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The Peru People's Movement (MPP), generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) for the abroad work, assuming firmly its reasonability to combat imperialism, revisionism and reaction inseparably and implacably, direct itself to the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations of the world, to the children of our people abroad, to the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, to:

I. Repudiate, condemn and denounce the visit of the genocidal President of the United States (US), George W. Bush Jr. to Lima-Peru

Why is Bush going to Peru? Officially the genocidal Bush goes to Lima to have an Andean mini-summit with the Presidents of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia and a bilateral meeting with the President of Peru, "the Yankee with indian-hat" (Toledo). Officially they have said that the agenda will be the handling of preferential tariffs for these countries (ATPA), trying to place on a secondary level what has been stated by official spokesmen of the countries in mention, that in both the mini-summit and in the bilateral meeting with Toledo, the central theme will be the "fight against terrorism and the fight against drugs", later it has zippered out that they also will treat the establishment of a Yankee military base in Iquitos (in north-eastern Peru), when already for a long period forces of the genocidal hordes of Yankee imperialism is occupying a base of the Peruvian war Navy in this city. But behind the official words and declarations the real purposes of the visit of the supreme representative of the biggest puppeteer (Yankee imperialism) and its puppets in the Andean region, is hidden. So, then why is Bush going to Peru? Considering that it is the first visit of a Yankee President in several decades, this has a very special and striking significance for the Yankee plan of hegemony and as sole police for Latin America, specially for South America, inside that the Andean region and Peru, which comes from the time of Reagan and today with the genocidal Bush Jr., its being implemented under the name of "new security architecture for the hemisphere", which has as its center and main axis the Andean region, the key for the control of South America, which is vital for the strategic interests of the Yankees, and therefore against our People's War, which together with the People's Wars in Nepal and Turkey, is strategically the main thing that goes on in the world, all of this under the cover of there double politics of "the war on drugs" and "the danger of the FARC", of "ties between FARC and the Shining Path", which they develop inside there current world "anti-terror" campaign as a part of there general counter-revolutionary offensive, which Yankee imperialism leads as counter-revolutionary gendarme of the world and hegemonic superpower.

