Proletarians of all countries, unite!


On the 19th of July, 1986, hundreds of guerrillas and sons of the people, prisoners of war, were murdered by the fascist government of García and the armed forces and police forces of the old state. A genocide that the people will not forget and that only the people will punish! Again, the Peruvian reaction, with dreams of a blood-thirsty hyena, thought the revolution could be drowned in blood – but again the prisoners of war rose in rebellion showing that the blood does not drown the revolution, but waters it. This milestone of heroism was realised and conquered by communists in formation, forged with the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, the creative application of our universal ideology to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution, forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth; and therefore they are great immortal examples in giving one’s life for the Party and the revolution, in defence of our ideology and the principles of our class – against every attack from imperialism, reaction and revisionism. Therefore, the 19th of June is imprinted forever as the DAY OF HEROISM, a great political, military and moral victory for the Communist Party of Peru, for the class and our people. And today, 20 years later, the Peru People’s Movement, together with our Party and its central leadership, our People’s Liberation Army and the masses of the new power, renew our indeclinable promise to follow their shining example to develop the people’s war serving the world revolution until the undying light of communism shines all over the globe under the unbeaten banners of Marx, Lenin and Mao Tsetung, of ever living Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!

Likewise, the Peru People’s Movement, on this solemn occasion, underlines some points of decisive and urgent importance for the world proletarian revolution and calls the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to celebrate the XL anniversary of the initiation of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China.

Our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, always highlights the role of the people’s war in Peru as serving the world revolution. This is the proletarian internationalism that the titans of the proletariat, Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, upheld and practiced; no revolution can be carried out separately from the world revolution – on the contrary, the Communist Party of each country must correctly understand the international situation and, waging people’s war to conquer power in its own country, serve the victory in each one of the other countries. What does this mean today? To the Communist Party of Peru, and for the MPP as its generated organisation, it means to struggle implacably with Gonzalo thought and the people’s war against revisionism – against those who deny the revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world, who see imperialism as “almighty” etc. – it means to serve the task of struggling for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties as Communist Parties of a new type, as militarized, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties in all countries, and to initiate and develop people’s war in each country, to coordinate these people’s wars as a powerful torrent of world people’s war to confront and crush the imperialist world war.

So, it must be clear to every communist that the struggle against revisionism within the very ranks of the international communist movement, the struggle to impose Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world revolution, is not a question of “nationalism” as some people say, but a question of securing the proletarian leadership of the revolution, and thus guarantee its triumph, the victorious development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that we have entered. The defenders of new revisionism, inside the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) itself, attack and deny basic principles of our ideology in full convergence with the general counterrevolutionary offensive that Yankee imperialism heads in its condition as sole hegemonic superpower. They accuse the great titans of our class, Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao of “nationalism” and of “serious errors”, instead of defending our ideology and the Great Leaders of our class. Instead of applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and wage people’s war, they are claiming that there is a “new situation” in the world and denying the universality of the people’s war, saying that “it is not applicable in every part of the world”. In the places where the people heroically are waging people’s war, these defenders of new revisionism try to divert them, denying the very essence of people’s war – the new power. Some even try to conciliate with the old state and confuse the Marxist concept of New Democracy with the reactionary bourgeois democracy, thus denying the indispensable dictatorship of the proletariat.

What, then, is the current situation in the world? What is the perspective for the proletariat and the peoples, and what is the perspective of imperialism? For the proletariat and the peoples, what Chairman Mao Tsetung has said is fully valid: “that the future is shining but the road is tortuous.” And for imperialism, is there a “qualitatively new situation”, or is it in even deeper decomposition and in its death throes, in its final crisis? As Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Gonzalo Thought, we know that the latter is the truth, and we see that everything that happens only confirms it again.

As Chairman Gonzalo has pointed out, the hoax of the “era of imperialist peace” was crushed a long time ago, and today all the imperialist superpowers and powers are sinking more into their own contradictions, which they can only try to solve with the imperialist world war. Although Yankee imperialism is the only hegemonic superpower, it cannot act without considering the movements of the other nuclear superpower, Russia, and the other imperialist powers, like Germany, France, China, England, Japan, etc. that want to challenge the Yankee hegemony and fight for world domination. At the same time, the masses of the world are rising heroically against this rotten imperialist system: the masses of the oppressed nations carry out wars of national liberation, like in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, etc, and people’s wars and revolutionary wars like in Peru, Nepal, Turkey, India, etc; and in the imperialist countries the proletariat rises in rebellion, like in France and other countries.

Facing this crisis, the imperialists contend for world domination, but collude in the desperate struggle to crush revolution around the World. As always they resort to mass slaughter, to enormous genocides, and use fascism or the farce of their bourgeois democracy according to what fits them, and every day it is more difficult to maintain the mask of “democracy” and “human rights”, before the enraged sea of masses, including in the most “civilized” of the imperialist countries. At the same time, imperialism invents all kinds of false “revolutions” with the collaboration of revisionists and opportunists to combat revolution in the World. In Latin America for example, today Yankee imperialism has bred the fascist-corporative governments like that of Chavez and that of Morales to try to ward off revolution with fascist demagogy, trying with all the methods of the imperialist so-called “low-intensity” war to present them as “revolutionary governments”.

