Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“Not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons - the modern working class - the proletarians.

Marx and Engels – The Manifesto of the Communist Party

“Talk about minority and majority, about democracy and freedom decides nothing, however much the heroes of a past historical period may invoke them. It is the class-consciousness and firmness of the working class that count here. If the working class is prepared to make sacrifices, if it shows that it is able to strain every nerve, the problem will be solved. Everything must be directed to the solution of this problem. The determination of the working class, its inflexible adherence to the watchword ‘Death rather than surrender!’ is not only a historical factor, it is the decisive, the winning factor.”

V.I. Lenin - Ninth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)

“Proletarian leadership has fundamentally changed the whole face of the revolution, has brought about a new alignment of classes, given rise to a tremendous upsurge in the peasant revolution, imparted thoroughness to the revolution against imperialism and feudalism, created the possibility of the transition from the democratic revolution to the socialist revolution, and so on. None of these was possible in the period when the revolution was under bourgeois leadership.”

Chairman Mao Tsetung – On Contradiction

“In this era, any revolutionary war will definitely end in defeat if it lacks, or runs counter to, the leadership of the proletariat and the Communist Party.”

Chairman Mao Tsetung - Problems of Strategy in China's Revolutionary War

“Without Communist Parties, nationalist movements develop that simply seek to be recognized as nations, to go from colonies to semicolonies and continue to depend on imperialism, or in other cases, change master.”

Communist Party of Peru – Interview with Chairman Gonzalo

In celebration of May 1st 2018, the Peru People’s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru, solemnly extends its warm communist salute to our class the international proletariat and to the oppressed peoples of the world. We salute all the heroic struggles; the invincible people’s war in Peru, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought people’s war that continues today under complex circumstances, all-embracingly led by the PCP and its Central Committee; the forceful people’s wars and armed struggles under the banner of Maoism in India, Philippines and other places; the revindicative and violent struggles of the class for its rights, as we now see in a sharpened form even in imperialist countries like France; the just wars of national liberation against imperialism like in Palestine and other places; the antifascist struggle and all resistance against the imperialist war, etc. We emphasize that in all these popular struggles, the decisive point to be able to advance and win is proletarian leadership, and we extend our special salute to all the communists in the world who struggle, going against the current, to impose and apply the Marxism of today, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, in implacable struggle against all kinds of revisionism (especially the new revisionism with a “Maoist” label), against the class traitors who today traffic with the name of the proletariat to promote capitulation, class conciliation and collaboration with imperialism, proposing reforms and corporativism to preserve and “improve” the system of exploitation instead of destroying it.

Today imperialism as a whole – the three superpowers U.S.A., China and Russia as well as the other imperialist powers – finds itself in its general and final crisis. The whole imperialist system is in a more and more acute state of decomposition, in its economy, in its ideology and in its politics, and the exploited and oppressed masses of the world are rising up more and more against the handful of exploiters and their lackeys. In this situation the imperialists are facing their inevitable need to carry out the new re-division of the world through war, a process that is already in progress, and at the same time to prevent that the peoples of the world unite against them. These imperialist blood-suckers and perpetrators of genocide have learned and are very much conscious of the fact that the decisive point for the victory of every popular, revolutionary or antiimperialist struggle is the proletarian leadership. They know that in order to contain, manipulate, neutralize and destroy the popular movements, they need to avoid that they be led and guided by the proletariat and its ideology, and they especially need to avoid that the proletarian movement unites with the movement of the oppressed peoples against imperialism.

For this purpose, to contain the oppressed peoples and to strengthen the rear in the imperialist countries to serve the war of plunder and re-division, the imperialists today increasingly apply fascism, as is expressed in the more and more open negation of their own “democracy”, in the chauvinist and racist mobilization against the oppressed peoples, in the increasing militarization of their states, in the corporative mobilization of the masses, etc. Closely linked to this fascistization, the imperialists simultaneously promote and foster revisionism: all kinds of bourgeois or petty bourgeois “left”, “anticapitalism” or “socialism”. Organizations and movements who reject or “reinterpret” Marxism, who propose “new” ways of organizing the exploitation to embellish it instead of organizing to crush it and build a new society. Who oppose one imperialist superpower or power but submit to another. Who propose “a society for all the classes” instead of the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the conquest of power by the proletariat. Who deny the role of the proletariat as the leading class of the revolution and want to reduce it to “one of the oppressed groups”. Who deny the need for revolutionary war and the dictatorship of the proletariat and propose “peaceful roads” in collaboration with the ruling classes and imperialism, dragging the masses to the reactionary elections. Who talk about “revolution” but without changing the relations of production, without confiscating the property of the imperialists and landlords.

So, in the imperialist countries we see how the revisionist parties, like “Podemos” in Spain and the other so-called “socialists” in the bourgeois parliaments, hypocritically “criticize” the imperialist wars of plunder, but in reality they promote and support them in the name of fighting against “dictatorships” or “terrorism”; their role is to strengthen the rear by promoting “social peace” based on corporative reforms, on privileges for certain sectors of the petty bourgeoisie and the labor aristocracy, and on repression against the working class. In the third world they promote groups, like the followers of Öcalan, who call themselves “revolutionaries” and even “antiimperialists” while they declare their loyalty to imperialism’s “Western democracy” and promise not to touch the private property of the imperialists and landlords. Others, like the “leftist” governments in Latin America, traffic with the popular struggle against Yankee imperialism in order to “change master”, i.e. submit to Chinese or Russian imperialism and, as in the case of Venezuela, they apply fascist corporativism and counterrevolutionary repression to maintain the system of exploitation under the name of false “socialism” and “revolution”. The superpowers Russia and China also collude in using the justified hatred against Yankee imperialism to mobilize the peoples in the service of their contention for world hegemony, with their fascist propaganda of the “multipolar world”. Thus, imperialism as a whole is implementing fascism, not only through open chauvinism but also through a so-called “socialism” and a false, social-chauvinist and pro-imperialist “anti-imperialism”.

All this revisionism is a part of the general counterrevolutionary offensive initiated by Yankee imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism; a counterrevolutionary offensive that also continues to have repercussions within the international communist movement and within every Communist Party. In spite of the bankruptcy of Avakian’s and Prachanda’s new revisionism, this continues to express itself as conciliation and convergences within the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties, which is why the PCP continues to insist in its call to all the communists to take up the two line struggle, reject conciliation and false, unprincipled unity and bombard the headquarters of revisionism. Only in this way, with correctly managed two line struggle and with rectification campaigns, will the left impose itself to unite all the communists of the world around a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist general line and apply it to the concrete conditions of each country. Only in this way will it be possible to initiate and develop the people’s war in each country and confront the imperialist world war with the world people’s war.

Together with our whole Party we reaffirm ourselves in the historic role of the proletariat as the leading class that is going to unite the peoples and bury capitalism; in that the struggle of the proletariat is not to beg for handouts from the bourgeoisie or to “improve” capitalism, but to overthrow the exploiting classes, establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat and march with people’s war until communism. 

Likewise, we reiterate here the call of the Central Committee of the PCP to mobilize the masses against fascism and against the new re-division of the world, against the imperialist war of plunder and genocide; a mobilization that cannot be done in collaboration or in conciliation with any imperialist state or its fascist and revisionist lackeys, but only under proletarian leadership, in the light of Maoism and basing oneself on the deepest and most profound masses.


Peru People’s Movement
May 1st, 2018


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