Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The Peru People´s Movement (MPP), greets with revolutionary fervor our heroic people, particularly its sons and daughters that find themselves abroad. Almost two million countrymen have become expatriates, expelled from the homeland by the hunger, misery and oppression, that for centuries have robbed them of the possibility to develop as human beings in their own country; that make our Peru not ours, because it is in the hands of a handful of native and foreign bloodsuckers. Every day our fatherland and our people continue to be pillaged by these sinister and vile parasites: big bourgeoisie, landlords and imperialists. Now, these miserable ones with their little parties, their priests, their hacks and errand boys, call, under the bayonets of their genocidal hordes, to elections in which we are supposed to elect who shall be the Yankee puppet to deceive us in the pigsty they call the “presidential palace’. They call to elections to replace the errand boys, who shall occupy the different responsibilities in the old State, intending to legitimize their order of exploitation, oppression and genocide.

What good do these elections do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The one who says the opposite – show us then: what has the Peruvian people gained from the elections? The “democratic’ governments – like the “military’ ones – have always bathed in the blood of the people; if anyone doubts it, let us then remember that both Belaunde and García came from elections, and was it perhaps not these genocidal ones that ordered the biggest genocides in the history of the republic? The same with all the promises of giving welfare to the people, of solving the problem of corruption, crime, etc. They promise heaven, but bring us deeper and deeper into hell – this time is no different. The main candidates, Flores, García, Humala and Paniagua, are nothing new: Flores is the candidate of the comprador bourgeoisie, that bring no other program than the one we have already had for five years with Toledo; and the fascist genocidal García – we already know him, and the only thing he knows is how to sink the boat; Humala is a runt of the Armed Forces themselves, a creation of Hermoza and Montesinos, a genocidal boss, smeared with blood from his feet to his head, mainly the blood of the poor peasantry; and Paniagua, the celebrated head of the “transition government’, is a Yankee errand boy who would only continue with what Toledo is doing, that is raise the profits of the foreign monopolies while the people is more and more impoverished. It is not necessary to mention in detail the rest of the gang – they have nothing substantial that differs from those already mentioned, but rather that their only role is trying to give legitimacy to the elections, proclaiming the supposed plurality; nevertheless we denounce this revisionist and opportunist human garbage that under the letterhead of “a new left’ once more want to con the people, but these characters have nothing new, and even less do they have anything that is “left’ – they are the most loyal lackeys of the ruling classes and imperialism, and we remember how they helped the fascist and genocidal regimes of García, Fujimori and Toledo.

The real and concrete is that this electoral process has as its central goal that of giving legitimacy to the old state, presenting it as “democratic’ and as representing the people, but this is false. This old Peruvian state is a class dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie and landlords; our country is a semifeudal and semicolonial country where a bureaucratic capitalism is developed. It is decrepit and rotten to the marrow, and is only maintained by inertia and by its armed forces – that are nothing but Yankee mercenaries, genocidal and fascist – and because it is unwilling to die. Furthermore, as is well known in all of Latin America, the “great electors’ are the imperialists in Washington – it is there that they decide who wins the elections, not on our land.

Therefore, to participate in the electoral process is to endorse the old state, it is to let oneself fall in its damned game, it is to obey the oppressors. That is why the only thing to do for all those of us who want a new Peru is NOT TO VOTE.

The new Peru is not a dream or an electoral illusion. No! The new Peru exists, flourishes and expands on the land of our country. Since the 17th of May 1980 it is being built by the Communist Party of Peru with people´s war. No matter how much the reaction has sang its triumph, they have never defeated us; instead, it is the Party, with the People´s Liberation Army and the masses, mainly the poor peasantry, that is crushing them, them and their armed forces and their old state, building the new power, the red power of the people, the power of the classes of the people under the leadership of the proletariat. Everyone should know it well: IN PERU THE NEW POWER SHINES DEFIANTLY BEFORE THE SUNLIGHT!

The Party is building the conquest of power in the whole country, that is already a real and concrete perspective, overcoming the bend in the road that the detention of our Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo meant; the people´s war is protracted, but we march with firm and secure steps, and if these long years of war show something, it is that whatever happens, whatever the reaction does, they cannot defeat us, because we have a superior ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, that when it is embodied in men, is transformed into invincible material force. With the sinister farce of the “trial’ against Chairman Gonzalo, the reaction and imperialism, with the help of the traitor rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, try to throw mud in our eyes. But it is in vain – everyone knows that the hoax of the “peace accord’ is precisely nothing more than that, a hoax, that the Party has blown into a thousand pieces with people´s war.

It is the Communist Party of Peru that truly represents the interests of the Peruvian proletariat and people, it is the only leadership that takes us to a better society, a society without rich or poor, without oppressors and oppressed: the Party is the heroic combatant of our people that guarantees the course of the people´s war until Communism. The only road of the people is the people´s war. Thus, the tactic of the boycott serves the people´s war, serves to show that the people rejects the old state, that it does not believe the fairytale and does not let itself be fooled; this is precisely why they, the bloodsuckers and the charlatans in their service, want us to vote, and this is why we must not do it, in this way showing that we want nothing to do with them, but that we are against them and their state, that we are for the people´s war and the new state.

Thus, what we who are abroad need to do is contribute with our little grain of sand to the struggle of our people. We have to contribute with everything we can to the advance of the people´s war, and to struggle for generating public opinion in favor of the conquest of power in the whole country; likewise, we have to struggle shoulder to shoulder with our class brothers and sisters here, against this imperialist system that crushes the illusions and obliges us to enslavement doing the worst jobs, the heaviest and most dangerous, here in these countries that are rich because ours is poor, subjected to the constant discrimination and racist attacks that are an expression of the politics of the imperialist states and have nothing to do with the proletariat and the people of theses countries. We must reject the authorities and representatives of the old state abroad, that do not represent our people but only act as vulgar pimps intending to sell our country to anyone who gives them a few cents, while they never defend our rights, instead asking for bribes in order to carry out the smallest service.

So then, Peruvian comrade, for us there remains no other way out but the people´s war, it is our road, it is the road with which our people, along with the peoples of the world, will march forward, over the ruins of this old world of oppression and exploitation, to a shining future. Therefore, our slogan is clear and simple: Elections NO! People´s War YES!

Long live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the People´s Liberation Army!
Long live the People´s Republic of New Democracy in formation!
Honor and glory to the proletariat and the people of Peru!

Peru People´s Movement
March 2006

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