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Second speech of the Peru People's Movement at the Conference in Italy, June 2015

We shall make a short summary of the current situation of the Communist Party of Peru, that today continues to lead the people's war under the complex conditions of the bend in the road and the inflexion, in struggle to the death against the revisionist lines that have structured in direct collaboration with imperialism and reaction: the right opportunist line (ROL) and the "left" opportunist line (LOL), and against the whole campaign of isolation and slander currently waged by imperialism, reaction and revisionism on international level against the Party and the MPP.

In the beginning of the '90s, the triumphant advance of the people's war in Peru had forceful repercussions internationally, as an example to follow for the communists and the peoples in the whole world, and as an imminent threat to the imperialists' and all their lackeys' system of exploitation. In 1990 the Open People's Committees were established, and in 1991 the war entered the stage of strategic equilibrium, preparing the strategic offensive and the conquest of power in the whole country. At that point in time, members of the United States Congress warned that 40% of the Peruvian territory was under the control of the revolutionary forces led by the PCP. In the following years Yankee imperialism took more direct control of the counterrevolutionary war in Peru, and as a part of that, in 1992, the "self-coup" of the fascist Fujimori regime was carried out as a measure to try to save the reactionary state in the country. In September of the same year Chairman Gonzalo was arrested by the reactionary forces. The reactionaries' attempt to present him before the world as weak and defeated in a cage was crushed by our Great Leadership, who took the opportunity to make his Masterful Speech, in which he called the Party and the people to continue the people's war according to the established plans, declaring that his arrest was not a defeat, but only a bend in the road, nothing more. The Speech is the last time that Chairman Gonzalo has made a pronouncement and taken position before the Party, the people and the world.

The revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL)

Already before the arrest, Chairman Gonzalo "warned us of the danger of a revisionist line emerging, of which there were already signs of its brooding; an opportunist line that opposed the conquest of power, and he told us that if a hard struggle had to be waged against the ROL of that time for the ILA (initiation of the armed struggle), there is even more reason when it comes to a greater leap, like the conquest of power, to think of a stronger, more earth-shaking struggle." This was confirmed after the arrest of the Chairman with the structuring of the ROL, nursed by the Yankee CIA as a part of their counterrevolutionary plan. Through a handful of revisionist and capitulationist leaders in the prisons and abroad they launched the hoax of the "peace accords" in their vain attempt to slander the Great Leader of the PCP and annihilate the people's war in a so-called process of "peace" and "reconciliation", similar to what the imperialists did in South Africa, Palestine, Ireland and later in Nepal. That is, "peace accords" conceived and led by the imperialists in direct collaboration with the revisionist traitors in order to annihilate the revolution and maintain the exploitation of the working class and the oppressed peoples.

Consequently, the Central Committee of the PCP denounced the so-called "peace letters" as a hoax, and the leaders of the ROL, agents and informers for the reaction, as revisionist rats. The Party firmly assumed the task of continuing to develop the people's war and maintaining the course until Communism: that is to uphold, defend and apply the Basis of Party Unity established by the 1st Party Congress, the Programme, the General Political Line and the ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought. In the international work, through its generated organ the MPP, the Party firmly fought against the hoax of the "peace accords" and a great work was organized to defend Chairman Gonzalo's life. As a part of this, to unmask the hoax, the Party since then insists on its slogan "Demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo live and direct, and that he may pronounce himself". As we already know, the enemy cannot permit such a public presentation because it would mean the end of their whole "peace accord" and the whole miserable ROL.

In spite of this successful work of the Party and of the comrades in different countries, the hoax had repercussions in the international communist movement, just as was the enemy's intention. The right within the leadership of the RIM, i.e. mainly the RCP-USA and its head Bob Avakian, started to question the PCP's position, spreading that "it is not known if Chairman Gonzalo is behind the letters". Avakian and his followers in different countries, who from the start had opposed Maoism and the positions of the PCP, took the hoax as an opportunity to attack the Party and impose their revisionism. Although they formally took position against the "peace accords", in reality they defended the traitor rats, agents of imperialism, and attacked the Party.

