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Maoism is the decisive point, because the ideological-political decides everything, and our ideology is but one; Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

Maoism is the new, and the new has never been easily accepted; it has been imposed in hard struggle, for the leadership of the proletariat through its Communist Parties. We are convinced of the greatness of Maoism. Without Maoism there would be no people’s war that imposes itself at all costs. This is what Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, and in his Masterful Speech (of the 24th of September 1992) he therefore calls us to fulfill the task of struggling to put Maoism as command and guide of the world revolution.

Chairman Gonzalo teaches that Maoism is attacked, denied and declared outdated because it is the most glorious summit of our scientific ideology. And thus Chairman Gonzalo, upholding, defending and mainly applying Maoism to the Peruvian revolution, to the present situation, proves with people’s war the full validity of Maoism and contributes to its development. It is he who has defined Maoism as the third, new and higher stage of our ideology, thus established the universal validity of Maoism and the people’s war, and that the principal of Maoism is power for the proletariat; likewise, he has established the three stages of the world revolution within the process of restoration and counterrestoration, for the class to permanently settle at the power and that we will bury imperialism and reaction with world people’s war. He has reconstituted the Party and initiated the people’s war. He has established the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution and the militarization of the Party, the unified people’s war – countryside being the main with the city as complement – with the support bases as the marrow of the people’s war, where from the beginning,  destroying the old power, the new power is built, the new state, the preparation for the insurrection from the beginning of the people’s war, etc. He makes us think about the revolution of new democracy, to think about its essence as revolution, as one class overthrowing another, which is done with people’s war, with violence - to think about this universal law, even more today when they try to say it has been overcome. The revolution of new democracy in China is a paradigm, a prototype for revolution, Chairman Gonzalo tells us, that goes against imperialism, feudality and bureaucrat capitalism. He teaches us that for Chairman Mao, the new democratic revolution inevitably leads to the second revolution, to its uninterrupted continuation as socialist revolution. Without the new democratic revolution, the socialist revolution is not feasible in a country like ours; and even more so, that the cultural revolution is the continuation of the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat, maintained by the people’s army to defend the new state based on immense masses: peasants, proletariat, people, to generate new forms, to not repeat the old capitalist roads, demolished by the revolution, that leads the socialist road astray; even more, that socialism has to generate new forms. He established that the class struggle continues and that it will be quite sharp, that the centre of struggle is for the dictatorship of the proletariat held up by immense masses, showing the necessity of cultural revolution, that has given us great lessons that we already apply, like the question of ideological change being fundamental for the class to take power (the necessity for an ideological leap). For Chairman Gonzalo this is essentially the revolution, like Marx said, the thundering march of the class to arrive at communism, through the dictatorship of the proletariat.

All the activity of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Gonzalo thought goes against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, against new revisionism and what the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and comrade Prachanda put forward. Therefore, the CoRIM, when it comes to Chairman Gonzalo, says that he could be behind the “letters” and that they have to investigate; therefore, the CoRIM erroneously leads the two line struggle, distorts Maoism and spreads a false image of the present development of the Communist Party of Peru and the people’s war that it leads.

In this they fully converge with the general counterrevolutionary offensive that is being developed, in collusion and struggle, by imperialism, mainly Yankee, by the world reaction and by revisionism. Politically using the situation of Chairman Gonzalo, his detention in absolute isolation, they attack, defame and slander him as a capitulator, revisionist, traitor, etc. And they create all kinds of hoaxes against him in order to deny Maoism.

The hill of the enemy in their propaganda spread the defeat of the people’s war, that there are only remains, that we are divided, etc. This hill is constantly applying “new” plans, now with the government of the genocidal Alan Garcia and Gampietri. They have dreams of how to end their nightmare and use the ROL in Peru and the new revisionism abroad, like the previous governments. Their problem is their historical and political impossibility of annihilating the people’s war.

