Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!


Today, we communists and revolutionaries of the Earth celebrate the 115th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao Tsetung, who raised our ideology to the third, new and superior stage, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. In the present it falls to the communists to uphold, defend and apply Maoism on all continents and in all countries. We reaffirm ourselves in that we are moving in the strategic offensive of the world revolution and that the Peruvian revolution is part of the world revolution and serves, developing people’s war, the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, crushing the sinister general counterrevolutionary offensive headed by Yankee imperialism. We reiterate the firm promise of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) to apply proletarian internationalism, and continue progressing as a faction inside the International Communist Movement.

We also reaffirm ourselves in what was pointed out by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru (CC-PCP) in the document of December 2007: “MAY MAOISM ASSUME COMMAND OF THE NEW GREAT WAVE OF THE WORLD REVOLUTION!”, that the fundamental aspect of Maoism is the question of Power. Starting from that, we want to make it clear that in the world there are two applications of Maoism, two courses. One serves constructing the new with people’s war and the other sustains the old, exchanging everything for “peace”.


War continues to be the main means of imposing and contending for hegemony and subjugation, says Marxist theory, and the practice confirms it. Thus, on the side of the reaction, the same contenders of the 1st and 2nd World Wars are generating the third world war; and on the side of the revolution, the peoples are not consenting, they are generating a new great wave of the world revolution and Maoism, generating Communist Parties, with people’s war, is marching ahead to lead it. Today the conditions are much better and the struggle extends across all countries from Peru to India; the struggle of the proletariat and the people of Greece, with big repercussions in different countries (above all in Europe) is a great example of what is already happening. It is right to rebel!

Today the imperialists themselves are saying: Fukuyama was wrong, the development of the markets has not brought an “era of peace in democracy”, that was a dream, a “new stage of geopolitics” has been initiated, of the confrontation between “great powers” who try to snatch hegemony from the “American superpower”, to a new “cold war” between the “democratic” “American superpower”, against the “great autocratic powers” Russia and China. For which they propose a “world front of democracy against autocracy”, of all the democratic countries against “autocracy” headed by Russia and China. They further propose a front of all the democratic and autocratic “great powers” against the “Islamist” danger in the Middle East to guarantee the domination of the this strategic region for the common benefit (among other things, see Robert Kagan, The Return of History and the End of Dreams, 2008). In this way, in synthesis, the imperialist wishes of more collusion for more contention are expressed.

Greater collusion for going against the oppressed nations for the imperialist plunder, to try to crush the resistance of the peoples, for dumping its crisis on the proletariat and the peoples of the world, to go against the national liberation struggles and revolution in the world, against the people’s war.

However, the contention between them is absolute and blows up every time over the repartitioning, for imposing its conditions upon the others, for spheres of domination, like in the Balkans and the war in Georgia, the bloody events in Sudan behind which lie the conflicting interests of the imperialists for oil, or the genocide of millions of poor in the Congo for resolving which imperialists and which one of their lackeys will take the biggest share of their treasures. Meanwhile the Yankees become more concerned by imperialist China as a big strategic challenge “through military capacity and the geopolitical ambitions of China are growing”. On the other side they are afraid that the subjected countries in their sphere of influence will change master like in Saudi Arabia and others, likewise they plot to recover Syria, Iran, etc. In Latin America cracks have opened in its domination. Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. open more toward Russia, China and other imperialist powers. Yankee imperialism develops plans of military intervention like “Horizons 2008” and revives its 5th Fleet under the authority of Southern Command. The renovated Russian military presence in Cuba and most recently in Venezuela threatens by creating points of conflict between the two superpowers like in the 80’s. It’s not that the countries of Latin America submitted to principally Yankee domination have already escaped its domination, but as we have said, cracks are forming in the strategic “backyard” of Yankee imperialism for the competition of other imperialist powers and the appetite of the big bourgeoisie, reactionaries and revisionists of these countries. We use the example of Venezuela, who continues to be under economic domination of Yankee imperialism even more today than before, who exports more than 70% of its oil, covering 15% of the Yankee need for crude. And on the other hand, Venezuela buys arms from Russia and opened commercial agreements with China and the other imperialist powers; furthermore, verbal conflicts occur between Chávez and Bush but never threaten to result in any real conflict. The Yankee imperialists are so needy that they are also compelled to collude with the other imperialists here, where the strategic base of their hegemony lies. From this economic crisis, the worst the world imperialist system has suffered after 1945, as proof of their sinking deeper, some will come out winners and others as losers, despite everyone’s involvement. The only hegemonic power will come out weakened and its competitors, especially Russia, China, Germany, Japan, will come out stronger in their intentions. So then, where does that leave the “super-colossal power” of the giant with clay feet?

