Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Today, December 26, 2005, when the communists of the Earth celebrate the CXII Anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao, the Peru People's Movement (MPP), the generated organism by the Party for the work abroad, reaffirms itself once more in serving that which was established by the First Congress of the Party: "Put Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, as command and guide of the world revolution, an obligation that is each day more important, a task for all the communists of the Earth, because you are not a communist if you are not a Maoist".

The storm winds that blow in the whole world show us great tempests to come, that give us communists encouragement and strength

These winds have blown, during the year that ends in a few days, with great force, the whole planet in flames, impelling the principal tendency: the revolution, and thus the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, that advances spurred on by the reaction itself. That is, through the general counterrevolutionary offensive which is headed by Yankee imperialism, as sole hegemonic superpower, in collusion and conflict with the nuclear superpower Russia and the rest of the imperialist powers, which continue to go from failure to failure against Marxism, revolutionary violence, the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialism and against the Party; and for their intervention, the occupation and the imperialist war of aggression and the pillage against the oppressed countries, showing that the sharpening crisis of the whole world imperialist system, of all its contradictions, has no other way out but imperialist war.

Because of this the oppressed nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America continue to be the principal zone of the tempest that impulses the world revolution. What has been seen this year, as in previous ones, is how the proletariat and the people of those countries struggle, combat, shed their precious blood in torrents, unleashing their powerful fury against imperialism, revisionism and reaction, causing great losses and defeats for the imperialist aggressor, etc., but the problem lies in that these nations, in the great majority, they lack authentic Communist Parties, capable to lead the national liberation movement, or the different modalities that are taking place, like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, Sudan, Colombia, etc., only to mention some countries. But the nations are oppressed by their conditions: an immense population that will express its power; because they also have overwhelming riches for which they are zones of plunder, of disputes, of wars of plunder for imperialism; they feel the greater necessity to make revolution, to emancipate themselves; the necessity of proletarian ideology, of Communist Party, the necessity to make the people's war, of the principal role that they will have in the sweeping away of imperialism, revisionism and world reaction. The oppressed nations have to understand there interest of combating imperialism , and to do it, they should destroy the semi-feudal bases and destroy their landlord-bureaucratic states, sweeping away also the bureaucrat capitalism; as the People's War is doing piece by piece in Peru. It does not try to change the form of government for another; as Chairman Mao teaches us, the problem is to dare. It is not about changing a military regime for an elected government, or a monarchy for a parliamentary republic. Nor is the struggle between fascism and bourgeois democracy, but to smash this landlord-bureaucrat state to bits, whichever form it may have, republican or monarchy, that develops resorting to the elections to exchange the authorities or at other times a military coup, according to whatever suits best the native dominant classes and their imperialist master for preserving the order of exploitation, oppression and genocide.

But also on the very territory of the only hegemonic superpower, the USA, as well as in all the rest of the imperialist countries, storm winds have been expressed with much greater virulence than in the previous years. The workers and the people have made heroic struggles which have been suppressed with fire and blood, because the everyday more profound crisis of imperialism is thrown onto the exhausted backs of the majority of the wage slaves, and the exploitation increases each day, the people suffer higher unemployment; the cost of living and taxes for the masses and the misery of the masses increase endlessly, lack of housing, health, education and a great mass of workers without any rights is generated, "the immigrants", the "illegal workers". And for the other side, the proletariat can feel how a handful of imperialists, of the biggest businesses of finance capital, of the cliques of bureaucrats of the petty parties of the imperialist bourgeoisie and of the revisionists in their service, of the cliques of the union bureaucracy, fill themselves up with benefits and so they can not stay calm. That is why in all the imperialist countries there exists a situation of civil war, which is manifested in their own repressive laws and the militarization of those countries, they make laws under the pretext of "defending the population from Islamic terrorism", "for the defense of the territory", which is basic for the defense of their system, for the imperialist contention. A problem is presented to them, to carry out the imperialist war and, at the same time, prevent revolution. This civil war between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is sometimes expressed in open form as in New Orleans (USA), or in over 100 cities in France, or in Södertälje (Ronna, near the capital of Sweden, Stockholm) and in other places. In these places, forms of struggle have been expressed where the masses of workers and poor have gone so far as to attack police stations, they have resisted the repression of the army and police, putting their own lives at risk, and they have formed armed organizations of workers, where the bourgeois state organization and its armed forces and police forces lost control, forming a power vacuum. There the masses by means of violence have put in question the bourgeois state, expelling it from large neighborhoods, although it may be for a very short time and in an isolated form, that is what has been expressed. There the form is found, if a power vacuum is generated, then the following step will be to establish the New Power of the class. There the two powers that exist on the Earth have been expressed, the bourgeois state power and the disorganized power of the masses, as Engels teaches us, that they have come to organize themselves spontaneously for exercising the right of rebellion, violence against the system, and what it concerns is the scientific organization of poverty for developing the people's war. As Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, what we communists have to see here is how the class struggles, groups itself, combats and generates its Party, once again, and puts itself under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and will resolve the problem of power, and all the new problems that will be presented, by means of arms, with people's war.

