Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The people´s war in Peru, initiated and led by our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, is the highest and glorious struggle, the greatest epic that our class and our people develop in order to finish more than thirteen centuries of exploitation and oppression. It was initiated on the 17th of May 1980, at the right and appropriate moment, that has brought us this far in more than 26 years of hard and burning struggle. Like Chairman Gonzalo teaches; the communists face complex situations, and thus the problem is to persist, the conditions are set by the very reality of the class struggle, always keeping high the banners of rebellion and of people´s war until communism. Chairman Gonzalo, the leaders and cadres, communist militants, we combatants and masses of the people´s war, will never renege the interests of the people, the principles of the Party and the people´s war. Chairman Gonzalo, where he is, although alone and isolated in perpetuity, without being able to communicate with anyone except with the enemies of our class and our people, as a communist he represents the Party and as such fulfils his duty, in the highest trench of the class struggle, of the people´s war, to be a fortress of the Party. And we, wherever we may be, assume being a fortress of the Party and continue his shining example.

Imperialism, reaction and revisionism, since the beginning, as always, following the well known scheme, have slandered the revolutionary violence, the Party and the people´s war that it leads, presenting it as a series of bestialities, massacres and crimes of all kinds, trying to hide the reactionary violence expressed by the landlord-bureaucratic state itself and its armed forces and police forces, its laws, its judicial and prison system, etc; i.e. the class violence of the ruling classes as a direct violence to repress the struggle and resistance of the oppressed. Thus they have tried to justify their bestialities, genocides and daily, infinite crimes. To hide their own responsibility they have given fantastic numbers of what they call “victims of the political violence’, through their Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR, Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación), to finally say that everything is the responsibility of the Party for having risen in arms. Once they had arrested Chairman Gonzalo on the 11th of September 1992, they proceeded to isolate him absolutely and in perpetuity, violating their own judicial legislation, without a valid court order for the arrest, without trial and without a valid sentence. They can never validate it, because it is judicially and politically impossible. They have submitted Chairman Gonzalo to absolute isolation in order to make political use of his arrest and defame him as a capitulator and revisionist, to attack Gonzalo thought, to deny his condition of developer of Marxism, and hold back the international campaign for the defense of his life. The “new trial’ has followed this scheme: Condemn the people´s war, in the person of Chairman Gonzalo, following the reactionary principle that preaches that rebelling against the oppression and exploitation is unjust, using the trial politically to present him as a capitulator and a revisionist, permitting, with this objective, to talk to anyone except Chairman Gonzalo.

On the 6th of October, the oral phase of this sinister farce of the “new trial’ ended with the dictate of the “announced sentence’; an oral phase, that should have been public, where the main “accused’, the Chairman, should have had the opportunity to put forward his position concerning the process itself, “the judges’ and each one of the extremes of the prosecution and the pretensions of the attorney, using his legitimate right, within the very judicial legislation with which they try to judge him, exercising his defense and the principle of the “contradictio’, i.e. to put forward his own arguments and evidence against those of the prosecution. None of these things were done, and the so-called oral and public trial was carried out as a closed and secret trial, as a summary trial, in spite of its duration. Therefore, the guadameco García, that act as president of the old state, pressures the Interamerican Commission and Court not to rule against the Peruvian state for the judicial aberrations of the “trial’, using the establishment of the “death penalty’ in cases of “terrorism’ and rape against minors, and to achieve, in this way too, that this interamerican instance lets them get rid of the processes they face for genocide.

Why did it come to this absurdity in the “trial’? Especially if one considers that a judicial process with full guarantees for the accused would serve to “legitimize’ their own democracy, like they have been arguing. And if Chairman Gonzalo, supposing the impossible, is the author of the “peace letters’, why do they not allow him to talk directly to all and sundry? Because the accusation and the hoax of the “peace letters’, of the repentance and the order of excuses or pardon, that they want to attribute to Chairman Gonzalo, are laughable and they absolutely cannot withstand a public and direct confrontation. That is why the process is carried out secretly and only rigorously selected and filtered parts are afterwards presented to the public knowledge. All the filmed, photographic and sound material from the “trial’ is kept under the control of the “judges’, i.e. the Navy, controlled by the CIA, and only edited material that is convenient for them is disclosed.

