Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!



The Peru People’s Movement once more salutes and expresses its complete and unconditional subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, to our all-powerful ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought, and to our heroic combatant that leads the revolution, the Communist Party of Peru and to its whole system of leadership, especially the comrade that leads the whole Party – and congratulate him for the great victories of the people’s war that it leads, showing how the decrepit system of oppression is demolished bit by bit with arms, and the New Power is created for the people, for the oppressed, building the conquest of power in the whole country.

With full revolutionary optimism we rejoice at the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of our Communist Party of Peru, on the 7th of October, and salute the important political, military etc., victories conquered by the PCP and the People’s Liberation Army, as part of this celebration serving the Plan to create the conditions for the realization of the new Party Congress; confronting, with the counter-encirclement and annihilation campaign, the encirclement and annihilation campaign of the genocidal armed forces led by Yankee imperialism, that takes place within the scope of the Principal Regional Committee of the PCP. During the battles realized since the end of August this year, on more than five occasions the helicopters of the Peruvian Army have been confronted – one of the most overwhelming occasions being the one that took place at the river Vizcatán, which left one helicopter inoperative – and numerous ambushes have been realized. More than 25 mercenaries of the Army have been annihilated, thus confronting with resonant success this enemy campaign named “Excellency”. And what is more important, without suffering any casualties in the People’s Liberation Army. It is therefore a great victory of our people’s war against the greater direct aggression of Yankee imperialism with the “low-intensity war” that it leads, which it applies within its plan for military invention, “New Horizons” – the same plan that they try to cover up as humanitarian aid.

The campaign named “Excellency”, that the Armed Forces develop under the leadership of Yankee officials from the “Southern Command”, dreams of beheading the Party, of obstructing the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the PCP by J.C. Mariátegui, and fighting the plan of the Party for the preparation of the new Congress. The Enemy is developing its campaigns trying to isolate the Party from the masses and confront masses against masses. The enemy knows the great ascendancy of the Party among the masses, and therefore it is acting now, because the economic situation is getting more serious; the hunger and the misery will strengthen the struggle for demands, developing it more, being intimately linked to the struggle for Power, to the people’s war. For this month, October, numerous strikes, shutdowns, mobilizations of workers, civil servants, peasants and of the regions etc. are planned.

The reactionary Armed Forces and police forces and the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Alán García himself, who heads them – such specialists in defeats before foreign countries, and so experienced in genocide against our people, as it would have to be – in their impotence and their desperate and useless urge to separate the masses from the victorious and invincible armed revolution, have not found any other solution than the monstrous and infamous genocide. We denounce before the world that the current enemy campaign is developed with air and land bombardments against the populations of the Apurímac and Ene river valleys (VRAE), assassination and disappearance of peasants, moving of populations, campaigns of kidnapping and massive arrests of inhabitants. Like the assassination of peasants in Vizcatán, the disappearance of people in Pichis Río-Seco (14th of September) through military intervention, bombardment and assassination of 6 peasants in the district Llochegua in Huanta on the 27th of the same month – these are only examples of the vile genocide they are committing. We denounce that the genocidal Armed Forces, with the support of gamonales and gamonalillos [local feudal bosses –transl.] as well as mayors and other authorities bought with Yankee money like in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. They are organizing their mesnadas [armed retinues] or “self-defense rondas” with peasants that they subjugate with reactionary violence in order to use them as “cannon fodder”. We denounce before the world the sinister genocide that the armed forces apply in the region of Ayacucho with disgrace and impunity, led by Alan García himself and his Defense Minister, Florez Araos. We denounce the authorities of the so-called Judicial Power, the National District Attorney’s office and the so-called Public Defense of the People as accomplices in the ongoing genocide, who lend themselves to “give public faith” in that “nothing happens”. Likewise, we denounce the hypocritical accomplice attitude of the NGOs that call themselves defenders of the so-called “Human Rights” and do nothing to effectively and actually denounce the ongoing genocide. But nothing and no one will curb the development of the victorious and invincible people’s war, masterfully led by the Party, applying the all-powerful Gonzalo thought to the new situations that have presented themselves in the development of the people’s war.

Long live the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the people’s war!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Honor and glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought!
Yankee go home!

Peru People’s Movement
October 2008


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