Today, the rats of the ROL with their so-called "MOVADEF" continue their dark work of dragging the masses to elections to legitimize the reactionary state, in the service of imperialism and counterrevolution: "What such traitors want, in Peru as well as in other countries, are parliamentary seats for their campaign for "peace accords" - which neither the capitulators in Nepal nor the FARC are getting. It is not a question of "prisoner exchange" and "freedom", but of forswearing the violence in order to restrain any revolution in the world and ensure the imperialists' redivision of the world."  Likewise, they have their agents abroad who continue to publish documents in the name of the Party, in which they continue their calls for "peace" under the bayonets of imperialism and for conciliation with the genocidal exploiters.

The "left" opportunist line (LOL)

After the arrest of the Great Leadership, the Party firmly assumed the long and complex task of forging leadership and uniting the Party against capitulation and for persisting in the people's war, in a process of Party reorganization established by the CC in 1995. In the first decade of the new millennium the CC waged the struggle against militarist positions in the Party: positions that put forward only making spectacular actions, more car bombs etc., without developing the mass work and without building the new; and they opposed the principle that the Party commands the gun. With its origin in these positions, in this present decade a "left" opportunist line was structured, as the CC of the Party establishes in 2011:

"In this current decade, a “left” opportunist line is structured, and as is to be expected, they focus on attacking our ideology, on openly disowning gonzalo thought, reaching the point of emulating the revisionist Teng Hsiao Ping in directly attacking the Great Leadership of the Party; miserable infiltrators whose goal is to annihilate the Party. This LOI puts forward: a party without gonzalo thought, without Great Leadership, accusing him of being a terrorist, a traitor, copying what yankee imperialism says. They deny the creative application of the universal truth to our concrete reality; they deny the particularity of the Peruvian revolution, its laws, the particularity of our people’s war and the conception of it as part of the world revolution. Concerning the people’s war they put forward not realizing sabotage; of course, they do not want to strike against bureaucrat capitalism but get in line behind the faction of the moment; they deny the fundamental point of Maoism, the power. The New Power revolts and develops itself in struggle, demolishing the old state and building the New Power through the People’s Committees, where the joint dictatorship is exercised. The main thing is the building; without demolishing, how can the new be built? Therefore they develop erratic armed actions, they do not build; it is obvious that they will not, and there are similarities with Nepal and Colombia; revolutions that do not build are condemned to sell themselves to the highest bidder, armed actions without application of Maoism to a concrete reality – these are positions with which some members of the RIM converge. (…)
…a LOI that does not strike against bureaucrat capitalism, that does not demolish the old state and build a new state, that develops erratic actions; thus these miserable ones are fulfilling a sinister counterrevolutionary role; their actions and clumsy hoaxes and malicious stories show their revisionist character, before which the Party unmasks and crushes this opposing, capitulationist and collaborationist line, a line composed of infiltrators. We see that one of their heads, the miserable Raul, handed over Feliciano, Party leaders and cadres, and worked hand in hand with the general Fournier (see the pictures in the magazine IDL reporteros and the magazine Caretas). This miserable informer is the one that yells slander against Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, a traitor who fulfills his role as “leader” imposed by the SIN; he is used to divulge his revisionist belches with the CIA agent Lucena and the zionist Gorriti.
This new LOI, just like the miserable Julio from the Regional Committee of Huallaga, is handing over Party members and combatants into the hands of the reaction."

Current situation

In this complex and difficult situation of the inflexion, the Central Committee of the Party, the Regional Committees and the other Party organizations are assuming the task of maintaining the course of the revolution; developing the mass work in the countryside and the city, participating in and leading the struggles of the masses to develop the people's war until the conquest of power in the whole country. To understand the current situation of the people's war, one must see the process of the Party and the historical course of revisionism in the country and in the world. The Party puts forward that the current situation of the people's war is similar to the mass work that was developed in the 60's and 70's; formation and moving of cadres, work in the countryside and the city; at that time to initiate the people's war, and today to continue and develop it. In 1980, the crushing of the first ROL to initiate the people's war, in the 90's the arrest of the Great Leadership and the crushing of the hoaxes with people's war, in 2000 the break-up of the RIM through the harmful actions of new revisionism, and today in 2015: continuation and development of the people's war, and on the side of the imperialists the process of redividing the world and the role of revisionism as part of that plan.

