Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“Could there be a world war? Yes there could; the conditions for it will be there as long as we don’t sweep away its root. The superpowers prepare for the war and make great plans, this is obvious, but we think that we communists and revolutionaries, the masses, the people, the men and women who cannot consent to such inequality in the world, have to aim to focus our attention not on the war between the superpowers, because that will not bring our liberation, it will be a war of plunder for a new redivision of the world. The world war of the powers is for hegemony, nothing more.”

(Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, 1988)

"People all over the world are now discussing whether or not a third world war will break out. On this question, too, we must be mentally prepared and do some analysis. We stand firmly for peace and against war. But if the imperialists insist on unleashing another war, we should not be afraid of it. Our attitude on this question is the same as our attitude towards any disturbance: first, we are against it; second, we are not afraid of it. The First World War was followed by the birth of the Soviet Union with a population of 200 million. The Second World War was followed by the emergence of the socialist camp with a combined population of 900 million. If the imperialists insist on launching a third world war, it is certain that several hundred million more will turn to socialism, and then there will not be much room left on earth for the imperialists; it is also likely that the whole structure of imperialism will utterly collapse."

(Chairman Mao Tse-tung - On the Correct Handling of Contradictions among the People)


 "The foreign policy of the proletariat is alliance with the revolutionaries of the advanced countries and with all the oppressed nations against all and any imperialists."

(V.I. Lenin)


Together with the international proletariat and the communists and revolutionaries of the world, the Peru People’s Movement, generated organ of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, condemns and crushes the aggression of Russian imperialism against Ukraine. We emphasize that this is an unjust war against an oppressed country, waged by the Russian imperialist bourgeoisie as part of the new redivision of the world between the Yankee, Russian and Chinese imperialist superpowers and with the complicity of the other imperialist powers, and one more step towards a new imperialist world war for world hegemony. The present situation was provoked principally by the military encirclement of Russia by Yankee imperialism, the biggest exploiter and aggressor on world level, which in its desperation to maintain itself as hegemonic superpower aims for a greater imperialist war and tries to mobilize its imperialist allies and the masses to serve this plan. We call the proletarian forces in all the countries, oppressed and imperialist, to mobilize the broad masses of the people against all the imperialists and all their wars; against the three superpowers and the other imperialist powers, that now once again want to use the masses of the people as cannon fodder and make them accomplices in their genocidal wars.

The imperialist states use their dictatorship and their mass media to provoke fear and force the masses to take sides between the superpowers, and they count on the help of all kinds of reactionaries, fascists, liberals and revisionists to do it. The Yankee and German imperialists have promoted and armed the Nazi fascists in Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe since World War II to today, first to combat socialism and then against their Russian imperialist rival, and Russian imperialism use fascist groups with the same purpose. All the imperialist also count on the support of revisionist parties, that behind false slogans of “socialism” or even “anti-imperialism” subject to one or another superpower and/or power and serve their plans. Today we see revisionists who join the Yankee imperialists and the European powers spreading the hoax of a supposed “defense of democracy” against the “authoritarians”, and others who take position for the Russian and Chinese imperialists, peddling their hoax of the “multipolar world” and trying to utilize the peoples’ justified hatred of Yankee imperialism to mobilize the masses in the imperialist redivision. It is once again confirmed how abandoning Marxism and rejecting the revolutionary road are inevitably connected to social-chauvinism: when they no longer want or believe in the masses or the proletarian revolution, the only thing left for the revisionists is to serve one or another imperialist superpower or power.

The collusion between the imperialists is expressed in how they spread the myth that the contradiction today in the world is that between “democracy and dictatorship” or “liberalism and traditionalism”, to hide the real principal contradictions: between imperialism and the oppressed peoples, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and between the imperialists for the booty and for world hegemony. In spite of their rivalry and political differences, the Yankee, Russian and Chinese imperialists and all the other powers all defend the rotten and dying imperialist order of exploitation and oppression, and in their current general and final crisis they are willing to unleash an immense slaughter of billions to serve their dark and impossible dream of rescuing their system. The reactionarization and the tendency towards fascism are general for the whole imperialist system and are being carried out by all the imperialist states in different ways.

Even now when their conflict is intensifying, they continue to collude against the proletariat and the peoples of the world, using the nuclear blackmail to frighten and pacify the masses. We reaffirm ourselves in what Chairman Gonzalo said: “We cannot accept the sinister ideas that today raise the nuclear weapons and all the sophisticated weapons they show, nor can we accept that they use them as blackmail to paralyze us. The reactionaries of the world have often talked about decisive and definitive weapons, of the disappearance of the human species, but it has always been to quiet, to contain, to maintain their old dominance.”

We reaffirm ourselves in the international proletariat’s firm support to the national liberation movement of the oppressed nations against imperialism, and in the right of all the nations to their national independence and sovereignty. Likewise, we reaffirm ourselves in what comrade Stalin said, that “this does not mean, of course, that the proletariat must support every national movement, everywhere and always, in every individual concrete case. It means that support must be given to such national movements as tend to weaken, to overthrow imperialism, and not to strengthen and preserve it.” That is to say that the proletariat must not support, but unmask and combat, movements or governments in the oppressed countries that behind “nationalist” slogans serve one or another imperialist superpower or power. The present Zelensky regime in Ukraine is a puppet regime set up by the Yankee and German imperialists, a reactionary regime that has sold out the country to foreign exploiters, and that has to be crushed and swept away – along with the Russian, Yankee and German imperialists – by the people of Ukraine.

In the whole world it is confirmed more and more that the proletariat is the only class capable of consistently and decidedly leading the struggle for national liberation and against the imperialist war. Therefore, the need to constitute or reconstitute the Communist Parties in each country is even more urgent today. To be able to organize and arm the masses against the imperialist war, they have to be militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties, built to prepare, initiate and develop the people’s war, uniting with the peoples of all the countries in arms to crush and sweep away imperialism from the face of the Earth with the world people’s war, which is the answer to an imperialist world war, as Chairman Gonzalo established:

“That is why we think that the issue is to focus our attention, our efforts, our passion, our will, on developing people's war, because from that will certainly come the emancipation of the people and the proletariat, the definitive and true emancipation. We think that a worldwide people's war is the answer to an imperialist world war. We think that the point is to prepare it, and we conceive of it as follows: we who are already waging people's war should develop it more; those who have not initiated it should start developing it; and in this way we will demolish imperialist domination, the domination of reaction. And we will wipe them off the face of the earth.”


Peru People’s Movement
March 2022



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