Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


The Peru People’s Movement (MPP), generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru, with overwhelming joy and revolutionary optimism, salutes our class on the 1st of May, international day of the proletariat.

We reaffirm ourselves: in the full validity of the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels as the common program of all the communists and as birth certificate of the International Communist Movement and of Marxism, that is, of scientific communism as ideology of the proletariat and social system; where the historic role of our class and the goal, forever golden communism, are established. We reaffirm ourselves in that our ideology today is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; in that since 1980 we develop within the strategic offensive of the world revolution; in that the Peruvian revolution is part of the world revolution and with people’s war serves the development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, crushing the sinister general counterrevolutionary offensive headed by yankee imperialism; in that the PCP, applying proletarian internationalism, acts as a red faction within the International Communist Movement (ICM), serving its reunification under the banners of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.


Meanwhile, yankee imperialism is stuck in the mud of its imperialist war in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, and goes from failure to failure; its economy is in open recession and this spreads to the other economies of the world, with strong inflation, and prices on oil and food – which strikes mainly against the immense poor masses of the world; this along with the application of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) that are plundering everywhere and will make the so called growth of the “development countries” disappear. “the level of the United States’ indebtedness continues to increase. As a result of chronic deficits in current accounts… the position of the net indebtedness of the United States is estimated to around 3000 billions of dollars in 2007, around 25% of the Gross National Product; the depreciation of the U.S. Dollar by almost 35% since 2002 compared to the main international currencies… Close to one fourth of this depreciation took place between January and November 2007” (Report 2008, World Bank). The dollar is falling almost vertically. This has caused a financial loss in the international reserves of the oppressed countries – an actual subvention to the imperialist economy. The total net financial transfers of the oppressed countries to the imperialist countries (payment of interest and other payments for investment income), grew from 728 billions in 2006 to 760 billions in 2007. Bureaucrat capitalism, that is developed in the oppressed nations, is shaking before this so-called “economic tsunami” that has just began, and before the coming bill for the imperialist war.

The allies are leaving yankee imperialism alone in Iraq. Russia is dusting off its missiles, and is present in Iran. China is standing by, waiting, and disputes, with USA and other powers, the enormous riches of the starving and famished Africa, subjecting African countries to dependency (Sarkozy in France has screamed bloody murder over it). China has aspirations of becoming a superpower, advancing in Latin America and in Asia. In the last NATO-meeting, USA advanced in its strategic goal of war against Russia, in winning the “Old Europe”: on the question of the anti-missile shield, and the expansion of NATO to more countries – offering, among other things, the independent access to the oil of Caucasus through an Afghanistan under NATO control.

Imperialism is sinking, but it claws desperately and continues with its hegemonist plans in the midst of the imperialist collusion and struggle; it tries to concentrate its forces and those of the NATO in Afghanistan in order to expand its aggression to Pakistan. They talk about “American victory”, not only for electoral purposes in the United States, but also to feint a “withdrawal” – to place themselves in military bases in northern Iraq and use the air force more. They are concocting a “peace accord” (of ethnic division – like in Yugoslavia), with the consent of the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who in the beginning of this month visited Iraq to legitimize the Yankee invasion in order to receive temporary advantages. But the Yankees continue to sow intrigues and plot with the reactionaries of Saudi Arabia, of Israel, Jordan, Turkey etc., with local despots in Iraq, like the Sunni militia Al Sahwa and other vassals, in order to escalate their aggression against Iran in another edition of the “Gulf War” – this is what the imperialists bring to this region. In 2003, the subsecretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, said: “In Iraq we have no alternative, the country is bathing in oil.”

The situation is that, independently of the changes on the matter of energy during the last years, both USA and Canada, as well as Europe and Asia, sooner or later will depend more and more on the great resources of the “great crescent” of the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia (that contain almost 75% of the world reserves of conventional hydrocarbons, but at the same time consume relatively little) (Real Instituto Elcano (belonging to Spanish imperialism), Work Document N° 12, February 27 2008).

Against the apologists of imperialism, Lenin established: ”the inevitable striving of finance capital to enlarge its economic territory and even its territory in general… by every means, taking into account potential sources of raw materials and fearing to be left behind in the fierce struggle…” that is ”the struggle of the Great Powers for the economic and political division of the world”, ”for the repartition”. Today, all the imperialists have the fever of “fight against terrorism” and “strengthening the Special Forces of their armies”. The contradictions will be sharpened. Against the attempts to cover up the sharp contradictions of imperialism with the theory of one “single imperialism”, of a “global empire”, of a “peaceful development” (like c. Prachanda argued in the Plenary session of the CC of the CPN(M), January 2006), Lenin said: “Deception of the masses - there is nothing but this in Kautsky's "Marxian" theory.”

The world reaction is going through serious difficulties. What belies the communists of the world is to advance boldly, concretize the Maoist Communist Parties that the revolution demands. We communists must continue to prepare the initiation and the development of the people’s war, conscious of the fact that this cannot advance even one step without a fierce struggle against revisionism.