The question lies in that they want to use the trial following the “take and give’ principle (a principle of bourgeois right: “I give, so you give’). Everyone talks except the Chairman. On the Chairman they impose “muteness’ and life imprisonment, and on the others 25 years; the majority of the rats in the process have served almost twenty years, and many of them, with the so-called “benefits’, will start to get out from April next year. We denounce this before the world; they want to formalize this “take and give’ farce before the world, and their “appeal’ of the sentence serves this purpose.

There are plans in the making, to which the relatives of the Chairman lend themselves: the situation with the “trial’ is that the relatives have negotiated with the lawyers, which stick to that and do not let anyone else look at the case (the concrete is that the “lawyers’ are tightly tied to the relatives that give their consent, and to the reaction), thus the rats of the ROL offer their immeasurable services to the enemy for the isolation of Chairman Gonzalo within the “trial’. The “judges’ managed by the Navy Intelligence Service, through which the CIA manages everything that has to do with the Chairman and the “trial’, do not allow the Chairman to make a pronouncement, and even less any journalist to record it. Thus they want to legitimize the “trial’ and the “sentence’. The ROL says nothing on this, as we can see; they are judging him behind closed doors and – to cap it all – the rats say: We will appeal the sentence! That is, the form, but not the content.

The reaction argues that Chairman Gonzalo and the ROL are one and the same, that the process is clean. But the concrete is that all this is nothing but a sinister farce. The Chairman has never said that there are not conditions for the initiation and development of the people´s war in Peru and the World. The reaction wants the world to think that Chairman Gonzalo says that there are no conditions - and that we should not have initiated - neither in Peru nor in the World. They want to make use of his prestige as far as they can in order to serve their ends. Therefore, the ROL, in their monstrosities, say “we should not have initiated’.

In the center of the struggle is the question of the validity of Maoism, that it is concretized in people´s war to conquer and defend the power; the question on the agenda is the problem of the power, the problem of the two roads, the democratic road and the bureaucratic road, the new power based on the revolutionary army against the old state based on its genocidal armed forces; it is the question of the joint dictatorship as an expression of the dictatorship of the proletariat. All this is concretized in the problem of the Party; or a Party to lead the people´s war and take the power or a “Party’ adjusted to the old “order’. Therefore it is of great importance to blow up the denounced questions of the “trial’. We have the valuable, just and correct experience of how we acted in the moment when the hoax of the “peace letters’ came out: we entered with arms in those places where the ROL tried to infiltrate and do their dirty work as informers and capitulators, and we blew up their black heads, for example: in Villa El Salvador (in Lima). By different means we unmasked the “letters’, the facts showed that we were right. Now it is necessary to blow up their new schemes because later they will use Gonzalo thought against Gonzalo thought, red banners against red banners. We will blow them up, thus the representatives of new revisionism abroad will have no more arguments but those provided by the old state of oppression, exploitation and genocide.

We denounce once more, as part of all these reactionary schemes, what “Miriam’ (that the reaction and its lackeys from the ROL try to present as the “successor’ of Chairman Gonzalo) says, that she will “give excuses for the damaged done as part of recognizing…’ and that “the trial is part of this’. A “trial’ in which they aim at having others talk and say “it is the position of Chairman Gonzalo and it is Gonzalo thought’. Keeping in mind the “sentence’ they have dictated, with the time they have served in prison, the rats will get out in a few years and others from April next year: Morote, Pantoja, Nancy, with excuses along the way; this is capitulation.

