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"To fear the resistance of the capitalists and yet to call oneself a revolutionary, to wish to be regarded as a socialist -- isn't that disgraceful? How low must international socialism, corrupted by opportunism, have fallen ideologically if such voices could be raised?
We have already seen the strength of the capitalists' resistance; the entire people have seen it, for the capitalists are more class-conscious than the other classes and at once realised the significance of the Soviets, at once exerted all their efforts to the utmost, resorted to everything, went to all lengths, resorted to the most incredible lies and slander, to military plots in order to frustrate the Soviets, to reduce them to nought, to prostitute them (with the aid of the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries), to transform them into talking-shops, to wear down the peasants and workers by months and months of empty talk and playing at revolution.
 We have not yet seen, however, the strength of resistance of the proletarians and poor peasants, for this strength will become fully apparent only when power is in the hands of the proletariat, when tens of millions of people who have been crushed by want and capitalist slavery see from experience and feel that state power has passed into the hands of the oppressed classes, that the state is helping the poor to fight the landowners and capitalists, is breaking their resistance.

(V.I. Lenin - Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?, 1917)

"The problem, I insist, is that there is a risk of world war and it would be a huge massacre, from which could only come misery, injustice, pain and death, and more reasons to put an end to them. The only solution, therefore, is people's war, which, conceived of in waves, will lead to a worldwide people's war and the coming together of the legions of steel of the international proletariat, of the people, who in the end will carry out our historic mission. We have the great fortune to live in these decades in which imperialism and reaction will be swept away, because what Chairman Mao foresaw will be attained."

(Chairman Gonzalo - Interview with Chairman Gonzalo,
Central Committee, Communist Party of Peru, 1988)

In celebration of the 1st of May we direct our communist salutes to the whole international proletariat, which advances more and more on its unstoppable march to fully assume its historic role, of leading the peoples of the world in crushing and sweeping away imperialism and all exploitation. As members of the Peru People's Movement, generated organization of the PCP for the work abroad, we reaffirm ourselves in our firm, voluntary, conscious and unconditional salute and subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, to the whole Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and its whole system of leadership; in that the Party continues to lead our glorious people's war, beacon and guide of the world revolution, under complex conditions applying gonzalo thought, applying all that is established by the I Congress, our Basis of Party Unity, the III Plenum and Chairman Gonzalo's masterful Speech. We solemnly salute all the communists and masses in the world who today give their lives in people's wars and revolutionary wars in India, Turkey, Philippines and other places under the banner of the universal ideology of our class, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

Today, when imperialism is sinking deeper and deeper in its general and final crisis, the interimperialist contradiction is sharpening and all the imperialists are preparing for a redivision of the world, a new world war. Yankee imperialism, confronting its own crisis and the attempts of the other imperialist powers at world hegemony, follows its plan of encircling Russia to try to secure control of Eurasia: "what happens to the distribution of power on the Eurasian continent will be of decisive importance to America's global primacy and to America's historical legacy" (Zbigniew Brzezinski). To this end, the genocidal yankees use their methods of "soft power" and count on the loyalty of their imperialist allies in Europe, while at the same time they are preparing for direct military confrontation, the world war of plunder. Russian imperialism watches the weakening and desperation of yankee imperialism, preparing itself to be able to challenge its hegemony, and aims to win over the European imperialists, mainly Germany, to that cause (and a part of the German big bourgeoisie is already in favor of allying themselves with Russia in order to strengthen German imperialism). Likewise, Chinese social imperialism is growing, preparing, establishing alliances and rearming for the redivision of the world. Russia, China and others talk their sweet-talk about a "multipolar world" and portray themselves as "antifascists", when in reality they are for imposing their own hegemony and apply fascism and genocide for the more and more intense exploitation of the laboring classes.

That is imperialism in its final phase, more genocidal and parasitic, once more looking for a way out of its crisis through the slaughter of an imperialist world war. But the crisis of imperialism and the redivision of the world will open up conditions for the revolutionary forces, to mobilize the masses of the world against the bloodsuckers and oppose the imperialist war with revolutionary war, with people's war to do away with the imperialists and establish the power of the proletariat and the people. This requires that the proletariat of each country assumes its responsibility to lead, to build its Party to lead the revolutionary army and the united front in order to conquer the power. Consequently, the imperialists, well aware of this danger, need the people to be immersed in revisionism in order to avoid that the war of redivision is turned into people's war and the sweeping away of the bourgeois empire. Thus, as part of their preparations for the imperialist war, they promote revisionism and fascism. As Comrade Stalin said: "The most important thing in all this is that Social-Democracy [revisionism] is the main channel of imperialist pacifism within the working class -- consequently, it is capitalism's main support among the working class in preparing for new wars and intervention. / But for the preparation of new wars pacifism alone is not enough, even if it is supported by so serious a force as Social-Democracy. For this, certain means of suppressing the masses in the imperialist centres are also needed. It is impossible to wage war for imperialism unless the rear of imperialism is strengthened. It is impossible to strengthen the rear of imperialism without suppressing the workers. And that is what fascism is for." (J.V. Stalin - Results of the July Plenum of The C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.))

