Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The Peru People's Movement, generated organisation of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) for the Party work abroad, on the occasion of today being the 14th anniversary of the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership, expresses once more its greeting and full subjection, unconditional and voluntary, to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, centre of Party unity and guarantee of triumph that takes us to communism; to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought; to our basis of Party unity with its three elements; to the Communist Party of Peru and its system of leadership, to the Central Committee (CC), the Political Bureau and the permanent committee, to the Responsible Comrade that heads the CC, who leads the whole Party.

We greet the Party members, combatants and masses of the people's war, the People's Liberation Army and the new power, with its Support Bases and People's Committees, especially the Open People's Committees.

In this great celebration it is also an adequate opportunity to express our greeting and recognition of the Party Leadership, because it has continued the task of leading the people's war as Chairman Gonzalo established in his Speech, defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, the people's war. The Party, leading our people's war, today confronts new and complex situations of forging a leadership with recognized ascendancy. We take firm position for this Party task and express our full agreement with what the Party has established concerning this, that "This process of forging great leaders, leaders, is hard and complex, for us it is hard to not have Chairman Gonzalo to solve all the new problems that present themselves to us, but as communists we shoulder it, because the Party is our life, therefore we reaffirm ourselves in forging the Party members in taking care of the leadership, as never we feel the lack of the Great Leadership.

We are for a recognized leadership, that each and every one proves his condition in the worst circumstances; in the Long March, the Party was diminished drastically, but those who were left were the ones that had to carry on the revolution. Therefore, we have never worried about how many we are. We have Gonzalo thought; the leadership, as we had when initiating, will be forged along the road of the conquest of power in the whole country"
(PCP-CC, Document of May 2006)

And, therefore, we take firm position and express our full agreement with what the Party established in one of its last directives, that: "Today, we have a leadership made in those years, defined and proven since 1992, this will allow us to function in an organized way on different levels, we have continued with the people's war and not led it astray, we have maintained the Bases, they have not swept us away. We have leadership and this permits us to build concentrically the three instruments of the revolution; the issue is that the masses are there, it is a question of retaking with plan, this bring us joy today, to be able to dedicate ourselves to the mass work in and for the people's war."

In this new anniversary of the masterful Speech, we reaffirm ourselves in our pledge to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, whatever it may cost, and that the main form of defending it is as the Communist Party of Peru is doing, with more people's war. On this occasion, we reiterate our pledge to continue struggling and serving the people's war in service of the world revolution. As part of this, we call all the Communist Parties and revolutionary organisations, inside and outside the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the masterful Speech of our Great Leadership united with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) in China (1966-1976). Those, inside and outside the RIM, who are against the two united campaigns, the campaign for Maoism, which we develop this year as a great celebration of the GPCR, and the campaign for the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo, or simply do not care about it, are not for imposing Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world revolution, they are not for the proletarian leadership of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution.

Why are there some, that call themselves Maoists, that oppose these two celebrations and these two campaigns?

These oppose because of what the GPCR implies for the development of the dictatorship of the proletariat until the final securing of the proletariat in power, because of the historical importance that the GPCR holds unstoppable march of humanity to communism, that in historical perspective is the most transcendental of the development of Marxism-Leninism by Chairman Mao, that represented the leap of Marxism to a third, new and higher stage: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. The new revisionism claims Maoism for itself and even pledge to defend it. But, they are against the fundamental in Maoism: the power. The power is the fundamental question and this goes against the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) and all those that on the international level are not for conquering, establishing, defending and developing the new power (the new state) in the midst of the people's war, that continues with its fluidity until finally realizing the power in the whole country. This fundamental question of the power for the class and the masses goes against all those that are for negotiating the revolution. This fundamental question of the power goes against all the traitors that put a price on the revolution.

