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"Lenin said that Engels made the panegyric on revolutionary violence; this is indeed what befits a Marxist, a revolutionary. What befits a reactionary is to praise pacifism, the mendacious peace of the bayonets. These are two positions, each one has its peace and each manages its war. In the world there is an unbridled insistence on talking about peace, pacification, dialogue, an overwhelming licentiousness of bourgeois and petty bourgeois positions of the most coarse pacifism, a stupid venom to poison the class, the masses."

(III Plenum of the Central Committee - Central Document, Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1992)

"Chairman Mao tells us that the main thing is the human being, while the weapon is useful; so, our concern is especially with the human being, with the ideological and political strengthening, with the ideological-political construction of the army in this case, as well as its military construction. This is our starting point.

(Interview with Chairman Gonzalo
Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1988)

"[The thesis of the cult of personality] is therefore a revisionist thesis that in essence takes aim against the dictatorship of the proletariat and against the Great Leaderships and Great leaders of the general revolutionary process in order to cut off its head. In our case, it aims specifically at beheading the people's war; we do not yet have a dictatorship of the proletariat, but a New Power that unfolds according to the norms of the new democracy, or the joint dictatorship of workers, peasants and progressives. So in our case it aims, mainly, at cutting off our head; and the reaction and its servants know very well why they do it, because it is not easy to generate Great Leaders and Great Leadership. And a people's war, like the one that now develops in the country, needs Great Leaders and a Great Leadership, someone who represents it and leads it, and a group capable of commanding it unyieldingly. In sum, the cult of personality is a sinister revisionist thesis that has nothing to do with our understanding of Great leaders, which adheres to Leninism."   

(Interview with Chairman Gonzalo
Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1988)

In celebration of this Day of the People's Liberation Army and the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Gonzalo, the Peru People's Movement extends its warmest communist salutes to the heroic proletariat and people of Peru, to all the militants and combatants of our Party and our People's Liberation Army, as well as the whole international proletariat, all the oppressed peoples and the communists and revolutionaries of the world. We extend a special salute to the communists and masses that develop the heroic people's wars and armed struggles in India, Philippines, Turkey and other places. We reaffirm ourselves in our firm, voluntary, conscious and unconditional subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, the creative application of our universal ideology to the specific conditions of the Peruvian revolution. Great leadership and thought that is a product of all the heroic struggles of the proletariat and the people, the realization of the experience of the class struggle and the people's war in our country and in the world. A thought that today continues to be applied by our Central Committee, thus maintaining the course of the revolution, crushing the right and "left" opportunist lines, advancing in retaking what has been lost in the complex circumstances of overcoming the bend in the road.

Today, the Peruvian reaction under the leadership of imperialism, mainly yankee imperialism, continues with its hoaxes and its slander against Chairman Gonzalo, with the vile help of the revisionists in Peru (the ROL and the LOL), as well as that of new revisionism on world level. At the end of the day, they have not been able to use Chairman Gonzalo as they have used Mandela, Prachanda and others, to sell out the revolution and promote the peace under the bayonets, because our Great Leadership and our Party are forged in the ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and in its concrete application Gonzalo thought; forged in the struggle to the death against revisionism and opportunism:

"Already at the Third Plenum of the Central Committee, Chairman Gonzalo warned us about the danger of the appearance of a revisionist line, and there were already signs of it being hatched; an opportunist line that would oppose the conquest of power, and he told us that if the ILA [initiation of the armed struggle] took a hard struggle against the ROL of that time, there would be all the more reason to think of a stronger, earth-shaking struggle for a greater leap like the conquest of power. And the facts once more have proved him right, but what we have experienced has been their anticlimax, because this revisionist runt has been incapable of sustaining ideological and political positions in the internal struggle and has simply split the Party with the aid of the reaction itself and probable infiltrating agents, having gone completely out of control after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo" (CC of the PCP, Against the Fascist and Genocidal Dictatorship, Persist in the People's War)

Now in their desperation, the reaction tries again with the hoax of a supposed "hunger strike" of the Chairman, which to us indicates once more that there is a concrete threat against his life. We call all the communists and revolutionaries of the world to unite with us in DEFENDING CHAIRMAN GONZALO'S LIFE! and in unmasking these vile plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