The development of the class struggle of the proletariat in the imperialist countries is a powerful impulse to the reconstitution of the Communist Party of a new type

Here, the neglected task of the communists in all these countries, is on the agenda - that of the Party, the necessity of the reconstitution of the Party of a new type, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, militarized, that goes to lead that struggle of the proletariat that already exists, that has already crossed the framework of the order, that has already expressed itself using revolutionary violence, that should take this leap and transform it into people's war, creating power vacuum in order to establish there the New Power, the new state of the dictatorship of the proletariat in formation. To not see it this way is in one way or another to repeat what imperialism, principally Yankee, is saying.

Imperialism and the imperialist media spread out that these explosions, these movements are of immigrants or of marginal elements, that it is a problem of delinquency, and they give mea culpa for the state's abandonment of these populations, for not creating adequate jobs and not taking care of their education and teaching them the values of the country, for not making them "integrated", threatening them even with the extradition of citizens back to their own country. With that the imperialists are affirming that these events do not correspond to the internal dynamic of these imperialist societies, they are not the result of the development of their internal contradictions that corrode them, but product of the external factors and, therefore, circumstantial, which depend on suitable repressive and social politics. Furthermore, calling the entire population to close ranks against the foreign threat.

Therefore we do not agree either with what Bob Avakian writes, in Revolution, voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP-USA), vol. 1, Number 1, May 1, 2005, in the article: "Changes in the world and the 'clash of civilizations'…in the bosom of this civilization", about "the dialectic relationship between the national and international dimension", where he claims that the international dimension has had and, ultimately, has a determinant role. He refers to "the changes in agriculture and to the corresponding political, social and cultural changes that took place in the USA after the Second World War", as a result, according to him, of the development of the main contradiction that comes up in the world, between the oppressed nations of the Third World and imperialism. After that, starting from this premise he throws in a foresight, according to which: "the configuration of US society could change. With a new international turn of events, could go back to the way it was…shortly after September 11, 2001".

Because in order to analyze the world situation and to define the strategy and tactics of the world revolution, one has to take as a starting point that in the world today there are three fundamental contradictions in order to see the role that belongs to each Party in the world revolution, the other thing is to distort the role of the principal contradiction in order to put aside their own responsibility to make revolution in their respective country in order to serve the world revolution. Thus, regarding the premise that serves as his point of departure, it is pertinent to ask him: What is the meaning of these changes that he talks about? What significance does it have for the development of the principal contradiction in the US, which is that between the proletariat and imperialist bourgeoisie? Or is it so for him, that this is not the principal contradiction in US society, and therefore the one that defines the significance and magnitude of the changes that are operating continually in it?

For us these changes that the leader of the RCP-USA talks about are nothing more than the process of this imperialist society, its evolution, determined by the development of its internal contradictions, highlighting more its monopolist, parasitic and decomposing character, and, in the realm of politics, the greater reactionarization and militarization of the imperialist state, on the way to presidential absolutism, concentrating each time more power in the Executive, in order to pass it over to its backbone, the armed forces, to defend its class domination in the US, to serve its world hegemony and its role of counterrevolutionary world gendarme. And there is no turning back, it can not revert, because it is in this way that imperialism is sinking and it cannot be saved. No world event, regardless how important it could be, will revert this situation. Within this, the "international dimension", the international framework, acts as a conditioning factor of the changes that have taken place and as far as the fundamental problem of state power, can only have an impact on the change of government, of the president or the party in charge of this reactionary democracy that administers the dictatorship of the US imperialist bourgeoisie.

