Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!

1st OF MAY, 2010:

The First of May is our day, the day when this immense legion that is the international proletariat marches in the whole world. Our class represents the new in this world. We are the progress, the renewal and the living promise of a world without exploitation and oppression. The masters of capital and land incessantly proclaim their supposed victory and the installation of the eternal era of their kingdom – thus exceeding the arrogance of the German fascists, who were modest in comparison when they declared theirs to be a thousand year kingdom. But this “end of history” is a tale, a fantasy that isn’t based on anything but the feverish dreams of a dying monster. Just like the thousand year kingdom of the fascists did not last more than a few years before it was crushed by the international proletariat and the peoples of the world led by Communism, this “victory” of the imperialists is passing, and today we can see how they are falling apart, while we are advancing. What has fallen is not socialism or communism, but the revisionist treason, the charlatanism of those who, in name of our class, its ideology and its party, acted in the service of the old, for their own interests. That this social crust – revisionism – went bankrupt is a good thing because it leaves room for more clarity. When we march today, we do it with the red banner with the hammer and sickle raised high, full of optimism and conviction of the justness of our cause and its inevitable triumph. The old can never prevail against the new. Imperialism, along with its revisionist and reactionary henchmen, belong to history’s garbage heap. The future belongs to us.

We can all feel the world crisis of the imperialist system in our very flesh. This crisis was not generated by the irresponsible attitude of a few, and even less by the working class or the peoples, but this crisis is one of these overproduction crises that are inherent to the system itself. But they force us to carry the crisis on our backs, particularly the oppressed peoples. Every illusion about imperialism bringing development and prosperity to the great masses, has been crushed once again by the overwhelming reality of more hunger and misery all over the world. Even in the United States itself, this alleged world gendarme and sole hegemonic superpower, there are millions of people who don’t even have enough to eat. In Europe the situation, like in the Baltic countries and Greece, is that the states are in fact bankrupt – they have to subject their economies to the dictates of the greater powers – and are demolishing what used to be the supposed “social security”; in Spain there are already 4 million unemployed, according to official numbers, and there is not one country on the old continent where the living conditions of the masses of the people have not deteriorated drastically. And, if things in the oppressed nations were bad before, now they are worse. In the oppressing countries the crisis of the imperialist system is increasing the ranks of the proletariat, whose precarious situation gets worse by the day. Imperialism’s answer to the crisis is more wars of aggression, more repression, more reaction. They throw themselves like wild beasts against the peoples and the oppressed nations, committing genocide after genocide – Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. Everywhere they try to drown the people’s resistance in blood. In their fight for world hegemony they use local reactionaries as puppets, generating genocides like in Congo, and organize coups like in Honduras and other places. Unfortunately for the imperialists and their lackeys of every kind, all this, the crisis and the imperialist aggression, accentuates, sharpens and strengthens the historical tendency that the countries want their independence, the nations want their emancipation and the peoples want revolution. In other words, the revolution expresses itself more and more as the principal tendency in the world.

Our principal problem as an international class is the lack of organized vanguards, without which we cannot confront, defeat and bury imperialism. We lack Communist Parties in many countries.
Our duty is to struggle for the reconstitution of such Parties, as well as to strengthen and develop those that already exist. In this, the key question is to grasp our ideology as the living force it is; not as a dead formula, nor as a caricature bred by intellectualoids who dream of being great theoreticians, but as it has been developed in the theory and practice of more than 160 years of struggle of the communists. That means to grasp Marxism in its current development phase, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, understanding Maoism as the main because it is the new, third and higher stage of the ideology of the international proletariat. Maoism is the ideology that daily confirms its validity in the powerful people’s war in Peru, in India and the Philippines as well as the armed struggles in Turkey, Bangladesh and other places. These people’s wars are irrefutable, material and concrete proof – whatever the revisionists may say – that the world proletarian revolution advances, that Marxism is vigorous and that we have a brilliant future. The people’s war in Peru is the one that opened the road; it is with the Communist Party of Peru, the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, with his thought, persisting in the people’s war, that we have a correct application of Maoism that allows us to maintain the course until Communism.

The revolutionary war in India advances forcefully and makes its impact known in the world more and more. It shows that the more you embody Maoism, the more you advance. Thus, Maoism is the banner of those who fight, the red banner with the hammer and sickle to lead the democratic, the socialist and the cultural revolutions until communism. Therefore, we Maoists reject the “peace accords” and the supposed “national reconciliation” that imperialism tries to impose in those places where the people have risen in armed rebellion. Therefore, we Maoists reject parliamentary cretinism that for a long time has only served to divert the revolutionary struggle. Therefore, we Maoists reject the bosses of the “left”, like the clown Chavez, who have not made and will not make revolution, who theatrically oppose some imperialists just to gang up with others. We Maoists are for the world proletarian revolution, we are not for any half measures; we are the followers of the world people’s war.

In this way the Peru People’s Movement, generated organization of the PCP for the Party world abroad, salutes our class with revolutionary fervour, our class the international proletariat, knowing that this class will bury imperialism and that communism will triumph.


Peru People’s Movement
May 2010


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