Proletarians of all countries, unite!




Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
August 2006

Red Banner

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September 2006

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Proletarians of all countries, unite!


To the Peruvian proletariat and people, To the national and international public opinion.

"The conclusion reached by all patriotic political parties and groups and by all our patriotic fellow-countrymen was: "To fight is to survive, not to fight is to perish." The conclusion reached by all the capitulationists was: "To fight is to perish, not to fight is to survive."... ...the conclusion of the war group is "to fight is to survive, to make peace is to perish"; the conclusion of the peace group is "to make peace is to survive, to fight is to perish".

Chairman Mao Tse Tung Vol. II, pp. 251-55.

The Central Committee, reaffirming itself unconditionally in our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, who with his all-powerful Gonzalo thought takes us to our goal the ever golden Communism, as well as in our Basis of Party Unity with its three elements; salutes the Peruvian people, very especially the masses that persist heroically defending the new power with people’s war, all the masses inside and outside the country that are serving the people’s war, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the Parties and organizations that support our heroic people’s war, understood as a part of the world revolution.

The Communist Party of Peru calls to unmask and crush the new counterrevolutionary hoax, staged by Yankee imperialism through this fascist and genocidal APRA government, with the complicity of the traitors of the ROL, in essence revisionist and capitulationist, miserable ones that since 1992 have started their sinister counterrevolutionary work.

Our Peruvian people has been forged and has advanced in the revolutionary violence, in its various forms and gradations, conquering demands, rights and freedoms, since nothing came from heaven, everything has been conquered by it with revolutionary violence, in hard and heroic conflict against the reactionary violence; conquering its rights and crushing its enemies. The revolutionary violence is, in essence, inherent to the process of our history. The Peruvian revolution, our democratic revolution, the emancipation of the people and of the class, will be materialized with a heroic and grandiose revolutionary epic achievement of our people, that is, with people’s war.

And, on the other hand, the reaction is leading the counterrevolutionary war following the conceptions of its master, Yankee imperialism, a theory established by it on the counterrevolutionary war (low intensity), that Alan García applies today; hence its unavoidable and principal responsibility. Today they stage a new counterrevolutionary hoax of “general amnesty”, within their counterrevolutionary strategy, that will be unmasked, crushed and defeated totally and completely by the people’s war.

A hoax that is carried out with the traitors of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, correctly defined by the Central Committee, for its black and sinous road; ROL that has been shifting according to the government of the moment, the reality is concrete: the ROL does not, and will not, take a single step without the consent, without the logistics, without the leadership of the Armed Forces, particularly the Navy, that works as a cover for the CIA (therefore it does not give a hoot about the Peruvian waters). The ROL had help since the arrest of the Chairman to select the prisoners, and place themselves strategically in certain prisons, they obtained the liberty for their relatives – some are in Chile since ’93; they had leaflets distributed from Army helicopters in El Huallaga, Ayacucho, in Lima, mainly; they were brought to the SIN and the Naval Base of Callao to receive CIA directives and then go out saying that the national Leadership had held a meeting with them. Since when does the reaction look for locals for the Party, for the Party meetings? Are they naive? No! It is part of the counterrevolutionary war, it is their need to annihilate the revolution, we do not think that they care for the Party, about the “so-called fourth stage”. No! If they mobilized resources, if they mobilized the Armed Forces, lackeys, reactionary press, synchronized and parametered, it was only because they want to annihilate the people’s war – this is their real interest.

In ’92 they staged the hoax: “The Chairman’s refusal of legal defense”, saying that he did not want lawyers for his defense because it clashed with the “Peace Accords”, so as to serve to his isolation, that the lawyers that were afterwards detained have the evidence of this. In ’93, monitored by the Armed Forces, helped by the reactionary press and their CIA-agent Montesinos-Fujimori, they presented the “so-called peace accord” in which they put forward to neutralize the PLA, neutralize and centralize the arms of the Party, and then they said that it was not opportune to say this, their objective; to spread capitulation in the revolutionary ranks and rein back the people’s war. The ones that lent themselves to give credibility to this were the miserable Morote, Pantoja, Salas; traitors that coordinated the requisitions, the ones transfered from the prisoners of war to different prisons, the softening up (tortures), to separate those that are for the people’s war in order to in this way make take over the STC [Shining Trenches of Combat – transl.], etc, all planned by the SIN and the CIA through Montesinos, by telephone or directly, to afterwards go to the prisons saying: “I met the chairman”.
All was denounced timely by the Party and crushed with overwhelming actions – the hoax and the infiltration of miserable ones that wanted to take the Party organisations by assault.
Then came “c. Nancy’s” so-called self-criticism, and they said crush the “splitting block”. Were they filled with courage? They dreamt of “sealing the unity...”; the reaction said with this we break the Party, our answer was striking in the different committees, concretely: not an inch in unity with them.
A self-criticism that was written by SIN-agents, like the letters of the “PA”, of which the only thing left is the videos that were edited with the support of canal 2 and 4, as well as the audio transcriptions that were verified by the experts of their judicial power. (Published on the web).

In the STC, reactionaries and traitors had no mercy on the best sons of the people, murdering them, making them disappear; with their bundle of: “Ideological, Political and Organizational Consolidation that Serves...............” they used fascist methods on the Party members for them to accept their rotten things at any price. The ones from the ROL were used and made dream of forming a new red fraction, a runt that got their efforts out of control, typical of their ilk, with the objective of throwing themselves against a Marxist principle: “A revolution is not led from prison”. Concretely they aimed at: annihilating the PCP, the people’s war, the international support and slander and assasinate Chairman Gonzalo.
The Party demands the public and direct presentation of our Great Leadership; the reaction, their hack journalists and judges hit the ceiling, shrieked out of tune and felt like they were dying; Benedicto was left dysfunctional, Cabala went to the extreme, saying they want to kill me – for that miserable it would a bullet wasted, a hazelnut is enough to finish him off – all this commotion when Chairman Gonzalo agitated the Party slogans, they have an uncontrollable fear, and therefore they only want his isolation.