That is why along with the genocidal wars Yankee imperialism launches against the peoples of the world, in this sinister hegemonic plan, it foments and spreads capitulation with so-called “peace accords” in order to later try to drown the revolution in blood. For this we reaffirm ourselves in the call of the Party (December 2007) to arm ourselves with Maoism to confront them, to oppose the imperialist wars with people’s war and to unmask those who converge with the mass-murderers in the Middle East, in Africa and Latin America. We especially call upon the proletarian line of the CPN(M) to continue developing people’s war, and conquer power fully and completely in Nepal, to take up arms again and never let go; only in a sea of armed masses can we march to communism.

In the United States there has been a change of government: Bush, of the Republican mafia, leaves. Obama, of the Democratic mafia, enters. Assuming the representation of Yankee imperialism with the resulting change of many high officials and of some particular or complementary policies; but, it is Obama’s duty to continue the basic lines of the government of Bush on fundamental questions for Yankee imperialism, in its quest to remain as the only hegemonic power, facing its sinking deeper and the difficulties that it entered this decade that is reaching an end, mainly on: 1) Continue the military intervention and occupation of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, including the Near East and North Africa, concentrating forces in Afghanistan through NATO, implementing the recommendations of the “Baker-Hamilton Report of the Iraq Study Group” (December 2006), which tries to involve Iran and Syria “for a constructive role in Iraq”. That is to say, for a broad “peace accord” to achieve capitulation of these countries in front of imperialism, which they have not been able to impose by the force of arms in the face of the blows of the armed resistance of the peoples of this region. Steps in this sense are the Annapolis Summit in November 2007, the recent conversations on the ambassador level of the United States and Iran in Baghdad, the meeting of the Yankee foreign relations minister, Condoleeza Rice, with her Syrian colleague Walid Muallim (in September in New York) and the announcement of the elected Obama to hold direct conversations with the president of Iran. In December Brzezinski proposed stationing NATO troops along the border between Syria and Israel, along with American troops along the Jordan River. It was also published that the president of the Military Committee of NATO, admiral Giampolo de Paola, will not rule out sending NATO troops to the Syria-Israeli border. It will be the same Yankee imperialist policies as always. 2) Continue State intervention in the United States economy (since December 2007 they have been officially in recession). The approved $700 billion package to save Wall Street, of which they have already given $335 billion to save the banks to little effect, will have to be increased by Obama with over a billion dollars. The economy continues to fall very rapidly. Of the 15 billion left of the first part of the package for the banks, now the finance minister thinks of giving it to the monopolies of the automotive industry threatened by bankruptcy, like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. This is accompanied by the State intervention in the monopolist companies. This is the most serious world recession since the 30’s. And it will last for a long time. Keep in mind: the Keynesian measures applied in those years, similar to the current ones, were insufficient and only with mass production for war could the GDP grow to 15%. This intervention is no new thing, since the existence of the State it has always intervened in economic life. Under Obama the imperialist bourgeois State will continue intervening in order to maintain its hegemony and to subjugate. The imperialist bourgeois State always acts like that: whether it’s a matter of free market policies or protectionist policies, each one of these politics represents a form of state intervention for protecting the interests of its bourgeoisie. This State participation is State monopoly capitalism, that is to say, monopoly capitalism for the greatest concentration and appropriation of capital, for intensifying the exploitation of the masses, for the crushing of a capitalist monopoly group for other capitalist monopoly groups, for the strengthening of monopoly capitalism for the concurrence and expansion to derive great sums of profits for the hands of the monopoly capital groups. Meanwhile they increase the exploitation and oppression against the proletariat and the people. All the calls for social peace, solidarity for struggling against the crisis have this meaning. It is up to the proletariat in the United States, like in the rest of the countries, to use the better objective conditions that every crisis generates, for the revolution, for uniting the economic struggle for the defense of their rights and conquests with the struggle for Power, advancing energetically in the reconstitution of its Party for initiating people’s war. 