On our hill, the Party firmly maintains the course of the people’s war. The actions reaffirm it for us; they dream, dream that one day we will change course – but we develop the people’s war being flexible in application and firm on principles. We apply: always to see new forms, which is the opposite of Teng’s position that “the color of the cat is not important…”, because one does not change the course. It takes new forms, but the color does not change. With Gonzalo thought materialized in people’s war, the Party solves all the new problems that appear on the road of the revolution! Therefore, the Masterful Speech of our Great Leadership is a combat weapon for communists, combatants and masses.

In the midst of the fluidity of the people’s war and the process of reestablishment and counter-reestablishment, the People’s Committees and the Support Bases are not only maintained but they are developed, after the inflection, defended by the PLA, that defeats all the encirclement and annihilation campaigns of the enemy.

After the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, taking up his Masterful Speech as a weapon, firmly submitted to the BPU (Basis of Party Unity – transl.), the Party has continued the people’s war in new and complex situations. Applying: faced with a new situation, we assimilate it and give our answer. Here is the question – it is not enough to see the problem, but one must go on developing the war in new situations. Never before have we had so many new things, and we have solved them without the Chairman being present.

The people’s war is a war of the masses led by the Party. In our country the countryside is the centre of the people’s war and the city is its necessary complement. The development of the people’s war requires a great leap in the incorporation of the masses in the people’s war. This takes us to the necessity of opening up new guerrilla zones, broadening and developing the mass work, taking up the Party experience of the reconstitution and the 80’s, fighting to lead and organize the masses through the People’s Liberation Army. The masses are for combating and resisting, as is shown by the struggles of the teachers, the coca farmers, the doctors and paramedics and the university teachers, etc. There have been road blocks, the taking of airports, the burning of police stations, attacks on state establishments and properties of the big bourgeoisie. And this is what we have always put forward. The Party continues in the midst of people’s war with the forge of the current leadership, after having lost many of the leaders. After struggling and unmasking the ROL, accomplice of Montesinos-CIA, the Party, with the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, basing itself on the BPU, marches towards the new Congress of the Party for a higher cohesion and to establish new plans applying the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution.

The unity of today is based on continuing the people’s war and establishing new plans to develop it. The Party calls us to start from reality and continue the people’s war, like Chairman Gonzalo did in his Masterful Speech, developing the struggle in order to strengthen the work of the Army among the masses. The Party calls us to continue the forging of the leadership at the highest organizational level, concretizing the new Congress, and develop the people’s war building the conquest of power in the whole country. The rats of the ROL, much advertised by some, are only heard from when the reaction needs it. The two line struggle in the Party always exists, the struggle between left and right is permanent. Thus, some express overestimation and argue for not going to the masses. Others say we must wait, others say “the masses are not willing, let us make actions that have repercussions”. These were some of the positions that were crushed; they were an apparent “left”, but in practice it led to isolating us from the masses. The left applied strengthening the mass work through the Army. The reaction now claims that we are talking differently – this certainly does have repercussions. We strive hard not to be a burden upon the masses. The reaction says, that when we are in the Andean heights, we talk differently to the masses, etc., and this makes the reaction panic. The struggles of the masses all around the country fills imperialism, reaction and its fascist, genocidal and countryselling Garcia government with dread, because they know that what the masses are putting forward in their struggle platforms since three years back is quite different. This expresses how the new Party leaders have learned in the very course of the war. One must draw lessons – the point is that some do not appreciate that the war is a war to the death. Some thought that we were only rising and that there were no zigzags or retreats.

Today, when the supposed outdatedness of Maoism is proclaimed by new revisionism, trying to justify their betrayal of the people’s war and the world revolution; in collusion with imperialism and the darkest reaction, what must be done is to take up the defense of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought, because it has become the principal question for the people’s war and the world revolution.

Therefore, we call all the Parties and organizations inside and outside of the RIM to join the campaign to celebrate the XV anniversary of our Great Leadership’s Masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992, that we will initiate on the 29th of September this year with the International Conference in Madrid.



Peru People's Movement
August, 2007

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