Proletarians of All Countries Unite!


Today, on this 79th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Peru, the Peru People's Movement reiterates, on this celebration, what the leadership of our Party has pointed out, and what was expressed at the International Conference in Madrid on the 29th of September before all those who attended, before the international proletariat and the peoples of the world; that the established tasks, the plans of the Party, the people's war, like Chairman Gonzalo demanded in his masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992, are being carried out without ever lowering the banners until communism. That we will continue doing everything that the reality demands of us, solving everything embodying it in actions of war - nothing will stop us.

This shows that the Communist Party of Peru is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought Party, that struggles for the Communist Program. A Party of the new type, that leads the people's war in order to conquer power in the whole country serving the world revolution. A militarized Party, whose organizational concretization is the concentric construction of the three instruments, and therefore the Party is the axis of everything, all-embracingly leads the three instruments, its own construction, and absolutely leads the army and the new state as a joint dictatorship aiming for the dictatorship of the proletariat.

We carry out this new celebration within the striving for the new Party Congress. Our Party has defined that we have entered the stage of the new Congress, that will take us to establishing a new historical milestone in the life of the Party, in and for the people's war. We march with a Leadership united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought. The new Congress is a Party necessity - reality demands it, and this demands the hard striving of its Party members, combatants and masses to realize it. With people's war we create the conditions for achieving it - in other words, if there are not conditions, they must be generated to realize it. This is what the world and the communists must understand, this is how we go through even the worst moments without ever lowering the banners. We shall not back down before any difficulty and we shall unite as one single man to accomplish the task. This task we can only fulfill in midst of the people's war, giving it a greater impulse. The new Congress of the Party, carried out with a people's war that advances against all inconveniences and difficulties, obviously has to serve to continue the people's war giving it a powerful boost. The new Congress will serve to develop the building of the conquest of power in the whole country with arms in hand. To carry out the revolution to the end and not abandon it halfway or at the gates of taking power, like in the case of Nepal.

Therefore, the Communist Party of Peru is the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, and Chairman Gonzalo, from where he is, and the comrade that now leads the whole Party, its leaders, cadres, members, activists and masses are examples for the communists of the world. We have a Party made for the worst circumstances, knowing that if we stick to the principles and apply them with flexibility, we advance. Because we have a Party with a recognized Great Leadership, with a guiding thought, Gonzalo thought, with a leadership personally forged by Chairman Gonzalo himself and in his image and likeness, proven and recognized in these years of hard striving to continue the people's war. All this allows the Party to confront the new problems that appear on the road of the revolution. A Party with the BPU [Basis of Party Unity] and its guiding thought allows one to confront what the revolution demands - and this is a great contribution to the world revolution.

Therefore, all the plans of the enemy - campaigns, operations, hoaxes, slander and lies of all kinds - have been thwarted by the great strength of the Party. After the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, in order to capitalize on it politically, the reaction impelled the structuring of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), outside the Party in the prisons, hand in hand with the Yankee CIA, with their hoax of the "peace letters". The rats of the ROL ferociously attacked the BPU and Gonzalo thought, even calling for a "II Congress" in order to disown it - and the Party crushed it with Gonzalo thought and people's war. The Party showed that they were CIA informers, that it was a ROL set up, nursed and financed by the CIA and manipulated by the genocidal Armed Forces of the old Peruvian state. All their monstrosities and activities, all the disclosed sound recordings and videos, all certify this completely. Now, the rats of the ROL only make a sound when the reaction needs it. The reaction, with their counterrevolutionary idiotic schemes and hoaxes, failed too with their dreams of breaking the Party. The plan of the enemy failed. Abroad, facing the plans and hoaxes of the enemy, some members of the CoRIM swayed. This shows who sways at the first gale. This marks the course of those that pull to the right. Furthermore, as the Party pointed out in September 1999, "they copy everything that comes out of the sewers of the reaction". Today, they continue to hopelessly repeat all the "news" about Chairman Gonzalo and the Party that come from the reaction or the ROL, accomplice of the CIA. They say that they make "two-line struggle", but run away without defending their positions face to face, resorting to third parties as is their custom. But in spite of all their efforts they are not, and will not be able to prevent the voice of the Party from reaching everyone, because the actions of the people's war do not let them silence us. This kind of people are like a toboggan to the right as Chairman Mao said.

In '92 the Party told each and every one to continue and assume one's condition. Today a new Congress in the midst of the people's war is put forward in order to continue for the conquest of power. This shows the great strategic importance of the contribution of the Party, of Chairman Gonzalo, to the world revolution, having provided this with a BPU and a guiding though. The Party leadership, for all these years without the direct presence of Chairman Gonzalo, firmly subjected to his Great Leadership, to his thought, to the BPU, solves all the new problems that appear on the road of the revolution. Thus it proves that it is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought leadership, because these are 15 years of untamable striving for the principles of the Party and the people's war that prove a Leadership; its plans, its unity and its goals. And within this Leadership there is one that stands out, that is the comrade who leads the whole Party. All this allows us to see clearly how we fight and how they fought us, how we confront the new, more complex and difficult situations, because the war will develop and become more complex, the contradictions are crowding together, and we have to solve them with acts of war - this allows one to see how we apply the line. This immeasurable example of the heroic combatant, the Party, must shake the world, the communists in Nepal that are abandoning the revolution in the final moments and those that do not initiate, those that overestimate or see the enemy, imperialism, the world reaction and revisionism, as super-powerful, those that are not for initiating.

Today we celebrate, full of joy and with the highest revolutionary optimism, this new anniversary of the foundation of our Party by José Carlos Mariátegui, on the 7th of October 1928, grasping the masterful Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, which shines victorious and powerful before the world as a combat weapon for communists, combatants and masses. As the comrade who leads the whole Party has pointed out: "We must apply the Speech; what we must do today is to grasp it in order to continue, and in continuing Chairman Gonzalo is more present with us. In this way we confront imperialism, reaction and new revisionism. In 1992 he told us to continue. Today the Party, continuing its application goes toward a new Congress in the midst of the people's war in order to continue with the forging of the new leaders at the highest organizational level of the Party, to reach an even higher unity, to apply the new plans and to develop the war more, giving it a powerful impulse. The world must know once more, that having the Party, the BPU and the guiding thought, things are solved. If there are no conditions, the conditions are conquered, the necessities, the things are solved, and this serves all those in the world that are for the revolution, for the sweeping away of imperialism and reaction off the face of the Earth, in order to continue the march of all humanity towards our only goal, the ever golden communism." The reaction said to themselves, without the Party there is no revolution, and to politically capitalize on the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, they set up the ROL, to break the Maoists here in Peru and those in the world that were initiating, or were about to initiate the people's war. These fifteen years of hard trial without the Chairman serve to show the world that the Speech is translated into actions, that the Speech well applied serves everyone, the Peruvian revolution serving the world revolution. Thus the Communist Party of Peru during these past years serves the world revolution in a concrete way. The communists, combatants and masses in our motherland, crossing the river of blood, give their lives to realize what Chairman Gonzalo established, and indissolubly united with the struggle of the masses, they develop the people's war more, which serves to consolidate the Party. Firmly convinced that wherever there shall be a communist, he shall always assume the banner of continuing the people's war until communism shines all over the Earth: Let us give our lives for the Party and the revolution!



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