What is the most resent development of this Yankee plan? The most resent steps that they have taken are: 1999, the Assembly of the OAS established the Interamerican Committee against Terrorism (Cicte); in August 2000 it became public knowledge in the world that the Yankee CIA through its agent in Peru, Montesinos, and the fascist Armed Forces of Peru, with participation of Yankee spies all over the world, protected by the military centers for satellite observation, had been equipping the FARC with arms during the years of 98 and 99, that is that they where strengthening them, to create a favorable conjuncture to the internal and external public opinion for their bigger direct intervention, and to use these revisionists of the FARC in the future against the revolution in Peru. If this wasn't the case, why strengthen their firepower? In September of 2001, the Extraordinary Assembly of the OAS in Lima approved the "Democratic Letter", which consider the "assistance for the maintenance of democracy..."; before that, in June 2000, Brazil got into "Protocol 505", which allows it to obtain arms and equipment from the United States, as compensation Yankee imperialism obtained the use of the military and satellite base of Alcantara, on which no Brazilian may enter without permit of the Pentagon, the treaty was made without knowledge of the Brazilian parliament; at the beginning of the current year the sale of F-16 fighter planes from the US to Chile, took place, thus closing the circle, we recall that before they have established the US military base of Manta in Ecuador and, with the starting up of Plan Colombia at the end of the Clinton government the active Yankee military presence in Colombia was increased (including direct combat operations of the Special Forces) and the direct command of the Armed Forces in this country. The The National Security Council of the US, organ for intelligence planification of Yankee imperialism, together with the Center for Military Investigation of Chile have worked on the scenario of "the threat to the internal security by the indigenous population (i.e. of the peasantry - our note) from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego", and the Interamerican Defense Center of the OAS treated, the 20th of September 2001, the scenario of "the expansion of a conflict to supranational level could lead to a war with ethnical and religious connotations" (once again the peasant problem and the People's War is hidden behind this riff-raff). In August of 2001, in Salta (Argentina) took place, without the Argentinean Congress being consulted the joint maneuvers of the Armies of the US, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina, Colombia did send an observer, called the "Exercise Cabanas 2001" which had as its scenario, again, "an imaginary ethnical conflict". The commander of the joint forces was US General Butler, chief of the Special Forces of the Southern Command, and the Argentinean General Olivera (a butcher of the former military junta of Videla) who defined the maneuvers as "instruction of forces with the same language and with the same doctrine". After this the visit on the 23rd of March 2002 of Bush to Lima. In May 2002, also in Lima, will take place The Conference of the OAS against Terrorism to discuss and approve the Interamerican Convention against Terrorism. At the end of last February Yankee imperialism have given the certification of good behavior or of "co-operation" with the Yankee "anti-drug" politics and tripled the anti-drug assistance from US$ 50 million to US$ 150 million, and almost tripled the "aid" of USAID (Agency for International Development of the US State Department) from US$ 25 million to US$ 65 million each year, which only serves as an indicator of the percentual multiplication of the financial Yankee military intervention in Peru, because there are many institutions of imperialism that participates in this, their strategy has different military components (instruction, equipment, etc.) which comes directly from the Defense Ministry, to that belongs the budget of SOUTHCOM and the CIA (all of that is not considered as foreign aid and they are protected by secrecy, only every second year the foreign aid and the security budgets is known); continuing, before they had prolonged for 90 days the validity of ATPA, in application of the law called "Anti-Drug-Abuse Acta" of the 27th of October 1986, which demands a review of the relations between the drug trade and terrorism, and also the development of the accurate means in the fight against this threat (Section 2014 of this law). With this law Yankee imperialism made Peru and the other Andean countries the most important scenery for their "anti-drug" foreign policy and the eradication of the coca its main instrument for which it had to face the "Shining Path which have assumed the role of protective power for the peasant producers" (Permanent Subcommittee of Investigations of US Congress, 1989). Thus Yankee imperialism, with this Act, since the time of Reagan, made its own law to authorize itself to intervene directly against the People's War of Peru. Thus was trained the agents of the DEA, who where placed in Peru, and the Peruvian militaries not only by a team of instructors from the US Special Forces, but also by units like the Yankee Rangers in commando doctrine, fire control, techniques for attacking with helicopters, small unit tactics, etc. Officers of the Army, the Navy and CIA agents where assigned to the DEA headquarters to coordinate. Furthermore the plans for Peru "...where worked out jointly by special agents of the DEA and the experts of the Center for Low Intensity Warfare... The trick is to put the things in a politically acceptable manner..." (Committee for Governmental Matters of US Senate-Congress, September 1989). This committee of the Yankee Congress complained because in 1990 they couldn't inspect the training of the Special Forces in Mazamari Peru and they pointed out: "The State Department should pose the question and answer it, like: if this aid is for the fight against drugs or also for counter-subversive operations" (Snowcap-Report, August 1990, US Congress). In this cynical manner they internally recognize that their so-called "war on drugs" is war against the PCP and against our People's War. Thus behind the agents of the DEA they are trying to hide the military Yankee intervention against the People's War. Mazamari is one of the 15 bases that they recognize, and on top of that there is the so-called floating bases with the Navy in our Amazonic rivers. So by that the so-called "fight against the drugs" is a part "historically, doctrinarally and operational of the counter-subversive strategy of the US" (Youngers, 1991), so for that those responsible of applying their "low intensity war" against the People's War in Peru, are the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Center for Low Intensity Warfare, the CIA and the Special Forces. For that, since Reagan, they created the term in which not even themselves believe of "narco-guerrilla". In the current century, the document "Santa Fe IV- Latin America Today", worked out by Committee for Foreign Policy of the US Senate, Washington 2000, on the future of North and South America, resumes in nine points the major problems, the subject "Terrorism" is hidden in the chapter "Drugs". There they define the concept "Narco-Terrorismo" as "...the alliance between terrorist organizations, drug traffickers and organized crime, a deadly symbiosis which destroys important elements of the western civilization".

     Thus under this pretext they apply their "low intensity war" against the People's War and concretely in Huallaga, Apurimac, Ene, etc. they apply their sinister politics of eradication of coca plants by which they sentence the peasants to hunger, abandonment and death and they once again recurs to the demagogical chatter about "substitution of crops". All of that is condemned to failure in front of the People's War and the convergent struggle of the people. All of this they bring about under the fairytale of "the defeat of Shining Path", "remains", "they wish to integrate themselves politically", "hunger-strike", etc.

     Today this pretext is not enough, that's why they are using that about the FARC, they say "they have invaded Peru and they have ties to 'the Shining Path'", The troop movements of the reactionary Armed Forces of Peru and Ecuador, indicates that they are on the way of constituting a "joint" intervention force for a more direct, open and brutal intervention of Yankee imperialism.

