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Since the structuring of the ”left” opportunist line, the armed revisionists led by the brothers Quispe, and their publicity stunt with the ”interview with José”, coordinated and carried out in coordination with the reaction and as part of their plan, the Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and all its Committees are firmly and publicly rejecting, denouncing and combating this LOL [“left” opportunist line] as the miserable traitors they are before our people and the peoples of the world. We, the Peru People’s Movement, reaffirm ourselves in the position of our Party, that the LOL just like the ROL [right opportunist line] is a part of the plan of imperialism and reaction to annihilate the people’s war, that this LOL serves the reactionary task of creating confusion and division in the revolutionary ranks on national and international level – and the main aspect of this task is to renounce Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, i.e. the application of Maoism to the conditions of our revolution. The Party establishes: it is the communists’ duty to denounce and combat this revisionist LOL before the international proletariat, and see that it consists of capitulators and collaborators of the SIN, who posit a ”communist party” without Great Leadership, against Gonzalo thought.  On the international level, several Parties and organizations have united with our position and likewise they have expressed their rejection and condemnation of the LOL – but at the same time we can see that the reactionary plan is having repercussions in the revolutionary ranks in the world. Some comrades denounce the ROL and the LOL in words, but do not want to take firm position, do not want to see that all this is part of a plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, and even repeat the black vomits of the reaction saying that ”the PCP no longer exists”, that ”there are only fractions”. Some people are so impressed by the militarism of armed revisionism, that they forget the principles of our class and do not see that the imperialist world plan has a pattern: capitulation, ”peace accords”, amnesty, elections, armed revisionism, revision of Maoism, parties without Great Leadership and without application of Maoism.

In the light of the above, and to unmask and crush the counterrevolutionary plan, it is important to see the historical course of this black and miserable LOL.

- The miserable ones of the LOL are informers and collaborators of the SIN, who do everything to protect their own and their families’ personal interests, and nothing to serve the people, nothing for the Party and the revolution. As is already well known and published, Raul Quispe and Sonia worked together with the reaction to arrest Feliciano. At that time, those of the LOL were against annihilating these traitors for having collaborated with the SIN – and even worse, they wanted to give them leading positions. See this in connection with the present situation, when a coming genocide is foreseen: the LOL now carries out its actions and goes as far as kidnapping the class in order to put themselves in a position to negotiate with the reaction. This must be very clear: the workers in Cuzco were kidnapped and kept as hostages (and the LOL says so publicly, that they ”released the hostages”). When things get hot, they will start to negotiate like Raul and Sonia did in order to turn in Feliciano in exchange for not touching their family members (that now live in Vitarte).

- After the arrest of Feliciano, 90% of the Central Committee held a meeting and continued with the established structure and system of leadership. All the committees reaffirmed themselves in continuing the people’s war and combating the ROL. It was put forward to develop and broaden the work with the masses and take up their struggles in the midst of people’s war, taking into account the inflexion. At that point, some contrary positions came forward, saying that ”we must make more actions”, which would lead to mobilizing the whole Party and the Army, and they did not see that we were in regrouping, and that we would have to develop the political work  among the masses more and in a different way, more closed, especially in the cities. They would only see ”actions and more actions”, and while the other Committees applied developing and putting themselves at the head of the masses (which is what the Party is achieving today), those of the LOL, having developed some actions that had repercussions, led them to reaffirm themselves in their positions and even renouncing and going as far as saying we should abandon Gonzalo thought.

- For the plans of imperialism and the reaction, the revisionism and the personal interests of this LOL, of the Quispes and their families, were very opportune. It is not so strange then that they have come to collaborate directly, and that they in collaboration with the CIA and the MOSSAD agent Gorriti realized the ”interview with José”. The LOL needed the public attention, and the reaction needed that ”the senderistas themselves said that their leader is a terrorist”. Because the hoax of the ”peace letters” had already been crushed by the Party with people’s war, they want to spread before the world that ”even the senderistas that continue with the people’s war have now denounced and renounced their Great Leader”, and in this way they dream of annihilating the Party and the people’s war.

- So, as part of their counterrevolutionary plan, imperialism and reaction now have two lines contrary to the Party and the people’s war: the ROL (Movadef and Artemio), that says that ”Chairman Gonzalo has already fulfilled his role”, that ”Chairman Gonzalo authorized the formation of a fraction to continue in the ’IV stage’, that ”there are no conditions”, and that ”the people’s war should not have been initiated”, that ”we are in worldwide retreat”. And the LOL, that says that ”Chairman Gonzalo is a terrorist”, that ”the Chairman should be shot”, that ”the actions are enough, there is no need for Great Leadership or application of Maoism”, and that does not destroy the old state nor bureaucrat capitalism. Both lines work directly with the reaction, and are for fulfilling the reactionary tasks of undermining the Party, Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, of generating division in the revolutionary ranks.

- Like in other countries, revisionism does not only serve to spread confusion and division, but directly serves to repress the revolution and the struggles of the proletariat and the people, like Ortega in Nicaragua or Prachanda in Nepal – and the ROL and the LOL will not be any exception. Imperialism and reaction can work with everyone as long as they serve their interests – this is the policy of Teng; the color of the cat does not matter, and Humala repeated the same in an interview. But when these revisionist agents no longer serve their interests, the reaction will sacrifice them, like yankee imperialism did with Khadafi and others. And now that the reaction is preparing a new genocide against the masses, they will use the hoax of ”children and women kidnapped by Sendero” to justify it. Thus we see that Humala says he will rescue the children kidnapped by Sendero. Some woman has appeared saying ”she escaped” and that there are women slaves, which is evidently a hoax.
In this way the LOL, because of its revisionist positions, will drown in genocide all the advances made in the work up until its structuring (at that time, the focus was to maintain Ayacucho, not abandoning the principal committee and broadening the zones). The LOL is even coordinating with the reaction abroad and as far as is known they have a contact in Germany, through a woman of the LOL, to fulfill the function of informers.

Reaffirming ourselves in our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, our Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and its whole system of Party leadership, the Peru People’s Movement calls all the communists and revolutionaries to denounce and combat this LOL, as well as all armed revisionism, and unmask the world plan of imperialism and reaction. Today, the Communist Party of Peru is advancing, mobilizing the masses in the midst of people’s war, fulfilling its role as the vanguard of the Peruvian proletariat, applying Gonzalo thought and all that is established by our I Congress, the III Plenum of the Central Committee and the masterful Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, thus crushing the contrary lines and all the hoaxes of the reaction.


Peru People’s Movement
April 2012


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