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“We are living historic moments, each of us knows that this is the case, let us not fool ourselves. In these moments we must strengthen all forces to confront difficulties and continue carrying out our tasks. And we must conquer the goals! The successes! The victory! That is what is to be done. We are here as children of the people and we are fighting in these trenches, they are also trenches of combat, and we do it because we are Communists! Because here we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, and the People's War. That is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do so!”

Chairman Gonzalo, 24th of September 1992

These masterful words of Chairman Gonzalo, expressed at that historical moment, are the reiteration and the reaffirmation of the compliance with the mandate of the Party, the proletariat and the people to initiate the people’s war and not ever abandon it until communism. A people’s war that a handful of communists, presided by Chairman Gonzalo, took up the decision to initiate on the 19th of April 1980, and that was materialized on the 17th of May 1980. From there on, everything comes from the arms, from the barrels of the guns. Everything good comes from the people’s war. With people’s war we obtain everything, with it we have everything, without it the people would have nothing.

And today, when fifteen years have passed since the masterful Speech, the call of Chairman Gonzalo to continue the tasks, to continue the people’s war, for what we are, the Communist Party and all its organizations, starting with the comrade who leads the whole Party, are pleased with the efforts invested, and are filled with joy over continuing the people’s war against all inconveniences and difficulties. Comrades, the armed revolution has not ceased for one instant. Furthermore, the Party has firmly maintained the course of the people’s war, firmly sticking to the principles with flexibility in their application. In short, with the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, we faced contradictions. In the Party, Chairman Gonzalo concretized it in his call to continue the people’s war to build the conquest of power. The Party, with its Leadership, headed by the comrade who leads the whole Party, is realizing this during these years through the thunder of guns; it is written forever in lead. The destruction of the road of the people’s war has now been cast out; to continue has won, the plan of the reaction has failed, blown up in a thousand pieces by the people’s war. As foreseen by Chairman Gonzalo and the Party since before the initiation, the contradictions come on top of one another but we manage them. These are war times and the contradictions develop, but it is up to us to solve everything by embodying it in actions of war – the new shall triumph.

Therefore, precisely today, our Party expresses once more, through the Peru People’s Movement, to everyone in this meeting, to the international proletariat, to the peoples of the world, that this will continue without ever lowering the banners. That we will continue doing everything that the reality demands of us, solving everything embodying it in actions of war – nothing will stop us. The Peru People’s Movement, the generated organization of the Party for the work abroad, takes the opportunity on this occasion to express once more its greeting and unconditional subjection to our beloved Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, centre of Party unity and guarantee of triumph that takes us to communism; as well as to our all-powerful scientific ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought, to the Communist Party of Peru, our heroic combatant that leads the revolution, to the whole system of Party leadership: Central Committee, Political Bureau, Permanent Committee and the comrade who leads the whole Party; a leadership recognized and proven in years of leading the people’s war, and that practices the principles that the leadership never dies, the banner once hoisted must never again be lowered and people’s war until communism; to all the Party events, documents and directives; to the first milestone in our Party life, our I Congress, that gave us the BPU, with its three elements, our ideology, our program and our general political line with its centre the military line; to our second milestone of Party life, the historical and transcendent III Plenum and to the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership; and to the current ongoing plan and the campaign currently being developed in the country and abroad for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership, that we are initiating here today, all framed within the stage of the new Party Congress.

Comrades; to continue: the people’s war in Peru is the first one initiated in the world since our universal ideology became Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; with a Great Leader of recognized authority and ascendancy, with a guiding thought, that afterwards became Gonzalo thought, the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of Peruvian reality, with a Basis of Party Unity (BPU), i.e. with recognized Great Leadership, with the first Communist Party reconstituted on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. With a Party of a new type prepared to initiate the people’s war and lead it until the conquest of power in the whole country; with the only, complete, true and highest military theory of the international proletariat, the people’s war, with an established road, with a plan for initiation and strategic development. It is with the people’s war in Peru that the world revolution enters the stage of its strategic offensive, of the final sweeping away of imperialism and reaction off the face of the Earth – which demands that we be irreconcilable enemies of revisionism and all opportunism; and thus, fighting for the revolution in our motherland we serve the world proletarian revolution, without ever abandoning the weapons, until communism shines all over the face of the Earth. Therefore, the people’s war in Peru is the proof of the universal validity of Maoism and of the people’s war.

