Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


On the 7th of this month a political declaration was made to the CNN by the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Garcia in his position as President of Peru, saying that the United States may install troops in the country if it so wishes. Furthermore, the head of state demanded that the White House provide more funds in order to fight drug trafficking in Peru. He said: “When it comes to questions that are human or universal, I do not talk about sovereignty and patriotism; i.e. if the Americans would like to send troops for training, as they have helicopters and satellite- and communications instructors here, they are welcome”.

Afterwards, the President gave a communiqué where he tried to explain what he had said: “Drug traffic is a crime without borders and with serious social consequences, and the U.S. and other nations could collaborate technically and militarily with the country as long as they are under Peruvian command.”

We condemn, reject and repudiate this declaration of this arch-reactionary lackey of yankee-imperialism, who calls for the direct intervention and aggression of yankee imperialism, which they have already been carrying out against our country for a long time. With Fujimori’s “self-coup” (April 5th, 1992), yankee imperialism, through the CIA, started to directly lead their “low intensity war” against the people’s war led by the PCP. A direct intervention and aggression that has been increasing since then as a secret war under the pretext of “war on drugs”, with troops, helicopters, satellites, military bases etc. – as the lackey Garcia himself admits in this declaration.

But then why do they publish this political declaration now, in favor of yankee imperialism’s intervention, although they try to sweeten the pill by calling it “collaboration” afterwards?

1. Because their imperialist master has ordered them to say what Garcia has said, because they are increasing their intervention in the Andes region and in Peru. And they need the permission of the country’s authorities, in accordance with international right, to carry out their raids, especially when they are killing innocent civilians. Thus, Obama’s advisors have told him “that they be a contracting party of the country’s legal authority, on which the actions of the expanding yankee special forces are based” (to be increased from 60 countries at the end of last year to 75 countries in 2011), against the Report of the United Nations from the first week of June this year, that questioned the government’s authority to carry out such actions in Pakistan.

This shameless declaration is thus the legal justification that yankee imperialism needs to increase their aggression against our country. They have planned to increase the use of their special forces against the people’s war of resistance led by the PCP against their aggression in Peru. Thus, the lackey Garcia is serving the greater imperialist genocide against our people. As we have denounced in our previous pronouncement, the government of the genocidal Obama, through their State Department in July this year, has offered a reward of 5 million dollars for information that leads to the capture of those that they point out as the leaders of the Communist Party of Peru.

About the drug-traffic or “narco-terrorism”, it is “imperialism’s weapon to recover moral superiority”, that guides the yankee politics – but what they do with their intervention is make the drug traffic flourish even more, as we can see during the nine years of imperialist intervention in Afganistan, where the opium flourishes like never before. We do not have to look that far away; in our country, after decades of applying the “anti-drug treaty” and imperialist “help” and intervention, far from diminishing, the drug traffic has grown in Peru. Where are they aiming, Garcia and all those who for years have applied their arch-reactionary campaign of accusing and calling the people’s war “narco-terrorism”? Simply and plainly to promote and support the intervention and aggression of yankee imperialism, serving and defending its interests, as well as those of the Peruvian reaction. Only by putting an end to imperialism can we put an end to all their vices, like drug traffic. Developing the democratic revolution with people’s war of resistance against yankee imperialism, the PCP is building the new, the new power, step by step sweeping away the old state along with all its vices, all part of the old society, like drug traffic.

About their “clarification” saying that these yankee troops “are under Peruvian command”, are only lackey words that count for nothing; since everyone knows that everywhere the activities of the Special Operations Forces, like those of any other military or police force of yankee imperialism, are coordinated with the ambassador of the U.S. and are under the operational control of the four star regional commander, who in turn is subjected to the Central Command, the yankee CENTCOM.

