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“The inexhaustible bosom of the people nourished them with sober nutrients and made them walk; the class struggle shaped their mind; and the Party, as the first and highest social form, raised their political consciousness, arming it with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, guiding thought, strengthened their fighting spirit organizing them in the People's Guerilla Army and merging them with the masses of poor peasants, steeled their body and spirit in the inextinguishable forge of the people's war. Having become prisoners of war, they never kneeled down and persisting in combating, mobilizing and producing in ardent struggles, they transformed the sordid dungeons of the decrepit and rotten Peruvian state into shining trenches of combat. ”

Chairman Gonzalo, Glory to the Day of Heroism!, June 1987

“Every blow struck by frenzied imperialism, every defeat the international bourgeoisie inflict on us, rouses more and more sections of the workers and peasants to the struggle, teaches them at the cost of enormous sacrifice, steels them and engenders new heroism on a mass scale.”

V.I. Lenin, Letter to American Workers

“Thousands upon thousands of martyrs have heroically laid down their lives for the people; let us hold their banner high and march ahead along the path crimson with their blood!”

Chairman  Mao Tse-Tung, On Coalition Government
(April 24th 1945),
Collected Works III

On the 19th of June, 1986, the prisoners of war and political prisoners, militants and combatants, the best sons and daughters of the people, in the shining trenches of combat of El Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao, rose up in glorious rebellion against the genocide under way, being plotted by the fascist and corporative APRA government and its führer apprentice the genocidal García Perez. In a futile attempt to defeat the people’s war, to compensate for the failure of all their political and military plans, the genocidal García, his fascist government and the blood-thirsty reactionary armed forces desperately planned the slaughter of the unarmed prisoners of war and political prisoners, just like they had already done the year before when they murdered 30 combatants in Lurigancho on the 4th of October 1985.

But these new sinister plans were denounced beforehand by the Party: on the 18th, after publicly denouncing the genocide, the torture, the persecution of prisoners and their families, the comrades rebelled in defense of the revolution and of their lives, presenting 26 just demands concerning the rights of prisoners and their families. The reactionary old state, under the political leadership of García Pérez and his government and through their armed forces and police forces, answered with a barbaric massacre, attacking the prisons from air, sea and land, with canons, bombs and grenades, to then slaughter the surviving, unarmed comrades with guns and bayonets – although after 20 hours they had still not gained control of the prisons, because of the heroic resistance of the combatants. With proletarian heroism and courage, the comrades resisted and combated fearlessly and without hesitation, rejecting and condemning the sinister “peace commission” set up by the reaction, taking prisoners and giving hard blows to the enemy, and proudly shouting the slogans of the Party and the people’s war while giving their precious lives: Long live Chairman Gonzalo! Long live the Communist Party of Peru! Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Long live the people’s war! All in all, 250 comrades gave their lives, murdered by the reaction. A crime that the people will never forget – and only the people will give the well-deserved punishment to those responsible: the genocidal Alan García, his ministers, the joint command, the armed forces and police forces as well as their accomplices, the revisionist opportunists of the “United Left”, the political parties and the church.

Today, the same genocidal murderers, the same García and Giampetri that have the blood of the prisoners of war and the political prisoners on their hands, are back in government, showing the deep and final crisis of the old Peruvian state. And after all their genocide, all their hoaxes and smear campaigns, it is more clear than ever that they have failed and continue to fail completely in their impossible task of annihilating the people’s war. Just like the Day of Heroism gave new impulse to the people’s war, so will all their new hoaxes, all their new genocidal and country-selling plans only generate more class hatred, and more people’s war – which we can see in the recent glorious actions carried out by the People’s Liberation Army and in the desperate reports in the reactionary press. We condemn once more their sinister plan to assassinate our Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo, and how they viciously try to serve this plan by insinuating, through the media, that Chairman Gonzalo is “leading from the prison”. We condemn and denounce this whole reactionary press that, no matter if it is pro-government or from the opposition, in unison serves this whole campaign of lies, slander and hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the people’s war, paid by the Yankee CIA – the facts speak for themselves: just to mention the most recent one: already in our last leaflet we denounced the magazine “Caretas”, we have the the journalist Hildebrant’s interview with the owner and editor of the newspaper “La Republica” of Lima, “Chicho” Mohme, that appeared in the same newspaper, where this hack admits that in the meetings with the CIA agent and actual boss of the SIN, during the Fujimori government, Montesinos, they talked about two things: “about Abimael…” (i.e. Chairman Gonzalo) and about “taxes” and “state advertisements” (i.e. the payment for his service to all the hoaxes of the CIA – the money for his newspaper or company and for dividing among the rest of the mass media, which he also represented in these conversations in the capacity of “President of the Association of Newspapers”) Concerning the extradition of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori, we see how a series of scandals are raised in the parliament, as if it were a new thing, to hide how they are managing things under the table in order to cleanse the snake Fujimori of the most serious crimes, like genocide and others, which is what his accomplice, the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Alán García has to do to repay for what Fujimori did in ’90-’91 in the parliament, dominated by him, to acquit the guadameco (García) for the atrocious genocides committed by the government of García. Therefore, we reaffirm ourselves once more in that the people and only the people will give the punishment that these committers of genocide deserve, and it will be done in the course of the development of the people’s war.We reaffirm ourselves in the principle that a people’s war is not led from prison, in the fact that the Party has been capable of solving the problem of the leadership, and that we have a proven and recognized leadership, forged in the image of Chairman Gonzalo himself and that it subjects firmly to his Great Leadership and his all-powerful thought. A leadership that applies Gonzalo thought to solve every new problem that appears on the road of the revolution, in order to carry forward our victorious and invincible people’s war until its final goal, Communism.

By applying Gonzalo thought and firmly upholding the principles of the Party and the people’s war, the heroes of the shining trenches of combat turned the genocidal plans of the reaction into a great moral, political and military victory for the Party and the revolution, and a defeat creating a serious political crisis and disparagement for the reactionary old state. The monumental trilogy of El Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao gave us a glorious example of the heroism that belongs to our class and the peoples of the world – a heroism that the bourgeoisie can never produce, because it is a heroism based on class consciousness and selfless sacrifice for the revolution. Like the great Lenin said, it is the “heroism of a class that is rising, not declining, a class that does not dread the future, but believes in it and fights for it selflessly, a class that does not cling to maintenance and restoration of the past in order to safeguard its privileges, but hates the past and knows how to cast off its dead and stifling decay.”


Peru People’s Movement
June, 2007

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