In Peru the disgraceful effects of the imperialist domination, mainly Yankee, is making the so-called economic growth succumb, throwing it into the garbage can (the make-up comes off), bureaucratic capitalism trembles – just like the Party anticipated. The tsunami of world economic crisis went down with the dreams of APEC of the reactionary rulers of Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, since they had to concentrate on the “handling of the crisis”. Afterwards, on December 8, the fascist, genocidal and country-selling García, flanked by all his ministers, presented his call “Anti-Crisis Plan”. This same day Richard Web, ex-president of the Central Bank, wrote in El Comercio: “a production emergency of large proportions has begun, with the closing of factories and mines, and it is the moment to throw orthodoxy to the side”. It expresses the deeper sinking of bureaucratic capitalism. At the same time, the further reactionarization of the old State continues: the fascist García continues to subjugate the legislature, the very same that abdicated its power to legislate and oversee, because of the interests of groups and even individuals; buried in his own scandals he cannot attend to the corruption in which the Executive, García himself, the Armed and Police Forces are involved, demonstrating how the old State decays more each day; the genocidal García, as supreme commander of the genocidal Armed and Police Forces is mixed up in the maneuvers of command posts, military promotion and loot, and is directly responsible for the genocide underway to try to annihilate the people’s war and applies massacre against the struggles of the masses for their demands, united with the struggle for Power, with the people’s war. In this way the old State decomposes more each day, and is swept away part by part by the people’s war. In October, the fascist García, trying to cover up the genocide, its rottenness, the failure in its reactionary tasks and growing illegitimacy, has appointed Yehude Simons, ex-member of the MRTA, as Prime Minister. This miserable fascist, mass-murderer and country-seller, just like his putative father García, the first thing he has done is to go and visit the “elite forces” of the Armed Forces who are perpetrating the infamous and cowardly genocide underway against the masses of the Principal Regional Committee of the Party (CRP), to guarantee their impunity from the reactionary justice. Over a month later he was dedicated to call for “dialogue” and to act as mediator in order to calm the violent protests of the masses.

A genocide and reactionary hoax of “dialogue” as part of the counter-subversive “low-intensity” war that imperialism leads, as part of its task to annihilate the people’s war, hard and protracted but victorious and invincible. Since August of this year, the reaction has developed its “Excellence” campaign, which has lasted until after the APEC. Previously they raided the homes of innocent masses, in order to present “successes” during those days and to say “now we neutralize them”. Against their supposed “successes,” the Party, completely leading the People’s Liberation Army and the masses, has crushed this campaign of encirclement and annihilation of the enemy, applied within Yankee imperialism’s plan of intervention against the people’s war called: “New Horizons 2008”. The Party, showing advancement in strategic centralization, with the participation of all the Committees aligned and pulled by the leadership of the CRP, has defeated the Armed Forces and its auxiliary forces, its forced mesnadas that make up the CAD’s (Self Defense Committees), its aerial and land bombardments, the genocide underway and its elite forces. Today they are saying that this “is threatening to turn into a new Vietnam”.

Shortly before the start of “Excellence”, the Peruvian Episcopal Conference put forward “a dialogue with the political forces”, now the reaction is putting forward dialogue for formalizing its collusion. It is part of a broader plan. Vargas Llosa, on returning from his recent trip to Venezuela, put forward the need for “dialogue”. And, as it has to be, the ROL is part of it. Also, shortly before the start of “Excellence” a group of “ROL rats” had left from the prisons and gone to the miserable one of Huallaga. After this the miserable traitor has communicated with the President of the Episcopal Conference proposing to him a “dialogue for peace” and undertook to invite, through a certain character, the Principal Regional Committee of the Party to “put up a common agenda”. This past September 18 the AP agency reported from Lima that “Artemio pointed out last Thursday that a general amnesty and national reconciliation are necessary”. The CRP and the whole Party, once again, on this solemn occasion: draws a line of demarcation, rejects and condemns this new reactionary hoax that in this way dreams of annihilating the people’s war. And it condemns and brands with fire this filthy traitor “Artemio”, a revisionist and capitulationist rat, who, just like his imperialist, reactionary and revisionist counterparts will be blown up and turned into a handful of black ashes by the people’s war. The imperialists, reactionaries and revisionists do not conceive that the exploited classes will ever rebel and praise total subjugation and this plan is united with the genocidal wars that imperialism develops against the peoples of the world, a plan of imperialism on a world level of “peace accords” to do away with the armed resistance of the peoples and the people’s wars in its vain attempt to crush the new great wave of the world revolution. It is the Church, mainly the Catholic Church, who “in the interest of peace”, endorse the plans of imperialism and, to the exploited, preach subjugation on earth and “heaven” after death.

