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"’A new historical period of struggle against North American imperialism and Soviet revisionism has begun’ presents to us that the destruction of imperialism and world reaction brought forth by the Communist Parties, leading the proletariat and the peoples of the world, will become an incontrovertible reality, and calls upon us to struggle against the two imperialist superpowers, Yankee imperialism and Russian social-imperialism, against the imperialist powers and world reaction, specifying the conditions of each revolution to determine the main enemy and avert action from the other ones.”

(Communist Party of Peru – International Line, 1988)


“The situation is clear. We must put an end to the domination of Yankee imperialism over our country. At the same time we must prevent the social-imperialists from introducing their domination, as well as warding off domination by any other power. In synthesis, that's the answer to your question.”

(Interview With Chairman Gonzalo)


Together with the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world, the Peru People’s Movement, generated organ of the Communist Party of Peru, condemns, crushes and rejects the aggression of Yankee imperialism against Venezuela, concretely its attempts to substitute—by means of sanctions, state coup and/or imperialist genocidal war—the current regime by a regime directly controlled by the Yankees and loyal to their interests. We reaffirm ourselves on the obligation of all communists, revolutionaries, democratic forces and progressives in the world to defend Venezuela and all the oppressed countries against all aggression, exploitation and imperialist intervention, whether by the superpowers—USA, China or Russia—or whichever imperialist power.

The present situation in Venezuela is one more example which confirms without a doubt the Marxist truth, the lesson of the entire history of the world proletarian revolution and national liberation struggles: that in the era of imperialism, the last phase of moribund capitalism, the bourgeoisie is not capable of leading any revolutionary struggle, nor of national liberation, against imperialist exploitation and domination. In the oppressed, semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries of the third world, including Venezuela, imperialist domination has created bureaucrat capitalism, “a capitalism that is born tied to feudalism and submitted to imperialist rule” (Ch. Gonzalo). The big bourgeoisies of these countries have their comprador (private monopolies) and bureaucratic factions (state monopolies), and while the contradictions between them are expressed, as well as their contradictions with the superpowers and imperialist powers, they are fundamentally and without exception dependents and subjects of one or another superpower or imperialist power.

The current regime of Venezuela, today headed by Maduro, is a regime of the ruling classes; of the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie and the landlords; a regime that, despite all the “anti-imperialist” babble, has permitted and served the continued Yankee exploitation of the country. Through fascist corporativization, disguised as “revolution”, this regime has been able to mobilize certain sectors of the people in service of the reactionary old state, but never will it allow any true revolutionary movement that could threaten the property and dictatorship of the ruling classes or profits that imperialism steals from the country. As part of this policy the regime takes advantage of the justified and powerful hatred of the people against Yankee imperialism for its plans to change master: the economic and political crisis of Yankee imperialism is expressed more and more while Chinese imperialism and Russian imperialism are entering more and more into Latin America and count on regimes like that of Maduro to serve their dispute with Yankee imperialism over the spoils and world hegemony. The proletariat and peoples already have enough experience with this kind of regime—like the fascist regime of Velazco in Peru—and of countries where the people have heroically mobilized against imperialism and for revolution to only later be betrayed by a handful of leaders who have followed the baton of social-imperialism of this or other powers, like Cuba, Vietnam and other places.

The old state of Venezuela and its regime, being apparatuses of the exploiter classes, cannot, nor do they want to, mobilize and arm the immense masses of the people to defend the country; for the exploiters are only left basing themselves on their own reactionary armed forces, on the limited support of certain sectors of the population and in their agreements with other superpowers and powers. Consequently, the task of mobilizing and arming the people for the defense of the country inevitably corresponds to the communists and revolutionaries, and has to be independent from the reactionary old state. It is decisive to unmask and reject the revisionist thesis of “the imperialists are strong” and “the people are weak”, which they spread as a pretext to justify their “tactical alliances” with imperialism and reaction and to accommodate themselves within the system of exploitation and oppression instead of destroying them and building the new society. Look at how the rat snitches of the ROL in Peru, basing themselves on their revisionist thesis of the so-called “retreat of world revolution” continue to promote capitulation and treason shamelessly using the label of maoism, and today even praising the “bolivarian revolution”. We reject and crush this whole deception! In reality imperialism today finds itself in its general and ultimate crisis, and the world proletarian revolution is in its strategic offensive. “All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but the people who are really powerful.” (Chairman Mao Tse-tung)

The reality is that the only way to become free from all imperialist exploitation and establish true independence in a country like Venezuela is to rely on the support of the masses, mainly the proletariat and peasantry, and on the support of the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the third world; mobilizing and arming the classes of the people under the leadership of the proletariat through its Communist Party for initiating and developing people’s war; sweeping away imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism with democratic revolution and without any interruption continuing it as socialist revolution and continuing the march with cultural revolutions until Communism. Today, the proletariat in each country needs it militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, which firmly applies self-decision, independence and self-sustenance in order to never depend on any command baton, and to apply the universal ideology to the specific conditions of their own revolution; in implacable struggle against revisionism as the main danger.

We call upon the communists and revolutionaries of Venezuela and all the countries to grasp and apply what was established by Chairman Gonzalo in his masterful Speech of 1992:

“Things being that way, let us think of the danger that the nation, that the country, can be divided, that the nation is at risk. They want to dismember it; they want to divide it. Who wants to do this? As always, imperialism, those who exploit, those who rule. And what should we do? What is our task now? It is appropriate that we push forward the People's Liberation Movement and that we develop it through the People's war because the people, always the people, have been the ones who defend the country, who have defended the nation. It is time to form a People's Liberation Front, it is time to form and develop from the People's Guerrilla Army a People's Liberation Army. That is what we must do and we shall do it! That is what we are doing and that is what we shall do! You gentlemen shall be witnesses.”


Peru People’s Movement
May 2019


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