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One of the features that Chairman Mao pointed out about Marxism is  “its class nature: it openly avows that dialectical materialism is in the service of the proletariat ". That is why Marxism does not hide its class character like other philosophies, or those who want to argue that in a society divided into classes one can speak of a philosophy above the classes or that does not serve a certain class in particular.
Therefore, the PCP is very clear in expressing what the New Democracy means and to what it serves, who leads it, whose culture will be imposed: that of the old bourgeois democracy or the one that is based on the new economy and new politics under construction and serves the development of the new society:

“On the other hand, the New Democracy, one of the extraordinary developments of Chairman Mao, masterfully concretizes for us the bourgeois revolution of a new type, that can only be led by the proletariat, in synthesis the democratic revolution within the new era of the world proletarian revolution in which we are going through. A revolution of New Democracy that implies a new economy, new politics and new culture, obviously demolishing the old order and raising the new with guns, the only way to transform the world
Finally, it is important to emphasize that the New Democracy, as democratic revolution, although it principally fulfills the democratic tasks, also as complement advances in some socialist tasks; in this way the question of the two stages is thoroughly solved, the democratic stage and the socialist stage that pertain to countries like ours, guaranteeing, once concluded the democratic revolution, the continuation as socialist revolution without any interval, uninterruptedly. (Fundamental Documents, PCP 1988) (the underlining is ours)

This point about the issue of the New Democracy is one of the central points  today in the class struggle on the international level, and consequently in the struggle within the international communist movement - and for us, in the struggle within our ranks and in the international work of the Communist Party of Peru. Therefore, what is established by Chairman Mao and Chairman Gonzalo is what guides us in the fight against any individual or group that wants to traffic with our people's war and serve the plans of imperialism and reaction. Thus we see that imperialism and reaction in their plans to prevent that Maoism is imposed and leads the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, turn once again to one of their allies, the new revisionism, and attempting to infiltrate our ranks both in Peru and abroad, seek at all costs, to attack the dictatorship of the proletariat and under the cloak of a series  of gibberish, want to mislead the revolution in Peru, and drag it into the swamp of revisionism, or with supposedly new synthesis, Avakian’s, Prachanda’s Road etc. etc. And knowing the importance that the revolution in Peru has for Peru and the peoples of the world, now they use the populist speeches of the new "left" opportunist line of the miserable and sellout Quispe brothers, and for sure, it is soon to be called "The new synthesis" in Peruvian version. They repeat the same things as Avakian and all the new revisionism: Maoism is nothing more than a gang and a sect that wants to impose terrorism among the masses; they speak like all reactionary regimes, "My government is for the whole people, for all peasants, whether traffickers or not." As if being a proletarian would be something you are born into, like in India into a Brahmin caste. They do not see class background and what is decisive: class position. They do not see that there are disorganized and organized masses etc., nor that the enemy also uses, has used before and will continue to use masses against masses, that the masses are sometimes, coerced or not, recruited by the reaction to the ranks of the counterrevolution. In other words these brothers that look like the "Beagle Boys" in the worst populist style, say: "I will rule for all" and "the dictatorship of the proletariat is not for our reality." Like the new revisionism and reaction they say that "Chairman Mao and the Cultural Revolution forced the intellectuals and the masses (They speak in general) to follow Maoism and so they did the same with me here (the brothers say): Chairman Gonzalo and the leadership forced me to kill children and women etc. etc., did not let me talk, since I could not oppose, otherwise they would have killed me "(Here in Europe there are dozens of the same in books) and generalize Lucanamarca, and the infiltrators and degenerates repeat just the same abroad. With the Quispes they will have their bourgeois revolution with all the "human rights".  The miserable ones do not know that here in Europe everyone is aware of all the falsehood of the bourgeois state and that here they apply their dictatorship and especially one can see that clearly as day in the so-called Scandinavian states, where the impoverishment of sectors of the people is increasing and the shackling of the masses is almost complete, a fundamental tool being the educational system and the media. In case that is the model that they aim to take, we anticipate, or perhaps to paraphrase Prachanda, they will say that they will turn Peru into "the new Switzerland" if not, maybe into "the new Sweden."