So, on one hand the present situation of the world revolution is characterized by favorable conditions; a growing revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world, expressed in people's wars, revolutionary armed struggles and all kinds of struggles of the masses; and on the other hand by the dispersion and lack of ideological and political unity of the international communist movement. While some insist that this lack of unity is mainly a product of "dogmatism" or "sectarianism", the PCP and others insist that it is mainly a product of revisionism and opportunism; of bourgeois ideology masked as "marxism" or "maoism". Today's  problems have their origin in the RIM, in that Avakian's and Prachanda's revisionism lead to the destruction of the RIM, and although they are losing their direct influence, their ideas continue to have repercussions in the Parties and organizations of the ICM: "multi-party system", the "accumulation of forces", the "peace talks", the "struggle against the cult of personality", the questioning of the dictatorship of the proletariat, conciliation instead of two line struggle, etc. All this linked to a global campaign of imperialism, mainly yankee, to undermine the revolutionary forces on world level, a global plan for "peace accords" in which the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and the subsequent hoaxes in collaboration with the rats of the ROL [right opportunist line] was a pilot plan.

Solving these problems is urgent, because without unity, without a just and correct general line for the ICM, the communists of the world will not be in condition to lead and oppose the imperialist war with world people's war. Without an implacable, honest and open struggle against revisionism and opportunism, the glorious people's wars and revolutionary armed struggles in the world might advance militarily to a certain point, but will not be able to make the leap of conquering the power, culminate the democratic revolutions and continue them without any interruption as socialist revolutions, nor continue the march to the final goal, communism. If they do not break fully and decidedly with the influence of revisionism, they will be destroyed by counterrevolutionary repression and violence, or trapped in the bog of elections, in a so-called "democratic revolution" that indefinitely postpones the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialist revolution. Thus we see that what happened in Nepal may repeat itself; and while some put their hopes in the new "maoist party" in Nepal, we communists of the world ask ourselves: is it a Party for initiating and developing people's war, or what type of party is it? In India, one can see that the comrades of the CPI (Maoist), like every Communist Party, are involved in two line struggle within their ranks between proletarian line and bourgeois line. This in itself is not a problem; the two line struggle is the motor of the Party, it should not be hidden away, but it should be specified and declared before the world where the revisionism is found, how it is expressed and how to crush it. The CPI (Maoist), that is the product of the fusion of two parties, must surely have carried out a series of struggles against contrary lines as part of its process, but it does not share these experiences with the international proletariat. In September of last year, the comrades declared that while the objective conditions are favorable for the revolution in the country, when it comes to the subjective conditions the movement is facing a "critical situation". What this crisis consists of is not specified, but now the comrades do emphasize the need for creative application of MLM, and say that for now they have abandoned the tactic of "peace talks" (which were used by the reaction to kill the Party leaders). We hope that the comrades advance in their creative application of MLM to the conditions of India, and that they share it in a more specific form with the whole ICM. However, what we ask ourselves today is how to interpret their ambiguous statements concerning peace talks, for example that they are in favor of "talks for establishment of genuine peace", or that there would be "a possibility to at least conduct talks to solve issues that would help in resolving the fundamental issues in order to resolve this civil war." We insist on these points, not to "attack" the comrades, as some say, but because we are aware of the enormous and decisive importance of the revolution in India for the world proletarian revolution, and consequently the indispensable importance of implacable and constant struggle against revisionism and opportunism for the advance and triumph of the people's war.

In Peru, the Party is advancing in the task of expanding the mass work as part of the process of restructuring the Party, which started in 2000 and confronts not only the damage caused by the rats of the ROL, but also the emergence of a LOI ("left" opportunist line). The blows from imperialism and reaction have been hard, but they have not been able to annihilate the Party and the people's war, and they have not been able to solve their problem of restructuring their old reactionary state. The country's economy has only intermittent isolated sparks, they are trying to criminalize the popular protests, today they are exonerating the armed forces' firing upon the people, and in their attempts to annihilate the people's war they continue to reissue their hoax of the "peace accords". The Party, struggling shoulder to shoulder with the masses, maintains the principles established by Chairman Gonzalo and the I Congress, and in this way it maintains the course of the revolution, because that is the only way to recuperate what has been lost and advance.

We repeat our warm communist salutes to the international proletariat in the spirit of proletarian optimism: the road is tortuous but the future is brilliant!


Peru People's Movement
May 1st, 2014


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