Proletarians of All Countries Unite!


Today, May 1, 2007, on the day of the international proletariat, the Peru People's Movement once again expresses its exultant greeting to our class and to the peoples of the world and we reaffirm ourselves on our grandiose task of upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, putting it as command and guide of the World Revolution.

With the Manifesto of the Communist Party of 1848 our class became a class for itself. The Manifesto is our birth certificate, where the basic principles and the program of the proletariat are established. Our ideology, Marxism, founded by Marx, is today Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism (as we have pointed out).

In the present situation the revolution and counterrevolution are in armed confrontation: "Imperialism, principally Yankee, in its hegemonist eagerness and as great gendarme, once more attacks the oppressed nations of the world, especially the Middle East (Irak, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, etc.) and Latin America (ALCA and its TLC [Acuerdo de Comercio Libre de las Américas - Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, and Tratado de Libre Comercio - Free Trade Agreement -transl.]). Its objective: to broaden its political influence, consolidate its economic, commercial and military control and for decades guarantee its internal needs at the cost of the starvation, misery and impoverishment of the peoples and the nations" (CC of the PCP, October 2006)

And this imperialist attack is made in sharp and hard contention between the superpowers and imperialist powers for control of energy sources and raw materials like oil and other strategic resources, for the repartition of the spoils. With the control of these important disputed zones Yankee imperialism wants to grab its European and Asian contenders by the throat.

In this way, this struggle for the repartition of its booty has been drawn out over the whole planet, this has generated the increase of the oppression of the wage slaves in the imperialist countries, worsening even more the working conditions, reducing wages and living conditions, in order "to be in better conditions to compete in the globalized world". And as it has to be, they have militarized these imperialist States more and restricted and suppressed recognized rights of the masses under the cloak of "fight against terrorism".

And, consequently, this imperialist attack also intensifies the resistance. "In all parts of the world, the irrefutable truth is confirmed, that the countries want their independence, the nations want their liberation and the peoples want the revolution (…) Chairman Mao pronounced that imperialism will not live long because it commits all kinds of despicable acts. It occupies many colonies, semicolonies, by force, and threatens the peace with nuclear wars. There are rebellions of the oppressed peoples but imperialism still lives - it resists in slow agony and with impunity attacks Asia, Africa and Latin America. We must stop these despicable acts: Long live the struggle of the Arab people!" (Document quoted).
And as it also has to be, great uprisings of the proletariat and the people of their own imperialist countries are being produced, from the USA to China, like in Los Angeles, Paris, etc.
As a consequence of the imperialist attack and the imperialist dispute, of the war of imperialist aggression, therefore, the revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world grows, which spans all continents and countries of the globe and which has as a base the countries of the Third World. A New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution is developing on one side; and on the other, in order to avert the victorious development of this New Great Wave, so that Maoism doesn't lead it, a general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, reaction and revisionism develops, in collusion and contention, headed by Yankee imperialism as sole hegemonic power.

The current conditions of the Yankee gendarme in the Middle East are changing. We are fully convinced that the black dreams of Yankee imperialism and its puppets will fail in the midst of the sharp imperialist contention of superpowers and powers and will be crushed by the world people’s war. Thus we can see that the current conditions of the Yankee gendarme in the Middle East are changing: Yankee imperialism is suffering from the hard blows they are being dealt by the guerrillas in Afghanistan and Iraq, the heroic resistance of the Palestine people, etc, the disparagement of the genocidal Bush, with a government discredited and repudiated by the people of North America and by the oppressed nations and peoples of the world; by the development of the people’s wars and armed struggles under the influence of Maoism. In spite of this, the Yankee imperialists are preparing an assault against Iran, a strategic zone for their world domination, but this develops even more their conflict with Russia and China over this strategic region. With he ferocious genocides that the Yankee master and its puppets like Israel commit, with missiles against the media, market places, hospitals, etc. “once more, before the world they have shown their deep class hatred against the peoples that struggle for their liberation. A lesson paid in blood, which upholds a new dawn of the great proletarian wave commanded by Maoism” (Quoted document).

Today, on the day of the international proletariat, once again, we reject and condemn with deep class hatred these sinister dreams of hegemony of the voracious gendarme and we say that they will be crushed by the the People's War. We reaffirm ourselves on the fact that the key point is the constitution and reconstitution of the militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties and that they must resolutely grasp the people's war, applying it to the concrete conditions of each country.