What they intend with this plan is to drag people into the elections, now they are accepting the “nationalists”, the FARC is also mediating the affair, so what they want after all is to turn everyone into participants in the reactionary elections in order to “legitimize” the old State and its authorities and to make them defenders of the system like Yehude Simons, “nationalists”, the ALBA Houses, the rats of the ROL, etc., and when the conditions allow it, proceed to annihilate the communists. After the anti-communist coup in China they proceeded to annihilate the communists who opposed them, the big difference here is that the heads of the ROL are in the hands of the reaction and we continue the people’s war. The dream of the reaction is to drag the Party to the elections. It tries to see if the miserable one in Huallaga is able to work something out with the Church to use those rats who are outside the prisons to participate in “dialogue” and afterwards in the elections. When the reaction sees that the people’s war is spreading more and more, the reaction orders its agents to the CRP, as well as to the other Committees. This is even more urgent for the reaction after the failure of its “Excellence” campaign. The reaction, in its black genocidal dreams, crashes against the fortress that is the Party. The Party, after the detention of Chairman Gonzalo, has stood firm at all costs in everything: it has reaffirmed itself in our principles, defended the new Power and the course with people’s war until communism.

This “dialogue”, “peace accord” or “pacification” is nothing new. The reaction since Belaúnde, later with García, Fujimori, the transition government, Toledo and now again with García, is trying in this way to annihilate the people’s war and serve the two other reactionary tasks. Now they have the agent Yehude Simons, the ex-MRTA, as a bridge. Do not forget the MRTA guys’ escape from Canto Grande with Polay and the role of the “bigfoot” Villanueva at the end of the first Apra government. This Simons follows the Teng Hsiao-pingist Moreno, Ollanta, etc., and he himself affirms that the “remnants of narco-terrorism” have to be finished off. So it is collusion for defeating the people’s war: APRA received $200,000 from the revisionist CPC (Communist Party of China) for the elections, its government has signed an FTA with China; García says “we are strategic partners with China”. The reaction is aiming at a Party in democracy; the ROL wants to and gets ready to participate in the elections. The reaction announces a peace accord between Tyrians and Trojans, not friends, but certainly with common interests. The other hill, the reactionary hill, because of its appetite, are in strong collusion, and the crisis feeds this appetite even more, they are putting forward changing masters from Yankee to “strategic partner” (China) and Yankee imperialism is losing its positions before the other imperialists. Where did this argument of the ROL rats end up, that the giant with clay feet was strong? Their “new era”?

Yankee imperialism is a rotten giant with clay feet, it is the most reactionary imperialist, the most monopolist, the most parasitic and the most rotten of all of them. That is why they talk of peace here and in any part of the world where they are present. They are so needy that they allow Chávez, Morales, Correa. Why not Humala? Now they flirt with Humala. What must be done is to sharpen and take advantage of their contentions, for more people’s war, in order to ruthlessly crush the “peace accords” of any kind. The situation is very bad for them, and therefore very good for us to advance. It is our opportunity to advance more rapidly; the others, who get on board with the necessities of “peace” with the elections of the old system, who capitulate before the domestic reaction and imperialism who need them now more than ever – that is up to them.

Chairman Gonzalo teaches us the necessity to see far ahead, like an eagle; the facts prove the just and correct leadership headed by the responsible comrade who leads the whole Party under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, our ideological and political line, the course, the leadership, the justness of holding the principles high, of not ever lowering the banner of armed revolution. The correct two-line struggle, well led, with which those who expressed opposition to the proletarian military line were crushed, those who threatened to split during the very regrouping, today some heads are sanctioned, thus the leadership was defended.

The Peru People’s Movement reaffirms itself once again on “defending the leadership like the apple of our eyes”, maintaining the course, the line, on advancing audaciously when there are conditions. We are convinced: that, like in Peru, all the communists and revolutionaries of the earth will know to fight and initiate and continue the people’s war under hard conditions in the midst of the genocide and decapitation attempts, unmasking the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, the shady deals and other hoaxes with the secret police (CIA), with the reaction, with Yankee imperialism for selling the revolution that these miserable followers of the “peace accord” carry out, turning their backs on the people, throwing the shed blood to the river. The communists and revolutionaries of the earth will know to ruthlessly crush all these reactionary hoaxes with people’s war. We reaffirm ourselves on revolutionary violence, on the heroism with which the masses in the whole world take up their struggles, particularly the proletariat which struggles in every country, taking up and applying Maoism to its concrete conditions, generating their Great Leaders, their Communist Parties, to initiate people’s war and flow into one great torrent of world people’s war to sweep away imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth

Long Live the 115th Anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Mao Tsetung!
Honor and Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Mainly Maoism!
Impose Maoism as the Only Command and Guide of the World Proletarian Revolution!
People’s War Until Communism!

Peru People’s Movement
December 2008


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