ILO and try to promote the sustainable development of the communities in the Amazon and Andes”.

In Peru there are 233 social conflicts. Of these, 159 are “active” and within that group there are 92 that find themselves in the process of “dialogue”, according to the last report of the Defensoría del Pueblo [“the people’s defenders” – transl.]. 74 others are in a “latent” state. So now they say active, dialogues and latent – they do not understand, these are struggles for demands that advance in understanding and see the political character; there are leaps compared to the ’90s and they are advancing in their class conscience.

According to the report of the Defensoría del Pueblo: “the greatest number of social conflicts are located in the department of Ancash (26 cases), Puno and Lima (21 cases). The socio-environmental conflicts constitute 50,2%  (117 cases) of the total. Then follows the conflicts concerning local government with 11,2% (26 cases), and the conflicts concerning national government with 10,3% (24 cases)”.

In all these struggles the people are rising up resolutely, confronting laws that give carte blanche to shoot to kill; Law 29166: a law that establishes rules for the employment of force for the personnel of the Armed Forces on the national territory, Law 28222, with which the executive power in 2007 approved eleven legal decrees for the legislation concerning organized crime, and that clash with this Constitution, establishing among other things sanctions for those who block a highway, disqualification for public servants who support labor demands, or declaring immunity  for the members of the Armed Forces and the National Police that cause injuries or death “in the fulfillment of their duty”, among other things; and with the shameless role of reactionary journalists as informers, who film in order to hand over to the police; we will strike correspondingly against these miserable errand boys. Concretely, there is an increase and higher quality of the struggles of the Peruvian people; they reaffirm themselves in the just and correct revolutionary violence to defend themselves and conquer their demands, ready to pay the price, clearly understanding that they are fighting against the old state, and that the tables of dialogue are the antechamber to more repression. The person responsible for the area of social conflicts in the Defensoría del Pueblo, Rolando Luque, says: “…in the last three years, more than 80 people have died and 1200 have been wounded”. He was underestimating, or did not dare say the truth.

Concretely, the people is raising its struggles for demands and the Party always stands by it; therefore they reject and condemn the miserable capitulators of the rol, that only are for making themselves comfortable in parliament seats and city halls, to become authorities in order to continue commanding the police and put themselves at the disposition of the factions of bureaucrat capitalism.
On the other hand, imperialism and reaction, in their eagerness to annihilate the people’s war, use the masses as cannon fodder, so a contest for the masses presents itself. The people become more and more the arena of contest and the contradiction develops itself in a bloody and complex way between the reaction and imperialism on one hand, wanting to mobilize the masses for their countersubversive war, and us on the other hand, to mobilize them for the people’s war.

Peruvian people, we call you to boycott these elections; they are only for changing who will exploit the people more, who will oppress them; it is a necessity of bureaucrat capitalism. They tell us there will be change, honesty, etc. and hide their true class interests: how to implement their food monopoly, maintain their SERVISes, to keep the salaries low; it is a competition between the comprador and the bureaucrat bourgeoisie, it is the struggle for whom will oppress the people, painting themselves as defenders of the people; enough already! ELECTIONS, NO! PEOPLE’S WAR, YES!


May 2011

PCP-Central Committee



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