Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


Dear comrades and friends,

Very unfortunately it was not possible for us to attend your very timely and important meeting, but we send you this message as an expression of our deep felt solidarity and agreement with your aims and purpose.

As a generated organisation of the Communist party of Peru we are aware of the situation the People of India are facing; hence, our two countries, even with all their differences, are when it comes to the most essential questions very much alike.
We salute the decision of the Maoists in India to advance on the road of people's war, which necessarily means realizing new power, rejecting parliamentary cretinism and the imperialist plan of "peace accords", applying Maoism to the concrete conditions of the Indian revolution.
In both India and Peru our peoples are struggling with arms in hand, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Both countries are ruled by bureaucratic capitalist and landlord regimes subjected to US-imperialism. In both countries the people vigorously and vibrantly stands up in the grand struggle for its own emancipation as a part of the struggle for the emancipation of all of humankind. And as a result, the ruling classes and their goons have started a crusade of genocide against the labouring masses.

In our country today this crusade has taken the shape of a US-led military offensive against the main revolutionary Support Bases, and the reactionaries have even contracted an Israeli mercenary (Brigadier General B. Ziv) to plot an even more extensive genocide against the masses of the New Power. Today, the peoples war in Peru is developing as a  war of national resistance against Yankee imperialism. Very likely a similar plan of imperialism is what is being brought about in India, all the issues you raise in your call point in that same direction.
We know that it will come to huge bloodshed, the exploiters and oppressors of the people will never give up their power voluntarily, but already since the days of Marx we know that a powerful revolution must bring about and defeat a powerful counterrevolution. The Indian revolution and the people of India are truly powerful and we are sure that they will defeat the reactionaries. In doing so, they should always feel assured that they can count on the support by the Peruvian revolution and the people of Peru who wage the peoples war against the same enemies.

From our own experience we know very well that in moments when the draconian repression hits the ranks of the people there will always be those who desert and even turncoats. The reactionaries will use revisionists and infiltrators as well as all kinds of hoaxes and deceit so as to spread defeatism. We must be vigilant and know that the more the reactionaries talk about “peace accords”, the more they plan genocide.

Finally, we wish you all success with the Convention.

It is right to rebel!
Utterly defeat the war of the Indian reactionaries on the people!
Long live the unity in the struggle of the Indian and Peruvian peoples!
Peoples of the World unite and defeat US-imperialism and all its running dogs!
Down with revisionism! Impose Maoism!

Peru Peoples Movement (MPP)
December 2nd 2009


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