     The only thing that lacks is the formal "petition" of their puppets, especially by the "Yankee with indian-hat". This is what they are on to. Isn't it so that Bush goes to Peru for this formal act with his cloak puppets? These are the real purposes behind the official words and declarations. And this is the real significance of this visit for our people, our country, our People's War and the Peruvian Revolution and the World Revolution. We are in the first combat trench of the revolution against Yankee imperialism in the world. The word of the Party is word fulfilled and we are firm followers of what Chairman Gonzalo established: "On one occasion did we solemnly pledged to not leave the arms until communism, to persist in the struggle for communism even if the super powers or powers came armed to their teeth, with their powerful weapons, we communists know what we want and for what we fight, nothing must and nothing can detain us in the fulfillment of the objectives of the Party, to serve the people, the proletariat and the world revolution" (Declaration of the PCP, 1993). Today we reaffirm ourselves in our unbreakable decision.

II.- To condemn, repudiate and denounce, the new genocide that's on its way against our people, which as part of the plan of Yankee imperialism applied by the reactionary Toledo, "the Yankee with Indian-hat", government, incubated, breed and nourished by the United States and the OAS. This is a bigger genocide inside the new campaign against the People's War and their so-called "mixed operations" as part of the "new" anti-subversive strategy, i.e. their already failed strategy of "low intensity warfare" under Yankee leadership; inside the new encirclement and annihilation campaign, which has begun at the end of January and the beginning of February this year, against the support bases, the people's committees who makes them up, and the People's Liberation Army (PLA), against the thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of war of the PCP and the broadest masses in the cities, against who they now are in process of approving a new law, which they have called "law against vandals", which is against the popular demonstrations and protests which, on top of the application of the special "anti-terrorist"fascist laws, considered the application of sentences for more than six years of prison, to try to subject the masses who doesn't stop in the protest. They have said they will approve it before the arrival of Bush. In this new encirclement and annihilation campaign that the enemy are doing they are using for the first time their recently created "airborne rapid intervention force", which include the use of aircrafts, specially of the helicopters of the Air Force and the Army, they have found themselves forced to make this new combined fighting unit hence they can not move their troops on the ground to attack the revolutionary Support Bases. This is a material evidence of the development of the strategic equilibrium; it shows the advancement in the relative stability of the New Power. Once again it's the bigger ruin and rottenness of the old landowner-bureaucratic State subjected to imperialism mainly Yankee, that goes under without salvation by the blows delivered by the People's War and the struggle of the masses in the whole country. Who can negate this? Only the imperialists, the revisionists, specially the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, and the reaction. The People's War continues on its road, without being detained even for a blink of an eye, forward to the conquest of Power in the whole country, lead by the PCP, today under the leadership of Comrade Julio who, firmly subordinated to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, leads the entire Party. We count on a recognized leadership forged under years. From here we greet the future birth of the People's Republic of Peru.