Our Party has defined that we have entered the stage of the new Congress, that will take us to establishing a new historical milestone in the life of the Party, in and for the people’s war. We march with a new Leadership united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought. The new Congress is a Party necessity – reality demands it, and it demands the hard striving of its Party members, combatants and masses to realize it with people’s war. With people’s war we create the conditions for achieving it – in other words, if there are not conditions, they must be generated to realize it. This is what the world and the communists must understand, this is how we go through even the worst moments without ever lowering the banner. We shall not back down before any difficulty and we shall unite as one single man to accomplish these tasks, like Chairman Mao teaches. From there, we draw one derivation, this new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought Congress – which can only be accomplished in midst of the people’s war, giving it a greater impulse. A Party and a Congress with arms in their hands, with a people’s war that advances against all inconveniences and difficulties, obviously have to serve the continuation of the people’s war giving it a powerful boost. We practice what Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, that “with a powerful people’s war, how can there be anyone opposed to developing the people’s war”. Therefore, the Congress will serve to develop the building of the conquest of power in the whole country with arms in hands, developing the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution.

This is what corresponds to our proletarian feeling, position and conception – what falls to us to do as Maoists. As such, it falls to us to carry out the revolution to the end and not abandon it without culminating it. It is the realization in practice of “it is right to rebel!” and “one does not play with the revolution!” For us, the Maoists, the two conclusions of the problem are defined like this: “If the revolution is to be carried through to the end, we must use the revolutionary method to wipe out all the forces of reaction resolutely, thoroughly, wholly and completely; we must unswervingly persist in overthrowing imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism; and we must overthrow the reactionary rule of the Kuomintang on a country-wide scale and set up a republic that is a people's democratic dictatorship under the leadership of the proletariat and with the worker-peasant alliance as its main body. In this way, the Chinese nation will completely throw off the oppressor; the country will be transformed from a semi-colony into a genuinely independent state; the Chinese people will be fully emancipated, overthrowing once and for all both feudal oppression and oppression by bureaucrat-capital (Chinese monopoly capital) and will thus achieve unity, democracy and peace, create the prerequisites for transforming China from an agricultural into an industrial country and make it possible for her to develop from a society with exploitation of man by man into a socialist society. If the revolution is abandoned half-way, it will mean going against the will of the people, bowing to the will of the foreign aggressors and Chinese reactionaries and giving the Kuomintang a chance to heal its wounds, so that one day it may pounce suddenly to strangle the revolution and again plunge the whole country into darkness. That is how clearly and sharply the question is now posed. Which of these two roads to choose? Every (...) party (...) must consider this question, must choose its road and clarify its stand.” (Chairman Mao, Collected Works IV)
Facing this, as is mentioned in the same quote, one cannot adopt an “intermediary road”. For the Maoists it is crystal clear that the enemy will not disappear by itself. Neither will the reactionaries, and neither will the forces of the imperialist aggressors retreat from the stage of history by their own will. These, precisely because they know that they can no longer prevent the victory of the people in people’s war through the purely military struggle, give more and more importance to the political struggle, to their “peace” plot; with the objective of preserving the reactionary forces and undermine the revolutionary forces; to by any means halt the revolution where it is. On the contrary, in such a situation the Communist Party must destroy completely the reactionary forces and fully develop the revolutionary forces until the foundation of a people’s democratic republic on national scale, and in the people’s organ for proclaiming the People’s Republic and constitute the central government, no reactionary will be admitted. All this Chairman Mao teaches us, resuming more than fifty years of the history of the international communist movement until that moment, and even the more recent history, that which took place immediately after World War II, so to speak before his very eyes - that of the principal Communist Parties of Europe, that followed the “parliamentary road” and instead of continuing, with arms in their hands, the complete destruction of the imperialist forces and fully developing the revolutionary forces to conquer power, opted to participate in the governments and parliaments of their respective countries. This is what inevitably led them to fall victims of the incurable sickness of “parliamentary cretinism”, and in spite of some electoral victories, not only were they disappointed but sank without remedy into the bog of revisionism, burying the revolutionary cause of the proletariat.

