Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
December 2007

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December 2007

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!



“The world revolution enters the strategic offensive, nothing can hold sway over it; innumerable legions of iron rise and shall rise more and more, and multiplying inexhaustibly they will surround and annihilate the reaction”.
We Are the Initiators, 1980 - PCP

The fundamental issue of Maoism is the power. The power for the proletariat, the power for the dictatorship of the proletariat, the power based on an armed force led by the Communist Party. More explicitly: 1) The power under the leadership of the proletariat, in the democratic revolution, 2) The power for the dictatorship of the proletariat, in the socialist and cultural revolutions; 3) The power based on an armed force led by the Communist Party, conquered and defended through the people’s war”.

“…The New Democracy, one of the extraordinary developments of Chairman Mao, masterfully concretizes for us the bourgeois revolution of a new type, the one that only the proletariat can lead. In synthesis, the democratic revolution within the new era of the world proletarian revolution in which we are developing. A revolution of a new type that implies new economy, new politics and new culture, obviously demolishing the old order and raising the new with guns, the only way to transform the world”.

“…Upholding Maoism as a mirror that reveals revisionists in order to combat them implacably serving the development of the people’s war and the triumph of the ongoing democratic revolution is an unavoidable and inabdicable task of strategic character.”

Chairman Gonzalo (Fundamental Documents)

The Central Committee raises its full and unconditional salute and subjection to our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth; likewise it extends its salute to each and every one of the leaders, cadres and Party members of the Communist Party of Peru, as well as the combatants of the People’s Liberation Army, to the People’s Committees and to the masses that strive with us, and to the people in general.

We start from the fact that the Party is never paralyzed, because it is clear on the course to follow – it has not been stopped even for a minute. Our heroic combatant is assuming with resolve and firmness its central task, the conquest of power for the class and the people; through the people’s war, with unanimity in decisive moments, forging a leadership, a leadership in and for the people’s war; solving its own tasks facing the arrest of our Great Leadership, applying with firmness our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. In these more than 15 years, Gonzalo Thought lets us confront and solve new problems: analyze and understand the process of the people’s war after ’92, pending tasks from the III Plenum and campaigns, the forging of a leadership and of cadres, the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and his defence, the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL (beginning, advance and defeat), the perennial necessity of building the conquest of power in the midst of the people’s war, tasks carried out combating the “final offensives” and the counterrevolutionary campaign of the peace accord. Today the Party members are forging themselves in an implacable struggle against revisionism, unfolding the concentric construction, nourished by the whole Party experience.

On this anniversary of Chairman Mao we reaffirm ourselves in what has been put forward since 1980, that we are unfolding within the strategic offensive of the world revolution (We are the initiators) and that the Peruvian revolution is part of the World Revolution and, developing people’s war, it serves the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, crushing the sinister general counterrevolutionary offensive headed by yankee imperialism. We repeat the firm promise to apply proletarian internationalism, to continue developing ourselves as a faction within the International Communist Movement.

It is of highest importance that we, the communists of the world, continue to prepare the initiation and development of the people’s war, but this would not be able to advance one step without a fierce struggle against revisionism. We must crush and sweep it away in order to initiate or to continue the revolution.

The revisionists of today proclaim: yankee imperialism was set up as sole hegemonic superpower and went over to commanding the general imperialist offensive…, develops a world campaign against the revolution and proclaims the failure of socialism, the expiration of Marxism, the utopia of communism, the non-validity of revolutionary violence, of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the Communist Party, the death of the theories of Marx, Lenin and of Chairman Mao Tse-tung. All these events have generated a General Retreat of the World Revolution that does not deny the existence of a revolutionary situation nor of the principal tendency of history.”

