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Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the only, undefeated and unfading ideology of the proletariat and the most advanced and last class ideology in history. Here the key question is how Chairman Gonzalo defines Maoism, as third, new and higher stage; a problem of great importance because therein is the way our Party understands Maoism, implying that Marxism has three stages: Leninism that bases itself on Marxism and Maoism that bases itself on the two previous ones, but developing them. Therefore it is new and third, and, as it develops Marxism to a higher level, it is superior.

Starting from this key question, established in the I Congress of the Party, Gonzalo Thought is the application of the universal truth, of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the concrete conditions of Peruvian society and the world today. Therefore we say that the most substantive and most developed of Gonzalo Thought is found in the general political line of the Party and there the developments and contributions of Gonzalo Thought to Marxism are specified. Even more so, Gonzalo Thought solves new problems of the people´s war and develops bases of strategy and tactics for the world revolution; it establishes its three stages or moments, determining that around 1980 we entered its third moment; in his masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992 he pointed out that we were entering a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution. Confronting and crushing the contrary, rightist, positions and lines in the Party (and later, with the powerful advance of the people´s war, in the heart of the RIM), Chairman Gonzalo established the urgent necessity, opportunity and possibility of initiating and developing the people´s war in Peru and in the world to confront the war, the aggression, of imperialism and make revolution – starting from the fact that the revolution becomes the principal historical and political tendency in the world and from the existence of a revolutionary situation in uneven development in Peru as well as in the whole world, with the oppressed countries being the base of the world revolution because there the largest part of the world population is concentrated, and because there the revolution boils with more force – and crushed the trick of revisionism, that in order to deny the existence of the revolutionary situation in the world, try to confuse revolutionary situation with revolutionary crisis. Chairman Gonzalo has established the need for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties, their militarization and concentric construction, and has developed the Marxist political economy concerning the decisive problem for the democratic revolution, that of bureaucrat capitalism, generalizing it and establishing the laws and stages of its development, concluding that it matures the conditions for the revolution. These few examples show how Chairman Gonzalo has contributed to the world revolution and thus is developing Marxism. And the Parties and organisations that make up the RIM, including the RCP and therefore its Chairman comrade Avakian, recognized it in their Declaration of 1993: Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!, that in its introduction refers to the role fulfilled by the Communist Party of Peru and the people´s war it leads, which served for the RIM to take the important step of recognizing Maoism, which was denied in its 1984 Declaration. There it is, in block letters: “These advances [of the people's war led by the Communist party of Peru -our note], in theory and practice, have enabled us to further deepen our grasp of the proletarian ideology and on that basis take a far-reaching step, the recognition of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the new, third and higher stage of Marxism."

Chairman Gonzalo has generated Gonzalo Thought, theoretical foundation for the practice of the communists of today, in Peru and the World, for the people´s war, when we have entered the development of a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, it is the theoretical foundation of the world revolution today. In this way, Gonzalo Thought contributes to the development of Marxism, and neither imperialism nor the reaction wants this – revisionism even less so. They do not want a theoretician or “leader’ like Chairman Gonzalo, that meets the demands put forward by Chairman Mao: theoretical solidity, understanding of history and good practical handling of politics, therefore they want him to die without the condition of developer of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. Neither do Comrade Avakian and others, fully converging with the reaction, want that this condition of Chairman Gonzalo, that pertains to him, is recognized, and they attack him, insult him, accusing him of being a dogmato-sectarian revisionist; forgetting that, written and signed by them, the recognition of Chairman Gonzalo´s transcendent contribution to Marxism is in the RIM Declaration of 1993.

Seen in this way, the ideological struggle gathers more strength, and therefore it hurts for some comrades from some Parties and organisations that belong to the RIM when we say the truths, and say things clearly. Comrade Avakian, particularly, can not forgive Chairman Gonzalo for being the one that defined Maoism. Since the birth of the RIM, Chairman Gonzalo has marked with fire Avakian´s positions, opposed to Maoism and people´s war, and pointed out his hegemonist strivings within the RIM. This is why the Chairman of the RCP always tries to present his positions through middle hands and does not appear in order to carry out the two-line struggle face to face.