Starting from the principles and the teachings of the history of our international communist movement, learned with blood, the MPP has been criticizing, every time they have appeared, incorrect positions in the heart of the RIM, especially in the RCP (U.S.A.) and in the CPN(M) particularly since the year 2001, concerning their incomprehension of the hard and protracted character of the people’s war, concerning their declarations of “ceasefire” or truces for “conversations” and concerning their conception of the new power, and has repeatedly pointed out that moving away from the Maoist principle of the uninterrupted revolution, will only serve to make the masses labor in vain and to open a wide breach for capitalism, like in Algeria – i.e. for bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism. Problems were expressed with the marrow of the people’s war, the Support Bases. Concerning the building of the new, we have pointed out that no reactionary can participate in the People’s Committees in the new power. Neither do we agree with what comrade Prachanda puts forward, that first one would have to make a democratic revolution of the old type, as an intermediary stage, to then afterwards be able to make the democratic revolution of the new type, or that one would first have to eliminate the semifeudality, to then later eliminate bureaucrat capitalism, etc. – because we are in the epoch of imperialism and the world proletarian revolution, and therefore the proletariat is the class that takes up the destruction of imperialism, of bureaucrat capitalism and the semifeudality inseparably, not to the benefit of the bourgeoisie but of the proletariat, the peasantry, principally poor peasantry, the petty bourgeoisie and the middle bourgeoisie, because it falls to the mature proletariat, through its Communist Party of a new type, to lead the revolution, therefore the democratic revolution of the old type is not needed and is useless, and every revolution today can only be accomplished through the people’s war, the main form of struggle, and the revolutionary armed forces, the main form of organization. What must be done is democratic revolution of the new type that culminates with the taking of power in the whole country and the installation of the People’s Republic, to immediately and without any interruption go over to the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, to march, through successive cultural revolutions, together with all of humanity, to communism. Thus, one can see that the problems of the comrades in Nepal were not problems of application, but problems of conception. Our criticism has no other purpose but to fight and crush these positions, these problems of conception, that have brought the comrades in Nepal to where they are now, and that if they do not correct and profoundly and sincerely self-criticize themselves, will inexorably bring them to “parliamentary cretinism” and to sink into the mud of revisionism. Even more so, this collaboration with the parties of the big bourgeoisie and the landlords in service of imperialism, principally Yankee, will lead to the Communist Party turning into a fascist party.