And, furthermore, inseparable from the above, is that they oppose the celebration of the 14th anniversary of the masterful Speech "Because of Chairman Gonzalo's influence within the RIM, imperialism and revisionism were eager for the positions of the ROL to repercute in the RIM, attacking the Marxist thesis of Great Leaderships and Great Leaders of the revolution, with the so-called cult of personality, attacking the military theory, the people's war, separating it from the Support Bases, its objective to aim at the fundamental in Gonzalo thought; the power. The new power is born and developed in the midst of people's war, establishing the People's Committees, led and constructed by the Party in concentric form, thus since its birth the new power is born crushing campaigns of encirclement and annihilation; constructing the new: new power, new economy, new culture, new republic; the not understanding has led to some members supporting the thesis of "multiparty democracy", which will lead to lead astray the revolution, together with not understanding the Marxist thesis of Great Leadership, in spite of owning a great fire-power, and having the enemy ready to make concessions, and most importantly the growing support of the poor masses, they come with the "multiparty democracy". (See May 2006 document).

The question is that some members made echo of the hoaxes of the reaction and repeated them, the two line struggle, carried out badly, will lead to tangle up the RIM; today the people's war in Nepal can change course, from a democratic revolution to a bourgeois revolution. The Communist Party is for initiating and leading a people's war, not for coexisting and sharing responsibilities with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. This destroys it, adapts it, they turn into fascist parties - it is a great responsibility of the comrades from Nepal." (PCP-CC, Crush the new counterrevolutionary hoax of "general amnesty!", August 2006)

And today, these same members of the RIM, with their silence, support that the people's war in Nepal is led astray. The Party is the first to clearly put forward its position; starting from, grounded and based on Gonzalo thought. This is the contribution of the Party to the two-line struggle within the RIM. On the contrary, the right always acts in the following way: first, they join up in silence; thereafter, they mumble, and seek someone to speak for them, they always use figureheads to throw the stone and say: I have conciliated but I am not the author, so as to stay alive, example Teng; and in the appropriate moment they rise and fire loose, we see how they broke the bones of Chang Ch'un-chiao, that is how they are. We Maoists can not let ourselves be surprised.

So, clearly, some members of the RIM made echo of the hoaxes of the reaction like the "peace letters", the "self-criticism of 'com. Nancy'", the "IV Stage". When "the letters" came out, they said we support the war but separating it from the Chairman. These want us to say that there is two-line struggle inside the Party with head and body inside, in our interior, with some committees against other committees. This there is not, there was never, never ever. The fact is that the reaction used a share of the prisoners in the prisons, and handled the miserable traitors like Morote, Pantoja, Salas and others, even by telephone, through the CIA agent Montesinos. There was never a meeting in any Regional Committee, where someone sustained the "peace accord". Therefore, from the very beginning, the Party pointed out: that the ROL was born bred and put together by the reaction, all financed and led by the CIA through Montesinos. Later, these members of the RIM repeated the hoax of the "Chairman's hunger strike", the hoax of the "new trial". And, surely, today they will repeat the new counterrevolutionary hoax of the "general amnesty", because these persons, when something like this comes from the reaction and the ROL in Peru, they immediately adjust it to their interests. To imperialism, to the reaction and to revisionism, we hold up to their face once again the sole and true reality, shown by the facts that until today there are only 2 public manifestations of Chairman Gonzalo: 1) the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo and 2) the agitation that took place in the ongoing trial against him, and not in a single moment did he put forward "peace accord".

We unmask, condemn and crush this new counterrevolutionary hoax of "general amnesty", put together by Yankee imperialism through this fascist and genocidal APRA-government, with the complicity of the traitors of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL. They want to detain the people's war using the ROL, to go on maintaining this rotten and decrepit reactionary state. The road of the reactionaries and revisionist, of all the genocidal ones, is the counterrevolution, the "general amnesty", the "peace accord", the repression in the prisons, the genocide; while the road of the people is the revolution, that of the democratic revolution; of resisting, of struggling with overwhelming energy, that of maintaining the course of the revolution, like the Party clearly and powerfully has established, in its document quoted earlier.

In synthesis, as Chairman Gonzalo pointed out in his masterful Speech, we are for continuing with the people's war because of what we are and for the obligation that we have with the proletariat and the people.

Long live the 14th anniversary of the masterful Speech of Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution!
We demand the public and direct presentation of Chairman Gonzalo before the national and international press and television, and that he may make a pronouncement!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the RIM!
Crush the new counterrevolutionary hoax of "general amnesty"!

Peru People's Movement,
September 2006

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