Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!



"Maoism, being embodied in the peoples of the world, marches unstoppably to command the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution!

(Communist Party of Peru)

"The distortion and hushing up of the question of the relation of the proletarian revolution to the state could not but play an immense role at a time when states, which possess a military apparatus expanded as a consequence of imperialist rivalry, have turned into military monsters which are exterminating millions of people in order to settle the issue as to whether England or Germany - this or that finance capital - is to rule the world."

(V.I. Lenin - the State and the Revolution, 1917)

"The Soviet revisionists and the U.S. imperialists have done so many foul and evil things that the revolutionary people the world over will not let them go unpunished. The people of all countries are rising. A new historical period of struggle against U.S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism has begun."

(Chairman Mao Tsetung)

"[The revisionist parties] have betrayed the world revolution and they betray the revolution in each country, the class and the people, because serving imperialist superpowers or powers, serving revisionism - especially social imperialism, going under the command baton, being chess pieces in the game for world domination, is to betray the revolution."

(Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, 1988)

This May 1st 2017 we extend our communist salutes to the whole international proletariat and its historic role of crushing and sweeping the imperialist system of exploitation and oppression off the face of the Earth, establishing the power of the proletariat in order to march - in the sea of armed masses with proletarian cultural revolutions - to our final goal, communism, the society without exploitation and without classes. We extend our salutes to the communists in the whole world who struggle to constitute or reconstitute their Communist Parties as militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties in order to initiate and develop the people's war in each country, and our special salute to those comrades who today fight in the people's wars and armed struggles in India, Philippines and other places, going against the tide to strengthen the left and crush the right in implacable two line struggle within the Parties against revisionism as the main danger. Only in this way, mobilizing and arming the class and the peoples against all the imperialists and against revisionism and opportunism and the capitulation they spread within our ranks, can our class assume its role and lead all the oppressed in people's war until Communism. The present heroic struggles of our class, in the oppressed countries and in the imperialist countries too - that must be inseparably united with the struggles of national liberation - confirm what Chairman Gonzalo established: that in the midst of imperialism's general and last crisis, we are entering the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, and the world people's war is on the agenda.

This year we celebrate, together with our whole class and the oppressed peoples, the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, which established the first socialist state and which marks an extraordinary milestone in world history, the end of the bourgeois revolution and the beginning of the world proletarian revolution. We call all the communists and revolutionaries to learn from the October Revolution, applying its lessons to the current situation in the world and in each country in the light of today's Marxism, i.e. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. We emphasize that 1) the October Revolution developed in the midst of and against an imperialist world war of plunder and redivision, with the broad armament of the masses; it was not a simple insurrection, but a protracted revolutionary war against the counterrevolutionary forces; and 2) the victory of the October Revolution would not have been possible without the implacable struggle led by the great Lenin against revisionism, i.e. against all the opportunism of the II International, against all the distortions of Marxism by Bernstein, Kautsky and others, and against all the rightist and capitulationist positions of Trotsky and others within the Party leadership.

A few years before 1917, a large part of the leaders of the workers' parties in the world had betrayed the class, taking position for "their" imperialist bourgoisies and their wars of plunder and redivision under the pretext of "defense of the fatherland"; thus turning themselves into social chauvinists. Today we see how the same thing is repeated under new circumstances: while imperialism in its crisis once more is carrying out its war of redivision, and preparing themselves for a direct world war between the superpowers, all kinds of revisionists, the old as well as the new batch, put themselves at the service of one or another imperialist superpower or power, misleading the struggles of the proletariat and the peoples and even turning them into chess pieces in the game for world domination.

Thus we see how the "socialists" in the bourgeois parliaments in Europe and the U.S. shamelessly give their full support to the genocidal imperialist aggression against the Arab peoples and in other places under the pretext of bringing "democracy" and fighting "terrorism". Likewise, we see how some revisionists and fascists in the oppressed countries propose "liberating" themselves from the domination of one superpower or power by inviting the domination and exploitation of another, i.e. to change master like Chairman Gonzalo says; and thus we see how some "revolutionary" or "nationalist" movements even sell themselves as mercenaries in the service of the imperialist invader, like in Kurdistan and other places. The reality is that the immense majority of the exploited and oppressed masses are clamoring for true national liberation and revolution; what is missing in all these cases is the proletarian leadership, the Communist Parties that assume the task of uniting the immense oppressed masses against all the imperialists, to sweep away all the blood-sucking exploiters with people's war.

