Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


The Peru People’s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, expresses its warm communist salute to the comrades present at this International Conference, which is realized as part of our celebration of the centenary of the October Revolution. We start with our full, firm, voluntary and conscious salute and subordination to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the Revolution, center of Party unity and guarantee of triumph until Communism; to our all-powerful ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought for the revolution in Peru, and to the heroic combatant the Communist Party of Peru and its Central Committee, that today continues to lead the people’s war under complicated circumstances, applying Gonzalo thought to solve the new problems. In this way, the Party is mobilizing the masses to take back what was lost in the midst of the people’s war and in struggle to death against the opposing lines: the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) and the “left” opportunist line and its armed revisionism; revisionist lines that have been structured in direct collaboration with imperialism and reaction.

We celebrate this centenary together with our whole class, the international proletariat, with the oppressed peoples and with all the communists and revolutionaries of the world, celebrating not only the anniversary of a victorious revolution, but emphasizing its great importance as it is established in the International Line of our Party:

“With the victory of the October Revolution in 1917, a remarkable milestone is marked in world history, the end of the bourgeois revolution and the beginning of the world proletarian revolution. This new era, marked by the exponential increase of violence, expresses the obsoleteness of the bourgeoisie in leading the revolution and the maturity of the proletariat to take, lead and maintain the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the revolutions of the oppressed nations also take place within this framework.”

In this context we shall make a short summary of the current situation of the people’s war in Peru, to then continue with some points concerning the international situation.

The Communist Party of Peru and its Central Committee today is facing a complicated situation within the bend in the road and the inflexion that resulted from the detention of Chairman Gonzalo in 1992 and the structuring – outside of the Party – of the right opportunist line. The whole hoax of the “peace accords”, staged by the rats of the ROL under the leadership of Yankee imperialism and the Peruvian reaction, was crushed by the Party and the masses with the people’s war, which has not been stopped for a single moment. But in spite of this, the hoax and the problems of the bend in the road had repercussions on national as well as international level. In the midst of the Party’s struggle to forge leadership and unite the Party itself while persisting in the people’s war, and the process of the reorganization of the Party established by the CC in ’95, appeared the militarist, anti-Maoist and anti-Gonzalo thought positions that were structured around 2011 as a “left” opportunist line (LOL), headed by the brothers Quispe in direct collaboration with imperialism and reaction. These traitors, who openly renege and attack Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, today develop an armed revisionism, erratic actions not to conquer the power for the proletariat and the people, but to obtain a better position within the old order. In 2011, these miserable ones managed to usurp some apparatuses of the Party and of the People’s Liberation Army, leading to the complicated situation in which the Party and the people’s war find themselves today.

In this situation, the Party, its Central Committee, its regional Committees and the other Party organizations are firmly taking up the task of keeping the course of the revolution, developing the mass work in the countryside and the city, participating in and leading the revindicative struggles of the masses in the midst of the people’s war to take back what was lost and overcome the bend. The concrete reality is that the blows of imperialism, reaction and revisionism have not achieved their counterrevolutionary goal of annihilating the proletarian leadership and the people’s war. The Party today has a Central Committee forged by Chairman Gonzalo and in the people’s war, and is thus able to continue leading all its apparatuses and the people’s war all-embracingly and also assuming its role as red faction in the international communist movement.

Since the ‘80s, the PCP has been in the vanguard of the defense of Maoism and the struggle against revisionism in the international communist movement, unmasking the new revisionism of Avakian and Prachanda – since long before the treason was consummated – and insisting in the implacable struggle against conciliation and the convergences with revisionism. The Party today calls all the Parties and organizations of the ICM to participate in the open and honest debate about the application of Maoism and the international situation, crushing revisionism to be able to unite the communists of the world around a proletarian general line. The present Conference organized by the MPP is precisely a part of that task.

Concerning the international situation we want to emphasize the following points:

1. The principal contradiction today in the world continues to be the contradiction between imperialism (the superpowers and powers) and the oppressed nations, and the Third World is the base of the world revolution. The other fundamental contradictions, the contradiction proletariat-bourgeoisie and the interimperialist contradiction, are also sharpening and any of these “can be principal according to the specific circumstances of the class struggle, transitorily or in certain countries”.

2. On world level, the collusion and contention is expressed between the three superpowers, Yankee imperialism, Chinese imperialism and Russian imperialism, to re-divide the world. The process of re-division is already going on, expressing itself in the imperialist aggression against the oppressed peoples and the interimperialist war carried out through other states and armed groups, while at the same time they prepare for a direct third world war between the superpowers.

3. We are in the stage of the offensive of the proletarian world revolution and the general and final crisis of imperialism. Within this period we are still facing the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, and revisionism is a part of it; but they cannot hide the reality: that the revolution is the main historic and political tendency and that a revolutionary situation in uneven development expresses itself in the world.