This APRA-fascist, genocidal and country-selling government, with García, Giampetri and Benedicto Jimenéz, aims at Gonzalo thought, at ideological struggle, to have repercussions. Thus it was in China, in the so-called “Peking Process’, in their farce of a trial. Teng wanted to force Chairman Mao´s wife and others from “the four’ to self-criticize. Chiang Ching (the wife) and Chan Chung-chao stayed firm; on the latter they broke his bones. The other two were broken down, which shows that they did not have sufficient firmness and did not have the understanding nor the solidity of communists, and they went over to legality, to work with the sinister revisionist Teng. While comrade Chiang Ching shouted: “I do not recognize this tribunal because it is fascist and Teng is a fascist… I am a being without law’, a famous declaration that unmasked them. About these events, Chairman Gonzalo came to the following conclusion: “There, the communist courage of Chiang Ching is seen, and they could not force her nor comrade Chang Chung-chao to sign the fascist sentence, and the persons “in the middle’ gave in. The experience shows that they are nothing but a slide to the right. Chairman Mao said ‘when the tiger is not on the mountain, the monkey thinks he is king´’. Today, in Peru, in the sinister farce of the “new process’, it is the same policy. To the head they give the life sentence and to the “leaders’ freedom if they go to legality. What to they do? A legal “Party’ struggling against the other, clandestine, this will be the struggle. As their only argument they will say “the Chairman told me to self-criticize and work in legality’. This idea they are sowing in the prisons and this has sharpened the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL more.

This is not new; today they are re-editing what they said in the past. On the 24th of February 2003 this was published in various media in Peru: ’YOHNY LESCANO, chairman of the Congress´ Commission for Evaluation of Prisons, revealed that the leader of SL OSCAR RAMIREZ “Feliciano’ offered to mediate for the remainders of the subversion in the Ene and Huallaga valleys to lay down the arms. He said, furthermore, that MIRIAM IPARAGUIRRE offered to give public excuses to the country for the damage that were done to the country for 20 years (L). WILFREDO PEDRAZA, assistant defense attorney for prison matters…’ (Note: Yohny Lescano is the brother of Patsy Lescano, wife of the rat Cox.)

Therefore, we must not be surprised by the “interview’ given by “Miriam’ to the press agency “EFE’, her “public self-criticism’, that “facilitates and makes way for the general amnesty’. This is her position as a rat of the ROL, revisionist and capitulationist, long since announced. A new reactionary hoax of “general amnesty’ that we are confronting and will continue to confront and crush wherever we may be. “General amnesty’ that would be only for Morote, Pantoja and others, it would not and will not be in any case for Chairman Gonzalo; but it will surely also be for the members of the “Colina Group’, the “Rodrigo Franco’ and others of their kind, committers of genocide of yesterday and tomorrow. More immunity for the domesticated “Party’ led by the rat Miriam, the “successor’.
Chairman Gonzalo, like he himself has taught us, there where he is, in the hands of the reaction, absolutely and perpetually isolated, continues to struggle with communist firmness, understanding and solidity, of a great communist leader, a proletarian Great Leader, because where there is a communist he represents the Party and must be its fortress.

Therefore, the reaction with their lackeys of the ROL are proceeding like in China to isolate more and murder Chairman Gonzalo. The struggle enters a level already put forward, in the necessity to go on forging even more a Leadership. A leadership that since ´92, under the circumstances of the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, is assuming this task; it is more than a decade, this takes time; it is a Leadership hardened in the unstoppable course of the people´s war, not like the alleged “leadership’, that of the rats of the ROL, “forged’ coordinating in locals provided by the CIA and with its logistics and help; a string of rats that are sold out to the CIA and thus they will end their miserable and ridiculous lives, sold to the Yankee CIA.

The Peru People´s Movement, once more, reaffirms itself fervently in our beloved, heroic and masterful Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, continuer of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tsetung; who creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution has generated Gonzalo thought, guarantee of triumph of the revolution. Chairman Gonzalo is the greatest example of what a communist is and we will never let ourselves be confused by the hoaxes staged by the reaction with the help of their lackeys of the ROL, applying the so-called “low-intensity war’ dictated by its master Yankee imperialism. We reaffirm ourselves, once more, in our full, conscious and unconditional subjection to the sole Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and to the whole Party system of leadership, the Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the Permanent Committee, to the comrade that leads the whole Party, a leadership forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo and hardened in the unstoppable course of the people´s war. A leadership that for all these years, since the detention of Chairman Gonzalo, in heroic, tenacious and bold struggle, leads the revolution step by step and firmly maintains the course of the people´s war to conquer the power in the whole country, applying faithfully, tenaciously and vigorously our unfading and all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought. Only to this Leadership we subject, and we will not subject to any other.


Peru People´s Movement
November 2006

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