They are applying their MRTA nostalgia of a romantic war and focism, that "then the rest will follow us", opposing Gonzalo Thought, city complement, countryside main. They are but pawns of revisionism and reaction, to prevent the imposition of Maoism as the command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution, with false heroic creations. They seek to prevent the bourgeoisie and bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism from being swept away. They already enter into negotiations with them. Everything has been orchestrated by imperialism and reaction and the new revisionism, to be able to say: "Now let them show us the application of Maoism in Peru." We see the same words as always used by the reaction, which they repeat:"they are dictators against the poor masses, they do not let us speak, they live in abundance in the big cities with money from the masses, or from drug trafficking." These types look like they have never worked and only repeat what the reaction has commanded them to repeat, like those here abroad have so often repeated the same; now they have not repeated: "and they are a bunch of drunks", soon they will come with those and other well-known old songs too. Unashamedly showing their purely military point of view, they say "Chairman Gonzalo has never held a rifle". They know nothing of the concentric construction, and that the party is present in every action - not to mention the principle of protecting the leadership. We reject and condemn this miserable new "Left" opportunist line which is at the service of the class enemy just like their peers here abroad; we will come back in other articles to these miserable ones in Peru. See how they are interlinked, with the same plans, same arguments and same slander etc., with infiltrators here abroad. It would be better if they said it directly: "we are not for Maoism, we disown it, and we want the dictatorship of the bourgeois democracy" and thus they would save their verbiage. See how in Peru and abroad the campaign has been carried out to move the focus away from the struggle over the main problems, even in the international support the new revisionism completely consciously diverts the focus of the international support to the People's War. When it comes to the people’s war in Peru, with all the significance and importance it carries, for many years they set Nepal against it, now they will do the same with India and then others will come, etc. The question is that even in the international support, the weight is not being put on what is principal. In search of a revolution that also suits the tastes of the bourgeoisie and that is approved by the bourgeoisie, and they will perhaps end up making their "orange revolutions" etc. That is by peaceful means and without joint dictatorship of the revolutionary classes and even less that of the proletariat, and they will unfold a romantic war in the style of some film from their youth.