The comrades of Nepal are doing everything contrary to what the Maoists should do; according to their own assertion, having control of “80% of Nepal’s territory” and having “entered the stage of the strategic offensive of the people’s war”, i.e. practically standing at the gates of the conquest of power, they stopped the revolution; calling for “peace talks”, in November of 2005, to then in late April 2006 reach “agreements” with the reactionary parties and declare a new “ceasefire”. Maintaining the monarchy in order to let a future constituent assembly decide its future; while declaring that their immediate goal was to achieve a “bourgeois republic of multi-party parliamentary democracy” “as a step prior to a People’s Republic” and for that achieve a peace accord – and there were new “peace-talks”. As a result of this, in August 2006, comrade Prachanda, on one hand, and Koirala, the prime minister of the government of the 7 party alliance on the other, separately sent a letter with the same text to the General Secretary of the UN requesting their intervention in order to monitor the armies and weapons, the elections and the human rights in Nepal, i.e. calling for the intervention of the Security Council of the UN in the “peace process”, and as a result of this,  on the 21st of November last year, the Integral Peace Accord” was signed, the main part and its appendices, approving an Interim Constitution, until the realization of the elections to the constituent assembly where the future of the monarchy would be decided. As a consequence of this, during the first months of this year, there was the incorporation, first, in the interim parliament, and later, in the interim government, of  members of the CPN(M) as parliamentarians and ministers. Thus, first they retreated in April, allowing the monarchy to be maintained in order to decide upon it in the constituent, then they announced to the whole world, and with a lot of hype, in spite of saying it was a secret, that once in the cities, they would make the “October revolution”. But they installed themselves in Katmandu and were then incorporated in the parliament and the interim government - saying that this would not last long at all: “until the middle of June” – where the date for the elections to the constituent was set. In the following months, the CPN(M) and Prachanda have declared that if the Republic (of old bourgeois democracy) were not declared, along with other points to “guarantee democratic and clean elections” they would call for the “peaceful revolt of the people”. Then, taking a step backwards, they have said that if the other parties of the interim government do not treat the “22 points”, put forward as prerequisite for carrying out the elections for the constituent assembly on the 22 of November 2007, with them, they will retreat from the government and call for the “peaceful agitation”. They gave time to comply with their request until the middle of this month (September) and if they should not, their four ministers would leave the government and proceed with the “agitation”. On the 18th of September, by a decision of the CPN(M), their 4 ministers presented their resignation from the government. Before that, there were visits from envoys from the governments of the U.S.A., United Kingdom, China, India, etc., to talk to, among others, the representatives of the CPN(M) concerning the political impasse, and since then there have been several meetings between the main parties among “the 7” and comrade Prachanda and others of their representatives. That means that the 8 parties (the 7 reactionary parties and the CPN(M) are dealing with this amongst themselves, and that each party has showed their “good will” to give concessions. There will come new concessions on both sides, none of which are in benefit of the road of the people, all of which will be for integrating them more in the old state, and thus maintaining the alliance of the 8 parties, including the CPN(M) – like the reactionaries and their imperialist masters have foreseen happening within 8 or 10 years – continuing with the “peace process” with financial support, materials and personnel from the UN, i.e. its Security Council, instrument of imperialism, principally Yankee, and of the other imperialists, in collusion and struggle, and of the Indian reactionaries that together with the Swiss imperialists have acted as “mediators”. It is they who, self-confessedly, have edited the “first draft” of the “Integral Peace Accord” and its annexes, adopting the model of “Macedonia”, dropping the first draft presented by the South African mediator. The imperialists and reactionaries in Nepal have tried to present “the conflict” as a “triangular conflict, at least a budding one”. And the best opportunity appeared with the “palace coup”; since they were not for a bilateral accord between two “armed undemocratic parties”, because this would be at the cost of the “democratic parties”. Therefore, through the pressure from India and the U.S. on the king, they demanded the inclusion of these parties for the “solution of the conflict”, what they call the “inclusive strategy”. These parties, after the coup, admittedly found themselves without power and disarmed. In all this, the monarchy has served the agents of imperialism, in the role of mediators, in order to achieve their main objective in this whole stage that lasts until the establishment of the constituent, which continues to be the empowerment of the “democratic parties” (reactionaries in the service of imperialism, principally Yankee and of their overseers from India), the “empowerment of a (potential) part to sit at the negotiation table as a belligerent conscious part and with the same rights as the other belligerent parts. If there had to be conversations (thought the enemies of the revolution – our note), then as much as possible it should be with the democratic parties as an unarmed part, as an actor at a triangular table” (notes from the statement of Günther Bächeler, advisor for the Promotion of Peace in Nepal, EDA, Zurich, 21st of June 2007). Surely, by following this road, the Nepalese comrades will not liquidate the forces of the reaction and strengthen the forces of the revolution to conquer power for the proletariat and the people. At the most, they will be able to achieve some electoral victories and seats in parliament, ministries and embassies; they might even achieve some more, but all serving to strengthen the old state and its institutions, starting with the strengthening of the army and the police as the backbone of this landowner-bureaucratic state in service of imperialism, this as a product of the change of regime, from monarchy to republic, but that will not change the class character of the old state. This will inevitably lead them to falling victims of the incurable sickness of “parliamentary cretinism”, and in spite of some electoral victories they will not only be left disappointed, but they will sink without remedy into the bog of revisionism, burying the revolutionary cause of the proletariat and the people of Nepal and damaging the revolution in Southeast Asia. Towards this they will march without remedy if they do not correct, but continue to stubbornly persist in the error - no matter if the circumstances permit them to continue in this “pacific” way, or bring them to “employ violent forms” - from the bog of revisionism they will not escape! - with revolts or without revolts. Because the problem here is fundamentally not one of forms of struggle, but of the political objective for which one struggles. Just let us remember how all the parties ended up that went over to armed revisionism. With the accords of the V Expanded Plenum of the CC of the CPN(M), the change of political line, organization and main form of struggle have been sanctioned; the V Plenum has declared that the objectives of the Party are “Round Table, declaration of the Bourgeois Republic and the Constituent Assembly” – the Nepalese Party, consequently, with this has adopted an organizational form appropriate for electoral tasks.

While this happens in this strategic zone in the world, in the third world, in the imperialist countries others, that call themselves Maoists, line up with the current positions of the RCP and the CPN(M) and by all means try to prevent our position, the Maoist, Gonzalo thought position, from reaching the Parties within and outside the RIM. Others take an in-between position, they say nothing. Neither are they for helping the communists of Nepal in facing this complex situation that they are going through. Why? Because they do not intend to ever initiate the people’s war, because they are not for making their own revolution either, as the most genuine way of practicing true proletarian internationalism.

