Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!

MAY 1st 2009:

The Peru People’s Movement [MPP], generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru, solemnly salutes the international proletariat on this 1st of May; as an organization of the Peruvian proletariat we direct our warmest revolutionary, communist greetings to all the heroic fighters of the working class and the oppressed peoples around the world - today more than ever we see how the masses in every country release their class hatred against the imperialist bloodsuckers and their genocide, exploitation and oppression.  Likewise, the MPP, along with the Party and all its organizations, reaffirms itself in our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, in the universal ideology of our class, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and its creative application to our revolution, Gonzalo thought. It furthermore reaffirms itself in the whole system of Party leadership, and firmly closes ranks with the comrade who leads the whole Party. The ridiculous hoaxes that the enemy tries to spread, and the greater direct intervention of Yankee forces in Peru, only confirm the undeniable truth, that they are filled with panic because the Party continues, without ever wavering, to develop our victorious people’s war under Chairman Gonzalo’s Great Leadership, applying Gonzalo thought and upholding our principles; that the command never dies, that once the banner is hoisted it will never be lowered, and our battle cry People’s War Until Communism!


Ever since the very beginning of the proletarian movement, ever since the time of our founder Marx, there has been the struggle between, on one hand, the communists, the firm proletarian revolutionaries who apply our scientific ideology in carrying out the revolution, without ever bargaining with the interests of the class and the people and without ever putting their trust in the lies of the exploiters – and, on the other hand, those who claim to represent the working class, but do not miss a chance to spread the enemy’s lies and hopelessly try to divert or halt the revolution. While those who uphold the proletarian line have fought shoulder to shoulder with the masses, leading them in revolution, these others, the revisionists and opportunists, have insisted and insisted again that “the masses do not want revolution”, that “the conditions have changed”, that “the enemy is too strong” and thus that we should throw aside all the scientific truths of Marxism, sell out our principles and go for “elections”, “peace accords” etc. In short, while the Marxists, today the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, have complete and unfaltering faith in the masses and thus know that the future is bright but the road is sinuous; the revisionists and opportunists only have faith in the old rotten banners of the bourgeoisie, in the systematic lies of the imperialists, and thus they see no future but their own petty posts as parasites within the imperialist system. It is not strange then, that they keep calling for “peace” – because the peace they want to force upon the masses is the peace of the cemeteries, a peace under the bayonets of imperialism.
For those who are not blinded by such subservience to the ruling classes, the situation in the world is quite clear. Today more than ever, the truths of Marxism are being confirmed every day: imperialism is sinking deeper and deeper in its general and final crisis – the current financial crisis takes place within this death struggle – and the overwhelming majority of the world population, i.e. the proletariat and the oppressed peoples, are taking up arms in violent rebellion against this decrepit system not only in the oppressed countries, but in the imperialist countries as well. Even bourgeois economists admit that the imperialist world economy is in a general crisis since around 1970, and that the last few years are the worst until now. The sole hegemonic superpower, Yankee imperialism, with its new head Obama, tries desperately to save itself with some economic measures, and realizes that this crisis is the main threat to its “national security”; while failing utterly in Iraq and while preparing more genocide in Afghanistan and other countries, including Peru, they have had to send back more than 4000 soldiers to the U.S. because they fear massive violent uprising in their own country. Meanwhile, they have to manage the collusion and contention with the other imperialist powers that struggle for world domination.

In every part of the world, Yankee imperialism, as well as the other imperialist powers, is going from defeat to defeat, facing the unstoppable rage of the masses. With their whole high-tech war machinery and all their psychological warfare, they are powerless before the armed struggles of national resistance against the imperialist aggression, and thus they are failing miserably in Iraq, in Palestine and in Afghanistan as well as in other countries – all this thanks to the heroic struggle of the masses of these countries, and in spite of the class limitations of their leadership. To try to confront the world revolution, imperialism applies genocide against the unarmed masses and the most brutal repression, while at the same time relying on so-called “left-wing” governments to divert the revolution and applying their plan of “peace accords” around the world.



