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The Peru People’s Movement once again expresses its salute and subjection to our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought, to our Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and its whole system of leadership. In the present complex situation, the Party shows us that it is the Heroic Combatant, the vanguard of the Peruvian proletariat, that continues to firmly apply what has been established by our I Congress, our Basis of Party Unity, and the III Plenum of the Central Committee, i.e. to apply Gonzalo Thought to confront every problem that appears on the road of the revolution. While the opportunists and capitulators take the difficulties as a pretext to capitulate, betray and sell out the revolution for a plate of beans, we communists take them as an incentive to tense our forces even more, to overcome them, to retake what has been lost and advance with the people’s war until Communism.

As the Party points out, we have to see the course of development and the deeds of all these capitulators and opportunists, the ROL and the LOL as well as the other revisionists in Peru and abroad, within the context of the plans of imperialism and reaction. Concerning the miserable ”Artemio” turning himself in, the embassy of yankee imperialism stated that they were not in favor of what Artemio declared about ”political solution...”, and afterwards Humala made an open pronouncement to that effect. That is to say, imperialism lays down the foundation, and the government elaborates on it. The ROL (Movadef) continues to fight for being a part of the electoral circle; thus we see that what they want is to annihilate the people’s war. For them there is no other road – the electoral road is the road of the capitulators. Today the ROL (Movadef) and the other revisionists of all colors say that Humala ”made a turn to the right”. They say ”...a big turn, and they militarize themselves in order to maintain and defend the established order, a legal order they have carried out since 1990 and it develops applying their plan for new original accumulation, tying themselves more to the globalization like the much celebrated trade agreements and their special rapprochement to the so-called APEC prove.” So, now they get it; when was Humala ever ”leftist”, or the party Gana Peru? All these revisionists gave their support to Humala, and now when they are kicked out, they continue to be used for new hoaxes. This is the role of the ROL (Movadef). It is clear that it is imperialism that sets the course: ”peace accords”, ”political solution”, amnesty when they want it, pardons etc. The rest is looking for ways out for negotiations in order to strike against the revolution. Imperialism and the reaction need the revisionists for the electoral work, the amnesty, discrediting the struggles, like the struggle against the mining companies.

This is the road of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. Our road is to persist in the people’s war. Today we are in the strategic defensive, centralizing the regional committees, and in hard struggle within and outside our ranks against revisionism. In the light of Maoism we clearly see their position and what needs to be done is to assault. Like in the example of the Long March in China, we see the role of the left liquidiationist positions; the only thing they aimed to do was to work without Chairman Mao’s leadership – and the right opportunist line worked with the Kuomintang. The question for the Party is to maintain the course of the Communist Parties and their reason for being, i.e. to initiate or lead the armed struggle.

“At certain times in the revolutionary struggle, the difficulties out weigh the favourable conditions and so constitute the principal aspect of the contradiction and the favourable conditions constitute the secondary aspect. But through their efforts the revolutionaries can overcome the difficulties step by step and open up a favourable new situation; thus a difficult situation yields place to a favourable one. This is what happened after the failure of the revolution in China in 1927 and during the Long March of the Chinese Red Army.” (Chairman Mao Tsetung – On Contradiction)

“But by the beginning of the War of Resistance Against Japan it had been reduced to a few tens of thousands as a result of the ruthless destruction wrought in our southern base areas by the Kuomintang government, our losses during the Long March, and other causes. Consequently there were some who looked down on this army and thought that the main reliance for resistance to Japan should be placed on the Kuomintang. But the people are the best judges. The people knew that despite their small number at the time, the Eighth Route and New Pourth Armies were of high quality, that they alone could wage a real people's war and that boundless prospects would open up before them once they reached the anti-Japanese fronts and joined with the broad masses there. And the people were right. By now, as I make this report, our army has already expanded to 910,000 men, and the number of our rural militia, who are not withdrawn from normal productive work, has grown to more than 2,200,000. Despite the fact that our regular army is still numerically much smaller than that of the Kuomintang (counting the Kuomintang units under local as well as central control), it has already become the main force in China's War of Resistance, judging by the number of Japanese and puppet forces it is engaging and the extent of its battle fronts, by its combat effectiveness, by the mass support it enjoys in its operations, and by its political quality, cohesion and unity.” (Chairman Mao Tsetung – On Coalition Government)

The duty of a Communist Party is inescapable. No sweetening the pill invoking new circumstances, and definitely no saying like the rats, “if I do not lead, the power cannot be conquered”. See the course of the ROL’s development: in 1992 they had problems, and in less than a year they came out with the letter in public. From 1992 to 2012 they came as far as asking to participate in elections. Because without the “old leaders” the Party must change its nature, participate in elections and not wage the people’s war, because “it is no longer correct”. Since 1992 they are in the plan of capitulation, and they will continue in 2012; they exalt and capitalize on the turning in of Artemio. At the same time, the government tries to attack the struggles against the mining companies.

For the Party, the question is to continue developing our deep roots in the mass work. The armed actions will continue in this situation to broaden the scope of the axis of the people’s war; the countryside continues to be principal, but not the jungle; and with the leadership in the countryside, focus on the mass work. Thus, the Party continues to assume its responsibility as proletarian vanguard, leading the people’s war, and as the red fraction within the international communist movement. In this task, the Peru People’s Movement firmly assumes its role to serve the ideological struggle against revisionism on world level.

It is similar to the Long March in China; the Party moves, and while there is more inflexion and less actions, the mass work continues. This enables the leadership to then articulate the Committees. In the Long March, the Committees that were maintained by the cadres during the long periods without contact were the ones that allowed the leadership of the Communist Party of China to fulfil its role. And when the power was conquered in China, Chairman Mao mobilized the militias – i.e. the people in arms with the Red Book – to strike against the headquarters of revisionism. With a correct cadre policy, the Party will be able to fulfil its tasks. This is what our Party is developing today, maintaining the axis in the countryside, in hard contention, focusing on the mass work and combating the two revisionist lines; one of them, being part of the old State, starts to fight against the Party more openly. Just like the revisionists attacked the left in China, the ROL will use the reactionary Armed and Police Forces against us – this will be the scenario if they manage to negotiate as they wish and be part of the government in 2016. When they are government they will be a part of the old state, and thus they will be subjected to political debts, to carry out the orders of yankee imperialism and repress the people’s war, as we are seeing in Nepal and as will happen with all those who aim at lining up and assimilating themselves in the old state.

Thus, the revisionists say that the government “made a turn”. We communists see the development of bureaucrat capitalism in Peru already put forward by Mariátegui and developed by Chairman Gonzalo. We see and know the role of the bureaucrat bourgeoisie and the comprador bourgeoisie, the role of the Armed Forces and the reactionary character of the elections. What Humala does is not in the air – it develops within the semifeudal and semicolonial system where the bourgeoisie is subjected to imperialism, and in this way any errand boy comes in; whoever he may be, he has to line up or go down – in this way we must see their class character.

This is the position of our Party, before which we take firm position and assume the task of carrying out the ideological struggle against revisionism on world level, against the whole imperialist plan of “peace accords” and against all the traitors who serve the reactionary plans against our people’s war. Today, the advance of the people’s war, confronting all the difficulties, raises our optimism much more, the optimism that belongs to our class.


Peru People’s Movement
March 2012


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