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“If the woman is to receive full social equality with the man - in truth and in fact and not just with dead legal texts on paper -, if she, like the man, is to gain the possibility of free development and action for the whole of humanity, two main conditions must be fulfilled: Private ownership of the means of production is to be abolished and replaced by social property; the activity of women is to be integrated into the social production of goods in an order free of exploitation and bondage.”

“Because the Second International also gave up the right, the interests of women, when it did not call the proletarians of all countries to a common international revolutionary struggle against capitalist imperialism, against the capitalist order, but rather the fraternization of the exploiters and the exploited in the blessed national armies, which imperialism drove against each other for the benefit of capitalist profit, the capitalist lust for world power in the brotherly and suicide of the working class.”

Clara Zetkin – Guidelines for the Communist Women’s Movement

“If we are looking for the culprit, then we must say directly and honestly: the governments of all the belligerent powers are equally responsible for this present war. Responsibility for the war lies with the capitalists, bankers and landowners, together with their patrons and friends the Tsars, Kings, Kaisers and their ministers and diplomats. They all constitute one criminal band.”

Alexandra Kollontai

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the Peru People’s Movement as generated organ of the Communist Party of Peru solemnly salutes the communist and revolutionary women of the world, who strive to take up the leadership of the heroic struggles of the oppressed masses of women of the world for their daily demands and, principally, to end this decrepit and rotten order of exploitation and oppression: imperialism, which maintains everywhere the oppression of women as part of its capitalist and feudal systems of exploitation and in its different forms, liberal, religious, fascist etc.

Today it is more important than ever to emphasize how communist and revolutionary women in the history of the proletarian movement took the initiative and distinguished themselves in the struggle against imperialism and its wars of plunder and genocide. Clara Zetkin, founder of Women’s Day, took a firm proletarian position against national oppression and imperialist wars, implacably denouncing the opportunist traitors of the Second International, who sold themselves for a plate of beans to the imperialists and their bloodthirsty warmongering. She took up the red line of the great Lenin concerning the relationship between the exploitation of the oppressed countries and the opportunism and revisionism in the workers’ movement:

“With the end of the colonial rule of the capitalist states, the reformist capacity of the bourgeois world also ends, and the bourgeoisie no longer has the possibility of assuring its wage slaves a reasonable standard of living and relative cultural development. That is why the great capitalist powers (and England first of all) take up arms, are ready to let themselves be lacerated in the struggle for colonial possessions and to flood the world with blood in order to maintain their dominance." (Clara Zetkin – The Struggle of the Communist Parties Against the Danger of War and against the War)

Today, when the imperialists of the world are intensifying their redivision of the world through wars of plunder, and when the world reaction more than ever applies its method of infiltrating, manipulating and using the just popular struggles for their own ends, it is even more up to the proletarian feminists to unmask these dark reactionary plans before the masses and not allow the enemy to derail and corrupt the struggles with its bourgeois feminism, a feminism that is for serving imperialism, its exploitation, its oppression and its genocides.

One of the central ideas of today’s bourgeois feminism is that imperialism and its liberal ideology represent the liberation of women, and that this rotten “democratic” system has already practically ended the oppression of women in the imperialist countries. Consequently, according to this idea, the only thing that remains is to “liberate” the women of “other cultures”, in effect those of the oppressed nations of the third world (or in some cases, of imperialist countries that are rivals in the interimperialist conflict). Thus the big imperialist bourgeoisie uses its own feminism to justify its military, economic and political actions in the third world, to mobilize the masses with war-mongering agitation, to derail the class struggle and set masses against masses; they talk about “liberating women” while they continue to exploit and kill millions of women all over the world.

This hoax of imperialism as “liberator” and “progressive” today is expressed in different forms in the feminist actions and mobilizations not led by the proletariat, and is spread largely by the revisionist parties and organizations. Just like the opportunists of the Second International, today’s revisionist traitors fully take on their task of embellishing imperialism and promoting its wars behind “socialist” words, not mobilizing the masses against their “own” imperialist oppressors but focusing more and more in their propaganda against “oppressive” or “authoritarian” regimes abroad.

See the current example of Iran, where the just and heroic struggle of the masses of women of the people against the regime and its reactionary and religious oppression inevitably presents opportunities for imperialism to manipulate and take advantage of the struggle as a political instrument in their interimperialist conflict. Iran today has strategic importance in this conflict between the superpowers, and yankee imperialism for some time has made efforts to weaken or get rid of the regime in Teheran, which now has closer ties with the Russian and Chinese imperialists. It has already been confirmed that several persons and organizations, celebrated in the imperialist press as leaders and fighters in the current struggles of the women in Iran, are directly linked to yankee imperialism and its plans. See for example Hamed Esmailiyoun, one of the leaders of the “opposition” against the regime, who collaborates closely with organizations of yankee imperialism (like the Washington DC think-tank Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies) and with representatives of Zionist Israel, or the “social activist” Masih Alinezhd, who openly calls for the yankee and European imperialists to intervene militarily in Iran and openly expresses her subjection to yankee imperialism. About this the bourgeois feminists and revisionists of the world say nothing, nor about the sanctions imposed by imperialism against the people of Iran, sanctions that deepen the poverty and misery of the women of the people.

Facing the current situation in the world and the just struggles like the current one in Iran, it is up to the proletarian feminists to resolutely and firmly support the popular struggles, while at the same time unmasking and combatting the infiltration and manipulation of these struggles by imperialism, reaction and revisionism, and mobilizing the masses of women against imperialism as a whole and each one of the imperialist superpowers and powers. For the proletarian feminists in the imperialist countries, what needs to be done is to primarily fight against their “own” imperialist bourgeoisie, against its oppression of women and against all its wars of plunder, applying the principle that the best support for the oppressed in other countries is to develop the revolution in one’s own country. In Iran like in all the other countries, the only way to finally end the oppression of women and the whole system of exploitation and oppression is to develop the struggles of the people with independence, self-decision and self-sustenance, and under the leadership of the proletariat through its Communist Party carry out the democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions with people’s war until our final goal, Communism.


Peru People’s Movement
March 2023


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