Like the Party foresaw, they wanted to aim at taking away the international support, this was seen in some of the declarations from some members of the RIM, that said: “we are going to investigate...”, “Chairman Gonzalo is behing the letters...”, “the red banner is flying in Peru...”, that is to say people’s war without Chairman Gonzalo; positions that line up with the ROL, repeating the runts (video and audio) fabricated in the SIN. The Party, through the MPP, put forward in a powerful way: crush the counterrevolutionary hoax with people’s war. We stress, once more, that until today there are only 2 public manifestations by Chairman Gonzalo: 1) The Speech of Chairman Gonzalo and 2) the agitation that he made in the trial that he is facing and not at any moment did he put forward “PA”.
Because of Chairman Gonzalo’s influence within the RIM, imperialism and revisionism were eager for the positions of the ROL to repercute in the RIM, attacking the Marxist thesis of Great Leaderships and Great Leaders of the revolution, with the so-called cult of personality, attacking the military theory, the people’s war, separating it from the Support Bases, its objective to aim at the fundamental in Gonzalo thought; the power. The new power is born and developed in the midst of people’s war, establishing the People’s Committees, led and constructed by the Party in concentric form, thus since its birth the new power is born crushing campaigns of encirclement and annihilation; constructing the new: new power, new economy, new culture, new republic; the not understanding has led to some members supporting the thesis of “multiparty democracy”, which will lead to lead astray the revolution, together with not understanding the Marxist thesis of Great Leadership, in spite of owning a great fire-power, and having the enemy ready to make concessions, and most importantly the growing support of the poor masses, they come with the “multiparty democracy”. (See May 2006 document). .
The question is that some members made echo of the hoaxes of the reaction and repeated them, the two line struggle, carried out badly, will lead to tangle up the RIM; today the people’s war in Nepal can change course, from a democratic revolution to a bourgeois revolution. The Communist Party is for initiating and leading a people’s war, not for coexisting and sharing responsibilities with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. This destroys it, adapts it, they turn into fascist parties – it is a great responsibility of the comrades from Nepal.

And today, imperialism and revisionism, in Peru, raises a new hoax of “general amnesty”, as they say:

" is a political solution to the problems derived from the civil war, and that the new government is in better conditions than the previous ones to solve the question because a lot of time has passed since the deeds were done..."

We see that this APRA-government is on trial for genocide (see Frontón, Cayara, Molinos, etc., they have a long list) and they never prescribe although they are not correctly denounced, they are due to be punished just like the other genocidal Fujimori, and their black and cowardly armed forces, experts in clandestine mass graves, murderers of peasants, workers and students, both collude because both governments set up counterrevolutionary apparatuses, the “Rodrigo Franco” and the “Colina group”.
APRA is in panic (see the trio of murderers: Alán, Giampetri, Jiménez), they legs are shaking and they can not sleep thinking of the car bombs that we will put on them, the histrionic Benedicto Jimenez says: “the Maoists will not renounce their principles”. The comprador and bureaucrat bourgeoisie are concerned and interested in their desire to rein back the people’s war, they do not want their FTT to go to pieces, they want to continue taking all the natural resources of the country (gas, minerals, etc.), and say: “For a country to go on with an open wound for a long time is not convenient for the governability...”, the errand boy Raúl Gonzales repeats and adds, “on what terms?”
These are the defenders of bureaucrat capitalism, of the old state and of annihilating the people’s war. These are the most interested, for their “governability”, and say: “we are in better conditions”.
They are concerned with the punishments for genocide and the excessive exploitation of the country, therefore they want to stop the people’s war using the ROL, to go on maintaining this rotten and senile reactionary state, and what does the ROL say? That Chairman Gonzalo can not put it forward publicly because so demands the conditions of the trial (the petty-fogging lawyer of the miserable Morote).
The class, the people, do not want to perish in the peace of capitulation, it knows very well that what must be done is to resist in order to survive and it is the Party that keeps the banner of the revolution high, this is our history, it is our road; from the old state the masses receive only repression, more misery, more exploitation, the so-called truth commission does not accomplish a thing, the true justice will come, not with the conquest of power, but in the very course of the people’s war. The hoax is not the desire of the people, but is the counterrevolutionary policy of “low-intensity”, is condemned to fail.

Our people’s war today confronts new and complex situations forging a leadership with recognized ascendancy, that is building the 3 instruments of the revolution ambushed in the masses, following the principle: “the organic follows the political”, that is, according to the new circumstances, this we are solving grasping gonzalo thought to solve new problems, which has let us mobilize and lead their struggles, because we start from the infinite confidence in the masses and they are ready for the revolution: they do not listen to, and will not listen to, nor defend the old state, nor the genocidal Armed Forces, because the Party, since before the initiation of the armed struggle, lives and fights with the masses, we stick to our principles: “the Party is the highest form of organization, the Army the main form of organization and the Front is the third instrument, and all these instruments are for taking the power by means of the revolutionary violence..”
Thus, we see the road of the reactionaries and the revisionists, of all committers of genocide, is the counterrevolution, the “general amnesty”, the “peace accord”, the repression in the prisons, the genocide; while the road of the people is the revolution, that of the democratic revolution; of resisting, of struggling with overwhelming energy, that of maintaining the course of the revolution.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution!
We demand the public and direct presentation of Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the RIM!
Crush the new counterrevolutionary hoax of "general amnesty"!



August 2006

PCP-Central Committee




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