Because of this, this clever leader could not foresee what was right before his eyes, that which was expressed by the important events like what happened in New Orleans, and he forgets to mention what took place in Los Angeles at the beginning of the 90's in the past century and in Cincinnati in this century, which for us are the most important events that have happened in the US, which have afterwards been repeated in a similar form in the other imperialist countries. Events that show, as Chairman Mao taught us, that the people, and only the people, are the motive force, expressed in the struggle of the workers that, whatever color or origins they may have, are determined to struggle; this means that the class combats, in this way all that we have seen in these uprisings and the forms of massive struggle, of the open violence applied by the workers, the deepest and most profound masses among them, from all this great struggle groups of communists are being forged. The forms of struggle that have been expressed show other ideas, it is to advance in taking up revolutionary violence as universal law, see how the state repression has been confronted, in New Orleans the imperialist army has been with arms and troops that have served in the occupation of Iraq. That is the important thing to the communists, as Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, even if these were simple seeds, because what interests us is that the class exists as economic action, political action, and principally, as ideological, that which is unstoppable and will live always in the mind of the class, of the people, and it will be developed. Chairman Mao taught us to have confidence in the masses. And that development of the class struggle in the imperialist countries, having always as framework of development the international framework, for us, the proletarian class struggle leads to a decisive turning point in the class struggle of this society, giving a powerful impulse to the reconstitution of the Communist Party of a new type, capable of leading the proletariat and the people to take power through people's war and to establish the socialist society and the dictatorship of the proletariat, on the course to communism.

The role of the Communist Party of Peru and the People's War

Our Party, as has been established by Chairman Gonzalo, fulfills an honorable role thanks to our grandiose ideology and principally to the People's War, which, under the leadership of the Party and with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, is developing powerfully and victoriously because it is through the People's War that we have understood Maoism as the third, new and superior stage, and we take pride in having proclaimed this before the whole world. Powerful and victorious development expressed in several hundreds of actions during this year, in the whole national territory, we cover the whole area from Puno to Cajamarca; the coast, highlands and jungle, with a whole system of Support Bases and Open People's Committees; defeating each and every one of the encirclement and annihilation campaigns of the Armed Forces and of the police and their auxiliary forces, led by Yankee imperialism, expressed by a police general in this way "if we pursue them by land they ambush the army or police troops, if we go with helicopters they attack and destroy them". This is how they express their demoralization. The reaction said once again that they have finished us off, saying "95% of them", "they are remnants". In October the boycott of the elections for the macro-regions was carried out successfully and, in this month of December, together with the current campaign of celebration and for the defense of the Great Leadership and his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought, the Party through the People's Liberation Army carried out with categorical success the boycott campaign of the general elections for the replacement of authorities of the old landlord-bureaucrat state that will take place in April of 2006. This is how with people's war the Party confronts the even more direct intervention of Yankee imperialism, which tries to shamefully cover itself up as "war against narco-terrorism", which has an important meaning for the peoples that confront with arms the imperialist aggression and occupation like in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The Party is developing the invincible and victorious People's War, defeating the counterrevolutionary war in the form of "low-intensity war" that Yankee imperialism leads directly, constructing the takeover of power in the whole country, developing even more the construction of the three instruments: the Party, the People's Liberation Army and the New Power.

The Party, as it is established by Chairman Gonzalo, has to fulfil a great task of struggling to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world revolution. The People's War in Peru, like the people's war in Nepal, the revolutionary armed struggle that the communists develop in India and other places, shows the full validity of Maoism. That is why we salute full of revolutionary optimism the vibrant armed actions of the communists of those countries and their resounding successes in the long road of people's war until communism. That is why we are for combating that whole rot of revisionism and bourgeois ideas.

We are for combating, starting from inside the RIM, every idea, attitude and position contrary to our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; clashing on the level of ideas and demolishing these ideas contrary to the class, contrasting them with reality, linking them, seeing the courses charted from the foundation of the RIM; the positions of these persons, parties and organizations regarding the ROL, regarding the people's war, their positions regarding the world revolution and regarding the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, regarding the New Power, without which there is no Maoism; that is to say, it is one thing to talk about good intentions, another thing is to change the world. They negate Maoism, it is that simple, and they hide by saying that “revolution’ has to be made. But for them it is no longer a question of the power, of the new state. And why? Because they want “people's war’ without New Power; in this way the revolution fails, in this way a revolution is suffocated. The ideological struggle within the RIM is very important, as the Communist Party of Peru has established. To unmask those who say they support the revolution in the world, who call themselves Maoists, but when it comes to making revolution and establishing New Power, that's when they break completely. That is the particularity of the new revisionism. The revisionism of today accepts Maoism, but not the fundamental aspect of it, the power. Today's revisionism separates people's war from New Power. The ROL says: "No people's war, there are no conditions, but there are possibilities of going to elections…but we are Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought". This specific character of the new revisionism is what we should grasp in order to disembowel it, to see how it is specified in Peru and in the world; see the laws, they are not coincidences, they adjust themselves according to their needs, to their interests, they do not come out just like that. This is what we have to do, therein lies the special importance of the ideological struggle. It is important, that is why we should combat this new revisionism within the RIM, and debate each one of the problems that concern the movement and especially those mentioned in this paragraph. We are for a wide debate on the matter in order to unite ourselves under Maoism, in order to unite the movement. In this way each one will take his due place, with Maoism or with revisionism, and can not say "they attack me", "they attack us", "we can not talk to each other". Thus, we are for the advance of the RIM, because we continue to consider it a step forward in the reunification of the communists on a world level.

