Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“We are living historic moments, each of us knows that this is the case, let us not fool ourselves. In these moments we must strengthen all forces to confront difficulties and continue carrying out our tasks. And we must conquer the goals! The successes! The victory! That is what is to be done.”

Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech, 1992

The Peru People’s Movement, generated organ of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad reaffirms its promise to uphold, defend and apply Gonzalo Thought—the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution—until the final triumph of our invincible people’s war.

We celebrate this XXIX anniversary of the speech on September 24th by Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest man of the our epoch, Great Leader of the Communist Party of Peru and of the Peruvian revolution, teacher of communists, guarantee of triumph until communism, and center of Party unification, with deep pain, together with the exploited and oppressed masses of the whole world.

No social class in history has achieved the taking of Power without forging a great leadership. The proletariat has also generated its political great leaders in hard two-line struggle and in the midst of the most ruthless class struggle. Imperialism and reaction understand the importance of Great Leadership for the working class. It costs years, decades, to forge a proletarian leadership, in hard two-line struggle against revisionism. And imperialism understands that among all the great leaders, one distinguishes himself. That is why imperialism and its lackeys attack the great leaders of the proletariat.

The Peruvian proletariat, in the midst of class struggle, has generated the leadership of the revolution and its ultimate expression: the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo who, in hard two-line struggle, has defeated revisionism, liquidationism of the right and left, the right opportunist line and rightism; he reconstituted the Party, and has become the greatest man of our epoch, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of our time, teacher of communists and center of party unification.

On September 24, 1992, following his arrest, Chairman Gonzalo was presented by imperialism and reaction inside an iron cage, dressed in a striped jumpsuit on the sportsgrounds of the Prefecture of Lima, with the clear purpose of presenting him as defeated and as a caged animal. This planned scenario as part of the “low-intensity war” with the purpose of turning the public presentation into a “triumph” for imperialism, reaction and revisionism was blown into a thousand pieces by our great leadership, Chairman Gonzalo. Chairman Gonzalo showed the international proletariat and all the oppressed masses of the world his unbreakable revolutionary promise, his communist firmness.

“We are here as children of the people and we are fighting in these trenches, they are also trenches of combat, and we do it because we are Communists! Because here we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, and the People's War. That is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do so!"

The speech thundered through the whole world, turning it into a powerful call that neither imperialism, nor the reactionaries, nor revisionism, nor the ROL, nor the LOL have been able to bury. Chairman Gonzalo turned his public presentation into a victory for the people’s war in Peru and for the oppressed masses of the world, defeating the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. The Speech of September 24th still stands as a milestone in the history of the Party, which shines victoriously and powerfully as a combat weapon for all the communists and revolutionaries.

“Finally now, listen to this. As we see in the world, Maoism is marching unstoppably to lead the new wave of world proletarian revolution. Listen well and understand! Those who have ears, use them. Those who have understanding - and we all have it - use it! Enough of this nonsense. Enough of these obscurities! Let us understand that! What is unfolding in the world? What do we need? We need Maoism to be incarnated, and it is being incarnated, and by generating Communist Parties to drive and lead this new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that is coming.” (Chairman Gonzalo’s Speech. September 24, 1992)

With revolutionary optimism and class hatred we call upon the communists and revolutionaries of Peru and the world to defend Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful though with actions of the people’s wars, with marches and with agitation and propaganda in every corner of the world. To the reactionaries and bloodsuckers, including the current government, to the rats of the ROL and the LOL, we recall the accord of the CC of the PCP and the oath of all the members, combatants and masses:

“We resolutely warn the genocidal country-seller Fujimori; the cowards and genocidal armed forces who control him, specialists in defeat and experts in  taking their anger out on the unarmed masses; to the church hierarchy, judges and bureaucrats who endorse the genocide and to the great puppeteer imperialism, principally Yankee, who will answer for the life and health of our Great Leader. So, if anything happens they will pay with their lives, them and all of their kind, cost what it may."

The Peru People’s Movement with all our class hatred reaffirm that each one of the reactionaries and blood-suckers who assassinated our beloved Chairman Gonzalo and kept him in a state of torture, those who created a climate of opinion against our Great Leadership as part of the plans of imperialism and reaction, the ROL and the LOL, will pay for their crimes against the Great Leadership, the Party and the people.



Peru People’s Movement
September 2021


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