Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


"The basic rule, the first commandment, of any trade union movement is not to rely on the “state” but to rely only on the strength of one’s own class… Don’t rely on promises. Rely only on the strength of the unity and political consciousness of your class!"

"When alone, a poor man is helpless. No “state” will help the rural wage-worker, the farm-hand, the day-labourer, the poor peasant, the semi-proletarian".

Quotes from Lenin in "Elections, no! People's War, Yes!"
(Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1990)

The elections in Peru on April 10, 2016 take place within the framework of the general crisis and collapse of the imperialist system on world level.

The Peruvian reaction has not been able to fulfill the three tasks it has been entrusted with by imperialism, mainly yankee imperialism:

- Give new impulse to bureaucrat capitalism.
- Restructure the old state.
- Annihilate the people's war.

They want to bring the people on the path of elections to justify their oppression and exploitation. The masses of the people will obtain absolutely nothing, except to elect the new administrative council of imperialism, mainly Yankee, and of the Peruvian big bourgeoisie in order to continue the exploitation of the masses of the people for five more years.

In their eagerness to lead the people away from its true path, the path of the people's war, they arrange marches against a certain candidate, as if that was the main question; they offer all kinds of privileges and promises, when in reality the elections will not change anything for the people, whatever candidate wins. The elections only serve to legitimize the oppression and exploitation of the masses. All the parties that participate in the elections have the same programs except for small differences; all of them participate to continue upholding this old and rotten system that nurtures them.

The proletariat and the people have only one way and that is the people's war led by the PCP and its Central Committee to destroy the old reactionary state and finish off this system of misery, while at the same time a new society is built, without exploiters nor exploited.


Peru People's Movement
April 2016


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