2. Because this fascist, genocidal and country-selling Garcia needs to promote the greater intervention and aggression of yankee imperialism, serving and defending its interests as well as those of the Peruvian reaction, in order to try to throw a powerful blow against the PCP before the presidential elections of 2011. Because he has failed in his third reactionary task, that of annihilating the people’s war, because his so-called “Plan VRAE” has failed again before the powerful blows of the people’s war and the struggle of the masses of the people; and because he fears, with good reason, that the PCP conquers new victories in the application of its boycott campaign against their municipal and regional elections “ad portas” and the general elections of next year.
On August 26th, Garcia declared that the police needs the support of the armed forces, and that they can collaborate because “national defense is spiritual defense and the security of the population”. Garcia pointed out that when big raids are needed to make the criminal spirit back down, to frighten it, one needs the “backing and support of the armed forces”. In this way, he tries to create public opinion for the broad use of the armed forces in the domestic repression under the pretext of fighting crime. Afterwards, the Garcia government has passed a series of legal decrees, some of which are to favor the legal immunity for war crimes committed by the armed forces and police forces in the counterrevolutionary war against the people’s war and in the repression against the mass protests; decrees that some “critics” have denounced as “a law of covert amnesty” for the civilian and military perpetrators of genocide, like Garcia himself, his vice President Gampietri, Montesinos, Fujimori, the “Colina” group etc; but they do not point out that this is mainly for the immunity of the authors of the new ongoing genocide. So, Garcia’s political declaration, inviting the military intervention of yankee imperialism, and the legal decrees like that of the “covert amnesty” as well as other legal decrees and measures that they are approving and applying, like the repression (in Ayacucho and other places) of the leaders of the masses of workers, peasants, neighborhoods, students in universities and high schools, even “ronderos” – are all closely linked to their political declaration for the “legal justification” of the greater military intervention of yankee imperialism. It is at the same time a part of creating public opinion, legal basis and preparation for more genocide against our people.

We also denounce and condemn that imperialism, along with their genocidal plan, promotes their “peace accords” politics and give a role to the “insurgent movements” as long as they accept the capitulation and renounce the violence, and incorporate themselves into “democracy”. As part of this plan – within the current juncture of elections until 2011 – the enemy is making propaganda for capitulation and the enrollment of the traitor rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL). Their participation in the elections. With their services, the reaction has new hoaxes prepared against the PCP and its Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo. Therefore, no one must let themselves be taken by surprise! During this whole year, the Peruvian government and reaction, through all their media, are inflating the ROL, making propaganda for their march in the University of San Marcos; with the raid, widely covered by the media, in the woman’s prison of Chorrillos, they have staged the hoax of “Gonzalo’s marriage to Miriam”, to present her as the Chairman’s successor.

Link this to the 5 million dollar award of the USA against leaders of the PCP, which they say is for drug trafficking, while they realize the operation with night helicopters and the repression against the masses in Ayacucho. All this shows that the reaction and imperialism are determined to strike against the PCP, against the Support Bases and People’s Committees and against the masses that defend them, before the presidential elections of 2011.

We denounce the rats of the ROL, who as always serve this genocidal plan of imperialism and the Peruvian reaction. The drove of revisionists sell themselves cheaper every time, and they will do the same with the new government of the landlord-bureaucratic state in the service of imperialism after the elections of 2011 – because these rats only want to save their dirty revisionist skin. Therefore we have to elevate the campaign to defend the life of the Chairman. The head of the rats, Miriam, and the other rats of the ROL have put forward that the Chairman has already fulfilled his role; that they are a “new fraction” for this “new stage”, thus preparing the conditions for murdering Chairman Gonzalo. The rats of the ROL behave according to the necessity of the old state and become the tail of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie in their elections and in their need to annihilate the people’s war.

To conclude, we denounce the greater military intervention and aggression of yankee imperialism, its lackey Garcia, his government, ministers, parliament, legal organizations, political parties, revisionists of all kinds and all those who do not denounce, reject and condemn this intervention and aggression – and we call all the sons and daughters of our people to unite in order to fight against it.
We call all the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations of the world to drive forward the anti-imperialist campaign Yankees Go Home!

We elevate our promise, our salute, and express our subjection once more to the PCP, to its Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, its Central Committee, for its permanent effort and success in uniting the Peruvian people, in its great majority based on the worker-peasant alliance, mobilizing decisively the masses to develop the democratic revolution as a people’s war of resistance against yankee imperialism, upholding even more Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, rejecting and combating capitulation and revisionism, the rats of the ROL; persisting in continuing to fight every day, stubbornly and firmly for the conquest of power in the whole country as part of the world proletarian revolution, to which we are more tied than ever for the unstoppable cause of communism; and striking accurately and powerfully against the enemy whoever it may be, and even more so against yankee imperialism itself.

We salute all the struggles of national liberation that are being developed today in the world as part of the development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution.

Yankees Go Home!
We demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, live and direct, and that he may make a pronouncement!

Peru People’s Movement
September, 2010


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