Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


The Peru People’s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, salutes the Palestinian people and its heroic combatants who give their lives in the just and invincible war of  national liberation against the invader, the Zionist state of Israel, outpost and instrument of imperialism, principally yankee imperialism. We call the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world, all the communists, revolutionaries and progressives, to tense all forces and close ranks around the unconditional support for the Palestinian struggle, developing more and more actions and mobilizations against the Zionist occupation and the ongoing genocide.

The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people shines before the world as a symbol of the whole struggle against imperialism. The Palestinian struggle has particular importance, because it is a struggle against a Zionist state explicitly founded with the purpose of serving imperialism in the Middle East and on world level. The founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl proclaimed in 1896: “There [in Palestine] we shall be a sector of the wall of Europe against Asia, we shall serve as the outpost of civilization against barbarism”, and since its foundation Israel has lent its bloody services to the imperialist superpowers and powers and their lackeys in the oppressed countries, sending their experts in genocide, torture and “counterinsurgence” to Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe and serving as a base for imperialism, principally yankee, in the Middle East.

Zionism, developed by the most reactionary, most chauvinist handful of the Jewish bourgeoisie in Europe, is just one of the variants of the openly racist and genocidal ideology of imperialism from the 19th century, side by side with yankee imperialism’s “manifest destiny” and German imperialism’s Nazism; ideologies for justifying imperialism’s exploitation, oppression and genocide with the myth of a “superior race” that has the “god-given” right to annihilate and oppress the “inferior races”. Before World War II, the imperialist bourgeoisies (and including the Zionists) focused on the “Jewish question” as the ideological tool to justify the war of plunder in Eastern Europe and the struggle against the Soviet Union and the International Communist Movement. Today, the same imperialists – and the same fascists – are carrying out a constant racist campaign against the Arab peoples to justify their wars of plunder in the Middle East and the exploitation and oppression of the oppressed peoples in general with the hoax of “defending civilization” against the “fundamentalist extremists”.

But the hoaxes and chauvinist myths of imperialism are failing; the struggle of the Palestinian people and the Zionist genocide – supported by imperialism – unmasks imperialism and its “democratic” governments before the world, revealing with full clarity their genocidal and decrepit character. In spite of all the propaganda and disinformation from the mass media, the reactionaries cannot fool the masses of the world. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are mobilizing every week simultaneously on all continents in support of Palestine and against the ongoing genocide. The manifestations, which initially were carried out in the oppressed countries and by the Arab population in different countries, are growing every week, largely because the peoples of the imperialist countries are participating more and more. In this way, in spite of the dark work of the revisionists – the social-chauvinist so-called “left” that today is condemning the just struggle of the Palestinian people in the parliaments – the mobilizations serve to unite the peoples against imperialism and to unite the class struggle in each country with the national liberation movement of the oppressed peoples. In this way, these events also confirm in a forceful way the principal contradiction in the world between imperialism and the oppressed peoples, and that the Third World is the base of the world proletarian revolution.

The implacable struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people and the ongoing Zionist genocide create problems for all the imperialists, deepening their general and final crisis even more. Yankee imperialism needs the Zionist state to maintain its control of the Middle East, but its support for Israel is creating more and more problems. The economy of this superpower in crisis does not allow it to economically and militarily support all its lackeys in the world, and deepens the internal contradictions within the Yankee big bourgeoisie. And, as was the case with South Africa, the support for a shamelessly racist and genocidal regime sharpens the peoples’ hatred against Yankee imperialism even more, and puts at risk its relations with allied governments in the Middle East and other places. There are signs that the Yankees are considering replacing the regimes in Israel and Palestine with new puppet regimes, a “two-state solution” according to the model of “rainbow revolution” in South Africa in order to be in better conditions to continue the imperialist exploitation and oppression of Palestine. See the interview with Hillary Clinton from the 8th of November, where she says “I think there needs to be new leadership of the Israelis and the Palestinians in order to have any chance at some kind of peace deal”.

Likewise, the current situation creates problems for the Chinese and Russian imperialists. With their reactionary strategy of presenting themselves as the “good imperialists” and mobilizing the peoples of the world in a “global front” against yankee imperialism, they find themselves obligated to intervene against the genocide and the Yankee intervention, but they still do not want to enter into direct confrontation with the Yankees and initiate a new world war. China and Russia, in collusion and conflict with the other imperialists, also have the reactionary necessity to contain and repress the struggle for national liberation of the oppressed countries, and the war in Palestine is undermining and unmasking their plans.

It is the duty of the communists of the world to uphold and concretize the firm and unconditional support for the Palestinian war of liberation, and to unmask all the revisionists and others who now try to undermine the support movement for Palestine; lackeys of imperialism who “condemn the violence on both sides”, but in reality they are apologists for genocide, for exploitation and oppression. It is also the duty of the communists to promote and contribute to the process of building or reconstituting the Communist Party in Palestine to lead the struggle for national liberation and develop it as people’s war just like in all other countries, the bourgeoisie in the oppressed nations in this epoch no longer being capable of leading the peoples to sweep away the imperialists and carry out the revolution until its end.

For decades, Yankee imperialism and its lackeys in the Arab world have applied their plan to repress, isolate and annihilate mainly the proletarian and revolutionary leaders and organizations, while they have promoted and nurtured the religious movements. At the same time, the dark influence of revisionism has contributed to weaken, divide and liquidate the communist organizations in the region, and consequently the communists there inevitably have to carry out the implacable struggle against revisionism and assume and apply the universal ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. Only in that way will it be possible to unite all the classes of the people under proletarian leadership in a united front for the war of national liberation and never sell out to any imperialist superpower or power.

“Today there is one reality; the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a new Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are of the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist Parties brandish and lead! That is what we must do!” (Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech)


Peru People’s Movement,
November 2023


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