The campaign for Maoism is inseparably united with the campaign for the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo

As the Central Committee of the PCP pointed out, the defense of the Great Leadership and his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought has become the main question for the people's war and the world revolution. That is why we take this opportunity to denounce once more the sinister farce of the "new trial" which, as a secret and closed trial brought about by the old landlord-bureaucrat state against Chairman Gonzalo, is for condemning and defaming him as part of their plan to annihilate him, through their lackey judges and in violation of all the rights of Chairman Gonzalo and of the very laws of the old state and all international norms to which it is subjected. This is why they have the need to accelerate this scandalous farce of the oral process, finishing it off no later than February with a conviction sentence, without the accused being able to speak in his defense in the oral proceedings, since those lackey judges have received orders from the Yankee CIA and the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government of Toledo, to prevent Chairman Gonzalo from speaking and expressing his position in this oral trial, making use of his procedural right; according to the very law of this old landlord-bureaucrat state, which says that the oral trial will be carried out according to the principles of "the oral testimony and the rebuttal", among others. In this situation the lawyer Alfredo Crespo appears acting as the new lawyer of the Chairman replacing the pettifogger Fajardo, who has been denounced and unmasked as an imposter and servant of Morote, one of the head rats of the ROL. It is in this situation that Crespo says that he is the Chairman's lawyer and that: "my defendant will not speak, which is his right". Crespo says: "I assume the responsibility but the Chairman won't talk." What is this?! Here it becomes totally clear who he works for, who he serves. He serves the needs of imperialism, the reaction and the ROL to condemn him in a secret, confidential and summary trial, inside the time frame that has been fixed for February, without Chairman Gonzalo having the opportunity to pronounce himself. This is how this imposter, instead of assuming the defense of the procedural rights of Chairman Gonzalo, assumes the need of the reaction to gag him in the trial. This is how he serves the farce of this sinister trial to condemn Chairman Gonzalo and annihilate him. Crespo is a lackey of the ROL who tried to surprise the leadership of the Party with a supposed plan of liberation for Chairman Gonzalo with the so-called "historical contingent", a plan elaborated by the CIA and Montesinos with the collaboration of the rats of the ROL, Morote, Cox, Huatay, etc., and the complicity of this miserable pettifogger Crespo, today taking advantage of the same situation, of having been Chairman Gonzalo's lawyer after his detention, trying to surprise the proletariat and the people, to usurp the defense of Chairman Gonzalo serving the plans to assassinate him. He is openly serving the enemy's plan to present Miriam as "the successor" to Chairman Gonzalo as "the historic national leadership", so as to have a docile Party at the service of the old state. We denounce and reject this new hoax of the enemy, we mark it with fire and express our promise to be a hand of the Party so that this miserable rat Crespo pays for his crime and we alert the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to this matter. We express likewise our promise to defend the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought, cost what it may, and that we only subject and will only subject to our Great Leadership and to the Comrade who leads the whole Party together with the Central Committee, this is the only Great Leadership and leadership that we recognize now and always! The command never dies!

For us, as Chairman Gonzalo says, there is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, people's war, the New Power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, socialism and the goal of communism, there is nothing greater to fight for, and it is an irreversible march of humanity and nobody is going to stop it, for the billions of years of transformation of matter has brought humanity to uphold Communism and it is the hard work of the most grandiose and final class of history. It is this irreversible march of matter that has become historically incarnated in mankind, the rest is tenacious, persevering struggle, but time is on our side. Imperialism, revisionism and the world reaction will be buried. The question is how the new social order is installed, how the dictatorship of the proletariat is established, how to see the process of restoration and counter-restoration, and how the ever golden communism continues being the last and final goal, definitive, to which humanity will arrive.

Honor and Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long Live the CXII Anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Mao!
Long Live Chairman Gonzalo and his All-powerful Thought!
Long Live the Glorious Communist Party of Peru!
Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo with People's War!
Down with the Sinister Farce of Summary Trial!

Peru People's Movement
December, 2005

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