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“The People's Guerrilla Army is important. It is the principal form of organization corresponding to the people's war which is the principal form of struggle. The People's Guerrilla Army which we have founded and which is developing vigorously, is built in light of Chairman Mao Tsetung's theses, and of a very important thesis of Lenin's concerning the people's militia, where he told us that the army could be usurped and used to bring about a restoration, which is why he held that a people's militia must assume the functions of the army, police and administration. This is a great thesis and the fact that Lenin was not able to put it into practice due to historical circumstances does not make it any less important and valid. It is so important that Chairman Mao himself paid a lot of attention to the task of developing a people's militia.”

(Chairman Gonzalo)

“This army is powerful because all its members have a discipline based on political consciousness; they have come together and they fight not for the private interests of a few individuals or a narrow clique, but for the interests of the broad masses and of the whole nation. The sole purpose of this army is to stand firmly with the Chinese people and to serve them whole-heartedly.”

(Chairman Mao Tse-tung)

“Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”

(Chairman Mao Tse-tung)

On the occasion of December 3rd, we direct our greeting and firm, conscious, voluntary and unconditional subjection to the Great Leadership of the Peruvian revolution and of our Party, Chairman Gonzalo; center of party unification, guarantee of triumph until communism, teacher of communists and the greatest man of the present epoch; to our all-powerful ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought for our revolution, and to our glorious Communist Party of Peru and the whole system of party leadership. Likewise, we solemnly greet our People’s Liberation Army, without which the people would have nothing, and to all the members and combatants of the Party and the Army, to the New Power, being the spinal column of the people’s war. Finally , we greet the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the whole world, expressing our joy and proletarian optimism for the just and hard struggles that are being carried out with more and more combativeness and force; highlighting here the decisive role of the Communist Parties and other organizations that are in favor of assuming their task of leading and uniting these struggles applying our universal ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, in the preparation, initiation and development of the people’s war in every country. We reaffirm that we are seeing the beginning of a new great wave of world proletarian revolution, which is in its strategic offensive as our Chairman Gonzalo established.

We also reaffirm ourselves in the masterful words of Chairman Mao, that the revolutionary army “is powerful because all its members have a discipline based on political consciousness; they have come together and they fight not for the private interests of a few individuals or a narrow clique, but for the interests of the broad masses and of the whole nation”. Contrary to the reactionary armies of the exploiting classes, our people’s army doesn’t have a discipline based on blind obedience or on fear or the cult of some “genius” or “charismatic” leaders, but on class consciousness, on the collective interests of our class and people.

So, our army, just like the Party and all its organizations, base themselves on conscious discipline that is derived from our class position, but this does not mean we don’t need authority, hierarchical construction and Great Leaders and Great Leadership of the revolution. We reject and crush every expression of such “anti-authoritarianism”, which is nothing but idealism and bourgeois individualism, and when it spreads through our ranks it can only weaken the revolutionary forces. Likewise we reject and crush the revisionist thesis of the rat Krushchov of the so-called “cult of personality”, which in reality has as its sole motive to attack and defame the proletarian Great Leaders and every proletarian revolution, and promotes the miserable heads of the counterrevolution, the same as the miserable rats of the ROL and LOL in Peru have done.

It is precisely due to our class consciousness and our firm subjection to Marxism that we uphold and defend the Marxist thesis of Great Leader and Great Leadership of the revolution. Grasping and applying the Marxist principle of uneven development, we know that the long, hard and heroic struggle of the proletariat inevitably produces a group of more advanced proletarians, with the capacity to systematically learn the lessons of the experiences of the struggle and assume the role of leaders. And among them some inevitably stand out; every revolution produces its great leaders, and among them a Great Leadership based on the creative application of the universal ideology to the specific conditions. Finally, we reaffirm ourselves on what was established by our Party in its First Congress:

“All revolutions, in their process of development, through the struggle of the proletariat as the leading class and, above all, the struggle of the Communist Party that raises their unrenounceable class interests, generate a group of great leaders and principally one who represents and leads it, a Great Leader with recognized authority and influence.  In our reality this has materialized, due to historical necessity and coincidence, in Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and revolution.

Moreover, and this is the foundation for every Great Leadership, revolutions give rise to a thought that guides them, the result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution; a guiding thought indispensable to reach victory and conquer power and, moreover, to continue the revolution and stay the course always towards the only, great goal—Communism; a guiding thought that, arriving at a qualitative leap of decisive importance for the revolutionary process that it leads, becomes identified with the name of the one who shaped it theoretically and practically.  In our situation, this phenomenon specified itself first as guiding thought, then as Chairman Gonzalo’s guiding thought and later, as Gonzalo Thought; because it is the Chairman who, creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of Peruvian reality, has generated it, thus endowing the Party and the revolution with an indispensable weapon that is the guarantee of victory.”


Peru People’s Movement
December 3, 2021


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