The Party is firmly assuming the task of combating revisionism, opportunism and capitulationism on the international level, principally new revisionism that is expressed within the international communist movement. Precisely because the PCP since the beginning has insisted on the struggle against Avakian's and Prachanda's revisionism, today the same groups that converge and conciliate with them continue the dark campaign to isolate and attack the PCP and its generated organ the MPP. Concretely, new revisionism promotes a "domesticated" Maoism, bourgeois "multiparty" democracy instead of the revolution of New Democracy, conciliation instead of struggle and capitulation instead of people's war. Their starting point is that imperialism is almighty, and that there are no conditions for making revolution, i.e. precisely what the rats of the ROL say in Peru. Today, the majority of the Maoist Parties and organizations in the world have pronounced themselves against Avakian's and Prachanda's open revisionism - but they are against continuing the struggle against the convergences with this revisionism that continue to express themselves within our ranks on the world level, in the conciliation with the politics of "peace accords", in the questioning of the dictatorship of the proletariat etc. They condemn revisionism only in words, focusing on persons and not on the ideological and political positions. They apply the revisionist thesis that "two unite into one" instead of the Marxist thesis that "one divides into two".

Consequently, to avoid the struggle and hide their revisionist positions, some people join the campaign of imperialism and reaction against the PCP and repeat their propaganda with accusations of "dogmatism" and with the old revisionist thesis of the so-called "personality cult". They shamelessly continue Avakian's plan to isolate the PCP and its generated organ the MPP on international level, spreading the hoaxes of the reaction, that the "PCP does not exist anymore", that "there is no leadership", and publishing false documents trafficking with the name of the Party. In connection with the appearance of the LOL in 2011, a handful of capitulators who had worked with the MPP (in Germany and Sweden) joined this anti-party campaign to justify their own capitulation and hide their incapacity to give their lives for the Party and the revolution. They apply personal struggle instead of principled struggle; they do like Lenin said about the Mensheviks: "Not to reply to an argument of one's opponent on a question of principle, and to ascribe only 'pathos' to him, means not to argue but to turn to abuse." These capitulators only repeat that "the MPP and the Red Sun have been usurped by revisionists", but they cannot specify even one single supposed revisionist position. They attack the Party, saying that "the LOL does not exist, there is only a third ROL", and that "there is no Central Committee", but at the same time they publish documents supposedly signed by the PCP, where they basically repeat what the Central Committee has actually said, but adding their hoaxes against the MPP and promoting their so-called "MPP reorganizing committee". On one of their websites they have a link to the site "Signalfire" from the U.S., that openly promotes the ROL and its MOVADEF. That is to say, in their opportunism they try to join forces with any group or individual that can help their campaign against the Party, and they publish their monstrosities through other organizations, like for example the Maoist Communist Party (Italy) among others. In the international relations between Parties, the opportunists apply the principle of Khrushchev and Avakian, of "not criticizing publicly". Under the pretext of "supporting" the armed struggles and people's wars, they deny the ideological and political struggle to the death against revisionism in the international communist movement, and riding on these heroic struggles they try to capitalize on them to promote their own organizations.

The concrete reality is that all those who serve this campaign against the PCP, consciously or not, are serving the plans of imperialism and reaction. Facing its general and final crisis, intensifying its exploitation and oppression and its genocidal wars in the whole world, the class enemy desperately needs to avoid that the proletariat take leadership of the people's struggles and that they initiate and develop people's wars in each country until the final sweeping away of imperialism from the face of the Earth. Therefore they have to avoid that militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties are formed, Parties that assume the leadership and arm the peoples, that revolutions emerge that do not sell out to any imperialist superpower or -power and that never lay down arms until Communism. Therefore they need to spread revisionism in the ranks of the proletariat and undermine the Maoist parties, and therefore they continue their attempts to isolate and attack the Communist Party of Peru.


Peru People's Movement
June 2015


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