After the fall of social-imperialism the revisionists, as was to be expected, said to the world: goodbye to the revolution, like the piece of a chess game they are; we see Central America, Africa, Latin America, etc. And others renounce the Party documents (The Initiators, the General Political Line, the Congress), where it is clearly established that we are developing within the strategic offensive of the world revolution; today the ROL says that the General Political Line was approved under the condition that the congress revise and approve it. Perfect! They have to revise it in order to support their retreat here and in the world. They yell that imperialism is powerful, they attack us all over the world, they have allies, “there are no communist parties”, “the masses do not support us” – of course now when they are in the hands of the enemy, not only do they not assume their condition as prisoners of war, but they are renouncing Maoism and Gonzalo thought, revising our Basis of Party Unity. They publish and use the notes from the committee meetings where they say this and that comrade has problems, that in this and that committee there are serious problems, painting everything in black and denying that in spite of all the limitations and errors, in no way this diminishes the just and correct leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leadership of the Party and the Revolution, the military plans – plans that are just and correct, the political objectives concretized in each campaign of encirclement and annihilation and the new power in the People’s Committees. These miserable ones raise problems to divide and try to drag the Party members along, saying that “there is no capable leadership” and “therefore there is no people’s war”. What is more, now they shout about leading the war from the prisons, conspiring to be the “new faction of the new stage of the Party”; they were said to be the summoned ones and got themselves entangled, and they could not contain their appetite, they felt like chosen ones, illuminated, generals of war, “from vanguard to bastion”; black heads, concubines of the genocidal murderers, revisionists that meritoriously fulfil the orders of the reaction, dictated through the SIN-CIA. Each “self-criticism” has its own script – Montesinos allowed himself the luxury of editing them personally; their meetings and transfers were coordinated, planned, and whenever they wanted, including the raids in the prisons were managed with cell phones (the accomplices Morote and Montesinos).  Videos and audio abundantly reveal their black and sinister actions. They said peace accord – it was not fulfilled, there were only conversations – they say because of the splitter-block; they will always be putting the blame for their wrongs on others. Perhaps they forget that if there were meetings, transfers, “better conditions”, it was because the reaction needed them, period. There is not in their plans any political solution, a political solution with the PCP, with Chairman Gonzalo, with the People’s War, a revolution that is serving the World Revolution, with the Maoists of today – Nonsense! Never! They only want to use them in order to sow capitulation and gave them everything they wanted in order to fulfil their low intensity war, and then said to them: You? I do not know you. If I met you, I do not remember. But, despicable as they are, now they came with “Struggle for a Political Solution and Global Negotiation to the Problems Derived from the Civil War”, where they shout out of tune: “The goal is that Peruvian society advances towards a national reconciliation. For this to take place, each and every one must assume their responsibility, and the State would have to assume publicly their responsibility for the thousands of dead, murdered, and for why they implemented that genocidal policy and line, and not only because of that, but because there are social, political and economical causes that led to the conflict breaking out”. It could not be more opportune, that in this parody of a trial against the Chairman, that is not public and direct, in which he is not allowed to talk (but the black heads from the prisons are allowed to coordinate without problems), they accuse Chairman Gonzalo of genocide, trafficking with the actions of Lucanamarca and Tarata. Blinded as they are, the pus does not let them see. Do they think that this fascist and genocidal APRA government and the government of the other committer of genocide, Fujimori, Japanese agent, after using them to spread capitulation, will sit down with them to take the blame, beat their breasts and say I am a committer of genocide? Shall we reconcile? Let us go for the amnesty? The reactionary Armed Forces, will they assume it? No way. They do not see, perhaps, that the genocidal fascists Garcia and Fujimori are protecting each other’s skin. Perhaps the Armed Forces will say: we have worked hand in hand with the CIA, they gave us dollars for each capture. On the contrary, they are careful to say that Colina was a group that acted by itself, and do not see that the Truth Commission only was part of the plan, to accuse the Party of genocide, and that the reactionary Armed Forces only did isolated deeds. They wash Yankee imperialism completely clean, especially the CIA, the agents that puppeteered the Dincote and the SIN with dollars; keep in mind that they are in the so-called emergency zones along with the Military Political Leaders (Ayacucho, Apurimac, Vrae, Huallaga, Lima etc.), supervising with money in their hands. This Truth Commission does not put forward the responsibility of the CIA in the genocides; they are careful not to touch the Yankee government; perhaps they think that Bush too will sit down to assume his responsibility in the “political solution”. Only when we conquer power the Party will make justice. Only then will the committers of genocide be held responsible, and until then we shall combat and annihilate the live forces of the enemy, as part of fulfilling the objectives of the people’s war.

It must be emphasized that during these more than 15 years, after the arrest of the Great Leadership, the Party is regrouping, expressing a subjection to the whole system of Party leadership and putting more and more energy into the struggle of the new events and the new campaigns, to continue marching towards the conquest of power; we are mobilizing the masses drawing lessons, educating them in the revolutionary violence, the clandestinity. This fascist government is implementing laws that make it legal to shoot to kill against the masses, against their struggles, and they are regulating the snitchery. Concretely we combat fascism with people’s war; fascism that is not only reactionary violence, it is also economical and ideological.

Concerning Yankee imperialism and its imperialist war, we would like to specify that it is entangled in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and every day they have to eat up their own defeat. Their economy is taking in water, in open recession. The Free Trade Agreements (TLC) loot everywhere – we see the shameful effects; they will make the so-called growth of the “developing countries” succumb, goodbye to the 7%, 8%, 9% of growth (the makeup comes off!) – bureaucrat capitalism in the oppressed countries shakes and it is just the beginning, apart from the cost of the bill that will come for the imperialist war. The allies are leaving them by themselves in Irak – they are like the rats that leave the sinking ship; Russia is watching happily and is dusting off their missiles – they are in Iran; China is waiting to see what happens and dreams of becoming a superpower – the contradictions will sharpen. It is in these moments that we revolutionaries and communists have to advance boldly, concretizing the Communist Parties that the revolution needs.

Starting from our principles, from proletarian internationalism, we put forward our position. We consider that there are revisionist positions in the RIM. They persist in the hegemonist tendencies of the RCP, and these positions openly attack that which is fundamental in Maoism, the power, attack the thesis of the Great Leadership of the revolution developed by Lenin, attack the military theory of the proletariat: the People’s War, established by Chairman Mao, and in some members there are problems when it comes to fully understanding Maoism as a new stage of Marxism, together with not applying a firm and sagacious two line struggle.

