Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Letter to the Communist Party of India (ML) (Naxalbari)

Dear Comrades,

We would like to send our communist greetings to the Central Committee and through this to the whole Party. We are full of joy for establishing this communication, since it is a task put forward by Karl Marx to unite the communists of the world, and it rests with us to apply it firmly and tenaciously.
Comrades, the present letter has for our part the necessity of strengthening the link between the communist parties and revolutionary organizations and to work in favour of the world revolution. We consider that it will help us a great deal to understand better the situation of South Asia and its struggle against imperialism and revisionism, and especially the building of the Party, with the Base of Party Unity. Those being cardinal points that delimit the course and march of the revolution as well as its perspective.
Our starting point it is that we are in the New Great Wave of the World Revolution and that it is Maoism that commands the World Revolution. We consider the building of the Party of the class to be of great importance and a historical necessity, a Communist Party to initiate the People's war, a Party of the proletarian class with a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, mainly Maoist, Base of Party Unity, because this is the highest development of the ideology of the proletariat. A Communist Party is formed to initiate, to develop People's War until Communism. People's war that from its initiation is demolishing the old order and building the New Power, through People's Committees; establishing the New Democracy in the din of the People's War. Thus, the people has the power in its hands under the leadership of the proletariat, and they are shaping the great transformation, of which they are able, allowing a great mobilization and politicisation, with infinite confidence in the masses.
The People's War is a historical necessity: The people of India demands revolution, demands People's War, wants the power in its hands. Only a communist party that works untiringly will know to lead, because the class is only one and it only has one sole Party, one sole ideology, this is its Staff and it will lead the whole process till communism, with cultural revolutions.
The concrete situation is that in the oppressed nations like India and Peru, imperialism tries to divide the true Communist Parties by means of hoaxes, intrigues and infiltrations in order to foment that there is a "two line struggle", attack its leadership, the base of Party Unity. Imperialism fears the Communist Parties and their ideology. They put together and generate revisionist organizations of radical words, which proclaim and wage armed struggle. This armed struggle does not lead to communism through cultural revolutions; nor does it fight against the restoration of capitalism. The Cultural Revolution is also developed with People's War, the militarization and the people's militias, the armed sea of masses, that is Maoism; that is guarantee of triumph.
Particularly India has a great historical responsibility in the great wave of the world revolution. The people of India, for centuries sunk into the most cruel exploitation and misery, are showing its inexhaustible source of struggle, demanding People's War, a people that will know to assume under the leadership of the Party. Correspondingly in India it is necessary to smash the imperialist plans of putting together false communist parties, with chieftains that do not do anything and never will do anything, for they are made of revisionist rottenness and do not care a hoot about the spilled blood of the masses, they are agents paid by Yankee imperialism.
The reactionaries and revisionists of India are in collusion in order for the People's War not to develop, knowing that it would be the end of them, just as the imperialists know the decisive role that that would have in the world revolution and that it would change the correlation of forces in the world, that it would allow the encirclement of the imperialist nations, having as support bases the oppressed nations that develop People's War. This is the moment.
Comrades, every day that passes, the demands of the masses must be given shape, it is the period of the sweeping away of imperialism, of the giant with clay feet, that is what they are. Do not fall into overestimating the enemy, as was done by a member of the RIM, putting forward that "it is relatively strong". We, the oppressed nations, have the strength of numbers, what we lack is Communist Parties that develop People's War, and the correlation of forces, the political scenario, the campaigns and counter campaigns will be transformed, the strategically coordinated people's war of the communist parties of the oppressed nations is going to unite the peoples of the world around a nucleus, and only through this a true International Communist Movement will be forged, because in it will be those who want Communism, those who develop people's war. Thus the unity will be solid and cohering to Maoism. The unity occurs among those that apply the Marxism of today, Maoism. Seen like that the RIM is just a step in the formation of the ICM; the World People's War will generate it. The ICM is not generated as a consequence of conferences, forums, it is not an amalgam of organizations, it is those who apply people's war specified to each country, it will consist of communists, it is that simple and concrete. It is an immediate task - comrades, we have responsibility and each Party must fully strive in its working day.
For our part we reaffirm ourselves in our Great Leadership (Jefatura), our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, in our scientific ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, for it is the application of the universal truth to our reality, in working as our Great Leadership demanded in his last public presentation, for every Communist to assume his condition, and this has to do with working to serve the world revolution, working with the communists of the world, in establishing Communism, because this is our goal, the forever golden Communism. A task that we grasp firmly and we hope to work serving it better and better.

We expect to have news soon and to be able to deal with specific themes and in detail.

We reiterate our Communist joy, and extend our forceful communist embrace to the whole Central Committee.

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru
July 2004

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