Today, just like in Lenin's time, such social chauvinism and betrayal are directly linked to the distortion and revision of Marxism when it comes to the question of the bourgeois state. The defense - open or concealed - of the bourgeois state is a characteristic of revisionism since its birth. Today we see that all kinds of revisionist parties and organizations continue to spread the old fairy-tales of "taking over" the bourgeois state or reforming it instead of crushing it and replacing it with the proletarian state as Marxism establishes. In the imperialist countries, this revisionism serves as one more instrument of the imperialist big bourgeoisie, along with fascism and liberalism, to manage public opinion in favor of the imperialist wars and the intensified repression, against the growing rebellion of the masses; thus strengthening the imperialist rear guard serving the new redivision of the world.

In synthesis, the current world situation is characterized, on the side of the people, by the growing revolutionary situation everywhere, expressing itself in great just struggles for demands and against the imperialist exploitation and oppression; the people's wars and armed struggles under the red banner of Maoism being the most advanced of these struggles. The main problem that these struggles face on world level is the lack of proletarian leadership and revisionism's dark influence and betrayal.

On the side of the enemy, of imperialism and all its lackeys, we see that the hegemony of the Yankee superpower is threatened by the superpowers China and Russia, both coming from the restoration of capitalism. These three superpowers are already carrying out a new redivision of the world, with war - through the use of other states and armed groups - and with negotiations, agreements and temporary alliances among themselves while they prepare for an open world war among them, if that is what the process of redivision demands. In the midst of this interimperialist conflict, all the imperialist superpowers and powers have the common interest of preserving the imperialist system as a whole, in their dark dream of warding off the revolution, safeguarding the exploitation and oppression of the oppressed countries and of the international proletariat. In all the imperialist countries; in the U.S., in China, in Russia and in the other powers, they are intensifying the repression, deploying their armies or their militarized police forces against the peoples' protests. At the same time the reactionaries use their ideological and political power  to manipulate and mislead these struggles with the purpose of containing them and even turning them into instruments of counterrevolution and of the interimperialist conflict: some do it with the fairy-tale of "defending democracy", "human rights" and "western civilization", others - look at China and Russia - do it by taking advantage of the prestige of the socialist states they usurped, portraying themselves as "socialists" or "antiimperialists" to hide their parasitic imperialist character. All the superpowers and powers, apart from using more and more fascism in different forms, also count on the revisionists as faithful allies for these ends; see how Chairman Gonzalo described it in 1988:

"In this way the social imperialism of the USSR develops a perverse plan on world level to become the hegemonic superpower by using all the means available; among these we must emphasize the maintenance of false parties, communists only in name, 'bourgeois worker's parties' as Engels said. And Chinese revisionism acts in the same manner, as well as all revisionists according to their conditions and the command baton they follow." (Interview with Chairman Gonzalo)

This situation in the world demands of the communists and revolutionaries in each country that we assume our responsabilities with firmness, that we let loose a great flood of energy in the task of constituting or reconstituting the Communist Parties of the new type, militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties, and that we apply what Chairman Mao taught us about going against the tide and bombarding the headquarters of revisionism. That is to say, reject the revisionist thesis of uniting through conciliation, and apply the Marxist method of two line struggle to crush the revisionist positions and impose the proletarian line. This, as all the experience of our class confirms, is decisive to be able to develop the revolution in each country with independence and to not depend on anyone's command baton, never to permit that a handful of revisionist leaders usurp the leadership to ride on the backs of the people and sell themselves to one or another imperialist superpower or power. Today each Party has to define and combat the main imperialist enemy and ward off the actions of the other imperialists, mobilizing the people in preparing, initiating and developing the people's war, carrying out the democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions and not put down arms ever until imperialism and all exploitation is finally swept off the face of the Earth.


Peru People's Movement
May 1st 2017


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