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Even if the guiding line of the revolution is correct, it is impossible to have a sure guarantee against setbacks and sacrifices in the course of the revolution. So long as a correct line is adhered to, the revolution is bound to triumph in the end.
(The Polemic on the General Line of the International Communist Movement, Communist Party of China, 1965)

The Peru People's Movement, reaffirming itself in our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, in the glorious Communist Party of Peru and its whole system of leadership, and in our people's war that continues its march to the conquest of power in the whole country, and until our final goal, the forever golden Communism. In the current complex situation, when a rupture of the Party has been posed, we reaffirm ourselves once again in the unbreakable optimism that pertains to our class; because we know that this is the way the process of the revolution is. That the class enemies try to use such ruptures or problems to say that “the line was bad”, that this means the “defeat of the Party”--is the same thing they always repeat about the Soviet Union or the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China — we communists know that only by insisting on the red line, on Maoism and what is fundamental in it, the power, and for us, principally Gonzalo Thought, can we overcome this new bend, crush the enemy and march to Communism.

Concretely, a rupture has been posed: a new “left” opportunist line represented by the Quispe brothers has appeared. We consider that these problems pertain to the situation after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, and they have to be seen in relation to the plans of imperialism, the reaction and revisionism. One of the objectives of all the hoaxes, of all the attacks against Chairman Gonzalo, and of not allowing his public presentation, have been precisely to create ruptures like this in the Party, and we now see how some are ready to play the role that the reaction has given them, thus serving directly and consciously the plans of the enemy in order to afterward put forward that the problem is that “the masses do not want to”. Imperialism, the reaction and revisionism have centered their attacks on the following points:

  1. The Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, to undo and negate the sustenance of the world revolution.
  2. The ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.
  3. Divide the Party, restrain the People's War and achieve the creation of a “communist party”, in name only, inside the old state.

For that the ROL has attacked the Chairman so much. On one side they want to sustain ideologically that there is no need to develop the People's War, and on the side of the Quispe brothers, they say he is a “terrorist” who “planned his surrender”, and they hope for the Party to assume that position; but the Party rejects it, and all the committees will state their position, condemning, combating and crushing this new “left” opportunist line.

In order to understand this delicate situation, one should understand principles and take them as a starting point and grasp the experience of the international proletariat. Every revolution where the Party was beheaded or the Great Leadership was lost, has fallen into an opportunist line; see the Soviet Union, China, and in our case, what happened in the Party after the death of Mariátegui. After the imprisonment of Chairman Gonzalo, the ROL sprang out—playing well their role, given to them by imperialism and the reaction, and with their logistical support —putting forth peace agreements and saying that there are no conditions for making revolution, not in Peru, nor in the world; and that therefore one has to go to the elections and be a part of the old landlord-bureaucratic state. And now a “left” opportunist line has emerged that puts forth that Chairman Gonzalo is a “terrorist” and that “he has never held a gun”, who “planned the surrender of himself and the whole Central Committee and Standing Committee,” and other clumsy and unsustainable hoaxes like “the people chased him”.

This new LOL has structured itself like the ROL, and is directly linked and serves the three points mentioned of the counterrevolutionary plan. We know of the co-ordinations made by Gorriti, that Mossad agent, Fernando Lucena and the IDL with the government to do the “interview with Raúl”. They did it behind the Party’s back and the very fact that the interview took place shows that they did it with the hand of the CIA; because currently a foreigner who enters the VRAE is monitored. Furthermore, they have exposed all the masses and contacts who have served as the link. What they say, that the reaction did not know of Lucena, and that he came by a telephone contact, is absurd. The objective of the interview is clear: the reaction needs to spread things of the new LOL through the media in order to say before the world: “the Shining Path itself says its great leader is a terrorist”. It is not rare, then, what Gorriti says, that “IDL-Reporteros made an important editorial decision, which I believe necessary to share with our readers.” For this miserable person it is “important” that a “part of the Party,” a miserable informer, says clumsy hoaxes, because with this report the reaction seeks to undermine the revolution, and it wants it to have repercussions in Peru and in the world.

So it is very clear that this is a LOL that boasts clumsy hoaxes serving the plan of imperialism and reaction directly, and that it has needed the support of known agents of Mossad and the CIA in order to thus deal blows against the world revolution, and that is why they always use miserable capitulators of the revolution.

Look at the experience of the international proletariat: in the Soviet Union Comrade Stalin could stay the course of the revolution facing a large part of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The right raised its head and was purged. The problem was of metaphysics, of not understanding how to develop the socialist revolution, as Chairman Mao put forward. In China the revisionist clique arrested Comrade Chiang Ching and the three, and put forward that “the road of Chairman Mao was peasantist and revisionist”.

As far as the struggle on an international level, while Chairman Gonzalo was present, the other Parties assumed Maoism, even the revisionist right in Europe and the USA assumed it reluctantly. After the imprisonment of the Chairman, the RIM did not assume, the right raised its head and did not assume a firm position. Now they want to avoid that the debate over the application of Maoism is materialized, and that is why they attempt to discredit the Communist Party of Peru; thus all those who do not take a firm position, or spread these very hoaxes of the enemy, serve this plan of imperialism; a world plan for combating the revolution with “peace agreements”, fake “Maoist parties”, “democratic revolution”, but not New Democratic as taught by Chairman Mao.

The Party continues to develop the People's War, combating the ROL and the new “left” opportunist line, both nursed by the reaction. It takes time to forge leadership, but that is no reason to stop making people's war—and the Party is doing it, the countryside being the main arena, continuing with the actions of the people's war while it is also on the front line of the masses’ struggles for their demands.


Peru People's Movement
August 2011


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