Furthermore, in the case of Latin America, imperialism faces the people’s war in Peru, the torch of the World revolution, that continues its incessant march towards the conquest of power in the whole country. In spite of all the hoaxes spread by the reaction and their revisionist lackeys, principally the rats of the ROL, the people’s war has not stopped for one single moment – the new power is maintained and developed, while the masses are rejecting the old state more and more and their spontaneous struggles are being united with the people’s war. The most recent example is the boycott campaign carried out against the recent farce of the elections of the old state, that continues today, against the new reactionary government to trap its installation and function and blow up its “new” sinister plan of annihilating the people’s war. All these things show that the people’s war is overcoming the bend in the road that the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo means.
Here, we want to emphasize the following: All this is possible, because the Communist Party of Peru is firmly grasping its role as proletarian vanguard, because it is firmly united under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and it is applying Gonzalo Thought to solve any new problem that the revolution presents. The Party, with its Central Committee, its Political Bureau and Permanent Committee, continues to lead all its apparatuses and organisations, and the development of the people’s war crushes every hoax about the Party being “split”.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, under the leadership of the comrade who leads the whole Party, reaffirms itself in the defence of our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, and his almighty thought, and calls us to be attentive to blow up the new ongoing plan of the new government, that of the committers of genocide Alan García, Gamprieti and Jiménez. The enemy camp has new horses and dreams of annihilating the people’s war, but these are only the dreams of a mortally wounded blood-thirsty hyena, and they will use the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, like the previous governments have done. In our camp, what corresponds to the Communist Party of Peru is to maintain the course of the people’s war. The Party reaffirms itself in that there is no change of the course, and there never will be – the actions of the people’s war reaffirm us, and the reactionaries may dream that one day we change the course. One must see the history of the world proletarian revolution; when Chairman Mao died, they swept things away using the worst; they wanted to put Chiang Ching in his place, but the comrade rejected the capitulation, the amnesty and the enlistment. The Party was blown up. We have learned from this negative experience. We have a long time in the struggle, with firmness in the principles and flexibility where it has been possible; it is the latest great experience of the Party, be flexible, always see new forms; the opposite is the revisionist thesis of Teng, that “the colour of the cat doesn’t matter”; because the course does not change, it is a change of form and not of the colour of the banner. Our experience shows that the leaders that maintained the forms of the 90s in the Party Committees, were taken by the reaction one by one, and these committees were almost blown up. The problem of these leaders was that while they were thinking of new forms, the committees fell apart. The lesson is to not lock oneself in and rack one’s brains, but apply gonzalo thought and see the new, the necessary. This demands action to go on to see the new, this is materialist dialectics. Thus, the new leaders in the Party, forged in the people’s war and in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, firmly subjected to the Party Basis of Unity, learned to manage all the new things that the war puts before us. Before, all that this implies was not managed. It is to manage “al filo de la pendiente”. Do you remember the helicopter of General Fournier? There, the committers of genocide followed the story, and they sent their high commanders of their countersubversive “low-intensity” war led by Yankee imperialism – and their helicopter went down. In this way it can be seen what we have learned from their intelligence games and we give it back with interest. See this brilliant example; we see a new situation, assimilate and give an answer. Here is the question – not only to see the problem, but to transform the war in new situations. Like never before we have had many new things, and we have solved in spite of the fact that we do not have Chairman Gonzalo - therefore be flexible. The reaction knows it and they are afraid, they know that we are not playing around. To not act like this leads to great losses. “Our history is this, we have no other way: struggle, effort, boundless tenacity, indeclinable persistence and time for the practice to prove and sanction the truth.” (PCP and Maoism, Central Committee, PCP 1988)

This leads us to another question of undeniable importance for each revolution – the importance of proletarian leadership, and, furthermore, of Great Leadership. Chairman Gonzalo was able to define Maoism as third, new and higher stage of Marxism, and give us Gonzalo thought, his creative application to the conditions of Peru – because he had the concrete experience from the practice of initiating and developing people’s war. It is on this application, in Gonzalo thought, that his Great Leadership is based. This is why we insist in the importance of defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo, because his defence means the defence of Maoism, and to defend his contributions to the universal ideology of the proletariat. It is to serve the world proletarian revolution that we insist in these points – that each Party must generate its own guiding thought and its own Great Leadership, that the Communists of the World must learn from the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo and thus reconstitute their Parties as militarized Communist Parties that initiate and develop people’s war.

