Proletarians of All Countries Unite!

DECEMBER 26, 2019:

“It is with the people’s war that we have understood more profoundly what Maoism implies, and solemnly committed to “Uphold, Defend and Apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!” and to struggle tirelessly to assist in making it the command and guide of the world revolution, the one and only bright red and unfading banner that is the guarantee of victory for the proletariat, the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world in their relentless march of combatants, of iron legions towards the golden and forever shining communism.”

(Central Committee – Communist Party of Peru, Fundamental Documents 1988)

“The main target of the revolution is imperialism and reaction. The main danger to the revolution is revisionism."

(Chairman Mao Tsetung)

"Historically, all reactionary forces on the verge of extinction invariably conduct a last desperate struggle against the revolutionary forces, and some revolutionaries are apt to be deluded for a time by this phenomenon of outward strength but inner weakness, failing to grasp the essential fact that the enemy is nearing extinction while they themselves are approaching victory. The rise of the forces of fascism and the war of aggression they have been conducting for some years are precisely the expression of such a last desperate struggle."

(Chairman Mao Tsetung - The Turning Point in World War II, 1942)

On the occasion of this anniversary of the birth of Mao Tsetung we solemnly salute the communists of the world who struggle to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world proletarian revolution, in implacable struggle against revisionism as the main danger; likewise we salute the heroic masses of the proletariat and the people who are presently giving their lives in armed struggles and people's wars under the invincible red banner of Maoism, the universal ideology of the international proletariat; in national liberation struggles and in the current struggles against the counterrevolutionary repression and violence of the fascist and reactionary regimes, lackeys of imperialism in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and in the imperialist countries as well.

The reactionary coups, counterrevolutionary repression and violence in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, the resurgence of fascism and of the more brazen and open bourgeois dictatorship in the oppressed countries as well as in the imperialist countries; they are not signs of the strength of imperialism and reaction, as the revisionists and opportunists claim, but of their weakness, of their general and final crisis. It confirms what was put forward by G. Dimitrov in 1936:

“With the development of the very deep economic crisis, with the general crisis of capitalism becoming sharply accentuated and the mass of working people becoming revolutionized, fascism has embarked upon a wide offensive. The ruling bourgeoisie more and more seeks salvation in fascism, with the object of taking exceptional predatory measures against the working people, preparing for an imperialist war of plunder, attacking the Soviet Union, enslaving and partitioning China, and by all these means preventing revolution.
The imperialist circles are trying to shift the whole burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the working people. That is why they need fascism.
They are trying to solve the problem of markets by enslaving the weak nations, by intensifying colonial oppression and repartitioning the world anew by means of war. That is why they need fascism.”

Today there are no socialist countries, but like in 1936 the imperialists today need fascism in order to carry out their imperialist war of repartition and plunder of the oppressed nations. Just as in 1936 they need fascism, repression and open and terrorist dictatorship to be able to “shift the whole burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the working people”, which is to say, continue with the intensified exploitation, the cutbacks, the “austerity” in the oppressed countries as well as in the imperialist countries. And, mainly, they need fascism to maintain the imperialist exploitation of the Third World, in their dark and impossible dream of holding back and annihilating the national liberation struggles against imperialist exploitation and domination. The current lackey regimes of Yankee imperialism in Chile and Bolivia apply the “traditional” policy of open anti-communism, racism and violent repression against the people and also against the representatives of the competing factions of the big bourgeoisie, the factions linked to the Russian and Chinese superpowers. On the other hand, regimes like that of Maduro in Venezuela are more like successors of the fascist Velasco regime in Peru and other similar ones, applying the corporative organization of the masses to contain them and prevent revolution. In all cases they use a combination of different degrees and forms of corporatism, open dictatorship and counterrevolutionary violence while formally maintaining the parliament and bourgeois democracy.

So too, we see a resurgence of fascism and open and terrorist dictatorship in the United States and Europe as instruments of the imperialist states to “strengthen the imperialist rearguard” as Comrade Stalin said. There we can already see that the imperialist wars and anti-worker and anti-people policies create more popular protest and more conditions for revolution, and the imperialist bourgeoisie and its states resort more and more to racist chauvinism and bourgeois nationalism to mobilize mainly the petty bourgeoisie, including a large part of the intellectuals, and the labor aristocracy in support of the imperialist war, the exploitation of the Third World and the more and more open bourgeois dictatorship.

We highlight that although fascism is an expression of the weakness and the general and final crisis of the bourgeoisie and the whole system of exploitation and oppression, the advance of fascism also reveals, in the short term, “the weakness of the proletariat, disorganized and paralyzed by the disruptive Social-Democratic policy of class collaboration with the bourgeoisie” (Dimitrov). If the proletariat until now has not been able to prevent the resurgence of fascism, the influence of racism and social-chauvinism etc. in the ranks of the people, it is principally because revisionism acts as an agent of the bourgeoisie inside the ranks of our class; fostering reformist illusions, dragging the masses toward reactionary elections, embellishing imperialism in service of the ruling class and of one or another imperialist superpower, defending their genocidal wars of partition and pillage.

Likewise, a new revisionism, under the “maoist” letterhead, acts inside the International Communist Movement and inside our Communist Parties; spreading the revisionist thesis of “the retreat of the world revolution”, of the “strength of imperialism”, of the supposed need to form “tactical alliances” with imperialist powers and superpowers. A fundamental characteristic of this kind of revisionists is that although they call themselves “maoists” in reality they have never assumed Maoism as third, new and superior stage of Marxism, but instead deny its universal character and its concrete application, converting it into an empty and dead symbol. Just like all the other revisionists, they put their personal ambitions, their personal prestige and their illusions of “rapid victory” before the interests of the Party and the revolution, and they end up conciliating and collaborating with all kinds of revisionists and reactionaries, selling the revolution for a mess of pottage.

We call upon all the communists of the world to continue our struggle for imposing Maoism applying it to concrete conditions and mobilizing the masses, struggling shoulder to shoulder with them confronting fascism, repression and counterrevolutionary violence, in constant and implacable struggle against revisionism inside and outside our ranks, building or reconstituting their militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties where they don’t currently exist. Only by applying Maoism in preparing, initiating or developing people’s war, and only by rejecting conciliation and unmasking the right, will the left advance and serve to unite the communists on a world level.


Peru People’s Movement
December 26, 2019


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