On the contrary, the Communist Party of Peru shows that it is the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, and Chairman Gonzalo, from where he is, and the comrade that now leads the whole Party, its leaders, cadres, members, activists and masses are examples for the communists of the world. We have a Party made for the worst circumstances, knowing that if we stick to the principles and apply them with flexibility, we advance. Because, as we have pointed out before, we have a Party with a recognized Great Leadership, with a guiding thought that has become Gonzalo thought, with a leadership personally forged by Chairman Gonzalo himself and in his image and likeness, proven and recognized in these years of hard striving to continue the people’s war. All this allows the Party to confront the new problems that appear on the road of the revolution. A Party with the BPU [Basis of Party Unity] and its guiding thought allows us to confront what the revolution demands – and this is a great contribution to the world revolution.

And thus - after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, when the reaction, in order to capitalize on it politically, impelled the structuring of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), outside the Party in the prisons, hand in hand with the Yankee CIA, with their hoax of the “peace letters”, and they ferociously attacked the BPU and Gonzalo thought, even calling for a “II Congress” in order to disown it – the Party crushed it with people’s war. The Party crushed the rats of the ROL and showed that they were CIA informers, that it was a ROL set up, nursed and financed by the CIA and manipulated by the genocidal Armed Forces of the old Peruvian state. All their monstrosities and activities, all the disclosed sound recordings and videos all certify this completely. And that is why the rats of the ROL now only make a sound when the reaction needs it. And the reaction with their counterrevolutionary idiotic schemes and hoaxes failed too, because they dreamed of breaking the Party. The plan of the enemy failed. And facing this, some members of the CoRIM, of the RIM, swayed. This shows who sways at the first gale. This marks the course of those that pull to the right. This serves to see who is firmly for Maoism, the people’s war and the world revolution, and who is upset by any new event, before any movement of the reaction, and do not know what to do, sway, and line up to the right. These are like a toboggan to the right as Chairman Mao said.

Comrades, in ’92 the Party told each and every one to continue and assume one’s condition. Today a new Congress in the midst of the people’s war is put forward in order to continue for the conquest of power. This shows the great strategic importance of the contribution of the Party, of Chairman Gonzalo, to the world revolution, having provided this with a BPU and a guiding thought – this is another derivation of great and decisive importance. Because leadership is key, because it is 15 years of untamable striving for the principles of the Party and the people’s war that prove a Leadership; its plans, its unity and its goals. And within this Leadership there is one that stands out, that is the comrade who leads the whole Party. All this allows us to see clearly how to fight and how not to fight, how to confront the new, more complex and difficult situations, because the war will develop and become more complex, the contradictions are crowding together, and we have to solve them with actions of war – this allows one to see how we apply the line. This immeasurable example of the heroic combatant, the Party, must shake the world, the communists in Nepal that are abandoning the revolution in the final moments and those that do not initiate, those that overestimate or see the enemy, imperialism, the world reaction and revisionism, as super-powerful,  those that are not for initiating.

To finish, the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership shines defiantly and victoriously before the world as a combat weapon for communists, combatants and masses. That is, we must apply the Speech; what must be done today is to grasp it in order to continue and in continuing, Chairman Gonzalo is more present with us, thus confronting the new revisionism. In ’92 he told us to continue, today the Party continues its application and goes towards a new Congress in the midst of people’s war to continue the forging of the new leaders up to the highest organizational level of the Party, to reach an even higher level of unity, to establish and apply the new plans and to develop the war more for the conquest of power in the whole country, giving it a powerful impulse. The world must know once more, that having the Party, the BPU and the guiding thought, things are solved; if the conditions are not there, they are conquered, the necessities, all the things are solved and this serves all those in the world that are for the revolution, for the sweeping away of imperialism and reaction off the face of the Earth in order to continue the march of all humanity towards our only goal, the ever golden communism. The reaction thought of annihilating the Party and thus finishing off the revolution, and to that end they tried to capitalize politically on the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, they set up the ROL, in order to break the Maoists here in Peru and in the world, to break the Maoists that were about to initiate or were for the initiation of people’s war. These fifteen years of hard trial without the Chairman, serve to show the world that his masterful Speech is a combat weapon, that the Speech translated into actions, applied well, serve the class and everyone in the world that is for the revolution. Thus the Communist Party of Peru in these past fifteen years concretely serves the world revolution.


Peru People’s Movement,
September 2007

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