Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


“We are marching in a compact group along a precipitous and difficult path, firmly holding each other by the hand. We are surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance under their almost constant fire. We have combined voluntarily, precisely for the purpose of fighting the enemy, and not to retreat into the adjacent marsh, the inhabitants of which, from the very outset, have reproached us with having separated ourselves into an exclusive group and with having chosen the path of struggle instead of the path of conciliation. And now several among us begin to cry out: let us go into this marsh! And when we begin to shame them, they retort: how conservative you are! Are you not ashamed to deny us the liberty to invite you to take a better road! Oh, yes, gentlemen! You are free not only to invite us, but to go yourselves wherever you will, even into the marsh. In fact, we think that the marsh is your proper place, and we are prepared to render you every assistance to get there. Only let go of our hands, don't clutch at us and don't besmirch the grand word "freedom," for we too are "free" to go where we please, free to fight not only against the marsh, but also against those who are turning towards the marsh!” (V.I. Lenin)

Facing the appearance of a new “left” opportunist line in Peru, and grouplets abroad who want to traffic with the Peruvian revolution and the world revolution for their own personal interests—and mainly because all of this is tied to the counterrevolutionary plans of imperialism and the reaction and the new revisionism, that aim at attacking Chairman Gonzalo, Maoism and stopping the people's war, we issue this communiqué:

Look at how imperialism, reaction and the new revisionism work together hand in hand, they converge in their plans of wanting to annihilate the People's War in Peru and the party work abroad. They follow the same plan. Facing the impotence of the new revisionism in demonstrating that the ROL emerged in the party and its subsequent crushing, in Peru as well as abroad, they turn to the capitulators, the reformed ones and opportunists to try to say “look at how many fractions there are in the party”, “they are remnants of the party”, “it no longer exists”, “the historical leadership is in prison”, etc. Abroad they apply the saying “it's good fishing in troubled waters”, creating confusion, and facing a new opportunity that the Party gave them, the majority of these individuals transformed the apparatuses of the Party into “dens of thieves”: so these individuals and grouplets created their different fiefs and called themselves defenders or representatives of the Revolution in Peru: “MPP USA, New Flag”, “MPP Germany”, “MPP Sweden”, “MPP France”, “MPP Switzerland”, the RCP's “Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru”, etc. Even LAB failed to make his own “MPP” and afterward he also wanted to replace the RIM with his ”World wide Mobilization Call.” Each and every one of them had their fief and even collected financial donations supposedly for the PCP, which never received them, no help at all, nor did they account for any of it, like with the campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo's life, others offered visas and made a business out of bringing people from Peru. Concretely, personal businesses and trafficking with the Peruvian revolution. Others, who afterwards took contact with the Party again, thought and even believed that, because they offered to give economic support and still say that they offer it, or always say “we are many”, “since we have done good work”, that the Party is like the Catholic church selling “letters of indulgence” or that the Party was going to, or is now going to, give them some sort of authorization to take its name and continue their personal trafficking. If anything good came out of LAB’s outbursts, it was that we should ask these guys: who sent them from Peru? Why did they come here? (And they continue to be valid now that some of these same individuals are up to their same old tricks, some survivors of this epoch that now miss and want to go back to having the fiefs they lost, with the support of the reaction and the new revisionism). And LAB correctly said that the capitulators, the reformed ones, those who jumped ship when things got hot, came; Of course LAB said that he, himself, was sent “personally” by Chairman Gonzalo himself. All of these individuals were called by the Party and some handed over the work and some accepted the new opportunity of the Party. Others said the same thing as this type of people usually says, that they were going to “wait for the real Party to arrive”, others became rats or double-agents, etc., etc. But as the saying goes “old habits die hard”. It is some of these same characters who once again bite the hand of the Party, characters and others, who of course will always appear as disciples of theirs in the class struggle, who now try by all means to repeat the same thing, and to implement their personal matters and satisfy their own political ambitions, and others their degenerations, not to mention the infiltrators.

