Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!



The Peru People’s Movement, generated organization for the Party work abroad, denounces, rejects and crushes the new reactionary hoax of the monstrous text that the reaction is circulating since the application of their “Plan Excellency” and that they are now broadcasting widely on Radio, TV, Internet and in print. They are spreading it like they have never spread anything before; they have put it up in the universities, they have distributed it as leaflets with helicopters, they have distributed it in Lima, Ayacucho, Huallaga, Trujillo, Tacna, etc., exactly where there were going to be mass mobilizations. Therefore, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, after having crushed and condemned this new reactionary hoax, and ruthlessly blown it to pieces, warns us and tells us to be very vigilant, and says: “it is like when the hoax of the ‘peace accords’ (PA) came out”.

In short, the reaction has put out a monstrous text, where they put forward “People’s War” without Chairman Gonzalo, without the Party, without its militarized Central Committee; where they throw dirt at our Great Leadership; distorting Party documents, as they have been doing continuously and repeatedly since the appearance of the counterrevolutionary hoax of the “PA” of Fujimori-Montesinos-CIA with the rats of the ROL. Facing this new reactionary hoax of psychological war propaganda, as part of their counterrevolutionary “low-intensity” led by Yankee imperialism against our people’s war, the MPP reaffirms itself in its full and unconditional subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the Revolution, to our all-powerful ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, to the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and its whole system of leadership, to the Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the Permanent Committee, and to the comrade that leads the whole Party.

The MPP salutes and rejoices at the advance of the PCP when it comes to Party leadership, and announces to the world: that the Party today has a militarized leadership, a militarized Central Committee and is carrying out a readjustment of the structure from top to bottom. We base ourselves on the collective leadership and in the one-person leadership and consider the role of the leaders and how the leadership of the revolution, through the people’s war, in the midst of the renewal of the leadership, is being solidified and forged. We maintain the principle that the command never dies.

The whole Central Committee is in the countryside, since in our people’s war the countryside is the principal arena for the actions, and the cities are a necessary complement. It is the development of the road of encircling the cities from the countryside, and its marrow the Support Base. So, to grasp the importance of this great conquest of the Party - its greater militarization, that this necessarily implies a process of struggle between the old and the new in order for it to develop more, that the war is the highest form for solving the contradictions, since it empowers people’s ability to find solutions - we must understand that it is only by developing the war more, that we have been able to have a militarized Central Committee. It is with the militarization of the Party that the people’s war is initiated and is developed. It is the principal form of struggle, so that all the members have to be militarized; thus, taking the Party as the axis of everything, build the army around it and, organizing the masses in people’s war, build the new state. The PCP contributes with its experience of concrete application of Maoism, which is universally valid, to the demand and necessity that the Communist Parties of the world militarize themselves.

The Party is developing, with people’s war, the revolution as democratic revolution of national resistance against imperialism, mainly Yankee, showing how the imperialist intervention must be confronted, rejecting and blowing into a thousand pieces imperialism’s plan of “peace accords” (part of its wars of aggression and of greater genocide against the peoples of the world, as we see these days in Palestine). Developing the people’s war against Yankee imperialism, the PCP has crushed the “Excellency” campaign, defeating this Yankee campaign of encirclement and annihilation, of intervention against the people’s war. Therefore, the fascist, genocidal and country-selling García, president of the old state, is having new laws approved that give “carte blanche” to the continuous arrival of more troops, arms and teams from Yankee imperialism for its greater aggression, always under the outlines of “New Horizons”.

In this way, the Party, firmly united under the leadership of the militarized Central Committee, is defeating with people’s war the plans of greater Yankee imperialist aggression, showing advance in the strategic centralization. With the participation of all the Committees aligned and pulled by the Principal Regional Committee, the Party is leading the People’s Liberation Army, and with the masses risen in arms, is defeating the enemy troops; officials and troops with tasks from Yankee imperialism, led by the Southern Command; its auxiliary forces, its forced mesnadas - the “Self-defence Committees”, its air and land bombardments, the ongoing genocide, its Yankee elite forces and its Peruvian lackeys.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!
Long live the militarized Central Committee of the PCP!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the invincible people’s war!
Long live the democratic revolution of national resistance against imperialism, mainly Yankee!
Honor and glory to the Peruvian proletariat and people!

Peru People’s Movement
January 2009


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