In the RIM, there are revisionist positions; persisting in the hegemonist tendencies of the RCP-USA; positions that openly attack that which is fundamental in Maoism, the power, attack the thesis of the Great Leadership of the revolution developed by Lenin, attack the military theory of the proletariat: the People’s War, established by Chairman Mao, and in some members there are problems when it comes to fully understanding Maoism as a new stage of Marxism, together with not applying a firm and sagacious two line struggle.

Therefore, the RIM takes an erroneous position concerning the “peace accord” in Nepal and the counterrevolutionary hoaxes of the “peace accord” of the ROL-CIA in Peru, and converge with the plans of imperialism and the reactionaries of the world. These problems must be debated by all the members of the RIM and the ICM. We propose: study, debate and two-line struggle to impose Maoism and crush revisionism, in which the PCP and the CPN(M) participate.

The “peace accords” (“PA”) do not belong to the stage of the strategic offensive of the world revolution, when imperialism is bogged down. What does belong to it is to advance boldly with people’s war. These “PA”:s are a plan of imperialism, they are capitulationist idiotic schemes joined with the genocidal wars that Yankee imperialism and the reactionaries launch against the peoples of the world: in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Serbia, Somalia, Colombia, etc. The sinister hegemonic plan sows capitulation with these “PA”:s What they pursue is to drown the revolution in blood; they want Communist Parties only by name; without Maoism, without people’s war, without Great Leadership. The imperialists spread: “all within the democracy”, “violence does not solve anything, it does not build, only the dialogue solves problems”; the guns must be handed over (Nepal, Peru, the Middle East, etc.), “the UN shall supervise” (the procuress of the U.S.), etc. It is a plan of imperialism to spread confusion, to plant the cliché “Maoism is elections” in people’s heads. At the end of the day, those who uphold these “PA”:s, independently of what they may be and think, converge with and serve the plans of imperialism.

We express our full and unconditional subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, to our Basis of Party Unity and to the Comrade that leads the whole Party – and we unite with the call of the PCP (December 2007) to the communists: to arm themselves with Maoism to oppose the wars that imperialism launches with people’s war and unmask those who converge with the plans of imperialism; to the proletarian line of the CPN(M) to continue the people’s war, to conquer the power totally and completely, to not ever give up the gun.


The fundamental question in Gonzalo thought, as application of Maoism to our revolution, is the power: the conquest of power in Peru, fully and completely, as part of the conquest of power of the proletariat on world level. The PCP is concretizing this in People’s Committees, Support Bases and People’s Republic of New Democracy under formation as part of building the conquest of power in order to establish the People’s Republic of Peru, with that install the dictatorship of the proletariat because without that we will not go to communism. This demands a Maoist Party with a Great Leadership and a guiding thought; we have a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought Communist Party and the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo; made for taking the power and defending it with people’s war; a Party whose motor of development is the two-line struggle, between proletarian line and bourgeois or non-proletarian line in general, in essence and principally a struggle against revisionism.

Our people’s war proves the universal validity of Maoism during almost 28 years of victories and setbacks, learning lessons from them. Showing that the people’s war is hard and protracted, but victorious and invincible; that the Party is never paralyzed, that it assumes, with resolve and firmness, its central task: the conquest of power for the class and the people through the people’s war. The Party, during these 15 years, has stayed firm on the principles, with firmness applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, firmly subjected to the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo; which has resulted in a new leap in the Party, forging a Leadership in and for the people’s war, serving the world revolution; crushing the contrary lines in the midst of hard two-line struggle. The Party has carried out the approved actions within the plans and campaigns and “reality has extensively shown the correct (…) grouping together and defending the new power, what was correct was to keep upholding the new power and the course with Party and with PLA [People’s Liberation Army –transl.], that assumed their role of defending the new power; and they have never succeeded in dividing us from the masses, this will never happen; this shows that we are always there – there is no struggle of the masses where the Party is not mentioned.” Thus, the Party has crushed the “final offensives” and the counterrevolutionary campaign of the “PA”. The Party has solved the specific tasks which arose after the arrest of our Great Leadership, like his defense, the forging of a Leadership and of cadres, the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL (initiation, advance and defeat), the task of building the conquest of power in the midst of people’s war. The main question was to maintain the Party unity based on the principles and with that the people’s war continues forward. The Party members are forged in an implacable struggle against revisionism, developing the concentric construction, nourished by the whole Party experience. The party is regrouping and subjects to the whole system of Party leadership, bursting with energy and more energy in striving for events like the new Congress and the new campaigns, mobilizing the masses, drawing lessons, educating them in the revolutionary violence, the clandestinity. Combating fascism with people’s war.

We are convinced that in the world, where there is a communist, the left will know to fight and will go on with the people’s war whatever the conditions may be, in the midst of genocide and beheading of the leadership, unmasking the plans of imperialism and crushing revisionism. The struggle will be long, complex and difficult, but in the end Maoism will be imposed with people’s war, for which we need militarized Maoist Communist Parties that initiate and develop people’s wars until these come together in the world people’s war, the only way to sweep imperialism and reaction off the face of the earth. Honor and glory to the international proletariat!


May 1st 2008
Peru People’s Movement

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