So, where are the “changed conditions” that supposedly have made the truths of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tsetung “outdated”? Where are the objective facts? The fact is that the fundamental contradictions and the character and agony of imperialism have not changed. What must be done is to apply our universal ideology to the concrete conditions of today and in each country, in order for the proletariat to lead the masses in people’s war. The international communist movement, and within this The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), must crush and sweep away the revisionist positions that so clearly converge with the plans of imperialism – and this can only be done in ruthless two line struggle; not by splitting and not by simply forming new organizations. As an organization of the Peruvian proletariat, it is our duty to uphold the people’s war in Peru as an example to follow and to share all the experience of the Communist Party of Peru in order to serve the world revolution.

Today, our people’s war is facing the intensified direct intervention of Yankee imperialist forces in our country, and has crushed every single one of their military campaigns (“Excelencia I” and “Excelencia II”). Applying what Chairman Gonzalo established concerning the development of the democratic revolution, the Party calls us to put all our forces in tension to develop the people’s war of resistance against Yankee imperialism. The enemy is in a state of panic, because the Party maintains its principles and relies on its defined and militarized Central Committee, closing ranks around the comrade that leads the whole Party, always under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo. They are terrified because the Party is mobilizing the masses, like now in Apurimac. The red banner flies defiantly in the revolutionary Support Bases, in the People’s Committees, and the People’s Liberation Army is destroying the enemy forces in glorious actions, like on the 9th of April when a great number of soldiers from the genocidal armed forces were annihilated in Ayacucho, just to mention one of the recent actions that have been made public.

The Peruvian reaction tries to face all this while they find themselves in deep economic crisis and all their factions are fighting for posts in the coming elections. Under the direct control of the Yankee CIA, they continue to resort to their “low-intensity war”, and use their specialized unit for psychological warfare in Vizcatán to spread new versions of their old “peace accords”-hoax in order to try to confuse the masses. They use their whole staff of revisionist traitors and the rats of the ROL in Peru and their errand boys abroad to spread false Party documents, monstrosities aiming at their dreams of destroying the leadership of the revolution.

Why have they not been able to crush the people’s war in Peru? Because the Communist Party of Peru maintains the principles of our ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, and applies it to the conditions of our revolution. That is, the conditions of an oppressed nation in the third world, where bureaucratic capitalism develops, completely chained to the economy of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism. Therefore, a revolution of new democracy must be carried out with people’s war under the leadership of the proletariat through its Communist Party, because this is the only way to achieve true national liberation. As our Party established in ’78:
“…the expansion of bureaucratic capitalism is the continuation of the capitalist process already pointed out by Mariategui: a capitalism subject to the domination of Yankee imperialism, and linked to feudalism. It is this process and expansion (profundizacion) that have generated the current crisis Peruvian society is going through, which is aggravated by the world crisis.
The crisis, in essence, is the result of the expansion of the capitalist development in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country. It is not the result of the destruction of semifeudalism but of its evolution, and it is not the result of freeing the country from imperialist domination, mainly Yankee, but the development of semi-colonialism. Therefore, after three years of economic measures aimed at ending the crisis, we now see ourselves in the midst of a deep crisis whose end is not foreseen or expected in 1980.” (Against constitutional illusions, for the state of new democracy! – CC –PCP 1978)
This, of course, is valid for all the oppressed nations in the third world. Today, the peoples of the world, and mainly in the oppressed countries, are paying for the crisis of imperialism, and the problem will not be solved by any so-called “left-wing” governments that try to revive their bureaucrat capitalism, like those of the fascist Chavez or Morales, nor by any “peace accords” or any “coalition governments” with the reaction – it will only be solved when the proletariat in each country assumes their role and leads the people in people’s war through their militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party.
These are the objective facts: revolution is the main political and historical tendency, and a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution is developing, while imperialism is dying, fighting for its life in its general and final crisis. What we see is a revolutionary situation throughout the world in uneven development; a further sharpening of the principal contradiction between imperialism and the masses of the oppressed countries as well as between proletariat and bourgeoisie, which is principal in the imperialist countries. We see it in the armed struggles for national liberation in Iraq or in Palestine, in the heroic armed struggles of the comrades in India and other places, and we see it in the streets of the imperialist countries themselves: the peoples of the world know the rottenness of this system, and they have had enough! They are calling for leadership in the revolution, and it is up to the communists to assume their responsibility.


Peru People’s Movement
May 1st, 2009


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