The above points about the New Democracy are very clear for the Maoists. But there are some infiltrators - and about which we call the attention and warn the revolutionaries and communists – who acting under the cloak of presenting themselves as great political analysts want to cover their black nefarious work in the ranks of the proletariat and the masses, sowing pessimism, confusion and calling for capitulation and splits. See his course: he manipulates the inexperienced, improvised and opportunistic commanders who were left after the expulsion of the defenders of LOD in the ranks of MPP, to try to assassinate his political rival and stepfather, who then even called this guy "an infiltrator of Swedish imperialism." The reason given for the attack was that they were dealing with a degenerate. But when a petty group of degenerates appears, and especially the one that acted as commander and a degenerate woman, called lumpen by all those who now flatter her, who remained sexually active since she was twelve, even having sexual relations with the father and relatives of her partner, who led a double social life, among many worse “talents”, that we will not take up today. Along with his buddies, he says that "the leadership has deceived the poor thing to sleep with the commander" and that therefore the measures taken, sent by the superior apparatus are “due to false reports being sent" about this little angel and things in general. Why? Because she is easily influenced by the degenerate who acts as her partner and this infiltrating guy with whom she also had a similar adventure. But with the other one, yes, it was necessary to send him to be killed since he did not go along with his “bright red thought” and would not let him build his party and even less do as he pleased with the MPP. And facing his ideological and political impotence he sought to eliminate him physically. Then he wants to continue using his family connections with some former members of the MPP, and since finally that guy capitulates, just repeating the same old story as the individual now in question: "I have been treated unjustly, there have been bad reports, the party is usurped by the Felicianistists, but I'll wait for the real party to arrive, the third fraction will come and rescue me." Then he continues his task with the family of the one he wanted to eliminate and although he could not take control over the MPP, he took control over the guy´s family and his ex-wife who belonged to it and held the position that this guy had in this family, a kind of clan, in the political aspect. From there he set about undermining the work of the leadership and went and opened all the political work to his family and he did not assume the leadership’s agreements but said he was a pure red, but that he had been forced to go down with the directives etc. He does the same at the international level, he opens the organic work and actions carried out, to ingratiate those who play Avakian’s game and who would build the Party of Sweden, to accomplish the task of formation of communist parties - in name only - in Europe (ordered by new revisionism). Even when he was sent to India, he was interviewed and later said that the comrades in India had manipulated or misunderstood it when publishing it. Now it is clearer that it could have been he who made those statements. All of this ends with this individual being sanctioned and sent to work elsewhere, and he set off saying that the MPP is taken over by two Tenghsiaopingists; at least one of them now works with him and maybe he has turned him into a "Maoist". As soon as he moves, his former wife capitulates, and gradually in the same way the other family members connected to him. The last of that family, his brother in law, finally capitulates too. We see that all of them are related to him or are people who meet with him (a sort of King Midas, but with the difference that what he touches turns not into gold only but into capitulators and traitors) and whom he manages to convince that he is the red fraction and that he is conducting an internal control and therefore needs to be informed of everything they are told to do or not; he attacks the system of Party leadership under the guise of "control from below," infiltrating the apparatuses, never presenting things in the respective apparatus and undermining the party unity, violates the Party secret he has never practiced and encourages others to do the same; being an informant is his hobby and he starts to believe himself be the center of the party as if two leaderships could possibly exist, taking advantage of the personal ambitions of each of the followers of the path of betrayal, capitulation and degeneration and others so they can continue doing their things and satisfying their own personal interests. He denies the system of Party leadership, says that he acts as a creeping person because in that way he is completing the system that does not work and needs an enlightened person in order to avoid that the Party is surprised by false reports. He believes that as he is a creeping person, everyone else is the same, as he only sees individuals, he does not know what system of leadership is. Today they begin to deny the principles, tomorrow they will deny everything and will attack Maoism like Hoxha and other renegades did, as well as attack Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought. This intriguing and infiltrating guy sow capitulation, "if we all capitulate we will already have a point to draw attention, and we put conditions, without us they are an insignificant number, without our money they will not have the economy and so they will be in our hands," etc. etc. Finally he does the same with some members who were formerly working under him, and when he is sanctioned and sent to another place they wanted, following the example he had taught them, to "annihilate" him, but today as birds of a feather they come together for a moment once more. Where he is sent to work, rather than correct himself, in Chang Kuo-T'ao´s style, he does the same: convincing who is now his woman that he is the red fraction within the MPP and the defender of Chairman Gonzalo and his thought, and she subjects to his orders and both apply a double policy with the command where they work: when centralizing information about their commander, they say that "he is already old, he is finished" Or was this just to see if we would go along with their intentions to take over any position in the leadership of any apparatus at any cost? When he sees that this is not the case, and this will be perhaps for life, he says: “There is no Party, how can the Party agree with the other and not with me" (by his own confession), to undermine in front of the masses, without Party spirit he sees only his skin and how it appears in the end. And from there prompt all his former "enemies" to carry out undermining work and he makes them send letters and writings that he even writes himself, against the leadership of the MPP and the Party; a little man who wants to act as a great political analyst, distiller and vanguard of the reaction in our ranks.  We call all the movements and organizations and Parties to be alert concerning this individual and his black work. He knows nothing of war and even less of people’s war, apart from having played war in the military service of Swedish imperialism. And his personal mission is to prevent imperialism, especially the Swedish one, be destroyed in its economy, politics and culture, and now he wants to hang onto everything that sounds like revolution, but knowing that there is no Maoism there and therefore is not a threat to imperialism. Therefore, they say, it is good to continue promoting Chavez, Nicaragua, Evo, Philippines, the anarchist movement in Denmark etc. It is good to follow the Prachanda Path, it is good to criticize India, but then move everybody to full support, because "it represents Maoism or is moving towards it" even if it has some "small glitches" concerning the fundamentals of Maoism: New Power, that brands with fire any rapprochement with the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and its so-called "democratic system", a follower of Avakian's synthesis, the synthesis of his own head, etc. And just in case, as everything indicates that the Maoists in Peru will not stop until the final victory, "I hasten to say that although they triumph, it is no longer the leadership of our Party and neither our ideology" but "another line has taken the leadership, the historic leadership is captured and with it the Party ended "(The rats, he  repeats the same as his right hand) they aim for the same thing as the new revisionism, the ROL, the reaction and imperialism and one must seek the Paradise Lost, look for where the real red fraction is, going like Indiana Jones in search of the treasure (and they have already sent two persons on expeditions, like Avakian did, and they announce that they will make one more) to find it "ad calendas graecas". But just in case, one has to hang on to "Mantaro Rojo", the shining trench of Yanamayo etc. Etc. Perhaps there, one can find the "true red fraction" and "I have to talk to them, now, yes, I will get the documents, directives, interviews, poems, posters, paintings, etc. that the new power makes and I can stand before the world and traffic as being the fourth sword of Europe."