We know that it is necessary to crush the right and its head, and later to crush whoever takes up the rightist positions afterwards; there will always be struggle of opposites, because of the dialectical dynamics. Chairman Gonzalo has always taught us this, this is our experience on the international level. In Peru, too, it was like this, and it was done against the one that upheld it, not against the one that opened his mouth. Others, because of their striving for posts, talk too much; they are looking for a “leader’ in the RIM. Never forget how the miserable Teng acted, he too used others, in order to afterwards present himself as the originator behind the curtains, for this he sold his soul to Yankee imperialism. Today more than ever, it has enormous importance what Chairman Gonzalo said: struggle to the death against revisionism. The Party experience allows us to understand all this in order to dismantle it.

Some try to put one people´s war against another people´s war, i.e. the people´s war in Peru against the people´s war in Nepal, and say that if the people´s war in Nepal has “advanced more’ than that in Peru, and the latter is going through complex and difficult situations, it is because the “path’ of one is superior to the thought of the other, thus trafficking with the explosive advance of the masses in the war, instead of making democratic revolution, installing joint dictatorship; thus they try to avoid the debate and simply say: we have much force, we have many resources.

We assume our great responsibility in this ideological struggle; we are clear on what we want, because we assume it by free determination with conviction. We must always look far ahead; we assume it firmly. As our Party warned us in November 2004, there will be a more refined ideological struggle, and we must defend Gonzalo thought. Therefore we must blow up all the hoaxes of the reaction, like the new reactionary hoax of the “general amnesty’, inseparable from the hoax of the “trial’ against Chairman Gonzalo, so the revisionists in the world, new ones and old ones, will have no more argument but that provided by the old state, the reaction, the CIA with the help of their lackeys of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL.

We, the Peru People´s Movement (MPP), as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru has declared publicly, are assuming our promise to defend Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, serving the people´s war and the world revolution, and we continue to do so, always guaranteeing that the MPP fulfils such a high role, even at the cost of our lives. On the other hand, where did those people end up, those of the CSRP in Europe and the U.S., or that trashy journalist? First they said, when “the letters’ appeared: is he, or not? Probably yes, or probably no; to afterwards end up aligned in one way or another with the revisionist positions expressed on the level of the CoRIM, the positions they said they combated; therefore it hurts them, the representatives of these positions, that we tell them the things that are crystal clear. We are the only ones that remind them, that since the earliest moments of the RIM, Chairman Gonzalo marked with fire the positions of comrade Avakian.

Concerning the development of the two-line struggle, we are for continuing to establish our position about how we understand the new republic, the Support Bases, the new power and why, applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, it allows us to create and destroy, concentrically building the three instruments of the revolution, to build a new economy, a new culture, etc, and demolish the old state, its petty parties, the church, its “help’, its NGOs, in joint dictatorship as an expression of the dictatorship of the proletariat. And all these new things, the new power, is upheld, defended and developed with the army: the militia, the local force and the principal force; developing a highly mobile people´s war. We are for explaining to the Parties and organizations our experience in the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and that distancing oneself from its principles, like with this “multiparty democracy’, leads to liquidating the Party, the new power, the conquered achievements, etc. Two perspectives, one brilliant, persisting in the people´s war, like we are doing, and another, black, that of capitulation, if one does not persist in the people´s war, if one distances oneself from it. The Communist Party of Peru, through its apparatus for the Party work abroad, the MPP, is for carrying out this struggle together with all the Maoist and revolutionary Parties and organizations. Because we need Maoism to be embodied, and it is, and that it goes on to generate Communist Parties to manage, to lead the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, crushing the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, that Yankee imperialism leads in collusion and conflict, in its condition as sole hegemonic superpower.


Peru People´s Movement
November 2006

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