III.- To condemn, repudiate and denounce the reediting of the already failed hoax of the enemy about the "hunger-strike of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano". As we have seen the class struggle is sharpening, it's a war to the death, cruel, between revolution and counter-revolution in the strategic equilibrium, this is sharpening, and even more, the contradiction PCP - the fascist Armed Forces lead directly by Yankee imperialism is sharpening and the main contradiction is shaping up to change to be nation - imperialism. Because of this, as a part of the new encirclement and annihilation campaign of the enemy against the People's War, which will have as its high point the arrival of the genocidal Bush and, inside their plans to murder Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano, as a part of the bigger genocide against the political prisoners and the prisoners of war of the PCP and against our people, the enemy (imperialism, mainly Yankee, reaction, mainly the new Toledo regime, and revisionism, mainly the ROL) has put together the reediting of the new hoax about the "hunger-strike of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano". All of them are into this new reediting of this hoax, from "big guys" to the "small guys", their newspapers, specially prominent Caretas, which has presented intelligence notes, as if it where their own article, which where worked out by the department for psychological warfare (of fabrication of lies and hoaxes) of the National Intelligence Centre (CIN), which is the new name for the SIN of Montesinos, under direct leadership of the CIA. As a part of all that the 7th of March they put out an interview to Polay, the head of the MRTA, where he show himself openly and absolutely as the capitulator he is, to launch a sublime message that Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano are not isolated, but this character couldn't confirm the impossible, which is to say the hoax that was going on. Beyond their ministers, military- and police chiefs, have participated parliamentarians, functionaries of different levels of the National Penitentiary Institute, of the Justice Department and the "Ombudsman" like this eager disciple of Gobbles who Pedraza is. To the question posed by Caretas: Who coordinates all this? We answer: the one who assumed strictly the coordination between the CIA, the reactionary government of Toledo, its fascist Armed Forces, etc. and the heads of the rats of the ROL, who have fooled and forced a group of prisoners whom they hold subjective, have been the Chairman of the Sub-commission of the Parliament "who investigate the situation of the prisons in Peru", this individual Jonhy Lescano Ancieta brother-in-law to this miserable Cox, a dead man walking, and brother of another rat. So the direct links have gone through this individual and the rat Cox. This individual said that he had visited Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano in the Callao Naval Base, that he had spoken with them and that he had convinced them to change their demands to that of that they should not be punished for "hunger-strike" and "visits" and that "both where prepared to ask for pardon for the People's War", to make believe the incredible he said that he had made this visit alone, this is to not have witnesses from his own commission that could say that he was wrong or enter in contradictions. What is sure is that he didn't make any visit to the Base to see Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano, who continue being in absolute isolation, only their prison guards can see them, they who he did visit where the rat Cox and company in Yanamayo, his rat sister in Chorrillos, etc. In an orchestrated way the Interior Minister Rospigliosi came out to make a declaration and he said: "that Chairman Gonzalo reclaims a bigger participation in the political life and in the truth commission". This commission is part of their "low intensity war", is made up by three genocidals, an Admiral, and the "senderologogists" Tapia and Degregori (the only one who lacks there is Raúl Gonzales), advisers of the so-called "Colina", group, a squad of the fascist Armed Forces responsible for an infinity of war crimes during the 90's. Later he declared: "Mixed operations and strengthen the intelligence work of the Board Against Terrorism (Dircote), these are the basic pillars of the anti-subversive strategy, in coordination with other institutions". That "the civil participation is a crucial part of this strategy". That they have established the "Peace and Development Commissars in Ayacucho, the Central Jungle and Huallaga to coordinate the struggle against poverty with the aim of guaranteeing the presence of the State and maintain a fluid relation with the local institutions and the self-defence Rondas". All this was published in La República the 1st of March 2002. So, when they speak about "peace" they speak about the peace of the cemeteries, of bigger genocide, which is all they have to fight us. In these days the Intelligence Service of the Army (SIE) handed out in Aucayacu thousands of leaflets where it says, according to the news report of 24 horas on Panamericana (01 April 2002), "the Regional Committee of Huallaga supports the hunger-strike". Chairman Gonzalos position against the "hunger-strike" is well known, as a tactic it doesn't corresponds to the proletariat but to pacifism, who believe in "bourgeoisie humanism", the proletariat can not liquidate itself, what corresponds is to combat and resist for the People's War. And this is what Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano are doing in the highest shining trench of combat. This is not new, in the beginning of the campaigns of encirclement and annihilation in the years of 1994 and 1995, as a preparation of their sinister genocide against the masses in the People's Committees of Huallaga, they handed out leaflets signed by the rats of the ROL inviting to give up (it was more than 2 million leaflets). This reediting of the hoax about "hunger-strike" is part of the plan of imperialism and reaction that we are condemning, repudiating and denouncing. It is a part of the plan to murder Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano; it is a part of the bigger genocide against the political prisoners and the prisoners of war of the PCP and against the masses of our people. Today they have declared its failure and they have said that the "hunger-strike has ended in the Naval Base". Against this the PCP with People's War defends the life of Chairman Gonzalo and, linked to that, the life of Comrade Feliciano, and of the thousands of political prisoners and the prisoners of war of the PCP, with that the PCP faces, combat and defeats all the campaigns, plans, operations and hoaxes of the enemy. Because of that we demarcate, crush and condemn those who play along with the miserable rats of the ROL, who outrageously says that they meet "with the families and lawyers of the prisoners", when they are not relatives nor lawyers of the political prisoners and prisoners of war of the PCP but just traitors and agents of the ROL.

     We call on the RIM, the Communist Parties, revolutionary organizations, the children of our people abroad, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to unfold the broadest and profoundest campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and, linked to that, the life of Comrade Feliciano, inseparably united to the campaign for Maoism, to reactivate the International Emergency Committee (IEC), its local organizations, demanding his public presentation before the national and international press and that he make a statement. We also call on you, to develop the broadest campaign in support of the People's War and to participate in the world campaign against imperialism, which PCP leads with People's War, under the slogan: Yankees Go Home! Combat imperialism, revisionism and reaction inseparably and implacably.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the People's War!
Defend the life of the revolutionary political prisoners and the prisoners of war!
Long live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!
Yankees Go Home!
Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

March, 2002

Peru People's Movement (MPP)




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