Proletarians of all countries, Unite!



September 25 and 26, 1999


We, the undersigned Parties and revolutionary organizations, have celebrated a great international conference in Germany. We sign the following declaration calling on all the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations of the world to unite with us to:


Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo,
Great Leader and Guide of the Peruvian Revolution!



Seven years have passed since the Great Leader of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian revolution, Chairman Gonzalo, was arrested. Since that time the Communists and revolutionaries, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, together with the Peruvian proletariat and people, have struggled to defend his life. The principal form of defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo has been, is, and shall be the very People’s War that was prepared, initiated and led under the personal leadership of Chairman Gonzalo himself, a People’s War that will inevitably triumph because it is led by the PCP that sustains itself upon Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought, the guarantee of its triumph until Communism. But although it is not principal, international support is necessary; it is necessary to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo.

But we have seen that the powerful movement that was mobilized at an international level to defend his life, especially thanks to the labor of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, has been deactivated in recent years. In order to give new vigor to the international campaign in defense of the Great Leadership of the Peruvian revolution, it is indispensable to reaffirm ourselves on the position of the Central Committee of the PCP which affirms:

"We condemn and plainly reject the position that ‘Chairman Gonzalo is behind the letters....’ Six years after the presentation of the ‘letters’, when they don’t even correspond to reality, the only thing they do is repeat the black vomit that erupts from the bloody gullets of this fascist, genocidal and country-selling regime, and in this way converging with the revisionist and capitulationist ROL; the only support they have is the corruption that emanates from the sewers of reaction, and nothing else."

The international proletariat and the peoples of the world have never stopped defending this great teacher of Communists. Chairman Gonzalo cannot be erased from the heart of the masses, because he is inseparable from his thought; he is the embodiment of revolutionary violence because he is inseparable from the People's War in Peru, the torch of the world revolution. It is necessary to once again raise up the international movement to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo to the heights it had reached, but this is in no way enough; we must raise it to much higher levels—higher than ever before. This should be a powerful movement that shakes the world, that fills imperialism, reaction and revisionism with dread while being a great impulse to the advance of the world revolution, and that serves the new great wave of the world revolution that we are entering today.

Recall the beautiful words of Chairman Gonzalo, from his masterful speech that shines powerfully and victoriously before the world:

"We are here as children of the people and we are fighting in these trenches, they are also trenches of combat, and we do it because we are Communists! Because here we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, and the People’s War. That is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do so!"

To put it clearly, Chairman Gonzalo has been arrested for the fact that he is the Great Leadership of the PCP and the Peruvian revolution, for being a Communist. Thus we defend him in this manner, we defend what he is, we defend what he defends: the interests of the people, the principals of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought—the People’s War. That is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do it! As such we consider it very just and correct to take up the call by the Peru People's Movement to struggle to create an international organization to defend the Great Leadership of the Peruvian revolution, Chairman Gonzalo, defending his life and physical integrity with all our firmness and resolution. Similarly, we assume with firmness and resolution the defense of Comrade Feliciano, great Communist leader who seconds Chairman Gonzalo, and who now struggles jointly with Chairman Gonzalo, transforming the dark dungeons of reaction into Shining Trenches of Combat, always maintaining on high the blazing, reddest flag of the People’s War. We close ranks around our support for the People’s War in Peru; we are plainly convinced that the People’s War will overcome the bend in the road implied by the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, and that the People’s War will inevitably triumph.


Defend the Life and Physical Integrity of Chairman Gonzalo,
Great Leader of the PCP and the Peruvian Revolution!

We demand the just right of visitation by his relatives
and Chairman Gonzalo’s defense as a prisoner of war!

We demand the personal and live presentation of Chairman Gonzalo before the
national and international televised press, and that he make a public statement!

Defend the life and physical integrity of Comrade Feliciano!

The People’s War will inevitably win!

September 26, 1999



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