This ideological and political weakling thinks the CC has to tell him who they will choose to spread the line of the Party, or that mass organizations can not just write their own documents. With what is left over in his head from his education in this part of the world, this individual will carry out the "democratization" of Maoism and soon call a general election to elect the commanders with the broad participation of the masses and if someone who is not him or someone to his liking is elected, he will declare them null and void by Supreme Decree or say that there were false reports, electoral fraud etc. Or, in the worst case, he will say there is no "democracy", "We are dealing with a dictatorship and not the red line of Chairman Gonzalo". Conclusion: what has he produced if he says he is part of the new power, what has he centralized in painting, art, documents, books, plans etc.? Conclusion: let others make the people's war, I am the supreme chief of them all. Hopefully now his buddy will show him the directives, bound and in Swedish so he will be able to understand everything that he had received while working with the rats. We are for the dictatorship of the proletariat, and which is embodied in apparatuses, in people of flesh and bone but who do not necessarily have to be his skin, nor that of some degenerated persons whom we are not going to beg to stay or leave us the innocent girl, or their "great economic contributions," and so on. Even less for them to change their rotten ideology, it would be better for them to become priests or monks, so they can live in peace and harmony to pursue their ravings. They are like jumping acrobats, jumping from organization to organization, from movement to movement, and from party to party, after the bourgeois and petty bourgeois intellectualoids, and even more so if they are Swedish, since everything that is Swedish is more "democratic" and follows the "human rights, "the rights of the individual” , the rest is "terrorism, Stalin, Hitler, Islamism, Lenin´s gangster style, the sectarian gang of Maoism" etc. They say they are in search of a revolution that treats me as a rose petal, "since I'm like butter" that "my human rights be not trampled” and “that nobody intervene in my promiscuous relationships", "that the bourgeois be allowed to continue along with the socialist, we are for the reactionary theory of the productive forces in its Chinese version and particularly for the fabulous degenerate culture of imperialism.". Some renegades and degenerate ones with chauvinist and even racist traces, who think they have something new to teach the peoples of the third world about revolution, play along with him. They are nothing but traffickers that ultimately will end up as counterrevolutionaries. Elements that do not even want to break with the economy, politics and culture of the old imperialist state in which they live, and that is why they want to continue spreading his bourgeois dictatorship, by them called "the sacred democratic system" among the masses of the Third World. It is therefore important to read Chairman Mao’s comprehensive document on New Democracy, in order not to let oneself be surprised and in order to reject and repudiate these traffickers.

To point out, first, that the new democratic revolution in Peru is not for establishing a bourgeois democracy of the old type. Economically it points to the destruction of private property, that these elements never will be willing to annihilate, because they receive the crumbs and are subservient odd-job men of the bourgeoisie of their respective countries. The politics are in favor of the classes that together carry out the joint dictatorship in the first stage of this revolution, and not of the bourgeoisie or the private capital. And we exercise democratic centralism among the people through People’s Assemblies, i.e. direct democracy, where all members are present so that the intriguing and infiltrating miserable ones cannot hide themselves among the people to spread their slander individually or get together and talk behind the back of the Party and the masses, or devote themselves to their degenerations using the party apparatuses and justify themselves saying that they do it because they are fulfilling a party mission that is a question of life and death, and that the circumstances forced them, and stating that "even in the Russian revolution promiscuity occurred" (on the contrary, see the conversation between Lenin and Clara Zetkin in "Lenin on the Women’s Question" ). The culture is a culture based on the new economy and new politics and that in turn serves the development of the new economic base. It is a new culture based on the collective, on the social as the essence of the human being, not on the individual or selfishness. The old culture also serves and has its basis in the old state and serves to reproduce it in order to continue resisting its death. Therefore these individuals promote the old culture and their cultural forms so much. They even follow the plans of imperialism as was done before with their plans and language programs (such as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) now with "abortion campaigns, programs against illiteracy, condom campaign etc., under the banners of women’s rights and philanthropy. But the reality is that what they want to promote and disseminate, trying to prevent its death,  is their rotten imperialism and bureaucrat-capitalism to convince the masses that their imperialist countries have all these programs and rights because "they are more advanced and live in bourgeois democracy and in order to be like them we must also establish a bourgeois democracy ." Democracy, like for example Bo Göransson (former Swedish ambassador to Somalia) and journalist Cecilia Backland say:  "In Somalia, the interim government has made progress lately. Al Shabab has been forced to leave Mogadishu and withdrew to the south. The possibilities for the delivery of humanitarian aid have increased. The risk is that there has been a withdrawal. It is important to remember that their breeding ground is not religion, but the discontent of the Somali society about the chaos that has ruled the country for many years. The challenge is to provide some form of democracy, the ability to provide order and development. Democracy has never had this opportunity in Somalia." Obviously these individuals are referring to bourgeois democracy, to the imperialist system as a form of state and bureaucratic capitalism in the form of government of a bourgeois democracy that serves the interests of Swedish imperialism and world imperialism, and not a New Democracy of new type. But the truth is that all such rights, like the right to divorce, abortion, child care community, recreational clubs, etc. were taken by capitalism and imperialism from the advances made in women's rights and the people´s rights in the socialist societies. And the bourgeoisie took them to avoid being overtaken in these areas by socialism. These are achievements and advances of socialism, not of capitalism, or even worse as some people think, that they would have originated in Swedish imperialism. Now they want to traffic with this to fool the masses that we first have to go through a bourgeois stage and under the leadership of the bourgeoisie, in order to win those conquests, that have also been distorted by imperialism in their goals, as they were made for the construction of socialism towards communism, and not for the personal enjoyment or deformation of any particular individual.

