Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


I reaffirm my commitment
To our revolution, to the world revolution with this blood of our people, of our brave combatants, with the blood of our communist comrades that runs like a flood demolishing the old and creating the new.
Never again will I see their faces, their smiles, but all this lives inside my heart and I will be the bearer of their ideals.
That are my ideals, that are the ideals of our people.
I will follow their examples, of struggling for our people, serving the people wholeheartedly without any personal motive.
With no personal interest whatsoever.

(A combatant of the PLA and prisoner of war in El Fronton)

Today, on this day of heroism, we give tribute to our fallen heroes in the shining trenches of combat El Frontón, Lurigancho and el Callao, that give us their example in that the revolution is not a game that you play, but that it is made in the midst of a long and winding road, but we have a conviction and a commitment to fulfill before our people, the Party and the revolution. We continue to fight, struggling until communism, and as Chairman Gonzalo said about these heroes of the Party: “the prisoners of war, as historical personage, continue to win battles beyond death; since they live and fight in us conquering new victories; we feel their strong and indelible presence throbbing and shining, teaching us today, tomorrow and forever to give life for the Party and the revolution”.

We advance in struggle to the death against imperialism, reaction and revisionism. We crush and condemn all capitulation: nothing justifies capitulation!

We always start from our condition as communists, from what the people’s war has made of us; we are combatants for communism, this is what we are, the forge of the people’s war has tempered us, to confront imperialism and reaction, struggle against the revisionists: may the miserable ones run away, those who have never had any class feeling, the renegades. May the reaction and the capitulators do whatever they do, the people’s war advances over their heads.

So we express on this day our renewed commitments to give life for the Party and the revolution, serving the world revolution; to continue to give all of ourselves to carry forward the campaign “Apply Maoism and crush revisionism!” and continue the crushing of all the petty groups of capitulators, deformed and renegates, and of all those who want to bring bourgeois and petty bourgeois ideology into our ranks, with the deification of the individual, their careerism and their petty and miserable personal interests; trying to spread and organize around said ideology, foreign to ours, and supposedly to make us adapt to, or even assimilate, the way of the imperialist countries, so that the masses do not leave us, or to avoid the capitulation of some miserable ones, renegades, intrigators, traitors and conspirers, who have no other way but to dedicate themselves to undermine and always talk behind the back of the Party before the masses; as the capitulators they are, they lack the courage to confront their own misery. All they have left is the road of denunciation or to worsen their degeneration.

We reaffirm ourselves in our full subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, the Party, the CC and the whole system of Party leadership, and express our full confidence in it. We express once again our full subjection and we are ready and willing to crush the individual as Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, and we do it unconditionally, consciously and voluntarily.

Strive for proletarian internationalism to be expressed, bearing in mind that the people’s war is led by a Communist Party of a new type, and therefore it is developed with ideological, political and economic independence, and with the support of the masses, of the class, that give everything with absolutely no personal interest, this is fundamental and decisive, and that the Party’s maintenance and support take place in Peru.
“So, basing ourselves on these criteria, we have solved the problem and we continue to solve it basing ourselves on the masses: they are the masses of our people, it is the proletariat, our class, because this is our class, we owe it and we serve it, it is our peasants, principally poor peasants, it is the intellectuals, the petty bourgeoisie, the advanced ones, the revolutionaries, those who want the radical transformation, the revolution in one word, those who support the Party, principally the peasantry and the proletariat, those are the ones that support. And furthermore, it is principally the poor peasantry that takes a crust of bread from their own mouth to give us, that gives us a piece of their blanket, that gives us a small place in their shack, they are the ones that sustain us, support us and give us even their own blood, like the proletariat does, like the intellectuals do; that is how we are developing. We base ourselves on this.” (Interview with Chairman Gonzalo, PCP – Central Committee, 1988).

And nonetheless, the international support is necessary and we strive unfalteringly to fulfill our commitments.

We struggle against every form of coercion, blackmail and putting conditions of the much preached bourgeois philanthropy that give charity because of compassion or bourgeois “solidarity”, to be at peace with their conscience, if not to impose or infiltrate with their own ideology, their own values, or trying to contribute in order to gain personal advantages, or “if things are done the way I say, want or think is better for me”. We condemn every intention to coerce the Party or give a supposed conditional support, to traffic with the people’s war. We are an apparatus in charge of the work abroad and everything is done in a centralized manner, everything else is pure fairytale and personal trafficking, trying to satisfy ones personal desires or sick ambitions. To paint oneself red or call oneself red, before one’s close and loved ones. They want to live with one foot in the old and one in the new, they want to live and coexist with those who maintain their rottenness and say that they are with us, but in reality they have their mind and heart in the old state, because they want to live off it, in it, and for it. “If the revolution adapts itself to me, to my boundless ego”, then I am in the front row. To these miserable ones we say: NO! We are for a support with full class consciousness. They do not represent us nor are they our supporters in any way, not ideologically, politically and even less so organizationally. It is enough to see their behavior and way of thinking and living. Instead of carrying red banners, they should carry black banners as a symbol of their treason to the people of Peru and the peoples of the world. They live a double life: a quarter of an hour shouting slogans and the rest of their life within the old, thinking, living, spreading, uniting themselves with the old and with those who can give them more ideas about the old and how to enjoy it more. “Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are” says an old saying. So, that is how easily they fill their mouths with party work and live in licentiousness. They want the new in words, and then they come home and live as the old society wants. They are the walking contradiction; they live agitating for the revolution at the top of their lungs with one foot on the outside. That is up to them, but we do not accept that they want to traffic with the Peruvian revolution; all our ranks are disciplined and subject firmly to the system of Party leadership, from the highest leader to the most humble member of the masses. We reject, denounce and condemn these individuals, their way of being and acting. Therefore, they are already known since long ago and they do not represent our Party.  If some of these individuals think of repeating what the miserable LAB did, with his interview, or trafficking with interviews in the trenches or supposed investigations a la Avakian, the Party will know to welcome them, with sufficient gunshots.

Therefore the Party has mass character, but it is not a mass party; the much talked about mass party is nothing but an expression, once more, of rotten revisionist positions; these are the parties of followers, of officials, these organizational machines. Our Party is a Party of militants, of leaders, a war machine, a Party with mass character, just like Lenin himself demanded.

On this Day of Heroism we once again call the Parties and organizations of the RIM, as well as all the communists and revolutionaries that work outside the RIM, to take their responsibility in the defense of the Great Leadership of the Peruvian revolution, as well as of the political prisoners and prisoners of war of our class in the whole world. This necessarily means rejecting and condemning the position taken by the CoRIM, the RCP and others who “…said that ‘we would have to investigate’; then, in 1995 they said ‘…that Gonzalo could be behind the letters’ and then abandoned the campaign to Defend Chairman Gonzalo’s life” (PCP-CC, May 2011). It necessarily means rejecting the miserable rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, the whole imperialist plan of “peace accords” and all capitulation; and developing the main form of defending our comrades that are in the class enemy’s hands: to initiate and develop people’s war in every country.


Peru People’s Movement
19th of June, 2011


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