When we consider these points, it is not surprising that the same people that attack the three titans of our class and try to deprive our ideology of its very essence also oppose the task of defending Chairman Gonzalo. Because, as we have said, his defence means the defence of Maoism – and we will continue to insist in this question because it is our duty as proletarian internationalists!

Today, Chairman Gonzalo is subjected to the inhuman treatment of his imprisonment in absolute and perpetual isolation, and the reaction carries out its farce of the “new trial”. This is the continuation of the same old hoax of the “peace letters”, that has been crushed over and over again, and that the Party is sweeping away completely with people’s war.
Therefore it is necessary to once more point out our condemnation of all those that repeat what comes out of the sewers of the reaction, like in the case of a recent “editorial from the A World to Win News Service” where it is put forward, against the position assumed by the RIM as a whole in the declaration of 2000, that “there is new evidence that Chairman Gonzalo is the one behind the ‘peace letters’”, which is nothing but a repetition of the desperate screams from the revisionist and capitulationist ROL; there is nothing new in what they put forward in this infamous “editorial”, it is the same old fairy-tale as always, the only thing that would supposedly be new, is the absurd argument, that Chairman Gonzalo, in the “new trial”, “because he has not spoken against it, he is for it” as if it was the case that Chairman Gonzalo is fully informed about what the ROL is attributing to him. That is, it is nothing new, this “evidence”, but only a simple repetition of the previous, all based on what the rats and the reaction claim. To sum up, this “evidence” are speculations that play with all the vomits of the reaction, coinciding perfectly with the plan of imperialism, principally Yankee, serving to the ongoing assassination of Chairman Gonzalo. Therefore, we condemn this miserable “editorial” just like its authors, and we mark them with fire, because with their revisionism they lend themselves to the sinister and vile plan of assassinating the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth. We demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo before national and international television, personally and live, and that he is permitted to make a pronouncement, against the sinister farce of this closed political trial against Chairman Gonzalo and the people’s war we demand that it be open and public, and; respect for Chairman Gonzalo’s health, life and integrity, as corresponds to the most important prisoner of war in the World.

For all these reasons, we call all the communists and revolutionaries of the world that strive to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world revolution, to seriously consider what this task implies. We insist in our task of defending Chairman Gonzalo’s life, but also in that it is not a question of defending an individual, but the vital question of defending the Great Leadership of the revolution and the universal ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the undeniable principles of our class. To uphold and defend Chairman Gonzalo is directly linked to the task of reconstituting the Communist Parties, as militarized Parties that initiate and develop people’s war in each country, building support bases and new power, and striving without faltering for the conquest of power for the proletariat and the people.

In this spirit, we also call to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, because as our Party has established:

“The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution is a fundamental question of Maoism; if we do not well understand Maoism as new, third and higher stage nothing is understood, the problem is that simple; and know well that being a Marxist today is to be a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist…it was Chairman Mao who solved the pending task of the continuation of revolution and he embodied it, led it and developed it as the greatest political event that humanity has seen. Until ’66 the problem was not defined in spite of many and great struggles, but this year the Chinese proletariat and people found the way under the personal leadership of Chairman Mao Tsetung at the head of the glorious Communist Party of China, shaking the world.

To us this is more vitally important today, since the much proclaimed so-called “defeat of socialism” has to do with how socialism is developed and how the dictatorship of the proletariat is defended. What has failed is revisionism, not socialism; revisionism has continued its sinister road of capitalist restoration and, sinking in rottenness, it has entered its final bankruptcy…revisionism is the political leadership of the restoration, the negative aspect of the process of restoration and counterrestoration that the class necessarily goes through until it finally establishes itself in power.

The most positive and grandiose in this world process of struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, between restoration and counterrestoration in the development of socialism is the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. That it only lasted until the year ’76, that Teng’s revisionist counterrevolutionary coup took place and that capitalism was restored, does not deny the Cultural Revolution nor its necessity; rather, it proves what Chairman Mao himself said; it is not defined who will win over whom in the struggle between capitalism and socialism, in the struggle to the death between restoration and counterrestoration, in the antagonistic struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat and that the class struggle goes on until the final triumph, until communism.

The Cultural Revolution was realized between ’66 and ’76, it is an indisputable fact, a reality, and the whole world has seen it; the proletarian cultural revolution, then, is already determined… Likewise, Chairman Mao gave the solution for continuing the socialist revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat and, even more, he realized it, so therefore we know what to do, we have the experience…four great and glorious milestones in the conquest of power and the building of socialism, as well as the establishment and the defence of the dictatorship of the proletariat, for the international proletariat as leading class, the highest and most developed until today is the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.” (Chairman Gonzalo)

Today, forty years after the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and reaffirming ourselves in what Chairman Gonzalo established, in it we see our future, and even more, if we keep in mind that what happened in it was that Maoism illuminated the world and became new, third and higher stage of Marxism, became Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Let us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution! The celebration is directly linked to the important questions that we have treated here today.


Peru People’s Movement
June 2006

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