As we see they are two different things: the democratic revolution of a new type is not for creating a bourgeois democracy, with the old economy, old politics and old culture, and even less for the bourgeoisie, imperialists or their representatives to be in command. This revolution pertains to the new era in the words of Chairman Mao. The bourgeoisie, imperialism and all their lackeys have already passed into history as a revolutionary class and have nothing to offer the people. Today, all the rights of the people have been conquered through struggle to the death against the bourgeoisie, capitalism and imperialism, today covered up under the cloak of so called "democracy" and its decadent and corrupt culture. We are therefore against all imperialism, not just the Yankee, but also the Swedish and all other imperialists, and see that even Swedish imperialism in its duplicity and conflict finds itself increasingly under the command of the Yankees, so it is not the case that some opportunistic degenerate Swedes are going to come to present themselves as the saviors of those poor third world countries and open their eyes to see who is exploiting them more; we will sweep away all imperialism, see how even Swedish imperialism, while Chilean people were granted asylum here, was doing big business with the dictatorship of Pinochet, not to mention today.

Returning to those infiltrators, they are precisely those who have as one of their missions to create splits in the international communist movement and the anti-imperialist movement among the masses, trying to set the masses against their leaders and parties (see Chapter V in “Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder” by the great Lenin); we say that sooner or later they will be unmasked before the masses and will pay dearly for their insolence, they think because they took a weapon from the Party, there are no more in the world, and that Chairman Mao did not teach us to transform everything into a weapon of combat, even our hands. Or that there is no one among the masses, activists and militants willing to be the hand of the Party? There is a time for everything in life, as a saying goes. The principle of war when it comes to traitors and infiltrators , unfortunately for those who want to tie the hands of the masses with  sentimental drivel for not carrying out the revolutionary justice, is the same even in bourgeois reactionary armies.

This is how these people now want to justify their capitulation, using the old theories of the productive forces and that the third world countries have to become capitalist countries in order to become prosperous and learn their advanced culture. Haya de la Torre already put that forward in Peru, with his famous or rather infamous "historic space-time." We have to build capitalism in our countries to jointly tackle world imperialism. In short. And in short we can see his historic course in Peru.
But besides these miserable ones want to surprise the unwary with the old theories of Liu Shao-chi and Yang Hsien-chen, the theory of "the synthesized economic base", a reactionary variant of the theory of productive forces: "Our country has an underdeveloped and backward production. Today, the problem is not that there are too many factories in the hands of private capital, but that there are very few. Now, not only should private capitalism be allowed to exist but it must be developed, must be expanded." "In China, socialism will come in two or three decades.".
"Consolidate the peasants’ private property” and attacking agricultural cooperation as "a kind of bad, dangerous and utopian agrarian socialism" (Liu Shao-Chi  - our translation from Spanish)
"In the transition period, the economic base of the state power of socialist type" had a "synthesized character", "encompassed both the Socialist and capitalist sector as well as the sector of the individual peasant economy", "they may develop in a balanced and coordinated way" the socialist superstructure must "serve the economic base as a whole”, including the capitalist economy and "also serve the bourgeoisie "(Yang Hsien-Chen – our translation from Spanish).