Some in the ranks of our class let themselves be fooled by new revisionism, that serving the plans of imperialism invoke the old revisionist thesis of the "cult of personality" in order to attack Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru. Just like Khrushchev attacked Comrade Stalin, and the anti-Maoist revisionists attack Chairman Mao and the Chinese revolution with the same thesis of the so-called "cult", now some self-appointed "maoists" attack Chairman Gonzalo and the revolution in Peru with the same hoax: that the complex situation of the bend in the road, the treason of the ROL etc. are due to the fact that "the PCP depends on one single individual". In this way they avoid the discussion about the struggle within the Parties between proletarian and bourgeois line, and about the role of the "peace accords" in the plans of imperialism. In reality, they see the question of the great leaders, of Party leadership, not from the point of view of the proletariat, but that of the bourgeoisie and the petty bourgeoisie. They want, like the great Lenin said, to "contrast, i n  g e n e r a l, dictatorship of the masses to dictatorship of the leaders", which "is ridiculously absurd and stupid. What is particularly curious is that actually, in place of the old leaders, who hold the common human views on ordinary matters, new leaders are put forth (under cover of the slogan: "Down with the leaders!") who talk unnatural stuff and nonsense. " (V.I. Lenin, "Left-wing" Communism, an Infantile Disorder, 1920). That is to say, behind the "struggle against the cult of personality" one always finds the true ideological and political motives: the old well-known trick of "anti-authoritarianism" to replace some authorities with others, some leaders with others. The goal is to impose another ideological and political line, but not through open and honest two line struggle, like we Marxists do, but through plots and slogans taken from the propaganda of the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism.

We communists start from the Marxist, materialist and dialectical truth that each revolution, in its struggles against the exploiting classes and against the opportunism in its own ranks, generates its Great Leaders, and among them one that stands out. It is an objective law, and it does not in any way contradict the principles of collective leadership and democratic centralism. The Party does not "depend" on any individual. The Great Leadership, just like any other militant of the Party, is subjected to the decisions of the Congress and to the Central Committee. Today, in the situation of the inflexion, after losing People's Committees, with the Great leadership arrested and with the decrease of the Army, the militancy is forged in the midst of the people's war with a great and solid handling of the ideology and with historical perspective, which allows it to see and accomplish the tasks of the Party. Chairman Gonzalo is the Great Leadership of the Party and the revolution, because he has defined the particularity of the Peruvian revolution, and the particular law does not come from the ascendancy but from the application of principles. But under no circumstances is the revolution led from prison. As a prisoner of war, Chairman Gonzalo is subjected to the conditions imposed by the reaction; he is in a process in which we do not have the power. If we were to have a prisoner of war, it would have been something else: he would be in a process in which we would show him that he is in the camp of the revolution; if there was a decision to take a disciplinary measure against him it would be carried out, otherwise he would enter the process of ideological reeducation. Therefore we would not allow a prisoner to lead the countersubversive war in Peru while being in our hands; obviously we would have to take measures. Every general wants to lead the war where he is, but then he would lend himself to whatever the enemy will impose, beyond the general’s intentions. We consider that this is why the reaction will not permit that the Chairman leads the people’s war from the prison, but would only permit that he promote all kinds of capitulation. For this they would organize meetings of the “national leadership”. Start from the reality: the reaction applies counterrevolution and we the people’s war. Therefore, the position of the Party is to demand the public presentation: that is how we unmask the enemy’s hoax. Position will be taken on the Chairman’s pronouncement; it will be complied with meanwhile it abides by the Party principles.

The revolution does not advance because of the spontaneity of the communists. We communists organize ourselves in committees, we are militants, hierarchical, militarized, and we submit to the CC with a Basis of Party Unity. Those who are not formed and organized form gangs, chieftains with “particular” opinions. They run away from the two line struggle out of fear and to form “yuntas”. We are prepared for any contingency; we are not frightened by danger or by the ruptures of the war. The new problems that appear, we shall solve! We have the optimism of our class because we are the gravediggers of imperialism.


Peru People’s Movement
December 3rd, 2014


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