Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


The Peru People’s Movement, generated organ of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, expresses on this 36th anniversary of the initiation of the people’s war in Peru its unconditional, conscious and voluntary salute and subjection to our Great leadership Chairman Gonzalo, Great leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, center of Party unity and guarantee of triumph until Communism; to our almighty ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought; to the heroic combatant the Communist Party of Peru that leads the people’s war, and to its system of leadership: Central Committee, Political Bureau and Permanent Committee. It was the Communist Party of Peru that sanctioned and struggled arduously within the RIM to impose Maoism as the Marxism of today, in struggle with the other members, and today strives to place it as command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution; that applying it creatively to our concrete reality has given us our Great leadership and Gonzalo thought. We salute our People’s Liberation Army, backbone of the New Power, without which the people would have nothing, and the masses who with their blood and sacrifice water the road that inevitably will lead to the golden goal of communism.

The initiation of the people’s war in Peru, as part of the world proletarian revolution, has historical significance; because of it, Maoism is taken up by millions of proletarians and oppressed in the world, and in Nepal and other countries people’s war was initiated following the steps of the PCP. The people’s war in Peru, led all-embracingly by the PCP and its Central Committee, is the practical demonstration of the universal validity of Maoism as third, new and higher stage of the ideology of the proletariat.

In what context is the people’s war in Peru developed?

Yankee imperialism, decaying superpower, tries to maintain its world hegemony while the imperialist powers that come from capitalist restoration, China and Russia, challenge this hegemony, already giving rise to a redivision of the world in collusion and struggle. This struggle is mainly developed in the financial and military spheres, with the questioning of the dollar and the encirclement of Russia and China by military forces. On the side of the people, the masses all over the world develop their struggles against this rotten system that goes through its final crisis. It is therefore imperative to oppose the imperialist world war with world people’s war. To do so it is necessary to advance in the reconstitution of militarized Communist Parties to initiate the people’s war in all the countries, develop the people’s war in Peru coming out of the bend in the road, bring the people’s wars and armed struggles in India, Philippines, Turkey and other places back on track and re-initiate the people’s war in Nepal in implacable struggle against revisionism; all this will constitute a leap for the world revolution.

The great Lenin defined the characteristics of imperialism as parasitic, rentier and in decomposition. In its agony it tries to prevent that the proletariat fully assumes its role as leading class of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution and tries to undermine its unity on international level, in the midst of the sharpening of all the contradictions and the struggles of the masses. It uses revisionism to embellish imperialism in various ways with its “multipolar world”, a new edition of the thesis of “ultraimperialism”, the defense of bourgeois democracy vs. “feudalism”, of “freedom” vs. “authoritarianism”, the “peace accords”, parliamentary cretinism, the “war against terrorism” etc. But the reality is clear, no one can deny the deep crisis it finds itself in, its dying and parasitic character, and the need to crush it and sweep it off the face of the Earth.

We communists have to wage an incessant and implacable struggle against revisionism inside and outside our ranks to be able to unite around a general political line – on national level and international level. Therefore, it is necessary to see how this revisionism is expressed in our ranks, as a reflection of the class struggle on world level, and combat it and crush it in two line struggle.

In the document of the CC of the PCP from December 2015, we find the position of the PCP concerning the tasks of the communists on international level and the great significance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, even before taking power:

“It requires the reconstitution of Communist Parties that are clearly defined and apply the highest of Maoism, which is the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. See the experience of the Chinese and Russian revolutions and the experience of Nepal at the brink of the conquest of power. We must give special attention to it and learn the lessons. We also consider that the revolution in Nepal had not resolved to fully and completely conquer power for the proletariat, or to continue the revolution through Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. This led them to capitulate, to parliamentary cretinism, just like their twin in Peru, the ROL.”

“Chairman Mao pointed out: the target of the Cultural Revolution was ‘those persons in powers taking the capitalist road’. But the strategic objective was to solve the question of the world outlook, for the masses to change their world outlook and transform society, towards the goal of a communist world.”

The people’s war in Peru, beacon and guide of the world proletarian revolution, from the first moment was the target of the greatest hatred from imperialism, revisionism and reaction. From the first minute the reactionaries and revisionists of all kinds, full of fear, tried to isolate it. From ’93, after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and as a part of this low-intensity campaign of imperialism against the PCP and the people’s war in Peru, Avakian and the Committee of the RIM upheld their thesis of a “split in the PCP” and the slander against Chairman Gonzalo, presenting him as a capitulator, which in reality meant ignoring the CC of the PCP, meant to join imperialism’s war against the people’s war in Peru in deeds. The objective was and is clear, to isolate the people’s war and attack the positions of the PCP, presenting a divided, “defeated” PCP, as an example of the “failure” of Maoism and its creative application to the concrete reality of the Peruvian revolution, Gonzalo thought. Today this campaign continues in new forms, but with one common denominator, the denial of the existence of a centralized leadership, the denial of the existence of a Central Committee, and even of the people’s war itself. On this point the CC of the PCP has expressed itself clearly and forcefully:

“We want to insist that through the MPP and by different means our positions have been made known to the ex-members of the RIM, and we say that the conspiratorial silence from some members puts them on the side of the reactionary camp for their inactivity, and some of them as pawns, like what they are trying to turn a part of the PKK into.”

The PCP and its Central Committee continues to lead and develop the people’s war that has not been stopped even for a moment, combatting and crushing the counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, blowing up all the plans to isolate the PCP and the people’s war in Peru.

The perspective for the proletariat and the peoples of the world is brilliant. It is the duty of the Communist Parties to uphold, defend and apply Maoism for it to be the only command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution. The conditions, the sharpening of the contradictions, demand a bold and resolute advance and that the communists in Peru and in the world assume their responsibility.


Peru People’s Movement
May 17, 2016


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