Resolution of the International Conference in Paris

We the undersigned, who have participated at this conference to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and the rights of the political prisoners and prisoners of war, wish to make the following declaration public:

We demand the respect for the life, health and rights of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano of the Communist Party of Peru, as well as of all the political prisoners and prisoners of war in the world.

As a part of this, we condemn the prison isolation, no matter where it is practiced: in Peru, in Turkey, in the countries of Western Europe or elsewhere. Given the importance of Chairman Gonzalo and the extreme gravity of his prison conditions - the eleven years of total and perpetual isolation - we in particular demand the end of the isolation of Chairman Gonzalo, and, as the concrete form for realizing this, that he be presented in public, live, before the world media, and that he be allowed to speak.

We also express our promise to remain vigilant in the face of the reactionarization of the states in all countries, and to strain our forces to further develop a campaign along the lines mentioned above.

"New Peru" - France Friendship Association

"New Peru" Friendship Association of Madrid [Spain]

Association Popular Cultur of Peru [France]

Association "Vientos Sur" [Bobigny, France]

Collective for a Red Help [Paris, France]

Committee for Urgent Action against Torture by Isolation (France) [CAPTIF]

Committee to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo (Paris) [France]

International Emergency Committee to Defend the Life of Dr. Abimael Guzmán - Hamburg [Germany]

Communist Party of France (Maoist) in formation

Maoist Communist Party (Turkey/North Kurdistan) - Paris Committee

Proletarian Red Help [Italy]

Paris, September 27, 2003