This has led to RIM assuming an erroneous position concerning the peace accord in Nepal and the counterrevolutionary hoaxes of the peace accord of the revisionist and capitulationist rol in Peru; and they converge with the plans of imperialism and the reactionaries of the world; we consider that these problems must be debated by all the members of the RIM and the revolutionaries of the world; study, debate and struggle in order to impose Maoism and crush revisionism. See the precedents, course, collusion and unfolding of the two line struggle in the bosom of the RIM, in which the PCP and the CPN(M) participate.

These capitulationist monstrosities of peace accord are joined with the genocidal wars that Yankee imperialism and the reactionaries launch against the peoples of the world: Irak, Afghanistan, Serbia, Colombia, etc. in that sinister hegemonic plan; they promote and sow capitulation with so-called “peace accords”, and then tries to drown the revolution in blood. They want Communist Parties only by name, without Maoism, Communist Parties without people’s war, Communist Parties without Great Leaderships; now they say “collective or collegiate, etc” looking for the terminology according to place; “all within the democracy…”, “…violence does not solve anything, it does not build; only dialogue”; the guns must be handed over (Nepal, Peru, the Middle East, etc.), “the UN shall supervise” (the procuress of the U.S.), etc. We call all the Communists to arm themselves with Maoism to face, to oppose the imperialist war with people’s war and unmask those who converge with the genocides in the Middle East, in Africa and Latin America; very much in particular we call the proletarian line of the CPN(M) to continue developing people’s war, and conquer the power totally and completely in Nepal, to not ever give up the gun; only in an armed sea of masses can we march to communism.

We start from the fact that the fundamental issue in Gonzalo thought is the question of the power; concretely, the conquest of power in Peru, totally and completely in the whole country, as a consequence of the application of the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to our revolution. The conquest of power in Peru as part of the proletariat’s conquest of power worldwide; and for the conquest of power in the country to be concretized in People’s Committees, support bases and People’s Republic of New Democracy in formation in order to establish the People’s Republic of Peru, and to serve the installation of the dictatorship of the proletariat in our country, because without it we will not go to communism.

In order to conquer the power we need a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party, in our case we have a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought Communist Party. A Party whose purpose is to conquer the power and defending it, linked to the people’s war, be it to initiate it, develop it or wage it to defend itself; a Party sustained by the masses, be it by the people’s war itself or the united front, that being a front of classes bases itself on the majority of the masses. A Party having as the motor of its development the contradiction concretized in its bosom as two line struggle, between proletarian line and bourgeois line, or non-proletarian in general – in essence and principally a struggle against revisionism.

We reaffirm ourselves in Lenin’s thesis concerning the question of the relationship masses-classes-Parties-Great Leaders. We consider that the revolution, the Party, the class, generate Great Leaders, generate a group of Great Leaders; in every revolution it is like that. This is the case in ours as well; we could not be an exception. Here, it is a question of the fulfilment of laws – it has to do with the historical necessity and coincidence. Khrushchev raised the question of the cult of personality in order to combat comrade Stalin; Gorbachev against Lenin in Russia, in China the revisionists Liu Shao-chi and Teng Hsiao-ping did it against Chairman Mao. It is, in consequence, a revisionist thesis that essentially aims against the dictatorship of the proletariat and against the Great Leaderships and the Great Leaders of the general revolutionary process in order to behead it. Today, all kinds of revisionists attack Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought to try to behead our people’s war, denying that it is he who has put forward and upheld before the world that Maoism is the third, new and higher stage of Marxism, denying his struggle to impose it in the world as command and guide of the world revolution, twisting the military theory of the proletariat, proclaiming a militarist people’s war without building the new power, opposing the total and complete conquest of power in the whole country (they put forward: “build the power when the power is conquered”), the People’s Committees without the joint dictatorship, new democratic republic without Communist Party, without proletarian leadership, denying that the Party leads everything all-embracingly; they put forward a people’s war separated from the power; they attack in order to raise their ragged and purulent banners of capitulation. Here as well as in Nepal we are convinced that the left will know to fight and proceed with the people’s war under hard conditions in the midst of the genocide and beheadings – unmasking the plans, shady deals, “truth commissions”, “reconciliation”, economic repairs, exemptions, “they are not terrorists anymore, but an insurgency force”, and other hoaxes to sell the revolution that these miserable supporters of the peace accord realize, turning their backs on the people, throwing away into the river the blood that has been shed, with the secret police (CIA), with the reaction, Yankee imperialism.

In synthesis, a correct treatment of the two line struggle in the RIM camp is needed to sweep away the rotten revisionist positions of the so-called Peace Accord that is a plan of imperialism; it is black capitulation, it is more genocide – mark it with fire and advance in the understanding and application of Maoism, concretizing it in more Maoist Communist Parties. We insist: fight imperialism, revisionism and world reaction inseparably and implacably.

Finally, we make a call to the proletariat, the peasantry, the people in general, to go on struggling, to raise your struggles, under the leadership of the Party.





December 2007

PCP-Central Committee



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