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The present situation of the world proletarian revolution confirms and highlights more than ever the dark role of revisionism as part of the counterrevolutionary plans of imperialism and reaction, and the fact that the struggle to the death against revisionism, and for the defense and application of Maoism, is decisive and indispensable for the advance of the Communist Parties and the initiation and development of the people’s wars. While some in the international communist movement insist on conciliation and on avoiding the struggle – under the pretext of ”not making it public” – the Communist Party of Peru continues to insist on the Maoist principle of two-line struggle to crush revisionism and opportunism of all kinds – and continues to apply this principle inside the Party itself and on national level as well as on international level. We, the generated organ of the PCP for the Party work abroad, the MPP, reaffirm ourselves in our promise to carry out this struggle as befits the red fraction of the international communist movement.

In the current struggle against the world imperialist plan of ”peace accords”, we see two urgent problems among the Parties and organizations of the international communist movement: first, that some deny that this imperialist plan exists, and thus they can denounce the revisionist treason in Nepal, while they leave the door open for ”peace accords” in other countries. Second, that they do not want an open and honest debate between the Parties and organizations concerning these questions. As long as these comrades continue to insist in these problems, all their ”criticism” against the RCP, Avakian and Prachanda loses its weight, because in reality they are serving the plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, consciously or not.

In Peru, the whole historical course and the latest news on the actions and manouvres of the ROL [right opportunist line] and the LOL [“left” opportunist line] confirm what the Party has pointed out since the beginning: that these revisionist and opportunist lines are part of a plan of imperialism and reaction. The LOL is a clear example of what happens when one renounces the principles of Maoism and its concrete application, in our case Gonzalo thought: in their latest action they go as far as kidnapping the class and workers, and clearly show their character as armed revisionists when they once more pronounce themselves in the bourgeois media: the political objective of their miserable attack was to ”reach political understanding”. These are the ones that since ’98, before the arrest of Feliciano, put forward ”separating from Gonzalo thought”, which today has turned into denying Chairman Gonzalo and only carrying out armed actions – without building anything, and without application of Maoism, without Great Leadership. So, now when they call themselves ”RCP of Peru”, maybe it is not a coincidence. Through the radio and in written form, they demanded money and explosives, and ”if not, blood will flow”. And this they have repeated several times in the radio conversations. In essence, this shows their ambiguities and political weakness; moving away from the principles leads them to carrying out actions without achieving political objectives, which would necessarily lead to building. What does exist, and what they do carry out, is the same as the FARC and Nepal, zones of military influence, and there is no building.

So, what is clear is that the LOL, just like the ROL, puts forward that “the Chairman already fulfilled his role”, and wants a “party” without the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, and a revisionist armed struggle, without destroying the old state and without building the new. They are collaborators of the SIN, who are now on the same road as the other armed revisionists like the FARC, the MRTA and others, and directly serve the plans of imperialism and reaction.

"The correctness or otherwise of the ideological and political line decides everything. When the Party's line is correct, then everything will come its way. If it has no followers, then it can have followers; if it has no guns, then it can have guns; if it has no political power, then it can have political power. If its line is not correct, even what it has it loses." (Chairman Mao Tsetung)

We call all the Communist Parties and organizations of the world to not close their eyes before these facts. Examples like those above from Peru and Latin America exist all over the world. What imperialism and reaction needs in every country is a so-called ”communist party” adjusted to their needs; a party that denies that the main thing is the ideology, the ideological and political line; that puts forward that the organization in itself is enough, that there should be no specification (application) because ”it leads to cult of personality”, that puts forward that ”there are no conditions for initiating” and that therefore one must see ”other methods”, or ”first use everything that democracy gives you”. Like for example they now put forward in Nepal, and they even say that Chairman Gonzalo also says the same. So it is one long series of the same thing, the same puppeteer.

The position of this kind of parties is that of ”the organization is where the ideas flow and are condensed”, and they do not see that in the Communist Party, the Central Committee is the vortex of the class struggle, where revolution and counterrevolution contend. That is, a party of ”distillers” like Avakian’s, a party where everyone’s ideas are ”canalized” (including those of the petit bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie) instead of the Party of the class, the proletarian vanguard. In the light of all this, how should we look upon the development of the struggles in India, in Turkey, Philippines and other places? Yankee imperialism today is concentrating its forces to secure the oil and thus continue as gendarme, and as a part of this they need revisionism to create more division in the revolutionary ranks. This is the plan of imperialism, carried out through the UN and the NATO. This is what we have been saying since the letters came out. As part of this counterrevolutionary world plan they have already produced the treason in Nepal, and generated the ROL and the LOL in Peru. How is this plan expressed in other places? How do these ideas of ”party without Great Leadership and application of Maoism” affect the just struggle of the Indian proletariat and people? What does it mean when a Party applies conciliation instead of two-line struggle, or aim to revise Maoism to adjust it to the needs of imperialism?

The Communist Parties must start from the principles of Maoism, with one sole line and with the application of Maoism to the concrete conditions of each country, concretized in a thought as foundation for a Great Leadership. Not doing so, they end up flirting like the revisionist parties like in Europe or like the revisionists in Nicaragua, Uruguay, Colombia and Nepal, in elections, governing ”in democracy”. This is the course of the parties that take up positions of ”peace accords”, capitulation, elections.

We, the Peru People’s Movement, express once more our salute and subjection to our Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and its whole system of Party leadership, in the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, in our I Congress, the Basis of Party Unity, the III Plenum and the masterful Speech of Chairman Gonzalo. We reaffirm ourselves in the principles of the universal ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, and in the struggle for imposing it as the sole command and guide of the world proletarian revolution – and as part of this, for the application of Maoism to the concrete conditions of each country.


Peru People’s Movement
April 2012


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