And the Communist Party of Peru, persisting in the people’s war, keeps the word of Chairman Gonzalo, our Great Leadership. The proletariat and the peoples of the world must know that: “the Party has not been defeated. On this unfaltering road of encircling the cities from the countryside, the old Peruvian State has unleashed ferocious counterrevolutionary campaigns against the Great Leadership, the Party, the ideology and the people’s war. Imperialists and reactionaries have used their whole mercenary machinery of the media and the institutions, NGOs, revisionists and capitulators, for these dark purposes The objective: to generate public opinion against the Party and the Peruvian revolution while they justify their genocide and the crimes committed by the Armed Forces and the PNP. We do not let ourselves be fooled; the “national reconciliation” and “amnesties”, are farces to cover up the unpunished felony of Alan Garcia and Giampetri, abominable committers of genocide, today heads of the executive power. The blood of valuable sons and daughters of the Party and of the people has been spilled, and it shall be avenged” (Quoted Document)

On this day of proletarian celebration we repeat once more our promise to struggle inseparably and irreconcilably against imperialism, reaction and revisionism. We reject, condemn and crush once more the revisionist and capitulationist ROL in Peru and the new revisionism in the international communist movement, and within it, in the RIM. As the Party has established: “To assume amnesties for us means to deny the true role of the Party and the people’s war and “negotiating with or without political solutions” will not give victories or benefits to the organizations that put them forward nor to the population in general. The capitulation serves the reactionary states and, whether one wants it or not, the revolution is the principal political and historical tendency in the world and Maoism commands it. There is more hunger, more genocide and more revolution!” (Quoted document).
The new revisionism attacks the Marxist thesis of Great Leaderships and Great Leaders of the revolution, presenting it as a cult of individuals. It attacks the military theory of the proletariat, the people’s war, detaching it from the Support Bases, aiming at the fundamental point of Maoism, the power. The new revisionism talks of people’s war without new power. These attacks are part of the general counterrevolutionary offensive and have repercussions within the RIM because there is lack of understanding among its members concerning Great Leadership, new power, etc. It is not understood that the new power “is born and developed in the midst of people’s war, establishing the People’s Committees, led and constructed by the Party in concentric form, thus since its birth the new power is born crushing campaigns of encirclement and annihilation; constructing the new: new power, new economy, new culture, new republic; the not understanding has led to some members supporting the thesis of “multiparty democracy”, which will lead to lead astray the revolution, together with not understanding the Marxist thesis of Great Leadership, in spite of owning a great fire-power, and having the enemy ready to make concessions, and most importantly the growing support of the poor masses, they come with the “multiparty democracy”. The question is that some members made echo of the hoaxes of the reaction and repeated them, the two line struggle, carried out badly, will lead to tangle up the RIM; today the people’s war in Nepal can change course, from a democratic revolution to a bourgeois revolution. The Communist Party is for initiating and leading a people’s war, not for coexisting and sharing responsibilities with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. This destroys it, adapts it, they turn into fascist parties – it is a great responsibility of the comrades from Nepal” (CC of the PCP, August 2006)

This is the clear position of the CC of the PCP, concordant with our principles and with more than 159 years of history of the international communist movement. For more than a hundred years, many Communist Parties have participated in the elections and parliaments; this “tactic” is nothing new, and none of these have established, through this “tactic”, the dictatorship of the proletariat. It has only led to anaesthetizing the masses and to the corruption of the parties themselves. In this way the bourgeoisie has bribed these parties, converting them into revisionist parties, bourgeois parties. There are no “two roads”, and even less is there another one as the product of the hotchpotch of the road of the people’s war with the road to nowhere that is the elections. Any form that does not belong to the democratic road, the road of the people’s war, only leads to spreading false illusions among the masses, yoking them to the wagon of the old state, wasting the fruits of the revolution, permitting the old state to regain strength in order to jump at the throat of the revolutionaries and slaughter them. This road only serves, therefore, to disarm the masses ideologically, politically, militarily, etc., and hand them over unarmed to the executioners of the reaction, to the counterrevolutionary repression. In synthesis, to follow this road does not serve the people but the reactionary states.

And, in conclusion, we reaffirm ourselves, once again, on the fact that: "revolution is the principal political and historical tendency in the world and Maoism commands it. There is more hunger, more misery, more genocide and more revolution! The immense sea of oppressed and unarmed masses rise up in the world and in our country to arm themselves with ideology, to be led by a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, in our case with Gonzalo thought, and demolish old walls of oppression, exploitation, subjugation and genocide. Imperialism and the world- or native reaction cannot be destroyed without cutting off the rotten revisionism and the crawling opportunism at the root." (CC of the PCP, October 2006)


Peru People's Movement
May 1, 2007

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