They seek the restoration and not death of capitalism and imperialism, and for some of these individuals, that their so called earthly paradise continues to exist, one of complete freedom and corruption and debauchery, according to them for the individual in general, but in reality the dictatorship a few powerful groups and the existence of private ownership of the means of production.
They promote the increased alienation of the people and the working class, so that they do not acquire class consciousness, but spend their life between work, self-indulgence and stupefying diversion, that they are not able to raise their cultural level, and believe that because they are workers they were born that way and that cultural elevation or class consciousness is only for the bourgeoisie and the intellectualoid petty bourgeoisie, and among the masses they seek to encourage conformism, and servitude before their exploiters, represented by their employers and various authorities, in whom they see their new God who gives them everything and without whom they could not live, and who demands total submission, even sexual favors in order to get a job. Lenin and Chairman Mao have already explained to us:

“As long as the prívate ownership of the means of production continues to exist… and the free trade, the economic base of capitalism will continue to exist. The dictatorship of the proletariat is the only means to struggle successfully for the destruction of this base, the only way to abolish the classes…”
“The transition period has to be one of struggle between dying capitalism and rising communism, or in other words, between the capitalism that has been defeated but not destroyed and the communism that has been born but that is still very weak” (Lenin, Complete Works, vol. 30. – our translation from Spanish)

And Chairman Mao pointed out: “The period of transition is full of contradictions and struggles. Our present revolutionary struggle is even more profound than the revolutionary armed struggle of the past. It is a revolution that will bury the capitalist system and all other systems of exploitation once and for all.”

What these guys want is that socialist relations of production are not taken into practice until after the socialist revolution occurs, that things happen spontaneously by mere evolutionism, and they try to deny the dictatorship of the proletariat and oppose proletarian revolution. But Chairman Mao strongly refutes this pernicious theory of revisionism:
“True, the productive forces, practice and the economic base generally play the principal and decisive role; whoever denies this is not a materialist. But it must also be admitted that in certain conditions, such aspects as the relations of production, theory and the superstructure in turn manifest themselves in the principal and decisive role. “ (Chairman Mao Tse-tung, On Contradiction)

It is not the case that we are going to wait for the productive forces to develop fully to be able, when taking power, to make the relations of production begin to disappear and to solve the problem of property, and from that point strongly drive forward the development of productive forces. What they want is for capitalism to be left alive and that our countries are converted into a bureaucratic capitalism, or that this is deepened, thus betraying the purpose of the democratic revolution of new type that is to go over to the dictatorship of the proletariat and the construction of socialism. And in this way, some of these guys want their decadent culture to prevail and present themselves as standard-bearers of bourgeois democracy and all its different sorts of deformation, and that they will teach our people to live in democracy. May they first go and fight against imperialism in their own countries, and learn and apply Maoism in politics and daily life to destroy imperialism that subjects our people to exploitation and misery and in this way they will no longer need to give their leftover crumbs through their bourgeois welfare programs. The women´s and the peoples´ rights are conquered along with the construction of the new power. On the contrary, before wanting to teach they must first learn, may they learn from Chairman Mao who told us: “The struggle of the proletariat and the revolutionary people to change the world comprises the fulfilment of the following tasks: to change the objective world and, at the same time, their own subjective world‹to change their cognitive ability and change the relations between the subjective and the objective world” In concrete with Marx: transforming the world to transform oneself and that is now, not when communism shines on the face of the earth.

Then we will be able to support or participate actively in a revolution, the revolutionaries and communists are the ones who are able to give their lives for a cause and that cause is the central motive in their lives, everything is subordinate to it, nothing is higher than it, it is even at the top of their table of axiological values, and therefore even our feelings are based on it, our feelings throb not for our individual issues but are united with our cause. Unlike those who say "but how could my children participate in the people's war, let the other comrades’ children take part, but not mine." Even in the name we choose for our children we can take a class position. The point is that for some first and foremost is their own individual and after that the revolution, the Party, communism. We reaffirm ourselves in giving life for the PARTY AND THE REVOLUTION, WITH PEOPLE´S WAR UNTIL COMMUNISM.

“The history of all revolutions has proven that it is not necessary to first have fully developed the productive forces in order to be able to transform the  old relations of production. The Chinese revolution started with the spreading of Marxism. Thanks to this spreading, a new public opinion was born, thus facilitating the revolution. It is necessary to first of all destroy the old superstructure for the revolution, so that the old relations of production can be abolished. It is after the elimination of these that one can create new relations of production, opening a road to develop the productive forces of the new society. Only after that can one develop a great technological revolution to vigorously develop the productive forces, while at the same time continuing the transformation of the relations of production and the ideologies.” (Chairman Mao Tsetung)


Peru People’s Movement
August 2011


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