That is to say that imperialism – all the imperialist superpowers and powers – today are facing their inevitable need to re-divide the world between them in contention for world hegemony, which inevitably means more genocidal war of plunder. At the same time all the imperialists collude in the reactionary and impossible task of saving the moribund imperialist system as a whole, i.e.  of crushing the revolution. These bloodsuckers are well aware of the fact that their wars water the masses’ hatred, generating more rebellion, more revolution; that their wars, as the PCP says, lead to “repercussions against the imperialists, and gives greater reasons for the oppressed nations, the peoples and the class to rise up in people’s war”. In synthesis, the problem that the imperialists face today is how to carry out the re-division of the world and at the same time avoid that the peoples unite against them, and this problem principally entails avoiding that the proletariat fully assumes its role to lead the revolution and the struggles of the oppressed peoples for national liberation.

All the imperialist superpowers and powers today use liberalism, fascism and revisionism to mobilize different sectors of the masses in the service of the re-division and the counterrevolution. In the imperialist countries they spread chauvinism with the myth of “freedom” and “Western democracy” along with open racism, basing themselves on the petty bourgeoisie and the labor aristocracy to mobilize the masses in favor of the imperialist war and the bourgeois dictatorship, against the oppressed peoples and the proletariat. Yankee imperialism as well as Russian and Chinese imperialism and the European powers promote racism against the Arab peoples and the immigrants with a global campaign “against Islamism” and “against terrorism” to legitimize their aggression in the Middle East and the repression in the imperialist countries. In this way they try to manage the public opinion while at the same time they militarize their states more and more, intensifying the violent repression in the name of defending “democracy”. In the oppressed countries their efforts aim to divide the peoples and pit masses against masses, using national and religious contradictions to turn the popular and anti-imperialist struggles into pawns to serve the imperialist re-division, as we see in the Middle East where Yankee imperialism employs the Islamic State as well as the Kurdish forces as mercenaries to take control of the region, and Russian imperialism bases itself on lackey regimes such as Assad’s in Syria.

In the imperialist countries as well as in the oppressed countries, revisionism has a central role in these plans of imperialism. Some of the revisionists – in a concealed way or openly – submit to Yankee imperialism and its imperialist allies in Europe, promoting “Western democracy”, liberalism and social-fascist or “municipalist” reformism and presenting the “democratic confederalism” of the PKK/PYD as a supposed “revolutionary model” for the world. Others unite with Russian and Chinese imperialism and their demagogy of the “multipolar world”, using the peoples’ justified hatred against Yankee imperialism to promote the interests of the other superpowers and powers, and present reactionary and fascist regimes such as the Chavist regime in Venezuela as examples for the peoples of the world to follow. It does not matter if they call themselves “Podemos”, “Syriza”, “Marxist-Leninists”, Trotskyists or “libertarian socialists”: what all the revisionists have in common is that they betray the proletariat and directly serve one or another imperialist superpower or power, just like the revisionists of the II International a few years before the October Revolution. And just like them, today’s revisionists declare their loyalty to the bourgeois dictatorship, renounce revolutionary violence and reject the destruction of the old state and the building of the new state.

In our camp, the camp of the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples, today we see how it is confirmed more and more what Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, that Maoism, being embodied in the peoples of the world, marches unstoppably to take command of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution. The people’s wars and armed struggles under the banner of Maoism advance against all odds in Peru, in India, in Philippines and in other places, where thousands and thousands of workers and peasants heroically and consciously are giving their lives to destroy the old and build the new under the leadership of their Communist Parties. We also see how these people’s wars have repercussions all over the world with the formation of new Maoist Parties and organizations, even in the imperialist countries. This, along with all the other heroic struggles of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples, is an undeniable confirmation that we are in the offensive of the world revolution.

As Chairman Mao said: “while the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns”. For the communists, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, it is not enough to only see what is positive and not see the problems, the contradiction. After the bankruptcy of Avakian’s and Prachanda’s new revisionism and the dissolution of the RIM, the international communist movement finds itself in a situation of dispersion. Although the majority of the Maoist Parties and organizations have denounced Avakian’s revisionism and Prachanda’s treason and his followers in Nepal, there are still differences of opinion and obscurities that have not been solved. Many leading comrades only want to talk about the “unity” of the Maoists, but not about the differences of opinion; and some even continue Avakian’s dark campaign to isolate and slander the PCP with the same old revisionist chatter about “dogmatism” and “personality cult” to avoid the debate. Others simply keep quiet and want to be friends with everybody, and therefore do not take position on points that are decisive for the revolution.

While there are several Parties and organizations in the world that today recognize Chairman Gonzalo’s universal contributions to Marxism, a Party like the Communist Party of India (Maoist) simply avoids the subject of the PCP, Chairman Gonzalo and the struggle against revisionism in the RIM completely when they make their synthesis of the history of the ICM and of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. When we Marxist-Leninist-Maoists call to develop the two-line struggle in the ICM, applying the Marxist method of criticism and self-criticism, some accuse us of “attacking” other Parties and organizations. In this way a tendency towards conciliation and liberalism is expressed in the ICM, against which we communists must insist in the implacable struggle against revisionism as the main danger, for us to be able to unite on world level and initiate and develop the people’s wars until victory.