Look at how a series of new so-called organizations and web-pages, blogs, etc., appear now that call themselves or claim to “support the revolution in Peru”, “support the people’s war in Peru”, or some pseudo-organizations that call themselves Maoist. The concrete point is that now, just as before, they are pseudo-organizations of support and they have no link whatsoever with the MPP, the only generated organ for the party work abroad, likewise to be able to centralize any kind of support, or materialize a support work for the People's War in Peru. And much less do they have any kind of link with the Communist Party of Peru (if some new party or organization were to appear that would genuinely like to support us, of course we would be very happy to receive their support and first set up a meeting in order to formalize it and logically their autonomy as an organization would be respected). But this is not the case, what we are dealing with here are grouplets of renegades and degenerates that in some cases join together and others of them who want to reestablish their fiefs with merely personal interests. And now they put themselves up for sale to the highest bidder (they are even willing to work for free, as long as they are able to have their own “news-stands” for trafficking with the people's war.) They are on the search for “a fraction” (according to their conception) that is going to support them and for the new revisionism to give them recognition and for the reactionary media to give them attention. They aim to return to trafficking like in the past and for the new revisionism and reaction to recite: “it is not known which one is the Communist Party of Peru, much less who their representatives are abroad”, there are so many “MPP's”, there are so many “Support Committees”, there are so many “movements who claim to support the people's war”. It is the plan of imperialism, the reaction and the new revisionism. And some infiltrators promote this, others want their fiefs like in the old days and others want to satisfy their low desires with trafficking.

For all of this we call upon our sincere supporters (those sent by these grouplets, wanting to make snitch work and informants of revisionism and reaction, need not come) to contact us at our address or the link that we have for reestablishing contact if it is lost, or if you have been surprised by some of these capitulator individuals who do not work with us now and now dedicate themselves to their own business.

The question is that some traffickers, like circus magicians, want to make the main question of New Democracy vanish, only pointing at the forms in which the New Power is expressed, but not taking  position on what was established by the Congress, and what is the determining factor of a social system: the system of state and the system of government and who leads the New State and that in the end everything is done always taking into account our final goal, the always golden communism: the society without classes, since we even conceive of the New State as only a stage on the course of humanity. And that each stage is sowing and giving impetus to the seed of the following:

“From all this is derived that the New State we are forming in the democratic revolution shall be a joint dictatorship, an alliance of four classes led by the proletariat through its party, the Communist Party: a dictatorship of workers, peasants, the petty bourgeoisie and, under certain conditions, the national or middle bourgeoisie; a dictatorship that today is of three classes, since the middle bourgeoisie does not participate in the revolution, but its interests are respected. Classes that make up a dictatorship of New Democracy regarding the system of state, and a People’s Assembly regarding system of government.” (Communist Party of Peru, General Political Line).

We reaffirm ourselves in this and we take a firm position for the all-embracing leadership of the Party and that is why we subject unconditionally, consciously, voluntarily, likewise we express our firm position for the system of state and the system of government of the New State, in this stage of the revolution, and that this is led all-embracingly by the Party and not by some mass organization or some enlightened individual.

“The concentric construction of the three instruments is the organic form of the militarization of the Party and, in synthesis, it is summarized in what Chairman Gonzalo teaches: 'The Party is the axis of everything, it leads the three instruments all-embracingly, its own construction, it leads absolutely the Army and the New State as a joint dictatorship aiming at the dictatorship of the proletariat.”' (Communist Party of Peru, General Political Line)
“The Party is the proletariat's "highest form of organization" called on to lead the other  organizations of the class for which goal it counts on being composed of the best children of the class (equipped with Marxism, learned in the laws of the class struggle), and with the experience of the global working class and their own.
To maintain unity in its ranks the Party requires a single discipline applicable to all, a unity which demands great attention because, as Stalin would say, ‘Comrade Lenin enjoined us to guard the unity of our Party as the apple of our eye’” (Communist Party of Peru, On the Construction of the Party).

And what is even worse is that the despicable ones cannot take position on these points since it is precisely what the LOL proclaims today and they await the new black vomits from it like the ones that they have vomited up to now: “Today we cannot reach the people like Shining Path because the so-called Shining Path has not fulfilled its task. The path of Gonzalo is a path of terrorism, it is not a shining path that the people had hoped for. This revolution is either peasant or is nothing”.
The same old story of: “The masses don't want”, “they want a bourgeois democracy”, etc, etc. And that is why they do a disappearing act when it comes time to take a position on the joint dictatorship and the subsequent dictatorship of the proletariat, and the all-embracing leadership of the Party. They are a band of infiltrators, traffickers and degenerates in the service of imperialism, reaction and revisionism.


Peru People's Movement
August 2011


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