There are many important points that need to be debated in the ICM: the universal validity of Maoism and people’s war for the imperialist countries as well as the oppressed countries, the militarization of the Communist Parties, the struggle against parliamentary cretinism and the “peace accords”; these are some of the most important. But for now we shall focus on the urgent problem of revisionism as an agent of the imperialist superpowers and powers to undermine and manipulate the just struggles of the class and of the peoples, aiming to annihilate them, neutralize them or turn them into pawns in the re-division of the world; and mainly how revisionism is expressed within the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties themselves. As Chairman Gonzalo teaches us: “[the revisionists] have betrayed the world revolution and betray the revolution in each country, betray the class and the people, because serving imperialist superpowers or powers, serving revisionism, especially social-imperialism, following the command baton, being pawns in the game for world domination, is to betray the revolution.”

Contrary to the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, some of the Parties of the ICM today are vacillating and avoid taking a clear position on the character and the role of Chinese and Russian imperialism. Some, like the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), talk vaguely about an “international anti-imperialist front” against Yankee imperialism, but as far as we know they have not taken a clear position on Chinese and Russian imperialism. In the case of the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP), its leaders openly invite Chinese imperialism to “invest” in Philippines and “collaborate” with the old Philippine state, which supposedly would create conditions for “social reforms” in the country. The CPP, while continuing the people’s war against the old state, at the same time insists on “peace talks” and openly promotes the supposed possibility of a “peaceful solution” through the old state, in a supposed united front with the comprador big bourgeoisie, totally submitted to imperialism. This shameless revision of Marxism, that they even present under the label of “Maoism”, is directly linked to their position on imperialism: according to the declarations of the CPP there is only one imperialism and that is Yankee imperialism. In this way the CPP, like several revisionist groups around the world, in reality proposes a new version of the thesis of the revisionist traitor Teng Hsiao-ping: a so-called “front” in which the proletariat and the peoples must unite with the other superpowers and powers against Yankee imperialism. In synthesis, it is a politics to sell out the revolution, the precious blood of the masses, for a plate of beans; to capitulate and obtain posts within the old system for a handful of so-called “Maoist” leaders, just like in the case of the rats of the ROL in Peru and Prachanda and his followers in Nepal.

For the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, principally Maoists, what we need to do is reaffirm ourselves in what Chairman Gonzalo established in 1988:

“In this way, USSR social-imperialism develops a perverse plan in the world to become hegemonic superpower using every means at hand: among them we must emphasize how they support false parties, Communist in name only, ‘bourgeois worker’s parties’ as Engels said. And Chinese revisionism and all revisionism act in the same way according to their circumstances and the command baton they follow.”

And we insist on what the Central Committee of the PCP put forward in December 2016:

“Today we are living in the period of contention between North American, Russian and Chinese imperialism; this is how the three main enemies on world level are defined today, for us who develop democratic or socialist revolution with people’s war and also for the nationalist movements. What must be done is that each revolution or movement must define its main enemy and ward off the domination of the other superpower or the other powers.”

In synthesis: the task of the communists in each country is to fight its main imperialist enemy basing themselves on the masses, not on agreements with other superpowers and/or powers. IN the democratic revolution of the semicolonial and semifeudal countries, the communists have to unite the classes of the people under the leadership of the Communist Party against imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and semifeudalism. In the imperialist countries, the main enemy is the imperialist state. The imperialist, comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisies and their old states cannot be allies – they are the targets of the revolution. Each Party must apply independence, self-determination and self-sustenance in order to never be anybody’s pawn, it must advance in the ideological in order to understand the revolutionary situation and develop rectification campaigns to keep the course of the revolution. The task of the communists today in the world is to constitute or reconstitute the Communist Parties as militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties where these do not exist, in order to initiate and develop the people’s war in each country until communism, and for these people’s war to converge in a world people’s war against the imperialist world war.

Concerning the national liberation struggles of the oppressed countries, we emphasize that the decisive point is that these have to be led by the proletariat with its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties to be able to triumph and not be manipulated and used by the imperialists. We support the nationalist movements as long as they are part of the struggle against imperialism, not for nationalism in itself. In the words of the Communist Party of China in 1963: “On the national question the world outlook of the proletarian party is internationalism, and not nationalism.”

We call all the communists and revolutionaries to denounce and crush the revisionist thesis that imperialism is “strong” and the revolutionary forces “weak”, a thesis that only serves to justify “alliances” and “agreements” with imperialism and reaction, and that does not correspond to reality. We communists uphold Chairman Mao’s slogan, that all reactionaries are nothing more than paper tigers, and we unmask and denounce how the imperialists develop the repartition of the world, developing and implementing fascism with the nuclear blackmail. And finally, once more we call the communists and revolutionaries of the world to reject conciliation, go against the current and mobilize the masses to bombard the headquarters of revisionism.


Peru People’s Movement
November 2017


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